Kidnapped to Kalos

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Where do you want this RP to go Plot wise? Select what you would find nice.

  1. Earth People get home

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  2. Pokemon take over the planet

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  3. Team Flare wins

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  4. Team Flare loses, Earth People stay here

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  5. Whole Planet Blows up, nobody wins

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  6. Other

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  1. This is a role-play about ordinary, everyday people who are taken to the world of Pokemon. It takes place in Kalos, after the events of Pokemon X and Y. (WARNING. If you haven't yet played X and/or Y, spoilers will be present, and you may get lost) Team Flare wants a perfect world, and they are going to eliminate Pokemon from it. When that found Earth, a place without Pokemon, they were excited. Lysandre would love to know anything about Earth, so that his perfect world will come to pass. There are 4 main groups- Earth people, Pokemon Trainers, Team Flare, and Wild Pokemon. However, Later a group will form of Team Flare drop outs, Pokemon Trainers who will fight, Earth People who escaped, and Wild Pokemon. This 5th group will fight Team Flare. Pokemon who fight with Trainers or Team Flare are counted in the category of their people.

    Earth People- You were somewhere doing something. Perhaps you were sitting in class, running a marathon, or laying down for sleep. Suddenly, there is a flash of light. When you awake, you are in a room with other people. you might be chained down, and people in bright orange jumpsuits and lab coats are watching, studying. They ask questions. Things about your world (earth), how society works, the creatures, etc. What they want is unknown, but they will do anything to get answers. (Earth People may include few animals- 5 or less animals)

    Pokemon Trainers- You could be a normal person who stand in one spot forever, battling the passerby, a Gym leader, a member of the Elite Four, the professor, or someone on their Pokemon Journey. You have heard rumors of the other world, and you have seen team Flare treat others cruelly. Or not. I mean, not everyone heard about the Pokeball Factory, and some npc's in the game were blissfully unaware of the danger.

    Team Flare- You are better than everyone else and you will have a place in the new world. Or so the Grunts think. Lysandre, the leader, the upper class, and the scientists know that none of the Grunts have what it takes for the new world. If you succeed in creating the new and Perfect world, there will be no impurities. Pokemon are fought over, so they won't exist. That's why the Earth people are here. They have no Pokemon in their world, yet they eat meat. Using their knowledge, you can still survive without Pokemon.

    Wild Pokemon- You could know a lot about Team Flare, or nothing, like Trainers. Most of you will be living your normal lives, when a Trainer steps on your house, or Team Flare gets in your way. The only Legendary Pokemon that are super powerful will be Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, or Diance, because They are from Kalos.

    There are also people who have no Pokemon like little kids, but they won't really work very well in this, so as little as possible of them would be liked.

    Rules- General rules, keep swearing down to a minimum (it is Pokemon, after all), no killing other people's characters, no perfect people, and be fair. You can't win every time, but you also can't lose every time either.

    3 final things. Have Fun, try to get on this one at least once every 2 days, and avoid big fight scenes. Large fights between two armies and/ or groups get boring, and It's hard to tell who should win. This kills RPs.

    EDIT. some Earth people will eventually escape and capture Pokemon, but they won't ever feel exactly right in this world. Just get it going
    you are not limited to being Kalos Pokemon, just stay in the region, battle Kalos villains, and don't talk about the other Regions too much.

    OOC Thread here!
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  2. So here are my Characters.
    Name: Ella
    Classification: Earth Person
    Appearance: Shoulder Length blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Wearing a light blue dress, for picture day.
    Age: 7
    Personality: Caring to all, doesn't understand why anyone could be so cruel.
    Extra: Doesn't do well under pressure.

    Name: Lysandre
    Classification: Team Flare
    Appearance: long spiky Red Hair, long Red beard, red shirt under leather jacket and blue jeans. Look him up.
    Age: probably 35
    Personality: obsessed with perfection.
    Extra: has a heart and is saddened by Pokemon having to be eliminated, but he will do what he has to.

    Name: Eevee
    Loves Oran Berries, wants to be loved

    Walking down the street towards school, Ella saw a small orb of light. Thinking it could be a fairy, Ella giggled and began to chase after it. Tripping on a root in the sidewalk, she tripped. Before she hit the ground, however, the light grew and absorbed her. There was brightness, then dark. When she awoke, Ella was sitting in a chair at a desk. When she tried to get up, she realized that the couldn't- there was a leather strap going across her waist and shoulders, like a seat belt. Except that it was locked and she wasn't in a car. Worst of all, her school bad was gone, and her homework was due today. Frightened, she began to cry.
    "Don't be scared, little one. I won't hurt you." Lysandre leaned forward in the chair on the other side of the desk. Ella sniffled a few times and slowly stopped crying. "There now. I'm sorry you had to come here. I wanted no one who was too young. But since you're here, I was hoping you could help me."
    Walking slowly around the desk, Lysandre unlocked the ties holding Ella down. "Now then, I'll come back later. Can I do anything for you?" He wouldn't care, but she was so young and innocent. He didn't want Ella to cry, but there was no way to send her back to her world. Not at this point.
    "Can I go home?"
    "I can't. When you came here, It was a one way trip. If you go back, bad things will happen."
    "Well, can I have something t eat?"
    "Of course. I'll have someone bring you some food, then they'll take you to a bedroom."
    He left the room, and Ella was all alone.
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  3. Underneath a big oran berry tree, laid a charmander. He was asleep at this time of day, not too long after he woke up with a huge yawn. Looking around curiously, he stood up on his hind legs. And decided to forage for some breakfast.

    After a while of foraging, he came across some oran berries laying on the ground by the tree. He tilted his head wondering why he didn't spot them before while he awoke from his sleep. He shrugged it off, bending down to begin to eat his breakfast.
  4. Suddenly, a fierce roar shook the tree. A rustling occurred in the branches overhead, and out dropped... Eevee, looking pleased with his roar. "Ha! shoulda seen the look on your face! I saw you looking for berries, so I decided to help." His eyes twinkled with amusement.

    Shaking his fur out, he cocked his head to the side, with the effect of having his ears flop to the left. "What brings you to these parts?"
  5. Charmander quickly moved back when the roar started. He watched and waited, then an eevee came out of the tree.

    Charmander blinked silently, looking at the eevee in surprise. He thought that roar came from something a tad bit bigger than an eevee.

    Charmander sighed and replied "I woke up here from travelling Kalos and avoiding trainers" he looked up "Why?"
  6. "Well, most Charmanders I know are pampered in a big farm by the Pokemon professor. I haven't ever seen one try to survive in the real world before." Shaking his tail as he moved, he walked closer to Charmander. Popping one of the oran berries into his mouth, he began to eat. "Come on, dig in."
  7. Charmander shook his head, to think other charmanders are still under human rule. He hated the humans, they were always trying to stuff other pokemon in balls. And enslaving them to battle til they can't take it anymore.

    All this charmander has seen, and he never liked it. He looked at the eevee "Pampered is an illusion" he began to eat with the eevee. Silently cursing the humans.
  8. Not Quite sure what he meant, the Eevee stood back. "No, you're wrong. Out here, it's a struggle to survive. Other Pokemon try to eat you, they take your food and home, and people hunt for you. Nobody cares if you starve, freeze, of get hurt. Surely it would be better if you were loved?" His tail shook as he spoke. He knew he was right. Oh, if only the Charmander knew what he had thrown away.
  9. Team Flare Member: Lilith (open)


    Wild Pokemon: Absol (open)


    Heavy footsteps could be heard in two places in the world. One in the metallic hallways of the Team Flare's base, and the second in the wild. Both were fiery hearts.
    The first set, the ones in the Team Flare's base, were of one of the many members of the perfection-seeking team. She didn't wear the uniform, being she wanted to be treated normally out in public, but she was loyal to the 'family'. She was a lower grunt, walking along with a tray of food since she'd been ordered to take some food to a newcomer of some sort. She kept her eyes straight ahead, not wanting to strike up any conversations since she had a hard time focusing already. She would soon reach her destination, blinking in surprise when she found herself face to face with a girl who seemed quite a bit... confused. She forced a smile, though, and walked forwards, holding out the tray to the girl. "Here's the food I'm assuming you requested..." She only spoke when it was necessary, mostly a loner even when it came to going out and tracking down a certain person or Pokemon. She didn't really like social contact for many reason.
    The second set of heavy footsteps would be from the 'disaster' Pokemon, an Absol who had been surviving on her own for a while now. She'd heard some other Pokemon talking, and was simply moving in to investigate. She didn't bother being quiet, though, her large paws padding against the ground towards the two small voices. She finally spotted the Charmander and Eevee, her eyes narrowing some. She stopped at a distance, speaking just loud enough for the two to hear her. "Excuse me, little... whatever you two are. I believe you're loitering in my territory..."
  10. OOC// Thanks for joining! Especially with the team Flare.
    In the base, Ella shrank back from Lilith, afraid. "Where am I? Please, let me go home. I just wanted to touch the fairy, honest. I didn't mean to make you guys mad... Is that chicken and cake? My favorites! I guess he wasn't lying after all. You guys do care!" She skipped forward and began to eat, asking questions between bites. "What's your name? Where did Lysandre go? Do you like it here?"
    In the forest, the Eevee used growl softly to lower the Absol's attack. Hoping to butter up the newcomer, he began to talk "I'm sorry, kind one. I didn't know this was your land. We can leave. If that would make you happy." Speaking softly enough that he hoped only the Charmander could hear, he whispered, "I told you that it was dangerous out here. Mark my words, if we don't leave soon, someone might not make it away ever."
  11. Charmander looked to the Absol with mild interest and scoffed at the Absols words. "Sorry. I refuse to be bullied out of somewhere. If you are trying to start something then go ahead. I don't care. I just came here to take a nap and eat. Then i planned to move on. If there is a problem with that. Then oh well." Charmander didn't fear this Absol. This Absol was less than an annoyance to Charmander.

    Charmander then continued to eat, not caring what the Absol did. Frankly, Charmander wasn't going to be pushed around by an Absol of all things.
  12. Lilith tensed up when so many questions came at her, taking in a deep breath and holding it in. Touch the fairy? She had no clue what that meant, but she wasn't going to ask. That would just open up the talking channel officially, and make her have to stay longer. She continued to hold the tray as the girl ate, watching with her practically emotionless purple eyes. She decided to answer the questions all at once. "I'm Lilith. This is the base for Lysandre's Team Flare. He probably went to take care of important business dealing with making the world perfect. I like it here, though it could certainly use some improvements..." She glanced to the doorways, fearing for a moment that Lysandre could have been there and heard her words. He always seemed to pop up conveniently. She didn't see him, though, and let out a breath before looking to the girl in front of her. "Do you want to go to your room now?"
    The Absol sat up tall, looking at the two small beings in front of her. They were nothing of a threat, certainly. They seemed like they couldn't do very much damage, even paired together. She stood on her four legs and began walking forwards towards the two, each step seeming heavy with strength. "Well, you two don't seem to be hurting my lands, besides taking a few Oran berries... at least, that's all I can see. I advice you take whatever berries you picked and get out of here. I don't need anymore enemies lurking around this area."
  13. Looking at the Charmander, he couldn't believe he was so stupid. Eevee wanted to leave, but he had to protect the Charmander. He softly did another growl, then a small charm. He gave her some baby doll eyes, and smiled. He was 90 percent sure it would work. With a final growl, he relaxed. This Absol could attack, but since they were opposite genders, she wouldn't want to hurt him. For the Charmander it was different, but he had growled, so It would be okay." I could get you some berries, if you'd like."
    Ella smiled. "Okay. I guess we could go." She finished her meal, then followed Lilith down the many hallways. when they stopped, it was at a room with pink rose wallpaper, a soft blush bedspread, and ivory curtains and carpet. "It's beautiful! want to come in?"
    "Lilith would be happy to." Lysandre came up behind Lilith silently. Leaning up to her ear, he quietly spoke. "This girl is vital. She has taken a shine to you, so keep her happy. She knows information that I need, which is why she's here." Leaning away, he walked over to where Ella sat. "I'll have some toys sent in here tomorrow. tonight, though, you need to sleep." He gave a look to Lilith, then left the room, shutting the door behind him.
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  14. Charmander paused when the Absol spoke. Ordering them to leave as if they were enemies. So...this Absol thought they were potential enemies. That automatically told Charmander that this Absol was afraid of something. Why the tough act then? If this Absol was so tough, why didn't she just attack them. That was what Charmander was expecting.

    He looked up to the Absol " believe we are potential enemies? Surely you must be joking." He smirked swishing his tail "What makes you think the two of us, being as small as we are would make us a potential enemy? Like i said before...I do not care about this being your territory. I was planning to leave anyway. But what you just said made me curious. So..if you could elaborate on this fear of us being enemiea is all about?"
  15. OOC// Sorry, my last post didn't fit. I was writing it when the next one was placed. I din't see the new one until it was too late. I fixed it.
  16. Ninety percent is always a high percentage, but one had to remember there was still that ten percent that it would fail. And luck was not on the Eevee's side. The Absol wasn't hit very hard by the charm, simply staring at the two with dark red eyes. A soft growl left her lips, and then she sat down, this time just a short distance away. "I've already eaten my fill for the day. I don't need any berries, especially with the lack of battles going around." She laid down on the ground, her head on her paws. "I'm going to keep watch of you during your stay... I expect you to be gone within the twenty four hours, and I'll make sure that you are. You'll have plenty of time to eat and sleep and do whatever else it is that you decide to do during your stay. Keep in mind, though, that I won't actually be protecting you." She looked over at the Charmander. "You're not my enemies... Not currently. But I'd rather you not have your eyes on my territory, especially once you've grown and evolved. I've had too many residents come back and try to claim the land for themselves."
    Lilith's hair on the back of her neck stood when she suddenly heard Lysandre's voice behind her, and she glanced back at him. She listened as she was given her commands, and she let out a sigh before giving a slight nod to acknowledge his orders. She knew this was going to be a pain, but she would have to deal with this girl for a while. Until Lysandre got what he needed, at least. She flinched just barely when he gave her a look, always finding him to be intimidating. Especially when he gave the sort of look to make sure a grunt knew their orders. Lilith gulped and looked to Ella, smiling slightly and sitting down on the nearest chair in the room. "You should sleep comfortably on the bed... if there's anything you need, feel free to tell me."
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  17. Shocked that he had failed, Eevee drooped a little. "Well, thanks for letting us stay." He climbed up the tree, all the way to the top. As he did, he thought about what went wrong. He couldn't figure it out. Grabbing a few more berries, he came down and ate them, then watched the others.
  18. Ooc//Uh...Skye it seems like you just completlely ignored charmanders questions..
  19. //Sorry. Your post popped up after mine submitted. I'll fix that now. Also, I replied to Ella.
  20. Charmander sighed softly "Then why do you want to be lonely? If you ask me that is a pitiful existence. Why not try to at least make friends...I already said that i had no interest in this territory of yours that you try so hard to lay claim to. We are pokemon...if anything we ahould be protecting our world from the humans. Not fighting amongst ourselves like silly baby pokemon. You know this is the truth..Humans are taking over everything and destroying this world. but if you want us to leave so badly so you can be alone for the rest of your life regretting not having anyone to mourn you when you die. Then so be it." he went back to eating waiting for the Absol's reaction.
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