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    Hello. I'm back again! I am free this summer and planning on getting me some more RP started up! I've got a short and sweet request, as I only have a couple of cravings below~

    I play all genders and all sexualities!
    I play a lot of characters so be open minded!
    I write 2-5 Paragraphs.
    All characters are real FCs or artwork c:
    Writing sex scenes - I'm cool with it I just don't live for it, so don't expect sex left right and sideways.
    I try to talk a lot OOC, if you don't like this then just say~
    Jurassic World / Park
    I'm really wanting to do a RP based off any of the four movies. I'd play canon and OC characters! I really enjoy playing Ian Malcolm tho so, yeah.
    [I have various plot ideas!]​
    Secret Agents
    I love Kingsman, Spy & James Bond, so I really want to RP something along those lines, fandom or not!

    Just robots man. If you wanna RP 'humans' (the TV show) or Robocop, I'll straight up marry you. But any pairing that involves cyborgs, synths and bots, I'm down for.
    Ancient Rome, Camelot, Victorians, World Wars, Decades 20s to 90s. I wanna RP it all! 8) If you're into history then please hit me up!
    I'd be especially interested in the 1980s, Ancient Rome or The Second World War
    Retro-Futurism/Cyberpunk gets you all the bonus points
    [I have a million plot ideas lel]​
    Graphic Violence
    I really want to RP some crime vs police scenes. Anything similar to 24, Lie to Me or Dexter, Hannibal and Sherlock I'm down for. I wanna RP some gangs vs police.
    Also related to this, I've been dying to do something involving school shootings. If you're down for this hit me up.
    [So many plots!]

    I'm really craving a Zombie Apocalypse RP! I would love to do a Walking Dead RP, OCs or Canon's!

    I'll probably modify this a lot, so I hope to talk to some of you soon!​
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  2. I know we got an idea going that we are discussing via PM but that gang vs. police type-a roleplay would actually be kinda interesting. I've never done/thought about that kind of rp before! lol
    Did you have a plot in mind for that?
  3. Hi! I'm interested in either making a cyperpunk or a grafic violence rp with you.
  4. Sure! Hit up over PM and we can discuss things! 8D

    I just PMed you back bro 8)
  5. If you only want two people for this one, totally cool. But I would really be into joining this gang vs. police as a group if interested.
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  6. We're gonna get our 1x1 started first, then begin plotting for a gang vs police.
    I might turn this into a group RP, if I think itll get interest tho c:
  7. Great. I hope someone PMs me if it turns into a group thing. ^.^
  8. Don't worry bro, I'll notify you!
  9. I'm interested in doing a secret agent rp with you XD pm me?
  10. Awesome, I'll message you!
  11. Heyo, I'm interested in the graphic violence part. :0 I have a plot that involves group vs. gang vs. cops and possibly school shootings.
  12. Saw your post and I'm interested in the Victorian era and Ancient Rome. For the latter of the two are you interested in doing anything with the roman gods/goddesses as well or straight history?
  13. Awesome! Send me a PM when you can! c:
    Hm, I'm not familiar with the Gods unfortunately, but hit me up over PM if you have some ideas!^^
  14. Hey! Im Zatanna <3

    Would you be interested in a Secret Agents Roleplay?
    Like an academy for secret agents?
  15. Hey! I'm sorry to say that I have quite a few Secret Agent RPs going on at the moment, so do you mind seeing if there is anything else you're interested in? >.<

    Also, update to say - Looking for a Zombie/TWD RP c:
  16. Okay well. I have no seen Jurassic world or park so that's probably a no.

    Then history sounds interesting but i just dont know enough about it.

    But Zombie apocalypse sounds dopeee.
  17. Rad bruh, I'll PM you man.
  18. Are you still looking for partners?
  19. If you're interested in the things that I haven't crossed out, then hell yeah c:
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