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  1. There's a medium sized town located right in the middle. The city north of this town is exactly 50 miles away from it, as are the 3 cities that are located in the east, west, and south directions from the town. Due to it being so far away from the big cities, even though the cities surround the town from all sides, pretty much nothing is know about the medium sized town.
    Though inside the town, even though so far nothing has been found out, there are some pretty rough natured groups, consistent of drug dealers, robbers and muggers of all kinds, and then in the middle of the town, even unknown to the all the other inhabitants of the town themselves, except the town inhabitants who are members of it, is a building which holds inside this group of individuals who specialize in kidnapping.
    The experienced individuals in this group have learned many methods to perform operations in kidnapping others to where they wouldn't and haven't ever been caught in the many times they've done the kidnapping operations. And they train the newer members by taking them when they go to the places where they perform the jobs ordered to them by the head leader of the group. Though the newer members can't take action themselves during the process when the experienced members of the group are working, the experienced members make sure the newer members have a clear view of the operations taking place so they can study up on how to perform the operations themselves successfully in the future when they are given orders to take on a job.
  2. A young blond girl who just turned eighteen pulled into the driveway of some nice looking apartments, everyone was looking at her. Her mother and father both came in from their car, " Are you sure you want to do this, Angel?" The girl named Angel smiled at her mother. " Of course, it's close to the college and I need to get a place of my own. I can't keep living at your place forever you know." The girls parents and angel had helped her get everything in her new place, and helped arrange the furniture, after they did that they all went to go to a restaurant, and everyone kept glancing at her funny. Her parents smiled at her, " call us up if anything happens, and you need the money, alright?" Her father asked that as he looked at her. Angel nodded. " I will, I'll be safe alright.." She smiled lightly at them. After they were done eating they gave her money and the last box to her house. She put it in the house, locking the door before coming down. She then went to hug her parents. Before she headed back to her place after they left. Angel looked around and smiled softly as she thought. Maybe she should get to know her neighbors better. She fixed her cute skirt.
    just turned 18
  3. One of the neighbors in Angel's new apartment building, in fact the neighbor that lives in the apartment just across the hall from her apartment, a 19 year old male named Reginald, hears the noises in the hallway from her moving in to the apartment across the hall from him.

    Name: Reginald
    Age: 19 years old
    Occupation: College student
    Other Affiliations: Beginning member in his town's kidnapping ring.

    About Reginald: He lived with his parents until he turned 18. When he graduated from the high school of his hometown, he applied to a college in the town he's currently living in, the town he's living in now being about 250 miles from the town he grew up in. So, after getting accepted into the college, he packed up all his things, a picture of him and his parents and another picture of him and his young 4 year old brother and sister, got his plane ticket, and flew to his new home.
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  4. Angel sighed as she went to go unpack he boxes as she was listening to the music. She gulped nervously, after she was done unpacking, it was late and she was very hungry. She went out of her apartment before she locked the door and heading outside to get something to eat. She was starving. She felt like something bad was going to happen, she didn't know what to do.
  5. Reginald, feeling a bit hungry himself, grabs his wallet, locks the door to his apartment behind him as he exits, and then leaves the apartment building himself, off to searh for a restaurant he feels like eating at.
  6. Once Angel found a place, she went to eat at. She didnt know that was the place that the people involved in kidnapping people were there at that time. She leaned against the counter, she was in a cute pair of heels and she hada mini skirt and tank tolp on. She glanced around before she went to go get seated to go and eat.
  7. Reginald finds a restaurant a bit later that he feels like eating at and he enters into the restaurant. He looks over and notices his new neighbor is eating at the restaurant too. He then finds a place to sit and begins to take a look at the menu. He felt like he was being watched for some reason but he didn't know from who.
  8. Angel smiled softly, as she looked around. She didn't know what to do. She bit her lower lip softly. She sighed and looked around. She was so scared. She felt like she was being watched too. She looked at the guy who just walked in, before she looked down. A waitress came finally and took her order. She smiled before leaning back waiting for her food, she looked at her phone as she waited.
  9. Reginald picks up his drink, alerts the waitress that's serving him, and then he moves over to the table Angel is sitting at and sits across from her and says "Hey. You're new to the town right? I saw you earlier when you moved into the apartment across the hall from mine."
  10. Angel smiled lightly as she heard him. She nodded abd says " hello. .. yeah Im new to town.. i was going to get ready for college. She smiled at him. " my name is Angel what's yours?" She asked. She smiled at him.
  11. Reginald "It's a pleasure to meet you Angel. My name is Reginald. And I see. That's the same reason I moved here last year. What college did you get accepted to?"
  12. Angel smiled and said " cool " She giggled and looked at him " thr art institute " she smiled at him she paused as sje looked at some guys who were watching. She looked at himand said " whatt college did you get to be accepted at??"
  13. Reginald "The art institute huh? Cool. That's the college I'm going to currently myself. After I get my art degree from there I'm hoping to go for another major or two in one of the other colleges near here as well. I have a variety of fields that I want to study through."
  14. Angel looked at him abd smiled hearing this " wow really?? That's so cool " she smiled softly. She nodded at him thinking about her talent. She tilted her jead and said " what other fields?"
  15. Reginald "Well other than art, I'm also interested in Law, Medical, Teaching, and Music. I'm not sure yet which ones other than art I'm going to choose to go for though. I don't have enough funds to go for degrees in all 5 of the fields. I want to go for degrees in 3 of the 5 fields at least though. So right now while I'm going for this degree I'm trying to decide which other 2 fields of study to choose."
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  16. Angel smiled as she looked at him. She saw that their food was coming. She then nodded and said, " That is very cool." She said softly. She then glanced oer at him and smiled. " law and Medicine would be cool." She said softly.
  17. Reginald nods back to her and says "Yeah I think so too." He then notices their meals coming too.
  18. Angel glanced over at him and smiled. She looked as their orders came and were put in front of them. " I have a lot that I want to do too.. Acting, modeling, drawing.... " She smiled at him.
  19. Reginald "Really? That sounds cool. Acting sounds pretty awesome. I always loved watching the school plays in elementary through high school and then the college plays when I reached college. I tried out for a few even while I was going through elementary, middle, and high school, as a pass time sort of thing. I really enjoyed myself in each one I was in too."
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