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  1. You know those towns that are in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, well, that's Rustburg for you. A little town that was filled with farm land and barns. It was that kinda place where no one left and barely anyone new came in. They were so small, they didn't have a school in their town. All the kids had to travel to the city over. Needless to say, that led for some really long days. There were one, maybe two, stops lights in Rustburg and the only vehicles one would see around is trucks or tractors. Small little sports cars? They aren't existent in this town. Another thing about this town is the fact that every Sunday people were expected to be in church. Didn't show up? Everyone will know. It is that kind of town.

    Riiiinnnggg. Riiiiinnnggg.

    "Hello?" A deep southern accent came across the phone.

    "Hey Darlin'! You think you could come on by? Help me out with gettin' the guest room ready for my nephew?"

    "Sure thing, Miss Hettie! As long as I get some of your sweet tea!"

    "Oh, Sweetheart! You will definitely get some!"

    "Thanks!" Gracie hung up the phone and ran up the stairs to her room, skipping steps on the way up. She flung her bedroom door open and snatched her boots from the floor. Plopping on the bed, she pulled the boots on her feet then check herself out in the mirror, smiling at the reflection of a girl with boots, shorts, loose grey shirt, and messy windblown hair. Typical country girl!

    She jumped off her front porch and walked down the little country road, patting the tops of every fence post she walked by. Gracie was 18 years old. The only life she had ever known was this little town, and the only job she has ever held is a waitress at the smell diner and truck stop in the middle of town. Did she want more? Sure she did, but there was no possible way for her to leave this town. All she knew was horses and farming. Where that land her? Just another small town with horse farms or ranches? It didn't really matter, because believe it or not... she was happy here, unlike her friends who ached to leave this town.

    Her whole life was here! Taking in a deep breath, she inhaled a strong whiff of honeysuckles. If she left this town then there would be too many things she would miss. Who would make use of the dock down at the lake? What about the rope that flung her over the water so many times? And her truck! What would become of her old blue Ford. Then, there was her horse. No way in hell was Gracie going to leave her baby.

    Finally, she arrived at the Ward's farm. Not only was Mrs. Ward like her second mom, her horse was also staying there so there wasn't a day where Gracie missed being at that farm. But today, she wasn't there to see Roman, she had to help Mrs. Ward with the guest room. Apparently, her nephew is coming to stay with them and it is rumored that he is pretty bad news. Of course, all that is just rumors because who else would willingly come to Rustburg?

    "Miss Hettie!" Gracie shouted as she opened the scream door.

    "Up here!"

    "Oh, you already have it so nice!" The girl said as she looked around the small room that only housed a squeaky brass bad and clunky dresser. "Your nephew will love it!"

    "Mmmmmm." The older woman shot a look at Gracie over her shoulder as she tucked the corner of the blanket under the bed. "I ain't gonna put it by the boy to hate it." She shrugged a bit and focused at finishing up the bed. "Carlisle ain't the pleasing kind. I have a feeling he won't like anything." Hettie stood up and wiped her hands over the thighs of her jeans. "All well, he is only bein' sent here for us to straighten him out, not for him to make friends."

    "No offense, but I think I'm gonna keep my distance from him." Gracie giggled and trotted over to the window, opening it up to let some fresh air in.

    "If that is your plan then you best be leaving. The boy will be here any minute. I just needed you to run out and collect some flowers. Make this room a little more fresh."

    "Will do!" A huge grin spread across her face before she went back down the stairs and headed out to one of the fields filled with wildflowers. Of course, she got distracted by the flowers herself and stuck a few in her hair before heading back into the house and grabbing a pitcher to put the flowers in.

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    This is a stupid country. Stupid state. Stupid family.
    Carlisle thought disgruntled as he kicked absently at his suitcase. He had been sent to Rustburg, a crappy middle-of-nowhere town from his point of view. His parents had claimed that it was for his own good, but Carlisle knew better. At this point they just couldn't handle him anymore, no one could and it made him hate the world. He hadn't chose this life, he hadn't wanted any of it. Carlisle had been far above average intelligence and like any other smart kid in high-school he soon had nothing to challenge him, so he turned to drugs. It didn't take long for his grades to fall from straight A's down to failing. His parents tried everything they could think of, but each time they came up short and Carlisle dive bombed his life once more. Not knowing what else to do with him his mother decided to pawn him off to her sister. Hoping that maybe a taste of life in the country would straighten him out. It seemed unlikely.

    Reaching into the pocket of his jeans he withdrew a crumpled ball of cash. It was just enough to get a ride to Rustburg, but not enough to get him anything or anywhere else. Letting out an exasperated sigh he grabbed the handle of his suitcase and dragged it behind him across the pavement as he approached a cab. "You know how to get to Rustburg?"

    It was an hour long ride, one where Carlisle sat in the back listening to his Ipod ignoring the cabbie the entire way to his aunts. He had watched as the entered the tiny little town, and immediately he hated it. They barely even had any paved roads out here. It made him wonder if they even had or knew what the internet was out this far. As the landscape changed Carlisle began to remember certain landmarks, knowing that they were getting close to Hettie's home. He had only visited the place once before, during the summer when he as 6 years old and it was one of his fonder memories. Spending the entire summer doing nothing but being a kid, and actually having fun playing. He had made friends with a girl that lived a couple miles away, but every single day he would be out playing with her. It almost made Carlisle feel happy, but before that feeling could blossom he crushed it away. He just wanted to waste away this last year as quickly as possible, or get sent back early.

    As the cab stopped in front of the house he let out a sigh and opened the door. Stepping out he quickly shoved his hands into his black and grey streaked hoodie as he looked up at the blazing sun through his hair. "Shit." He muttered as the realization that he was literally stuck in this place for a year sunk in.
  3. After filling the pitcher up, Gracie went back upstairs, setting it down right in the middle of the chest of drawers. She smiled brightly pleased at how nice the flowers looked highlighted by the farmhouse's white paneled walls. This is going to be a fun year. At least, that's what Gracie was going to tell herself. If this nephew was going to make life hard for Hettie, Gracie was going to have to give him a firm talking to. His aunt is too nice of a person to be stressed out by some kid who can't act right. Frowning deeply, she arranged the flowers, acting like that was bothering her instead of the thoughts spinning through her head but a slamming door outside pulled her from her thoughts.

    "Oh crap, Hettie. I am not s'posed to be here when he gets here!" Gracie rubs her forehead just above her right brow. She was nervous around new people! Small country girl who only knows the people in her town would naturally be nervous when a stranger rolls into town.

    "Awww, Dear, don't worry about it. Just smile! No one can resist that." The woman waved for Gracie to head downstairs. "Now, now, we don't wanna be rude."

    Sighing, Gracie hung her head and plodded down the stairs. I don't know this kid! He is from the city! He isn't going to like anything I like! He probably already hates it here! At the bottom the stairs, she lifted her head, acting as confident as she could while she flung open the screen door and jumped off the porch grinning brightly. Well, that grin was short lived and soon just faded into a small smile when she saw him just standing there, hands in his pocket. Doesn't he look cheery. Maybe he is just as nervous as I am.

    "Hey there!" She said brightly, accent clearly being heard. "I'm Gracie Young. I live 'bout two miles down the road." With a nod, she hooked her thumbs in her short pockets and rocked back on the heels of her boots. "You're aunt is like my second mom. She houses my baby." Gracie jerks her head back towards the barn. Soon, she felt rather awkward, not to sure what else to say to him so instead of saying anything, she kinda just looked him over. I like his hair, but he looks real out of place.

    "Ahh! Carlisle!" Hettie shouted, coming down the stairs and quickly hugged her nephew, not caring if he wanted her to or not. "I see y'all have already become acquainted! Well, fetch your suitcase, boy. Come in our the heat! I was just 'bout to be servin' Gracie here some of my sweet tea. Best in the county!" She waggled her finger towards the air before ushering the two into the house. "Gracie, if you'd be a dear and go on ahead upstairs and show my nephew his room.

    "Yes ma'am." So much for not bein' 'round."Come on up." Gracie went up the stairs before him and went into the first room on the right. "I think this room is right cute." She smiled and looked at the flowers she had just picked. "See them?" A hand motioned towards the pitcher on the chest of drawers. "I just picked 'em right before you got here. I think they are mighty pretty. But, anyhow, this is your room! That bad is comfortable; I've slept in it a few time. Just kinda squeaky." She wrinkled up her nose for a moment and gave a slight nod. "You can put all your stuff in the drawers or in the closet next to 'em." Then she got quiet, thinking through anything else she needed to say. "Well, that's 'bout it. I'm gonna head back down and get me a class of tea."

    That was all that was said. She left the room and got her tea before making herself comfortable in a rocker in the living room. Soon, she was making conversation with Hettie about trails she was planning on taking Roman on, maybe heading out camping for a day or two. It went quiet until...

    "Oh, Gracie! You think you could get Carlisle on down at the diner? I'm sure Tom will take him on at least as a dishwasher or something."

    "I'll try something." The girl nodded, reluctantly giving into Hetti's request.
  4. Carlisles attention was drawn away from the sky when he heard the sound of the screen door being kicked open and then smacking shut against the wood again. Glancing down he was surprised to see that the girl before him was not his aunt Hettie. Instead it was a young, bright eyed and ecstatic looking cute girl. At least those were his thoughts until she began to talk, and talk, and talk. Truth be told her voice wasn’t annoying she just seemed to talk quite a bit. Before he was able to say the wrong thing his aunt burst out from the house greeting him with a shout and bone breaking hug.

    “Hey Hettie.” He replied, his voice the complete opposite of her enthusiastic nature. As she disengaged and headed back to the house he followed her commands, tagging along behind Gracie as she went up the stairs. He couldn’t help but feel the bond that the two shared. It was something he hadn’t felt with another person for a few years now. But once again as soon as they entered the room Gracie had opened her mouth once more, giving him a rundown of the room.

    “You talk a lot.” Probably not the best first four words for Carlisle to say to someone he had just met. But he wasn’t in the business of making friends, and he was planning to make everyone and anyone’s lives difficult while he stayed.

    As soon as she had left the room Carlisle tossed his suitcase on the bed, and just as Gracie had mentioned it squeaked as the weight forced it to move. “I bet she would make it squeak.” He laughed to himself as he imagined fucking her on the bed, making it squeak and making her squeal. But the mental image faded away. Should’ve said something nice to her, instead of an insult.

    But that was how Carlisle was, abrasive to those around him and only those with the grit to stick around made a difference. Not caring enough to put away his clothes he left the room, stepping down the stairs and making his way to where he heard the voices of his Aunt and Gracie. “Hey Hettie you don’t happen to have a computer here do you?” Carlisle realized the chance of him being able to have any type of a social life in this place was slim to none. His phone was already deactivated and he hadn’t been allowed to bring anything from his home besides clothes, at least that’s what his parents had thought. “By the way the flowers were…nice.” The compliment sounded mildly awkward coming from Carlisle, but it was his meager attempt at making amends.
  5. I talk too much? I. Talk. Too. Much. Gracie raged as she rocked calmly back and forth in the rocker. Who is the dumb city slicker? Telling me I talk too much? She gave him a pleasant smile when he came down the stairs. Why are you coming down if I just talk too much? Sighing softly, she took a sip of tea and looked out of the window next to her, refusing to give him any more attention than was absolutely necessary. And now she has to try and get him a job at the diner? Will have to see his face everyday? PAH! Gracie began rocking faster which didn't go unnoticed by Hettie.

    "Uhhh... we.. have a computer," she said slowly, shooting the girl a weird look. "As for internet?" Hettie looked at her nephew. "We ain't got that. The library does."

    "But you gotta have 15 cents for every hour. So, Facebooking for hours on end? Not an option." Her green eyes narrowed on him, once again, an action that was caught by Hettie, and she was about to question it when Carlisle complimented the flowers Gracie had picked. The girl's face looked shocked for a moment, not quite sure how to reply. "Well, thank ya." Was all she managed to get out.

    "With that out the way." Hettie waved her hand, fanning away the awkwardness that was in the room. "Gracie and her pa have internet. If y'all hit it off well enough I'm sure you could go over and use it." Gracie choked on her tea a bit and stopped rocking, causing her to get a really confused look from the older woman.

    "Sorry, guess I gotta learn how to swallow," she mumbled while using her index finger to wipe away drops of liquid from her lips. "Sure! Pa won't mind a visitor. I'm hardly ever around anyhow."

    "Right." Hettie nodded. "You're uncle just doesn't think we need the internet, said that it breeds ignorance. If he needs to contact someone we just go on over to Gracie's. Her Pa is such a nice fellow. Works just outside the county with a horse farm." For awhile, Hettie continued to go on about how nice the horse farm was and how Jason had thought about running one himself but much preferred farming, going into a long winded story about the corn crops, leaving Gracie to grumble over Carlisle.

    Carlisle in MY house? He don't need to be in there.
    The idea of having that kid in her house was repulsive. She would much rather him lose mass amounts of change to the library than be hospitable to the likes of him. One thing she had to admit was that she was rather disarmed when he complimented her flowers. Sure, it wasn't the most flattering of compliments, but he was trying. Maybe... trying?

    "Well, I gotta go feed Roman, Hettie. Thanks for the tea." She excused herself from the room, put the glass in the sink and headed out of the back door. Roman heard her coming and had his head flung over the stall door, nickering softly when he saw her. A huge grin cracked over Gracie's face. She loved that horse with all her heart! Softly, she put her hand on his muzzle and softly kissed his face. "You ready for a ride, buddy?" Grabbing a bridle and reins, she put it on him then opened the stall door. Putting her hands on his back she hoisted herself up and flung her leg over, walking him out of the barn.

    "Carlisle, I'm sure she hasn't rode off yet, why not go out there? Learn a thing or two. Go on a ride."

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  6. Carlisle arched his eyebrows at the comment coming from Gracie about the internet costing 15 cents an hour. Is that a lot for people out here? That’s barely a dollar fifty for 10 hours. When Gracie choked on her tea he glanced back at her with a curious look. What’s up with this girl? He wasn’t sure whether she was nervous around him, had never seen a person from the city or was just plain awkward. But he couldn’t help but grin at her comment about swallowing; it allowed him to day dream once more.

    Gracie was on her knees before him, her innocent green eyes staring up at him as she bobbed her head back and forth. “Mmmm.” He groaned as he held a hand upon the back of her head, holding onto her brunette hair. “You’re gonna learn how to swallow Gracie.” He grinned, pleased as she worked at sucking his cock. He could feel himself getting closer, and he was prepared to force her all the way down upon his shaft. Giving her no choice in the matter of whether she wanted to swallow or not. She was going to learn.

    “Carlisle” a voice said, breaking into his day dream and ending what would have been a happy ending. “I’m sure she hasn’t rode off yet, why not go out there? Learn a thing or two. Go on a ride.” It was his aunt Hettie, and it seemed like she was cock blocking him before he was even able to get cock blocked. A pain in the ass, but Carlisle had always liked his aunt so he was trying, really trying, not to give her a hard time.

    “Oh, uh. Yeah. I’ll see what she’s doing I guess.” He stumbled as he left the living room, heading out the front door he glanced around as the screen door smacked shut. I don’t even know where anything is on this stupid farm. Luckily for Carlisle he caught sight of the horse barn as Gracie exited out of it riding upon a horse. Hopping off the porch Carlisle started towards the pasture, rummaging through his pockets. “I’ve always wanted to take a spirit journey in the actual wild.” He laughed as he withdrew a plastic baggie that held a few joints. Taking one out and promptly lighting it, he took a deep inhale holding it in for a few moments before exhaling happily. Marijuana always made him feel better.

    Carlisle gestured to Gracie with the joint in his hand. “Is that your horse?” he asked leaning against the fence that surrounded the pasture. He had blanked out most of the conversation after Gracie mentioned swallowing so he had missed the fact that she had left to feed Roman, her horse.
  7. She was so excited to get going on her ride, gallop Roman across open fields. It was obvious that he could feel her excitement because he anxiously pranced from foot to foot, waiting to be given the go ahead. And, if Gracie hadn't heard the screen door slam and a guy's laugh, they would have already been gone. Sighing and letting out a small groan, she reined Roman to turn and see Carlisle who was holding a plastic baggie.What the hell is that? It sure isn't a cigarette. I bet it is weed or something. Her eyes narrowed on him when he leaned against the fence.

    "Yes, this is Roman," she said curtly. Gracie opened her mouth to say something but was quieted by Roman when he impatiently threw his head around. "One second, buddy." His ears flicked back to listen to her as she slid off his back. Walking up to Carlisle with confidence, she grabbed the joint from his hand and tossed it to the ground, crushing it with her boot. "Do you have anymore?" She raised an eyebrow, popped her hip out, and crossed her arms over her chest. "I won't be havin' you make things hard on your aunt. She is too sweet of a woman. Got it?"

    With that, she turned on her heel and went back to Roman, hoisting herself back onto him. This kid has major gut. I can't believe him. She was more than ready to ride off without him, Roman sure was because as soon as Gracie was comfortably settled on his back he started trying to go, but she stopped him. Looking back at him and heaving a heavy sigh, she asked...

    "Do you want to come with me?" She reached out her hand for him to take in case he wanted to jump up. Why am I doing this? It would be better to just leave him here... keep him out of my hair. "It will get you away from the house." Gracie got silent then with half truth said, "we can get to know each other."
  8. “Heeeey.” He groaned as Gracie snatched the joint out of his hand, he hadn’t expected her to take it so he hadn’t reacted when she approached. “Was that really necessary?” Carlisle asked, appearing more disappointed than angry or upset. Bending down to the ground he picked the joint up from the ground and gave it a once over before tossing it to the ground. “What Hettie doesn’t know, won’t hurt her. Besides I suspect she was a stoner back in the day.”

    You’ve probably never even touched a single drug in your life. I doubt if you’ve even tasted alcohol. Carlisle couldn’t help but wonder how ignorant Gracie really was, but before he could ask she had already crossed the grass to Roman and remounted him. “Go with you? On him?” Carlisle gestured to Roman, he hadn’t ever been on a horse before and he didn’t really care to be. “I’m more of a dog person…”

    Looking down at his pockets he withdrew a plastic baggy again glancing into it. One, two…four. All he had left on him was four more joints, beyond that he had a smattering of different drugs in his suitcase. But it was by no means an indefinite supply. Shoving the bag back into his pocket he looked up at Gracie, “I’ll go with if you smoke with me.” Carlisle felt like it was his goal in life to get people to try marijuana, then they would realize it isn’t the demon drug that the government makes it out to be. “Hettie always says, ‘Try everything twice, you never know what you’ll like.’”
  9. What Hettie doesn't know won't hurt her... what is that? She rolled her eyes a bit. This guy was ridiculous Of course it would hurt her. That woman cares deeply for her family. Carlisle was so frustrating. I'm pretty sure she wasn't a stoner.

    "Yes on him." She pursed her lips then gave him a strange look when he talked about being a dog person. "Then I will find you a dog big enough to ride," Gracie retorted. Waiting for his answer was getting old, especially when he pulled out his baggie of joints. Truth be told, that kind of made her nervous. She knew they existed, who didn't know, but she had never been around them... much less touched them. At bonfires all they really did was down some beers, and she averaged maybe two.

    "Smoke with you?" Her eyes nearly bulged from her head. Why would I ever do that? But... it is almost too tempting. Maybe, I can play with his hair? He has nice hair.. "Hettie has said that?" Gracie looked back at the house, almost as if she was going to affirm that statement. She started chewing her lip and just started at him for a moment. Would it hurt to do it once? It isn't like I'm going to make a habit of it. "Fine. I will try it. Once."

    Again, she reached out for his hand then helped him up behind her. Roman danced under them, snorting a bit. He was more than ready to go and rather frustrated that they hadn't already left. Gracie wrapped his arms around her waist, leaving his hands to rest against his stomach. After that, she looked over her shoulder smiling brightly. Her heart was already racing with the anticipation of the ride. "Hold on."

    That was all she said before clucking and squeezing Romans sides. In an instant, Roman shot off. His hooves pounded against the ground, mane flying back in Gracie's face. This was what life was all about! Being free on the back of a horse. For a moment, Gracie closed her eyes, feeling the wind brush over her cheeks. Once they had galloped through a trail in the woods, they came to a lake with a dock where she reined Roman to a stop then jumped off.

    "This!" Gracie said brightly, lifting her hands up and motioning to the whole place. "Is my favorite spot. The dock, Pa and Jason helped me build. And there is a rope over there that is so fun to swing into the lake on." She grinned and pulled her boots off, wiggling her toes in the grass. For that moment, it almost seemed as if she forgot about the drugs she agreed to try, but... she hadn't. "So, you are here, and I guess I have to hold up my end of the deal. Lets just do it."
  10. When Gracie finally halted Roman Carlisle quickly wobbled his way off. He wasn’t meant to ride a horse, and he didn’t really enjoy it. Cars were a lot more comfortable and they could play music. As Gracie threw her arms into the air he followed her and his gaze spread beyond taking in the sight. They were at a fairly large lake, but this specific area had developed into a type of cove, blocking them off from the rest of the lake, almost as if it was a little secluded piece of paradise meant just for those within it.

    Ignoring Gracie for a moment he walked closer to the edge of the water. Looking down he was amazed to see it was quite clear and absent of any seaweed. He could see little perch and sunnies swimming through the water, darting around back and forth playing. But it wasn’t the fish alone that made the place wonderful. The grass appeared to be the softest type, and there were dozens of different flowers. Reds, blues, yellows, many different colors all working together to turn the place into a secret get away.

    Carlisle pulled away from the edge of the water when he heard Gracie mention her promise to him. He was surprised to find her sitting down on the ground, boots off, running her feet against the grass as the sun played against her blue eyes and brunette hair. Walking back towards her sitting down indian style in front of her “A deals, a deal.”. Withdrawing the plastic baggie from his pocket he withdrew another joint, setting the baggie down in between them on the grass. “So it’s pretty simple. Just pull some of the smoke into your mouth, hold it for a moment and then inhale it into your lungs. Try to hold it in for a while and then exhale.” As Carlisle explained to her how to smoke he pantomimed the actions to give her an idea. “Don’t feel bad about coughing, everyone does it at the start.”

    After the short teaching session was over Carlisle brought the joint to his lips, and promptly lit it with his lighter. After a quick inhale the tip was a glowing ember and the lighter disappeared from sight. Carlisle took a long drag and then stopped, holding the smoke in for a good several seconds and finally exhaled. Letting the smoke drift out of his mouth slowly, not coughing once. “Give it a try.” He said offering the joint to her.
  11. It was actually kind of nice seeing Carlisle marvel at her place. Smiling, she brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her shins. Maybe, there is hope for him after all. Gracie had to look away from him as he walked to the end of the dock because she soon finding him pretty adorable, and that couldn't happen. He is bad, and I don't need to be around him, but I am about to smoke with him. When he sat down, she made eye contact with him, maybe for the first time all day. Man, he has nice eyes. Gracie cocked her head to the side, just looking at him until he spoke.

    "Coughin'?" She raised an eyebrow. This started to sound not so fun. Who would willingly take something that made them cough? And the smell.... some of it wafted towards her, causing her to wrinkle up her nose. Am I really doing this? Is it too late to back out? Slowly, she reached out for the joint, giving it a weird uncertain look then glanced back at him, feeling like a child looking at her dad while she was trying to figure out if something was okay to do. "Is it too late to back out?"

    At least, that's what her words said. Her body gave her the go ahead as she put her lips around it and inhaled. Just holding it in burned and when she finally let it out, she started coughing, just like he said. Not one to give up, she took another drag and passed the joint back to him as she held it in. Finally, she exhaled and watched the smoke curl out of her mouth. Gracie giggled and put her hand over her mouth, totally amused by the smoke coming from her mouth.
  12. Carlisle arched his eyebrow and gave Gracie a look of disbelief as she giggled to herself. Just a dozen minutes ago you were ranting about not using drugs. Tsk, Tsk. But he was proud of her. She had handled the smoke like a champ for her first time. “Want to see something cool?” He asked her before bringing the joint to his lips and inhaled, pulling in as much smoke as he could into his lungs. A few moments later he contorted his face into a silly looking position, but before Gracie would have time to make fun of him he exhaled. The smoke launched out of his nose headed towards the ground, and at the same time it also came out of his mouth launching upwards to the sky. It was likely a trick she had never seen before in her life. “That’s called the smoke dragon.” He said before passing her the joint once more.

    Almost a half an hour and a few joints later the pair was quite stoned. They were both lying down in the soft grass, opposite one another but with their heads side by side under the shadow of a great tree. “So, Gracie…” Carlisle said with a happy inflection in his voice, as he turned his head to look at her. “What do you think? Is it such a bad thing now?” Of course he already knew the answer; he just wanted her to say it.
  13. Gracie blinked fast a few times, feeling her head weird and spinny. I don't liiikkee this. For a moment, she closed her eyes, but her world still felt like it was spinning. Promptly, she opened her eyes to see what he was about to do. When the smoke came out, her eyes went wide and she clasped her hands over her mouth.

    "That's crazy!" She mumbled through her hands, looking towards the sky with wide eyes amusement, trying to see if she could still see the smoke. Of course, she didn't see any of the smoke that had left Carlisle's mouth which left her rather disappointed. With a soft groan, she laid back on the grass and was soon joined by her male acquaintance. Hmmmm, company. Company is nice. A slight smile began to spread across her face until she heard her name spoken.

    "Hmmm?" Raising an eyebrow as she looked over at him, only to find him looking at her. Whhooaaa, he has some nice eyes. She wanted to reach out and touch them! They looked so nice but instead, she clasped her hands on top of her stomach, watching his lips move as he spoke. He has nice lips too! I wouldn't mind touching them... with mine. Gracie giggled then bit her lower lip, silencing the giggles while forcing her self to think through the answer. "Do I think it is still that bad?" The girl asked slowly. "Ummmm... I don't think I'd want to do it again. Well, anytime soon." That sounded like a good answer! She nodded and still looked at his lips. They are really nice... It wouldn't hurt.

    Slightly, she leaned closer to him then stopped, quickly sitting up and causing her head to feel woozy again. It didn't matter. What mattered was getting away from the temptation of the lips she all of a sudden felt very drawn to. After a bit, she pushed herself up from the ground and went over to the dock and sat down on the edge, kicking her feet in the water, enjoying the 'splish splish' sound it was making.

    "I have a guy that's interested in my, ya know? He won't be happy with, won't be happy with me." Gracie looked over her shoulder at Carlisle. "How old are you?"
  14. Carlisle unsatisfied with her response brought his hand up and poked her on the forehead, directly between her eyebrows. “You’re kind of a dork…” He laughed with a grin on his face, and then continued before she could retort. “But that’s okay, it will grow on you if you let it.” Before he could say or do anything else to her, Gracie was on her feet and headed to the water. Quickly Carlisle set his hands flat on the ground behind him, propping himself up so he could watch her as she walked onto the dock. I could tear that ass up out here, and she would love it.

    “I have a guy that’s interested in me, ya know? He won’t be happy with, won’t be happy with me.”

    “You know, no one ever got anywhere in life trying to please everyone.” Carlisle pulled himself up to his feet and began to wander towards the dock heading towards Gracie. “If you spend your time trying to please everyone you will run out of time to please yourself.” Once he was halfway down the dock he stopped and slipped his shoes and socks off, before continuing with the feel of the wood beneath him. “I’m only seventeen. Why do you ask?” He had let his hoodie fall off of his shoulders and down to the dock as well. Taking a seat next to Gracie he let his feet dangle into the water.

    “Besides what is life without some adventure?” Carlisle asked as he gently nudged against her with his body. “And you know it’s an adventure when you have the possibility of getting in trouble.” He couldn’t help but grin as he sat there next to her. He may have only known Gracie for a matter of hours, but he couldn’t help but feel like he had known her for years. As if their souls had been together in a past life or something. He just couldn’t shake the feeling.
  15. "I think I have found ample time to please myself," she teases, watching him as he took his shoes and hoodie off. It is kind of nice to not be out here alone. Gracie let a small smile show as she trained her gaze back to the water and the small ripples her toes created when they wiggled. "Jail bait. That's what you are." Once his feet were next to hers, she bumped one of her feet against his then chuckled, before doing it again. She furrowed her eyebrows slightly when he talked about getting in trouble. The girl had never been in that much trouble before. Was she missing out on something?

    "I've had lots of adventures without getting in trouble. Like walkin' through an ol' house I found in the woods." After he nudged her, she just leaned against him, shoulder to shoulder. For some reason, she enjoyed that physical contact, like feeling someone else next to her. "Or that time Ally and I were being chased by that bull. We didn't know he was in that part of the field."

    Finally, she looked over at him, admiring his hair and eyes again. Slowly, she reached over and ran her fingers softly through his hair. There was something familiar about that action, almost as if she had done that to him before, but she couldn't have. They had just met... "Carlisle," she said softly, sort of just wanting to say his name. "Lets swim!"

    Grinning widely, she just stood up and dove into the lake. It was a little chilly but after they moved around some it would be fine. After coming up for air, she splashed some water towards him, giving him a challenging look. Another couple splashes later, she dipped back under the water and swam up to his legs, crossing her arms over his knees and resting her chin on her arms. "Coooommmeee oooonnn. I'll pull you in."
  16. “When’s the last time you heard of a woman being convicted of statutory rape?” He said tilting his head to the side as he looked at her, with a laugh he continued “Never, that’s when!” Gracie was definitely an interesting girl. She held onto her morals and talked about them and seemed to be quite rigid, but with only a few pokes and prods he had managed to get her to try marijuana. As Carlisle stared into her eyes, he couldn’t help but feel that there was a bad girl within her that was tempted to claw her way out.

    He was surprised when she reached up and brushed his hair, he hadn’t expected her to be so touchy with him. The touch of her finger tips against his scalp felt familiar, but different and he couldn’t place the feeling. Before he got a chance to think further Gracie was on her feet and jumping into the water. You may not act like a bad girl, but you definitely have a spontaneous side. “Ehhh, I dun-“ He stopped mid-sentence as she started splashing him. “HEY! Stop that!” He demanded as he started to kick some water back at her.

    When it appeared that he wasn’t going to be able to effectively fight back he quickly emptied his pockets onto the dock to avoid an mishaps, but before he could plunge in after her she had come up to his knees threatening to pull him in. Pull me in huh? You’re more in the position to pull me out. He mused, his thoughts of her still being able to run through the gutter. “Oh you will, will you?” But before she could respond he placed a hand upon her head and slipped into the water with her, forcing her under for a moment before letting go, and swimming away from her before she could get revenge. “You’ll have to catch me first.” He taunted, unafraid of her earlier challenge.
  17. She opened her mouth to respond to him only to have his hand on her head as he shoved her underwater. When she came up, she laughed and looked over at him with vibrant eyes. This kid does know how to have fun! As quickly as she could, she swam after him, fingers brushing his shirt that she snatched in her hand then pulled him to her. Once he was close enough, she latched onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist.

    "Wuahahahaha! I got you!" Gracie scruffled up his hair. "I thought I would have to force you iiinnn." Her arms looped loosely around his neck as she set her chin down on his shoulder. I shouldn't be getting this comfortable with him already. This isn't right, but it feels so nice. Sighing softly, she leaned her head against his, just enjoying... him. But that all quickly changed when she decided that it wasn't right to be this close to him.

    Placing her hands on his head, she pushed him under then quickly swam away over to one side of the bank where the rope was. She hoisted herself then climbed the small hill and grabbed the rope. "You have to do this too!" Pushing from the hill, she held herself up by the rope and swung out over the lake before letting go and falling in.

    "Go dddooo iitttt!" She grinned brightly and pointed at the swinging rope. "Or do you need to be bribed?"
  18. Carlisle was surprised to have gotten caught by Gracie so quickly, what he hadn’t expected was for her to wrap her body around him. He could feel the press of her soft breasts against his back and it stirred a lust inside of him. “You were just lucky I was going slowly for you.” He taunted as she mussed his hair. Luckily he was able to touch the bottom at this portion of the lake, otherwise he would’ve been flailing in the water attempt to not drown with Gracie attached to his body. “What am I, a free ride now?” He teased as he felt Gracie rest her head against his as he waded through the water.

    Without warning he was abruptly pushed forward and under the water as Gracie disengaged from him, just as quickly as she had come. Carlisle reemerged from under the surface as he rubbed water out of his eyes, he noticed Gracie was up on a small hill, holding onto a rope and before he could put the two together she was swinging wildly toward the water and created a giant splash. What do you got to bribe me with? He mused, wondering if she would resort to some kind of sexual relations.

    “That depends. What do you have to bribe me with, hmmm?” He asked, as he swam closer to her and circled her a few times in the water.
  19. "I have lots to bribe you with," she said as she watched him circle her. "I could turn it into a game." Gracie smirked, not thinking fully through her next plan but just going with it. "Every time you swing off that rope, I lose a piece of clothing. That's... 4 items." She nods. "How does that sound?" Grinning, she swims over to the dock and pulls herself up and sits on the edge, wet shirt clinging to her body.

    "Okay! Get up there!" She points to the rope and raises an eyebrow. Did I really just offer to do that... what is wrong with me? Whatever, I'm having fun with this. A huge grin spread across her face when she sees Carlisle start heading towards the bank. What is he fakes out and doesn't end up going? Well... I'll just keep my clothes on then. Will I really take my clothes off? With a slightly worried look, she glances over her soaked clothes then shrugged. What is one day being reckless? Just one day...
  20. Carlisle had been planning to swing off the rope either way, but now that Gracie promised to lose a piece of clothing each time he had no doubt in his mind that he would do it. She must really like me, either that or she has a secret love for city boys. The sight of Gracie sitting on the dock, her wet grey shirt clinging to her body, propelled him quickly to the edge of the lake and up the hill.

    “Your shirt better be off once I hit the water!” He shouted as he walked back with the rope and then charged forward, swinging with the rope until he swung to the perfect point and released from the rope. Splashing down into the water, sinking down to the bottom of the lake until his ass hit the muddy ground. Soon he launched up from the lake breaking the surface and looking towards the dock. He was happy to see Gracie sitting there, now shirtless with her lime green bra covering her breasts. But that would be gone soon…

    For the fourth time Carlisle splashed into the lake, and reemerged once more looking towards the dock but this time Gracie was already in the water. “I’m surprised you agreed to that.” He started to swim towards her, the clarity of the water hid nothing from him and he was able to take in everything that was Gracie. It was better than he imagined. “I thought you would’ve at least bargained for me to take my clothes off too.” He was now only inches away from her and he reached out and pulled her close to him. Her nude body pressed against his clothed one, “You don’t want to see what the city boy has to offer?” He whispered against her ear.