Kidnapped My Heart (Chi And The Dark Guardian)

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  1. Average people have been kidnapped for a man. sick game of some sort. Under the city. Where darkness is the hidden. Not many know what is under the city. But for thoughts how know are afraid. You may think they are scared of the dark but no they really are scared of what in the darkness. That is where we start with an underground place and two people kidnapped for the fun of one man.

    Dark was underground again. She growled as she was chained to the wall. Pretty much hanging on her writes. She was pissed. She didn't think that he would do this to her. She looked around making sure she was alone. She sighed once more she looked down at herself. She was wearing her costume like always. Today she was ‘The Unbreakable Machine-doll’ character Yaya. She likes this character for some reason. She tried to get out of the chains but couldn't and slowly gave up.
  2. "Liam! Come on, bro!" Liams best friend yelled. Liam shot up from his seat and looked around. He didn't know where he was at first then he did. He smiled "Shut up, I'm on my way." he said as he caught up with him. Liam was a DJ, a famous and well known DJ. He got up on stage and started to make his music, the crowd went wild. Then...all of a sudden things started to darken and fade away until it all..went black.

    Liams eyes opened but he saw nothing besides darkness. He sat up and rubbed the back of his head and felt his body, he still had his suit on. It was like a Tron suit but..better. He got up and felt around his body till he pressed a button which turned on the suits lights. He smiled went away when he saw. Blood, body parts, guts...nothing but gore. He stepped back and looked around. He tripped over a box. He looked down and looked like a radio. He grabbed the mic and pressed it "Hello? Hello?" he said.
  3. Chi heard something but couldn't really make it out. that was when she notice the Radio. good the other one found it act Innocent. she lucky was near it and kicked it which mad the mic turn on. "umm hello help please I'm scared" she called out to the Radio starting to cry. which was really not real. but its not like he could notice it through a radio. "Please help me I need to get out I'm chained up and i Think someones trying to kill us" she started to cry harder. "PLEASE" then the mic was cut she didn't notice the Monster till they broke the Mic. she screamed loudly hoping he would follow the Scream.