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  1. [rainbow]Roleplay Overview[/rainbow]
    • Twenty years later, Hogwarts is restored to her natural glory. A new generation is introduced to the infamous establishment, children of war survivors. Over the years, an unexpected twist occurs; Slytherin joined the light. After the war, the House of Slytherin sought redemption, yearning to compensate for years of bloodshed, ridicule, and oppression. However, will they succeed? Eventually, Gryffindor looks down on Slytherin, believing they are inferior. When will this feud end? Character A, a pureblood Slytherin, encountered Character B, a chivalrous Gryffindor. A bond is established. Unfortunately, several obstacles hurdle in their direction. What happens if Character B falls for Character A? A forbidden romance is brewed. In the end, do they have what it takes to destroy the ancient feud?
    • Original Male Character x Original Male Character
    • ☒ Type: Fandom
      ☒ My Role: Character A
      ☒ This is completely AU; non-canon. Both characters are Seke. However, Character A is more submissive, despite the preference.
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  2. It was the Halloween feast, and the air in Hogwarts was full of excitement. Almost all the students look forward to the Halloween feast, where there's spooky decorations, great food, and general fun. But one student in particular was really excited, for he was planning a little something for this year.

    Adrian had some fake blood from a muggle shop, that he found and decided to bring to school. At the moment, He was working on setting it up to go off and squirt blood everywhere in the Great Hall. He thought it would be great fun, and since most of it was muggle work, He wouldn't get caught. Unless, of course, someone saw him at work.

    Adrian set one up to go off pretty soon, grabbed another packet and moved to where he wanted it. He grinned as he worked, and pushed a couple of fly away hairs from his face. { This is going to be a surprise. } He thought as he set up the next blood packet.
  3. "Why doesn't this surprise me?" a low, tenor voice drawled coolly.

    A young man stood behind Adrian, arms folded across his chest. His wand was gripped in his right hand, ready to counter. A prefect badge pinned on front of his robes, revealing his status. His cold teal gaze filled with disapproval. Despite his height, he stood proudly. A regal aura surrounded the young Slytherin. "It seemed my timing was correct," he sneered. He extended his wand forward and recited a simple Accio spell. He grasped the blood packet and inspected it. His eyes narrowed with distaste. He didn't recognize the item. Based from his lack of information, it was Muggle related. "I won't have you pranking on my watch, Abbot. Fifteen points from Gryffindor. Remove your little contraptions and leave. If you refuse, I won't hesitate to give you a week's worth of detention," he commanded. He dropped the packet and wiped his hand with a conjured handkerchief.

    "If I see this prank during the feast, your punishment will be worse. I refuse to dine when having to deal with your act of immaturity," he declared bluntly.

    As a Slytherin, he was subjected to various pranks. He grew to hate the despicable act of humor. Most of the pranks he endured were cruel, heartless, and aggravating. As a result, he developed a sixth sense of when a prank is about to occur. His instincts screamed to check the Great Hall. He passed by it on his rounds. His shift was right before the feast. He didn't know Adrian personally, but shared a few classes with him, including Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  4. The hairs on Adrian's neck stood up as he sensed something behind him, and it was confirmed by a low voice speaking.

    He didn't have to turn to recognize the voice, It was one of the Perfects that he shared a few classes with.Adrian did however turn to face the perfect. "What do-" He was cut off by the Perfect continuing. God, He hated that they were called Perfects, because from his view point they were anything but spoiled brats. They kind of reminded him of how his sister turned out, always thinking she was better than him. He hated it. He got ready to give a witty retort, as the packet slipped from his hand. "I want nothing to do with your watch, Silverwood." He copied his tone, in a mocking sort of way. He watched him with the little packet in his hand. He was quite pleased with his response though, and congratulated himself quietly.

    "Fine, but answer me this," Adrian grabbed one of the packets. "What I am going to do with all this Muggle blood?" He said it in a way that implied that it was the real blood of a Muggle. He knew the pureblood might not know any better, so it would be fun to mess with him.
  5. ((Uhh, it's called Prefect, not Perfect. XD))

    Arion ignored the mocking tone. He looked unimpressed. He endured worse than a simple act of immaturity. He despised pranksters. It was only humorous since it didn't happen to them. He wasn't interested in childish games. He was too mature for his age. "Always the childish imbecile. I pity your future when you never reach your goal since you decided to waste your time on pointless pranks instead of studying," he sneered. He tilted his head back, peering at the Gryffindor condescendingly. His arms folded across his chest.

    "...do with all this Muggle blood?"

    His eyes narrowed completely. His lips curled back into a sneer. Of all the taunts, he hated this mockery the most. "Funny. If it were the real deal, you're the one that's in possession of it. Quite the irony for a muggleborn. Have you been blinded with blood supremacy? Trying to compensate for your lack of status?" he jeered. A faint smirk plastered on his face. A fleeting chuckle rumbled through his chest. "Considering how you Gryffindor behave, it wouldn't be surprising if all of you decide to form a new breed of blood supremacy. Oh, how the tables have turned. You are contradicting every tradition that your House is known for. It seems Gryffindor is stepping into the dark while Slytherin has became the new light," he remarked. He fished out his silver pocket watch and opened it. It was almost time for the feast.

    "I hope you enjoy working with Professor Longbottom. You have detention with him for the entire next week. I'm sure he will appreciate your services," he declared.
  6. ((It is? Heh, Maybe Adrian always heard it as Perfect.))

    Adrian's pleasant smirk slipped into a frown as he watched Arion's unimpressed face, It was only to get a reaction out of him. It nearly always was, and that was not the reaction he had wanted. { At least I am not the one with a stick up my ass. } He thought, but then thought better of it, biting the words back as he bit his lip. "Can't be disappointed by a goal if I never make one." Adrian really did not have plans for his future. His dull green eyes narrowed at the pureblood's condescending look, He hated the expression. He wasn't a child nor a dog.

    Adrian watched him as his face contorted into one of hatred, a sneer. He smiled a little bit, at least it was a reaction. "No, I haven't." Adrian nearly spat out, He didn't like his blood status being mentioned though it was something that didn't matter to most anymore. "Status? Why would I want to be like you?" He asked. "With a stick so far up your ass, All that comes from your mouth is bark." He paused and thought of it for a moment. "If you are the light, I'd rather be blind."

    His expression dropped. "No." He whispered, He hated plants. He regained his composure, "I doubt he will, Plants tend to die around me."
  7. Every trace of emotion vanished from his expression. He looked unimpressed. Arion listened to every single insult in the book. As a Slytherin, he was subjected to countless taunting, ridicule, and pranks. He developed a hard exterior. "The House of Gryffindor is already blinded. All of you blame our generation for something we did not cause. How could you Gryffindor be considered chivalrous when you are worse than my own ancestors?" he countered. He turned around, back facing Adrian.

    "All of you are worse than Voldemort himself. It amuses me how you ruined your own House's reputation when mine is trying to redeem ourselves," he jeered.

    He tilted his head back. A smirk plastered on his face. "I'm sure he will make an expert out of you by the time you're done. Your detention begins on Monday night, 8'oclock sharp. If you're late, you'll only add another day to your punishment," he announced. He exited the Great Hall, heading towards the direction of the dungeons.
  8. Adrian looked at him, as emotion wiped from Arion's face. He wasn't as used to things being said to his face, because he would have socked the,m in the motuh for saying anything. he opened his mouth to retort but then closed it and looked at the ground. What the Perfect had said was true. The words were ugly, harsh, but he had no defense for them. He looked up at him and didn't say another word.

    He tried to ignore all the comments but the last one. He nodded. "I know." He stated unhappily. "I'll be there." There was no use in fighting it.
  9. "I'll be there."

    A hollow chuckle rumbled through his chest. Every Gryffindor was the same. He sauntered down the vast hallways, heading towards the dungeons. He clutched his wand firmly, ready to counter. Over the years, he learned to never let his guard down. On the night of Halloween, pranksters ran wild. He refused to be apart of their agenda. His mind recalled Leolin's suggestion. A personal feast in the kitchens? A boy of his status wouldn't dare step in the workplace of the lower class. However, he wasn't an ordinary aristocrat. Unbeknownst to his peers, Arion wasn't exactly the graceful, pompous git he portrayed himself to be. He made a mental note to accept Leolin's offer. He preferred dining with his two friends than a whole crowd. He doubted Abbot was the only Gryffindor that planted a prank inside the Great Hall. Despite his sixth sense, he was only human.
  10. Adrian watched him go, and glanced around. He moved to take the things down, He didn't want anymore trouble than he already had. He took the things down then paused, The perfect hadn't gone back towards the Great Hall where everyone had to go. He paused, and averted his eyes before he decided a little snooping around couldn't hurt.

    He slipped around the corner and after the boy, just to see where he was going.
  11. The dungeons were located underneath Hogwarts, directly underneath the Black Lake. It was a long walk from the Great Hall to the dungeons. Arion peered at the moving portraits. His expression remained indifferent. He scanned his surroundings, inspecting every detail. He didn't want to walk into a prank. His eyes averted to the ceiling; clear. His gaze shifted to the left; clear. His gaze shifted to the right; clear. He tilted his head back and looked over his shoulder; clear. A sigh escaped his lips. Fortunately, pranksters never reach the dungeons. Over the years, Slytherin students set up wards. Some of the Professors found it unnecessary, but no Slytherin wanted a pesky Gryffindor infiltrating their common room. It was the only place a Slytherin can relax. Arion continued his journey, entering a hallway that would take him straight to the dungeons.

    "Well, well, well, if it isn't our favorite Prefect," a voice sneered.

    Arion stopped. He instinctively clutched his wand and extended it forward, ready to counter. Four students slipped around large suits of knight armor. A familiar scarlet and gold crest adorned their robes, identifying their House; Gryffindor. His teal irises grew cold. "Finnigan, McLaggen, Howe, McCray," he acknowledged calmly. The four boys that surrounded him was in his year. "And here, I thought you all decided to leave me alone," he mocked.

    The ring leader, McCray, laughed. "On Halloween night? It wouldn't be fair," he jeered.

    Liam McCray, dubbed McCray-Cray, is Arion's sworn enemy. He earned the title McCray-Cray from his best friend, Leolin, during second year. However, in order to protect Leolin, Arion took the blame. Ever since that incident, McCray became the source of his brutal taunts, ridicule, and pranks. He dealt with torment from other students, but none of them was worse like McCray. Unfortunately, it didn't help his father murdered McCray's family. He was a muggleborn, like Abbot.

    "If all of you leave right now, I might just lighten your punishment," Arion drawled.

    The boys laughed in response. "Do you think we care about your little benefits with that badge? You should of learned by now," McCray countered.

    Arion turned, pressing his back against a nearby wall. The last thing he needed was a spell firing at his blind side. "Don't you ever get tired of the same old games, McCray-Cray?" Arion sneered. His wand remained in front of him, ready to strike. Fortunately, he was one of the best duelers in his year. His wand was made for defensive spells. On the other hand, it was compatible for offense. "Do you ever get tired tarnishing your House's reputation with your ignorance? You Gryffindor use to be a symbol of honor. Now, look at you. You're worse than my own father," he added.

    "Don't you dare talk about that man in front of me, Silverwood!" McCray snapped. He raised his wand and pointed it at him. His cronies followed suit. "I think it's time we take the punishment up a notch. In all my years, there is something I noticed about you, Silverwood. You never bothered with relationships. Girls faun over you, but you don't spare them a second glance. Does that mean you're playing for the other team?" he inquired.

    His eyes narrowed. "That's none of your business, McCray. Leave me alone right now or else I will be forced to take drastic measures," he retorted bluntly.

    McCray smirked in response. "I thought you would say that. How about I test that theory? With your size, I bet you like taking it," he replied.

    Arion stiffened. His expression darkened. "You're disgusting, McCray. This is low even for you," he remarked.

    McCray laughed. "After I break you, there will be no one to pick up the pieces. Not even your own family will look at you," he declared.

    Arion clutched his wand. He was outnumbered. He could fire his signature spell, Protego, but it would be futile if one of the cronies fired Expelliarmus. He contemplated for a moment. However, he didn't anticipate McCray's next move. He was punched in the stomach and decked in the face. Arion doubled over, clutching his stomach. Despite McCray's status, it was rare for him to fight the Muggle way. Magic was more useful for his torture. His wand was knocked out of his hand, leaving him defenseless. A hand roughly grabbed the front of his robes and forced him into a standing position. McCray loomed over him, standing at a whopping six foot two. His size was perfect for his Quidditch position; Beater.

    "Didn't expect that, huh?" McCray mocked. One of his cronies, Howe, held Arion's wand. A wild grin plastered on his face. "Night night, Silverwood." He slammed Arion's head against the wall, watching as Arion slumped against him, unconscious. He picked up the smaller boy. "The great Silverwood defeated by a simple punch. You purebloods rely too much on your wands," he taunted.
  12. Adrian followed him down towards the dungeons and tensed as he heard the noises. He leaned against the wall, and glanced over to where he could watch everything from the shadow. He tensed and wanted to run out as such terrible things were being said, but, He paused. He wasn't sure if he could take on five wizards. He probably couldn't.

    Adrian froze as another thing was said.

    "Girls faun over you, but you don't spare them a second glance. Does that mean you're playing for the other team?"

    That was something that indeed hit home, because it was something that he told himself a lot. He tried to convince himself to be 'normal', but it was to no avail. He knew he was what he was but... it didn't mean he couldn't hate himself for it. The words made him sick to his stomach. He wanted to run out there and punch him in the face, but his fate would be Silverwood's if he did.

    He watched on, worried. He closed his eyes, and watched as they knocked him out and tried to carry him. He couldn't let this happen to the boy even if he was a jerk. No one deserved to be violated like that.

    Adrian leapt from around the corner. "Expelliarmus!" He exclamied as his wand went through th motioning. He hoped to get at least on of them disarmed, make one less problem he had to deal with. He took a few deep breaths as he ran closer and prepared another spell.
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  13. "Expelliarmus!"

    A flash of red jetted across the air, disarming Howe. His wand, along with Arion's, dropped to the floor. McLaggen and Finnigan flanked Howe's side, holding up their wands. McCray held up his wand, despite his hostage. A scowl carved into his expression. "Are you really going to help a Slytherin, Abbot?" he sneered. He extended his right arm forward, wand raised. He draped Arion across his shoulder. "Three against one? Do you really want to duel me, Abbot? You aren't exactly the star dueler," he taunted. A smirk plastered on his face. He refused to let a pest ruin his plans. Gryffindor or not, Abbot is going down.

    "Stup-" he was cut off by a shout.


    A jet of white slammed into McCray's back. His body stiffened completely. He was frozen, immobile. His wand slipped out of his hand, dropping on the floor. A few seconds later, he followed suit. Fortunately, Arion slipped off of McCray, landing next to the Gryffindor's stunned body. However, Arion remained unresponsive. He was unconscious.

    "Liam!" Finnigan and McLaggen fired off a spell, but they were quickly blocked. Two figures ran towards the group. A tall boy standing at a whopping six foot lowered himself next to his friend, Arion. His dark raven hair and tanned complexion marked him as Arion's first best friend, Jaden Zabini. The other boy stood in front of the two, pointing his wand at McCray's cronies. He stood at a whopping five foot nine. His signature bubblegum pink hair transformed into a dark crimson, marking him as Arion's second best friend, Leolin. He looked absolutely livid.

    "Accio Arion's wand!" he commanded. A wand levitated in the air and shot forward, landing on top of Leolin's offered hand.

    "We need to get him to the Hospital Wing, Leo," Jaden declared gruffly. He picked up his friend and directed his wand at the Gryffindors. Albeit, his expression was neutral, his gaze filled with contempt. No one messed with his friends.

    "Not on our watch!" McLaggen fired off a spell.

    "Protego!" A transparent shield formed in front of the duo, blocking the attack. Leolin averted his gaze towards Adrian. A frown marred his lips. "I will only say this once Abbot. Take Arion to the Hospital Wing and have Madam Poppins alert Headmistress McGonagall. We'll take care of things here," he announced.

    Jaden stared at his friend. "Are you sure that's a wise decision?" he inquired.

    Leolin sighed. "Abbot isn't exactly the star dueler, Jade. However, he's quick on his feet. He'll be able to save Arion. We'll keep these imbeciles distracted," he replied. He handed Jaden Arion's wand.

    Jaden nodded. After Leolin covered him, he walked towards the smaller Gryffindor. Jaden deposited Arion in his arms and transferred Arion's wand in Adrian's grasp. His eyes narrowed into slits. "If Arion isn't there by the time we make it, you'll regret it Abbot," he threatened. He shoved the boy towards the direction of the Hospital Wing. "Go," he added. Jaden returned to his friend's side, participating in the heated duel.
  14. Adrian smirked, pleased with himself as the wand hit the floor. "Damn right I am!" He knew it wasn't for the best, but these people needed to go down. He got ready to fire a stunning spell. "I'd like to think I'm better than you knuckleheads." Then he tensed as the other boy, McCray, began to fire off a stunning spell of his own. He braced himself.

    But then there was another voice, another spell. "Huh?"

    It had all happened so quickly. McCray dropped to the floor, and Arion slipped off of him. "Arion!" He exclaimed, because that was what he was focused on that the moment. The unconscious boy. He ran over to where the boy was and where the other two figures ran to as well. He looked at them a moment, almost not recognizing who they were.

    But it clicked as soon as the guy's hair changed color. They were the guys who always hung around Arion, Jaden and Leolin. A flettign thought wondered why he knew their first names. Maybe he paid more attention than he thought he did. He looked down at the boy with the teal eyes then up at his two friends. He tensed as the others tried to stop them. They were right, They needed to get him to the Hospital Wing.

    His eyes met with Leolin's. He nodded. "I'll get him there." He spoke. "I promise." Adrian might be a terrible person sometimes but he was a man of his word. He'd do everything in his power to get Arion to the Hospital Wing. He watched them switch places as Jaden walked over to himself. He got up, and grabbed onto Arion as he was passed over to him. He also grabbed onto the wand.

    Adrian almost stumbled as he was shoved. "I'll get him there!" He shouted behind him. He took a deep breath and started to run. He ran as fast as he could, through the halls towards the Hospital Wing. His heart raced. He made it there, after a while, panting. He opened the door. "Madam Poppin!" He shouted out to get her attention.
  15. Arion lied in Adrian's arms, completely vulnerable. He remained unconscious. His bangs splashed across his forehead, concealing his eyes from view. A few students witnessed Adrian, but he was too quick for them to identify the boy Adrian held. A bruise formed around Arion's left eye, a result from McCray's punch.

    "Madam Poppin!"

    The said woman turned to the entrance. She was about to reprimand the boy for yelling, but noticed the boy in Adrian's arms. A frown marred her lips. She rushed towards him, ushering Adrian to deposit Arion on a fresh cot. "What in the world happened Mr. Abbot?" she inquired. She lifted her wand and waved it in front of Arion, muttering incantations. She performed a simple diagnostics. Madam Poppins was a middle aged woman with dark peppered hair pulled back into a clean bun. She was similar to the previous matron, Madam Pomfrey; strict, but kind. She inspected the back of Arion's head. A fresh patch of blood stained his platinum blonde locks. The sign of a concussion.

    "Don't just stand there, boy. What on earth happened to Mr. Silverwood?" she pressed. Fortunately, the Hospital Wing was empty. She hoped she didn't have to deal with any shenanigans on Halloween night. However, it didn't surprise her. Hooligans tended to run wild on this special holiday.
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  16. Adrian didn't care if he was saw at the moment, He only cared for helping Arion. He glanced down at him as he ran, to make sure he was still alive and breathing. He leaned against the wall, panting as the witch came into view. He was trying to collect his thoughts. He pulled himself up, though his legs ached, and stumbled to her.

    He deposited him into the cot, gently, hoping he'd be okay. He looked up at the nurse. He stood there, staring as he watched her work her magic. He knew in the back of his mind if anyone could save him, it'd be Madam Poppins. The question had slipped his mind as he watched them, He was worried for Arion's safety. He would blame himself if Adrian died, for sure, because he didn't stop them sooner, when Arion could help.

    "He... McCray and his goons..." Adrian tried to gather his thoughts. "They attacked him, and then." He paused. "I tried to stop 'em." He shook his head a little bit. "But it was three against one, and then Leolin, and Jade." He stared at the ground. "They're still back there!" He motioned towards the door, looking up at her. "We need to help them!"
  17. Her eyebrows furrowed in response. Madam Poppins is aware of the heated feud between Arion Silverwood and Liam McCray. She never expected McCray to take it this far. Attacking another student? This is uncalled for! A few hexes is normal, but harming a student this severely? She feared that Silverwood won't be the only student. Over the years, Hogwarts changed. The feud between Gryffindor and Slytherin grew substantially worse. When will it end?

    "You need to calm down, Mr. Abbot. I will notify Headmistress McGonagall, Professor Slughorn, and Professor Rosewood right away," Madam Poppins informed. She summoned a newly brewed flask of Calming Draught and conjured a cup of tea. She poured a few drops into the tea, mixed it together, and handed the cup to Adrian. "Drink it. You need to be calm if you want to inform Headmistress about this incident," she instructed. Madam Poppins turned and tended to Arion. She waved her wand around, muttering incantations. Before she informed the Headmistress, her patient must be secured. She brewed a potion for him to take when he wakes up.

    A few minutes later, Madam Poppins rushed to the door. "Stay here and watch over Mr. Silverwood, Mr. Abbot. I'll return shortly with Headmistress, Professor Slughorn, and Professor Rosewood," she declared. She exited the Hospital Wing.

    The cursed position of Defense Against the Dark Arts was broken by former Auror, Professor Rosewood. She been teaching for three years. After McGonagall's promotion, Professor Rosewood was elected to become the Head of Gryffindor House. Professor Slughorn continued his teaching, filling the position as Head of Slytherin. However, he intended to retire for good after this year.
  18. That may have been the beginning of it but it wasn't the end. At least, That wasn't the only thing Adrian thought it was about. Maybe it was just something that stuck inside Adrian's brain. He was still a bit frazzled. He shook, and his breathing was very unsteady. He looked at Arion. He tried to focus on something, anything, but Arion fell into view.

    He looked up at her when she spoke. He nodded slowly. He knew he needed to calm down, but he couldn't. He watched her as she summoned some tea and another bottle. He took the cup when it was handed to him. "O-okay." He whispered. He sipped it, closing his eyes. He tried to gather his thoughts, what he wanted to say. He felt his heart race slowing to normal and he felt calmer. He closed his eyes. This was calming. He looked up as she headed to the door. "Okay, I will." He promised again and stepped over to Arion.

    "You know," He sipped the tea again. Adrian glanced behind him. "You're pretty cute when you aren't giving out punishments." He'd give him that, He guessed.
  19. Arion remained unconscious. His bangs shifted, draping over his left eye, obscuring his hideous bruise. A peaceful expression enveloped his aristocratic face. He rarely composed that type of expression, unless he was asleep. Due to his injury, it would be awhile before Arion woke up. His chest rose and fell with every breath.

    [Time Skip > Thirty Minutes Later]
    The door opened, revealing Madam Poppins, Headmistress McGonagall, Professor Rosewood, Professor Slughorn, Leolin, Jaden, McCray, and his cronies. Professor Rosewood guided a stunned McCray to a nearby cot, levitating him with her wand. His cronies looked in worse shape, a result from the heated duel. Professor Slughorn escorted his students, Leolin and Jaden, towards Arion, away from the Gryffindor posse. McGonagall walked towards Adrian. Her lips pursed. She didn't look happy, not one bit. She was disappointed with the turn of events. As former Head of Gryffindor, she expected better.

    "I received Mr. Sea and Mr. Zabini's side of the story about this incident. I will like to know yours, Mr. Abbot. What happened?" she inquired.

    Madam Poppins tended to the Gryffindor students. Despite the circumstances, they were her first priority. Leolin and Jaden took a seat on the cots flanking Arion's bed. Both of them peered at Arion worriedly. Leolin sported a few nasty gashes on his face and was clutching his right side. Jaden, on the other hand, gripped his left arm. It looked broken. Unfortunately, the duel was gruesome.

    "This type of behavior is an outrage. These students ought to be expelled," Professor Slughorn interjected.

    "Now isn't the time, Horace," McGonagall chastised. Her attention averted to Adrian. She waited for his answer.
  20. Adrian watched him for a long moment. "You better wake you, you idiot." He whispered, he would feel responsible if he died. He could have stopped it before they knocked him out. He decided to not tell that part. The guilt tugged at his heart strings, and something else? He wasn't sure but he knew that he didn't want him to die.

    He didn't know how long he stood there, watching Arion's chest rise and fall. He had to make sure he kept breathing, He looked up as the doors swung open and they walked inside. He could help but feel happy when he saw that how bad they looked, they had deserved it and Adrian, if he had the chance, would try and add his own mark to those. He watched McGonagall, almost everyone knew better than to cross her. He felt ashamed of his own house, they shouldn't have done such a thing. He felt the shame well inside him. { You helped, It's not your fault. } He thold himself. But his house was his family.

    Adrian tried to gather his words, but before he did, He drained the rest of his cup of calming tea. He had sipped it while waiting for the group and it had helped tons to calm him down. Maybe it was just all in his head. He glanced back at the two friends of Silverwood. Maybe they wouldn't kill him, He saved Arion. Maybe. he looked back at the other and opened his mouth to say something before he was so rudely interupted.

    "Well, I heard a ruckus, and I had to check it out. They were beating him into unconsciousness, just as I got there." He shuddered, a real response to the terror. "Just one punch... It was all it took." He remembered that. "I jumped out and fired a disarming spell, I couldn't let them take him. To do... no one knows what." Rape him. That was what he meant. "Then well, It was a three against one." The other one had been disarmed. "But then they," He motioned to Jaden and Leolin. "They ran up, and stopped them. They started to duel and I was sent to carry him here. And get help." He wanted to know what happened after that.
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