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    The Khromas have existed since the birth of our galaxy. Gods to some, monsters to others. But their true nature? They are colours. All the colours of the spectrum, given form and dominion over the objects that share their hue.


    For millennia they have waged war, traded alliances, grudges and lover's trysts. And from their unions have come others: the secondaries and the tertiaries (sometimes known as The Slaves). And while they all pay lip-service to the leadership of the White and Black Khroma (the oldest and most torn of the lovers), there have always been upstarts causing rebellions.

    You may know of these times - times when one Khroma gets too big for their boots. The Ice Age of the White Khroma; the Red Tide of Nazism and Communism; the Blue Flood of Biblical times; the Yellow Reign of the Chinese Emperor; the Purple Dominion of Rome.


    Flashes in a pan. Brief tantrums. When all is said and done, the Khromas remain a family... a Colour Wheel worshiped by humans.

    And none more so than the Colourblinds. These special, damaged, obsessed humans are the primary fuel source of the Khromas. For after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the Khromas live and flourish upon the adoration of mortals. For every Khroma there is a Colourblind - a servant who journeys with them and cannot bear to be apart from them.

    You have seen these people too. The jilted bride who will wear nothing but her white veil. The Valley Girl who dresses in pink. The bloodthirsty savage. The black-clad goth. They fixate upon one colour to the exclusion of all others.


    For millennia it has been like this. Each Khroma living with their Colorblind, mixing and clashing with other Khromas.

    But now...

    ... now something new has arisen.

    The White Khroma felt is first... painted upon a white canvas. The the Black Khroma felt it... soaked upon the dark bristles of a brush.

    A new colour has been formed. One artificial, unnatural - conceived by human alchemy. A colour free of nature's hold - free from the sun and adored by the most twisted of Colorblinds.


    Will this new colour destroy the Wheel? Will mankind fall in love with it, and lose all regard for the Khromas?

    Is this the end of their age?

    A meeting has been called. For the first time in centuries, the Khromas will come together and discuss how to deal with this new threat.


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  3. Which Khroma do you want play, Grumpy?



    RANK: (Primary, Secondary or Slave)

    HERITAGE: (Which other colours are your parents/siblings - please follow standard colour-mixing principles)


    DOMINION: (Physical objects you can manipulate and control - must be matching colour)

    STRONGHOLD: (A place, at any time in history, where you are protected. Think of this like a safehouse, where your colour is at its strongest - e.g. a golden pyramid for the Yellow Khroma; the wasteland of Chernobyl for the Grey Khroma; etc.



    BACKSTORY: (How the Khroma and the Colourblind met and began empowering each other):

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