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  1. Partners found!
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  2. I would love to explore either idea 2 or 4, and am willing to plot with you extensively if you are willing to overlook the lack of immediate sample.
  3. I will contact you in a moment. :)
  4. Howdy! You seem like you've got a firm handle on storytelling, and I'd be happy to get all in-depth and fantastical, if you're still looking for partners. Two and three sound like a blast. Check me out, and PM me if I'm the right kind of crazy.
  5. Bump!

    Concepts for original threads taken down momentarily, returning soon. Feeling more of a fandom binge right now.
  6. The OC team for RWBY sounds interesting. If you'd like to talk you can pm me. :)
  7. Added more/edited ideas.

    Also, yay for new site!
  8. The Glynda x Ironwood looks good to me. Please PM me if you're interested in roleplaying it with me.
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