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  1. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Overview[/rainbow]
    • Long ago, dragons roamed across the lands. Unfortunately, greed consumed the hearts of humanity. As a result, dragons were hunted, deemed as dark creatures. One of the rarest breed, Silverwing, became a legend in Hunter society. These type of dragons are known for their legendary icy fire, said to burn deeper than any fire produced. Over the years, the Silverwing was on the verge of extinction. In the end, however, the remainder escaped. One thousand years later, dragons disappeared from the world, hiding in the shadows. Unbeknownst to humanity, dragons are capable of maintaining a human form. In order to protect themselves, dragons hide in plain sight. However, no one is safe. Despite their disguise, humans are sharper than they appear.

      According to legend, the goddess of magic, Isis, created a realm for mythical creatures, a paradise from humans. However, the entrance was lost. Many creatures believe this realm exists, but they failed to find the entrance. After several millennial, some are skeptical.

      Is Aleris real?
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  2. "Don't let them escape! After them men!"

    A young man ran through a dense forest, dragging his twin along. He weaved past the trees, running in a blur. His heart pounded against his chest. Sweat poured down his brow. Fear clawed at his soul. He didn't dare look back. His eyes remained forward. He had to find a clearing. This forest was too thick. None of them could transform in this terrain.

    "They are heading towards the lake. Don't let them cross the lake!"

    He tuned out their voices. His mind focused on the path in front of him. A few arrows whizzed past him, but none reached its mark. His eyes darted from left to right. He had to find a way out of this forest! The scent of fresh water wafted through his nostrils. His gaze shifted to his side. There! He made a sharp turn and darted forward, never releasing his grip on his brother's wrist. Normally, it would be Calvin that led. However, he was faster than his brother. In order to escape this massive crowd of hunters, they had to rely on his inhuman speed.

    "Hurry! They are getting away!"

    Azel bit his lip. Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes. This was his fault. If he listened to his brother, he wouldn't of attracted the hunters! Both of them could defend themselves against hunters, but a large group was dangerous. They are vulnerable in their human form, an unfortunate miscalculation. Azel cursed himself silently. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He should of known better! He didn't mean to start that house on fire! He deliberately exposed themselves. Azel gritted his teeth. He refused to give up. If they died right now, they won't find Aleris. He didn't care if his brother was skeptical. It had to be real!

    A few minutes later, the twins burst through the clearing. A vast lake stretched in front of them. The clear water sparkled against the sunlight. Azel panted, tightening his grip. "W-we have to transform brother. There is no way we can cross this lake in this form," Azel declared. He whipped his head back and listened closely. The humans were closing in. He removed his hand from Calvin's wrist and stepped forward. He was about to crouch on all fours, but his shoulder exploded with pain. Azel cried out, clutching his shoulder. An arrow embedded deeply in his right shoulder, pierced from the back.
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  3. "Don't let them escape! After them men!"
    A young man dashed through the forest stumbling after his twin. He was being pulled by him in an attempt to escape with their lives. He frantically shuffled his feet trying to make then more as fast as his brother's but yet wouldn't. His brother was inhumanly fast and though he himself was faster than the average human, there was no way his feet could move that fast. Then he started to notice all the arrows hissing past them. He cussed under his breath.

    As yet pushed for a clearing he felt it was his fault. I should have warned Azel about the hunters I had seen. He would have been more cautious. It was too late now for second guessing. The arrows started hissing closer and closer. One just barely nicked Calvin's ear as yet reach the clearing and there it was another obstacle, a lake. He of course has smelled its waters but had not thought of a way to close yet. Azel then spoke up. The words slammed against Calvin's brain as a terrible idea but he has to eaccept it as their only option. Calvin then quickly scolded Azel,"Hurry up. they are approaching quickly." Azel got down and then an arrowplunged into his back.

    At this Calvin lost it immediately transforming it his true dragon form. He then put a bright blue icy fire between them and the hunters. His eyes were full of pure hate. Calvin breath out a puff of storm from his nose and gently lifted his brother onto his back with his nose. As quickly he could he flew over the quite large lake.

  4. A whimper escaped his lips. Blood seeped through his fingertips. He lifted his head, peering at his brother's true form. A large snout nudged him, guiding him on Calvin's back. After he was secured, Azel rested his head on his brother's back. His human form dwarfed in comparison to his brother's dragon form. His brother flew across the lake, escaping the treacherous band of hunters. A few attempted to shoot arrows, but his brother was too far. Fortunately, there were no boats docked on shore. As a result, the hunters couldn't cross.

    "I'm sorry Cal," Azel murmured. He moved closer to his brother's head, but winced in pain. A small puddle of blood stained his brother's silvery scales. He didn't have time to remove the arrow. In his dragon form, he possessed an enhanced healing factor, but his human form lacked that ability. A high pitched whine elicited from his throat. His instincts screamed to transform, but the pain dominated the feeling. Wings are extremely sensitive. Unfortunately, the arrow embedded in his right wing. "It hurts," he whimpered. Despite his resilience, Azel hated experiencing pain. A few minutes later, his brother descended on the other side of the vast lake. Azel carefully slipped off his brother and landed on the ground. He clutched his shoulder.
  5. Calvin listened to him brother whimper in pain as he flew along in agony. Such a sound pierced through him as he had been shot himself. His brother spoke but in his thoughts he could not comprehend it. He felt as though he could have done something as the blood of his brother hit the underneath of his scales. He cringed in his decent listening a little longer to his brother's cry.

    As soon as he felt Azel slide off his back he transformed back into his human form. He setn a thanks up to the gods that no one was anywhere in sight. "You alright for now? A small town in about 10 miles from here. If we can make it there, we can get you help." Calvin said supporting his brother. "az, I'm sorry."
  6. "Az, I'm sorry."

    He mustered a weak, assuring smile. "I'm the one that should be sorry Cal," he replied. He leaned against his brother after he received support. His hand remained clutching his shoulder. "The arrow needs to be pulled out, brother. If I can transform, it will heal faster," he added. A jolt of pain surged down his spine. He suppressed the urge to whimper. The slightest movement jostled the arrow. Azel didn't think he could last another ten miles with this arrow in his shoulder He wanted it out. A part of him would remove it himself, but that would be foolish. He could potentially further the damage. Azel removed his hand and peered at his palm. It was stained with fresh blood. A wave of dizziness washed over him. At this rate, he would lose too much blood.

    "This is all my fault," Azel mumbled. He clutched his shoulder once more. His nose burned with the scent of blood. It made him sick to his stomach. He hated this scent. If he listened to his brother, they wouldn't be in this situation. Guilt clawed at his heart viciously. "I should have listened to you," he murmured.
  7. Calvin held on to his brother as he went through his replies. He felt so helpless not being able to protect Azel from the pain he was already experiencing. Calvin looked into Azels eyes," I should have told you they were close. Just turn around I will pull out then keep watch." He had shame and love in his eyes. Calvin went to spin Azel around quickly so he could pull out the arrow and that hopefully he would not see what his eyes told.
  8. His vision was blurring. He didn't notice the look in Calvin's eyes. He didn't protest against Calvin's declaration. He wanted the arrow out. He wanted the pain to stop. His instincts screamed to transform, but the pain was shoving it back. A whimper escaped his lips. Pulling out the arrow would be more painful than having it lodged in his right shoulder. However, he would endure. He had to be resilient. Azel refused to die. He couldn't leave Calvin behind. Both of them had to finish their quest. After his body was turned, he waited. He clenched his eyes shut and bit his lip. He didn't blame Calvin for the incident, not one bit. He should have known better. All of this could of been prevented if he listened to his brother. He should of never lost control of his firebreath.
  9. Calvin assisted Azel in turning around as he thought of what happened, but not the current set of event. He thought of losing his brother again. He held back his want to tell his brother that he doesn't think he could live another day if something happened to separate them whether it be death or his idiotity again. Calvin blinked his eyes a flew times clearing his mind and focused on the arrow. He gently place his hand around it and without moving he could already tell how stuck it was. He sighed lightly and with one move yanked it clean out. He flinched as of he had been the one the arrow was just ripped from.
  10. Azel felt a hand wrap around the shaft of the arrow. The movement jostled the tip slightly. He gritted his teeth in pain. He breathed in deeply and exhaled through his nostrils. Before he could react, his brother removed the arrow in a clean, swift movement. A high pitched wail tore through his throat. Blood gushed out profusely, sliding down his back. His instincts screamed to transform. He couldn't deny them any longer. Azel dropped on all fours. A growl emitted from his lips. A pair of wings sprouted from his back. Blood spewed across the air, a result from his wound. He painfully morphed into his dragon form. Azel clawed at the ground. His right wing was in excruciating pain. However, his healing factor kicked in. His wound should be healed under an hour, two tops. He whimpered, nudging his snout against Calvin's chest.
  11. Calvin clenched the arrow at his side as his brother dropped in pain. His knuckles became white and the arrow snapped like a twig in his hand as he watched his brother in pain. Calvin simply could not take his brother's pain. When Azel blood flung out as his wings did, Calvin knew something was off with his emotions. He stuffed it down as his brother nuzzled his giant snout against his average human chest. He lovingly rubbed his nose and took out his bow. He started to scout the area listening closely to distant noises that human's would not pick up. He shook his head trying to clear that strange feeling from his head.
  12. A hand pressed against his snout. Azel cooed in response, growling with approval. He watched his brother scout the area, bow ready to fire. Azel moved closer to the lake. The water would sooth his sore wing. He trudged through the waters until his head and wings were poking out. He growled with satisfaction. The water around him slowly began to freeze. A Silverwing developed an affinity for colder climates and ice. As a result, if he comes in contact with water in his true form, it turns into ice. Azel stretched his wings, testing his limits. A jolt of pain surged down his spine. His wound was still healing. His silvery scales glinted a faint lilac. Azel lingered in the water for a few minutes before he returned to the sandy bank. He plopped on the ground, waiting patiently.
  13. Calvin heard moved near by and rushed off towards it. He then saw a few deer and carefully shot one. He watched the others run off frantically. He smirked and went over to the buck. An arrow then drove through its skull to make sure it was dead. He stopped listening around again. With ease, he tossed the big buck over his shoulders. He rushed back to his brother to share the meal.
  14. Azel lifted his massive head. A scent of fresh meat wafted through his nostrils. He didn't know how long he waited, but his brother returned, carrying a large buck over his shoulder. A growl of approval emitted from his throat. Unfortunately, he didn't want to transform. Azel relied on his healing factor to ease his shoulder wound. The process would slow down extensively in his human form. A low whine escaped his lips. He peered at his brother, unsure what to do. Azel rested his head on the ground. If his brother wanted him to transform, he would comply. However, he waited for Calvin to speak.
  15. Calvin dropped the buck in front of Azel's snout. His hand rubbed the massive nose softly and gently. "This should be enough for you in this form. Just have it. I will pick me off a rabbit or something." he said after thinking about the situation. He nudged the buck a whee bit closer to Azel and went to go back towards the slightly wooded area.
  16. Azel peered at his brother. Guilt seeped inside his heart. Another whine escaped his lips. However, his brother didn't listen. After the buck was dropped in front of him, Azel couldn't deny the delectable scent. His instincts screamed to feed. He opened his mouth and tore into the buck, relinquishing in the taste of fresh meat. His brother chose wisely. Deer was one of his favorite meals. Over the years, Azel learned to adapt to any type of meal. After traveling for so long, Azel realized it was best to endure. Food is food. For the sake of survival, he will eat what he can.
  17. Calvin glanced back before going. He smiled happily seeing his brother really enjoying what he had found. He then remembered it happened to be one of his favorites. He turned heel happily and rushed off to find something for himself. He stomach growled pleading for something in it. Calvin often ate less than he probably should trying to make sure Azel was well fed. Calvin ran well on very little so keeping his brother well fed and eating less just made sense to him. He would do anything for Azel anyways. He always felt the need to make up to him for that one time. He sighed thinking about it and listened around. He heard the movement of a smaller creature and ran after it. Hurriedly, he shot a plump squirrel as it shot up a tree. He smirked in pride as he carried it back to eat while sitting with his brother. The animal of its size and speed should his archery skill.
  18. By the time Calvin returned, Azel was halfway through the deer. Fresh blood stained his snout, but he ignored it. Normally, he didn't like the scent of blood. However, his instincts numbed that feeling during his meals. His left wing nudged Calvin affectionately. He grumbled with approval. His right wing continued to heal. Fortunately, the pain was slowly ceasing. It would take awhile for his wound to completely heal, but he wasn't in extreme pain like he was previously. His resilience is building up. He possessed a greater resistance in his dragon form. A mere arrow wouldn't be able to penetrate his tough dragon hide. If a hunter wanted to slay a dragon, they had to find a weak spot. The hide wasn't completely indestructible. Ten minutes later, Azel finished his meal. He threw the carcass to the side and licked his claws. His stomach was full. He growled with satisfaction. Azel nuzzled his massive nose against Calvin's side.
  19. Calvin sat leaning against Azel's snout. The smell of blood on his snout only made Calvin hungrier for food and for volience. He ripped into the rabbit. He pulled out a good bit of meat and stuff it into his mouth. He sighed happily finally satifying his hunger. He was completely in his own world of raw bloody meat and consumsion until Azel nuzzled his side. He smiled at him with blood and meat smugded around his mouth. Then he wiped his mouth. "Feeling better yet, Az?"
  20. Azel cooed gently. He growled with approval. He rest his massive head on top of the ground, next to Calvin's side. His left wing extended forward and curled around Calvin's shoulders. His snout was stained with blood, but he ignored it. He would wash his face later. His icy blue eyes peered at his older brother. His pupils dilated. He lifted his head and licked Calvin's hand, wiping away the remaining blood that stained his fingers. Rabbit wasn't one of his favorite, but he consumed many in the past. If he wanted to survive, Azel couldn't afford to be picky. Azel pressed his nose against Calvin's hand.
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