Keyboard Shortcuts for Plot Elements

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CTRL+ALT+F = smooth out the flow/pacing of all selected text

CTRL+F search CC = Checks for consistency of character portrayal
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CTRL + ALT + S = Create a backup every ten seconds so I don't lose anything.
CTRL + ALT + T = Delete Comic Sans, replaced with Times New Roman master race.
CTRL + ALT + R = Add Red Shirt.
ALT Codes R + 1-20 = Add lovable cliché to Red Shirt. "I have a family back at home."
CTRL + ALT + 1 = Pretend to kill Red Shirt, and kill the main protagonist instead.
CTRL + ALT + 2 = Pretend to kill Red Shirt, and have him walk out in a surprise save.
CTRL + ALT + 3 = Only usable on the same page as CA2, kill Red Shirt and remind the audience how much you enjoy their tears.
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