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  1. You're just a sweet little button who happens to be a yet another precious gift to the world. You really just care about playing with a new action figure, or a barbie, or maybe a nerf gun or something. You live in a perfect little neighborhood where you can just go outside and play your days away. Your family loves you very much, but tends to take a Charlie Brown/Ed Edd N Eddy stance to parenting for the sake of you having your fun before you grow up to be god knows what.

    So go out there. Have some fun. Chase the ice cream man's truck on a hot summer day, or throw snowballs in the winter. Enjoy yourself.


    That's what I've got so far. This is a Modern Comedy roleplay basically about being a crazy little kid, and of course, doing the things you never quite could when you were little, like buying and building that colossal lego construction kit and turning the living room rug into manhattan, sitting in a red pull cart while your dog pulls you down the side walk at 'mach' speeds, never tiring because you knew he was the best dog ever, or just hanging out with all the other kids on the block.

    There'll be toy weapon/makeshift kids next door style gear warfare, lemonade stands, confused crushes, cooties, all this and more, in Action Comics
  2. sounds like some lighthearted fun! I'd be up for it :]