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Kidnapping, drama, feelings, depth?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Winterwings, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. I'm eagerly looking for a roleplay with depth, feelings and drama! I have some plot ideas, but open for suggestions.

    Plot 1
    Character A is lost (maybe in a big city at night or something), all confused. Character B finds him/her and takes A home. From here, I haven't really thought of anything specifically. Of course there could be a lot of possible backgrounds for why character A ended up confused/upset/whatever. I was thinking that character B is trying to take care of A, but A is... I don't know, weird? Creepy, psycho? Scared maybe?

    Plot 2
    Character A lives somewhere far away, maybe in the woods, where no humans has been see for a long time (except from A of course). One day, character B finds A's "home" (wherever he/she is). B has a mission: to find the creature the world doesn't know much about (character A, a human). In the cities, there are rumors about this creature, and B is supposed to capture it for the police/hospital/whatever to take DNA etc, to get to know this "creature". Character B has set up traps in the woods, and A is trapped in one. B finds him/her and quickly discovers that A is a human, although he/she doesn't behave like one (A hasn't been near humans for a very long time, if ever). B starts to build trust with A. Now, B has to take A to the cities.

    Another alternative thing, is that character B finds character A's home by an accident when he/she is hunting (and therefor there are traps), and they start building trust. Maybe B sees that A is hurt and wants to help him/her? I just thought that B going to the cities with A gives the roleplay a "goal", which isn't as clear if B finds A by an accident... But of course that could be changed.

    Please send me a PM or reply in this thread if you're interested in any of these plots. I'm, as I said, open for suggestions of all kind, and as you can see, these plots aren't "completed", so to speak.

    Thanks for reading,
    Niw ~
  2. I'll do plot 1 with you. :)
  3. I like the second-- looks like there's plenty of room for development.

    ( PM me? ^^ )
  4. I love plot one. I am seeking a serious RP partner (one who won't god-mod and is willing to talk things out - and update regularly) and I love hashing out ideas. I could absolutely contribute to yours if you are still interested in gaining more partners.

    Let me know either way?