Kiga's Commissions: Thigh High & Bust Character Art

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    The details for commissions are in the pictures above but just in case I will write the info down here in a read more as well as extra details concerning payment & Do's/Don'ts!


    ====Bust (3/3 slots open!)====
    Sketches: $10
    Lining: $15
    Flat Color: $20
    Full Color:$25

    ====Thigh-High (3/3 slots open!)====
    Sketches: $16
    Lining: $21
    Flat Color: $26
    Full Color:$31

    (+ $15 for NSFW)
    (+ $10 per extra character)
    (+ $10 for drawn backgrounds)

    Rules/ Do’s & Don’ts
    ====Will Do====
    Oginal Characters
    Guro (Non-Hyper Realistic)
    Fandom Art (Undertale, Touhou, Danganronpa, Steven Universe, Kingdom Hearts, etc)
    Most NSFW stuff (Send a message if you want me to clarify!)

    ====Won’t do====
    Super-detailed machinery, robots, or armor
    Any fetish involving watersports or scat
    Prepubescent characters in NSFW situations

    To make things easier, make sure to fill out this form for me so I can better keep track of your commissions!

    After that, then we can talk prices and I’ll send ya an invoice via paypal! >vo)b

    I will always discuss the commission with you as in-depth as possible before deciding to work on it. However, please do remember that it is within my rights to refuse to do a commission if I feel that is not something I want to do.

    When I’m finished with your commission I’ll usually upload it onto my Tumblr as well as the other art websites I use. If you’d prefer me not to then please let me know!

    To see recent examples of my art you can visit my Tunglr page right here

    Hope to hear from y’all soon! >vo)b
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.