'Kidnap Me' (Steampunk, Pirate/Princess)

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  1. (Very) general plot:
    The pirate and her crew are in layover at the royal city. The princess has always hated the royal life, but upon hearing the news of an arranged marriage, she decides to get out of it for good. She sees the pirate's ship, and devises a plan: she is going to ask them to kidnap her.

    I would be playing the pirate in this. :D Here's a picture I had commissioned. If you've ever played Final Fantasy 12 or other games set in Ivalice, the world I have in my mind is quite similar to that. Slightly steampunk, but also very heavy in the magic and beastly races. Your princess does not need to be human if you don't wish. I don't have any races set in stone, though one I had in mind was a bird race consisting of shapeshifters ('Aevis,' which I mention in my post.) It's always something we can work out, especially if you love world building like I do.

    Anyway, just a few compatibility notes:

    - I would appreciate a good grasp on grammar, spelling and engaging story telling.
    - I tend to write quite a bit, but please never feel pressured to match me exactly. I have no 'word minimums' or expectations, other than 'no one liners.'
    - As the role-play goes on, you're welcome to introduce more characters. In the post I made I have already 'introduced' another character of mine, though he doesn't exactly get screen time. That's why I selected dude on dude as well, in case you'd like to go that route!
    - I love OOC chatting and giddy character development and plot twists. Let's get excited! Yeah!
    - I'm not 'rapid fire'; I'll sometimes take a while. However, once I'm really into the role-play, I can get out multiple replies in a day.
  2. OH MY GOSH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Sorry I just got really excited. May I join you?
  3. Thank you! Is there anything you would like to discuss with me at the moment then?
  4. @Bluemoon.xx
    Mostly I'm just very excited to finally have a partner for this haha. @w@ The only thing I was thinking that might be important at the start was there being something to allude to her getting kidnapped instead of just leaving, something to cause her parents to instigate a bounty hunt. Otherwise your character and such is all up to you!
  5. I have actually done something like this before. My character was supposed to marry an old abusive man so she stowed away on a pirate ship to get away. I was thinking of going along on those same lines.
  6. @Bluemoon.xx
    Yes, that works great! I had something similar in mind as well. ^_^
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