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Fantasy, Sci-fi, magical, romance, Yaoi (depending on the situation), Action, mystery.
So I'm looking for someone who would be up to do an rp based off of these three old drawings I've done in the past. Characters are not set in stone and I'm willing to do up some newer pictures for an even better reference!

_20151022_193526.JPG _20151022_193627.JPG _20151022_193731.JPG

The basic plot is that (Y/C) kidnaps women for his fun, and usually toss them away after leaving them out on the street to return home. Except his victim becomes more special to him and won't let her go, so now she must accept hefate and simply live on in her new life.

If interested let me know. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I more than willing to answer them.
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