KeySource: The Secret Society Rp

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  1. -If you are reading this then you have taken your first step towards everything. And nothing. We are looking for the willful, the cunning, and the determined. We are KeySource. We have the tools to grant you a life's change at a whim. you could be selected to indulge among an elite and select few who holds the power to mold life itself into that which the imagination spawns. You are the key. We are the source. We are the fourth wall that has been crumbled. This rp is your life, and vice versa. Will you join? Or will you simply rp? There is a message in all of this. If you are interested, find KeySource. Only then will you be apart of the elite and select. Complete the riddles, finish the journey. We will be waiting.-

    We look forward to seeing you. Best of luck. When you find the message, go beyond the 4th wall.