Kids of The Apocalypse

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  1. I have a challenge for you! Have you ever thought what it would be like to be a child/teenager in the apocalypse? If you haven't here's your chance! I want you to build a character between the ages of 8-17 that have either grew up in any short apocalyptic world, or has either entered any short of Apocalypse. Feel free to use your own character sheet, or to use the one I provide you below.

    Name: Frist and last

    Age: Between 8-17

    Appearance: Please write a description of there appearance

    Family: Self Explanatory

    Home Country/Home Town: Self Explanatory

    Biography: At least 3 paragraphs.

    Weapons: Any short of Weapon your character carries/uses since the apocalypse.

    Current location: Where is your character currently at? Either living, or temporally resining.

    State of the World: How has the world adapted since the apocalypse? Has it crumbled? Has it survived with large booming city's? What has come of the world?
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  2. Name: Ahmed Rawal

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Short, black haired, thin, dark tanned skin

    Family: None (deceased)

    Home Country/Home Town: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Biography: Ahmed was born and raised on Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When the apocalypse overran Malaysia, many fled away from the surge into Singapore. His family, both parents and a sister, perished when the apocalypse impacted Malaysia. Ahmed makes friends easily, but tends to work and live alone.

    Weapons: Knife, dynamite, metal rod

    Current location: Singapore

    State of the World: The apocalypse surged from different locations central to Earth's continents. The remaining surviving populations are located on the extreme coastal regions of continents such as Korea, Singapore, California, Florida, South Africa, Norway and Ireland.
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