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  1. He heard the commotion, which was saying something because he had been hammering away at these farm tools all day. His dark eyes had grown so accustomed to watching the hot metal of the hoes and sickles dull he had a hard time seeing anything else.

    " You little shit! You broke a good window too! Hundreds of dollars!" these things he heard exclaimed along with a whole gaggle of curses and he could hear the grunts of pain. He put his tools down wiping the soot from his apron as he walked out, " what the hell is going on here boys?" He was an imposing man.... not to be trifled with and known for being stern.

    " This little shit broke my window" the boys hair was grabbed, face shown... beaten and filthy, his black eye was already apparent, " e are taking it out of his hide" the men grin at each other
  2. Taven Layed their at the mercy of the men He glance up his black eye now more visbile he siently stares at the old man fear in his puffy red eyes, tears runing down his face. It was clear through the epxpression of pain on his face that he was begging to the old man to save him.

    "Hey you piece of shit did i say you could look up." The man lets go of the boys hair, he then starts to beat the boy again with a volly of kicks to his back he then steps back and another guy grabs Taven shirt and begins to punch away as his face again busting his lip and making the boys ne gush blod.

    "Go back home this does not concern you unless you care to join in the fun."
  3. The larger man looked the boy over he was just a starving waif out in the street and he scoffs at the invite, " stop that. He isn't a kicking bag, drop the boy Graves. I will pay the window. He can work off his debt in my smithey. Drop him or I will press charges on the boys behalf as his employer" he crosses his arm threat clear and looks at the boy. He had better be a good worker. He didn't like to stick his nose into other people businesses
  4. The men glare at the black smith they each kick the boy one more time, and then step back furious that their fun had ended but the owner of the window smiled.

    "Very well then I expect the full amount in cash as well as a little extra for ruining my fun."

    Taven laying face down in the dirt crying softly to himself the taste of blood heavy in his mouth. With a large amount of effort he gets up in a kneeling position holding his rig cage breathing heavily trying to fight through the pain he then looks up at the old my with a look of happiness and a tinge of regret simple because of the fact that the man had to pay for his mistake.
  5. He shrugs, " you will get what I pay you." he goes over and picks the boy up and looks at the rowdy bunch, " on your way then. You will find the payment under your door in the morning" he takes Tavenn inside and sets him on a table, " Alright lad.... can ya speak? I ain't no doctor..... and can't afford no doctor.... so we will have to work with my know with all.... the missus ain't gonna be happy bout this" he grumbles under his breath as he gets some rags and small knick knacks for the fixin of bones.
  6. Taven nodds weakly he makes serval attempts to speak, he looks at the man with cautious eyes "y-y-yes sir I can talk." His blue eyes begin to scan his surrounding. His eyes then wonder back to the old man. "I will be ok sir this isn't my first beating. I will heal in time." He then pause for a second. "If i may ask why wont your wife like me?"
  7. He looks at him and he is wiping the blood and dirt off of his small scarecrow thin frame, " she ain't fond of me bringin home young lads and the money to fix that window will upset her. Don't worry about it. We need to ger some food in ya lad.... you're thinner then me daughter" he chuckles and looks at him, " can ya walk with me to my house?"
  8. Taven nods weakly "Yes i think i can walk to your house" Taven slowly gets off the table. He lets a small groan of pain escape from his lips. Taking a few steps he sighs. "Yes im good i can walk, how far is your house sit?" Taven's blue eyes looks over at the man his eyes having the look of curiosity and a tinge of pain. " Taven smiles weakly after remebering the last words of the man. " Its been a long time since ive had some decent food. i thank you from the bottom of my heart sir for you kindness."
  9. " A couple of blocks" he smiles and watches him limp about making sure to go slow enough he can walk, " you will be fed twice a day working for me. It'll take you a few years to pay it off and you'll stay in me house." He makes sure he is okay and then opens the door, his wife is cooking and his daughter is sewing up some britches in the back when the door opens they both look to it
  10. Taven's curious blue eyes wonder the room he eyes first fall on the the black smith wife, she stares are the boy for a few seconds then stares sternly at the Black smiths. His eyes then wonder over to his daughter. Taven makes a sort of weird face as he feels weird inside, he then straighten his face. Taven's then looks back at the black smith but keeps glancing back to his daughter.
  11. " Not know my love let's just have dinner and we will talk about it tonight" she nods her assent to that and they sit at he table, his daughter Crystal smiles, " sit and eat, w have enough. And we have a stable we can set ya a cot in. My names Crystal. Whats yours?"
  12. Taven blinks a few time looking at the girl named Crystal. He then speaks with a faint smile on his face. "My name is Taven its nice to meet you and thank you, thank you all its been a long time since ive had a decent meal and bed." Taven walks over to the table curouis looking at the chair trying to think of which one he is supppose to sit in.
  13. She giggles and points to an open chair, youth and innocence pouring from her small and happy frame. She was so different the him
  14. Smiling Taven walks over to the open chair and sits down he mouth begins to water as the lady of the house lays the food onto the table. He bows his head and says a prayer to him self he then looks up to the others in the room waiting for a signel to begin eating.
  15. After they had prayed they began to eat. No one really spoke to him but the daughters eyes would occasionally glance to him
  16. As Taven was eating his food he felt someones eyes on him he looks up and notices the daughters kept glance at him for a second they catch each others eyes and Taven smiles to the girl thinking to him self She sure is a bueatiful person, why does she keep looking over at me should i say someting?
  17. She smiles at him when she sees him looking and she continues to eat, her father finishes first and looks at him. " He is gonna sleep in the shed in the back. Make sure you give him some blankets and a pillow Crystal. He is working for his keep" the daughter nods
  18. After a few minutes Taven also finishes he food. he lookes back orver at Crystal then over to the blacksmilth "Sir would you like for me to clean the dishes for tonight."
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