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Who do you chose

  1. A

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  2. C

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  3. B <Tell me what you have in mind>

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  1. I would prefer to be B.

    What if There was a roleplay such as a Kidnapper (Charater A) Took a younger charater and brain washed them Into thinking they were family (B). (A) tending to (B) Because they love them ,But as the name states they were kidnapped A family friend,Or a police officers child. (C) will go to the same school as (A) and at some point tryed to mess with the relationship of (A&B) be cause they are also a friend of (B) or in the police officers point a Missing request was filed for it.

    You may change how you see fit

    I like to make goals during roleplays for things I wanna get done (you can also add on to this)

    *Bath tub scene (such as A&B Takeing a bath together)

    * I want A to kill anyone in there way Except for B until the end

    *I want all charaters older than 18

    *I want my charater to escape from captivity Once to get lost

    *Gender and sexuality your pick as well as charater traits I also do not mind if you have a charater picture or not.

    If your intrested make a comment below
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