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    I don't know about you, but I find this pairing adorable beyond belief. It is simple. It is loving. It has its regular ups and downs in a relationship. It is cliche. And I just seriously can't get enough of it. I've seriously read so many fanfics about it, and my thoughts are going crazy with all these plots.

    So, down to pairings, It would be:

    Kevin X Double D (Original Characters) Taken by Dip


    AU Reverse!Kevedd

    Double D X Kevin

    Warning: This plot will most likely have sexual harassment, possible rape (unless otherwise), and kind of a twisted way to the relationship. Plot is going to have to be worked out a bit.


    Information about Reverse!KevEdd, Edd is a star swimmer in high school, not only that he is a bright student when he wants to be, and Kevin is you nerd boy, matching the same smarts as Edd, but not surpassing him on marks. Kevin is reserved, quiet, his two friends are Nat and Nazz. Edd is just your typical bad boy who set his eyes on the transparent wallflower Kevin. This is going to be a Cat x Dog relationship, where Kevin doesn't want it, and Edd will do anything to get it. But then, when he gets Kevin, he soon starts to back away, push him away, and tries to get Kevin away from his home life, and what he actually is when he leaves the High school and goes home to his parents that aren't exactly perfect, showing his weakness, and commitment issues.

    Another nerd boy X bad boy with Ed Edd and Eddy terms, but it is something I've been having interest in. I'd like to play Reverse Edd c:


    About me:

    I'm Seki! Hello! I'm 18, and I have a job, and I go to school, so my schedule limits my postings immensely at times. I try really hard to tell my partners when I'll be gone, or when I can't post. But, with the holidays coming, my free time will be through the roof.

    I post from 3 to maybe more paragraphs. I'm really a mix between quantity and quality so, I tend to write a lot. But, I tend to really mirror my partner.

    These will most likely have MALE X MALE action to it, so please, be of aged.

    PM me or anything if you wanna join me in this! Or if you have any questions!
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  2. I wouldn't mind doing Double D x Kevin. PM me?
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