KFC vs. McDonalds, any takers?

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  1. Found this on tumblr. Though I do wonder who would end up winning....
    Any takers?


    By the way, please do not tell me if you had the chance you would pass up such awesome swords.

    Btw, my money is on McDonalds. Just sayin'.
  2. Isabellas are hungry...
  3. Haha! This makes me hungry too.
    Sorry Isabellas.
  4. KFC looks scared man.

    I'm going with Mc.
  5. Isabellas care not for who wins.. Isabellas will eat both of them!
  6. All I know is I would murder me a bucket of KFC.
  7. KFC. McDonald's has long hair for pulling and such, plus less practical clothing options. VICTIM OF FASHION. D:
  8. I wonder if they showed up together or if that was an accident made in heaven. >:D
  9. [​IMG]


    My vote is still for the Burger King.
  10. lmfao i love the anime take on these fast food places. <3
  11. -Army rangers charge into the thread-

    McDonald's Lead The Way!!!!!!!
  12. He does look scared. McDonalds is boss, mate. xD!

    I shall join you then! Cause I'm starving. =x

    -Bro-fist bump.-
    You know it.

    I actually have a craving to murder one now.

    True, but during the battle he can cut it off. KFC wouldn't be able to hide in the shadows cause he's so white....
    I dunno.

    It's always a match made in heaven.
    Either way, you know when they get together like that it's a fight for territory.
    It's not enough that they have a restaurant within five blocks of each other. They have to take over the world!

    Haha! I'm so glad I gave you a use for it, mate.
    If it was my choice from this, I would choose Jack or Karl's.
    It's up for debate, though.

    Same. First time I saw it I did a quadruple take. XD!

    We must help him win the battle!!!
    The world is at stake!!!

  13. Jack In-the-Box would win.
  14. I belive the noid would win, he as a real evil theme, makeing your pizza cold
  15. What franchise is ovenmit from?
  16. It's Arby's

  17. I hate all of the fast food.

    But, Ronald would probably kick the crap out of the KFC dood.
  18. McDonalds wins the initial picture fight unless KFC starts tossing delicious biscuits like throwing stars.


    Then I again I'm biased towards anything star-related.
  19. [​IMG]