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  1. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Overview[/rainbow]
    • Before the arrival of the Avatar, Ba-Sing-Se remained peaceful. A lone traveler entered the city, starting a new life in the lower district. What she didn't expect is discovering her tribe's worse enemy; a firebender. However, what happened if he's different? At first, she didn't trust him. On the other hand, she grown to accept him. Unfortunately, she is one soul. If he's exposed, he will be sent to prison. In the end, she swore to keep his status a secret.
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender. [AU]
    • Original Female Character x Original Male Character
    • This RP is completely AU; non-cannon. It doesn't follow the events of the main plot line. Consider it a side story of sorts.
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  2. As the day wore on within the walls of Ba Sing Se, one man dressed in the drab green attire of the Earth Kingdom was serving tea to a table of people. His ebony locks tied back with a white cloth, his amber eyes so narrowed they appeared to be closed. A goofy grin on his face that caused his customers to laugh at him. Not that he minded. They were the reason he had this job, plus... They allowed him to live as peacefully as this, within the blissful days.
    For a moment, his attention went to the window as he remembered his days before Ba Sing Se. His family, whom he wished was here or at least that they were safe within the Fire Nation's care.
    His grip tightened on the teapot's handle at the thought of his former nation. If the people here knew.. If they knew what he had done. What he really was. They wouldn't look at him with the same happy smiles that greeted him. He would only receive anger and bitter betrayal.
    Then the thoughts were banished from his head as he continued to pour the tea into the empty cups of his customers.
    "Ah Ling, your smile always cheers me up after a long day of work."
    "Tehehehehehe, I try~"

    He laughs with a hand over his mouth as his grin widens and his free hand waves nonchalantly at the woman before him who bursted out laughing at his expression alone. With that, he silently walked away toward the back to prepare another batch of tea for the next table.​
  3. A few weeks has passed since she settled in Ba-Sing-Se. Ruri managed to find a room at a decent apartment complex. It was run-down, but it was expected in the lower district. She will eventually work her way up and afford a better home. However, Ruri didn't expect it to be easy. She traveled to Ba-Sing-Se for a reason. Fortunately, her landlord allowed pets. She wouldn't be able to part from her trusted companion, Nebi. She had to find a room on the first floor in order to include him.

    "This is the place, boy. I haven't had a good cup of tea for weeks. Let's hope Mrs. Yun is true to her word," Ruri announced. She slipped off the saddle attached to her enormous polar-bear leopard. Albeit, his appearance is intimidating, Nebi is lovable and calm. He is only aggressive to strangers that he doesn't trust. Her companion growled in approval. He nudged her with his large head, ushering her to step inside. He trotted across the ground and settled in front of the shop, knowing he wasn't allowed inside. He laid near the entrance, keeping an eye out on his master.

    A chuckle emitted from her lips. "I'm going, I'm going. I'll be back shortly," she assured. Ruri stepped inside and found a empty seat. Despite her new lifestyle, she wore her water tribe attire. She didn't have enough money to afford a different outfit. Maybe this shop needs another worker? Ruri didn't know if there is a place looking for a healer. As a result, her options are minimized. Ruri waited patiently for a waiter to approach her.
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  4. Ling cheerfully hummed to himself as the tea brewed quickly under his care. As it finished up, he gently grabbed the tea pot before in came a flying lemur from the window next to him. The girl landed on his shoulder and rested her tail on his back while making noises of disapproval.
    "Shelia, I can't leave work right now. A customer just came in-"
    "Busht, che che kurstch er."
    "If you keep that language up, you won't get any berries for dinner~"

    Ling chimed which quickly silenced the lemur who climbed onto his head as he was greeted with a girl who looked about his age, in water tribe clothes sitting at one of his tables. Northern Water Tribe if he was any judge. With his goofy grin set on his face, he walked over to the girl.
    "Good day ma'am~ I hope that you like camomile tea. It's the tea of the day."
    He says while Shelia rolled her eyes at him, but he placed a cup in front of the water tribe girl, that he had taken out of his sleeve before pouring the steaming tea into it. After that, he magically produced the things she might want to add to her tea. Sugar, honey, and a little bit of milk within small glasses. Placing them within her reach as he did with all his customers.
    "If there is anything you need, just call. I'll do my best to make your first time here a good one."
    With that, Ling bowed before Shelia fell off his head and into the girls lap.
    Now the angry female lemur raised it's fist at him while seemingly yelling at him. The male only chuckling as he rubbed the back of his neck.
    "No need to be so mean Shelia."
    The ebony haired boy says before the lemur climbed up and out of Ruri's lap, though not before staring at her for a moment. Then she jumped back onto his shoulder and pinched his cheeks.
    "Ow, ow. Shelia that hurts."
    Only then did the female lemur stop with a huff and climbed back onto his head, her tail hitting him in the face. Almost as if she said that was what you get for dropping her. A few people around them laughed at the show the two had made.​
  5. "...It's the tea of the day."

    Ruri averted her attention to a young man around her age. She blinked in response. A small smile painted her lips. "Sounds wonderful," she replied softly. She picked up a small glass and added a bit of honey to her tea. She picked up the cup and sipped it. A wider smile bloomed on her tanned face. "Mrs. Yun wasn't kidding. This is the best tea in Ba-Sing-Se," she complimented. She nodded in response to the boy's polite service. A gasp emitted from her lips, startled by the presence of a flying lemur. Her eyes filled with wonder. Where did he require a flying lemur? The last lemur she encountered belonged to the Avatar. A fleeting laugh escaped her lips. Her eyes reflected amusement. The bantering was amusing. She wasn't the only one that laughed. "Excuse me, sir, but is this shop hiring any more workers? I'm currently looking for a job," Ruri announced.

    She sipped more of her tea. Her body relaxed, a result from the chamomile. She made a mental note to stop by the marketplace. She is running out of groceries. Her polar bear leopard possessed a large appetite. She will need a job in order to feed her trusted companion. Her gaze shifted to the entrance. She noticed her pet peaking through the door, peering right in her direction. She suppressed a snort. Nebi is too protective.
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  6. Ling's cheeks gained a nice pink hue upon hearing her compliment. Just like before, he waved one hand nonchalantly while the other hand covered his mouth.
    "You should see Iroh, he is far better at making tea than me."
    His response was modest to the point that the Shelia rolled her eyes again. Despite this, the young man simply watched through seemingly closed eyes as the girl before him smiled. It was a nice thing to see. A smile that is. A smile could lift the spirits of a whole room. It was a truly powerful thing, and this girl had a nice one.
    "My name is Ling ma'am. And I do believe there is a spot for you~"
    He chimed cheerfully while one of his hands went behind his back and the one that remained free taped his chin in thought. Even if there was no spot, the manager here or Iroh would help find one for her. She seemed sweet enough.
    "Though, you'd need to ask the manager of the place. I'm afraid I'm just a simple server."
    "Simple server, you are an entertainer who makes good tea as easily as he can get a person to smile."

    One of his regular customers pitched in from a few seats away. Turning to look over at the old woman, his hand cupping his cheek as he sighed happily.
    "It's nice to know that I'm appreciated here."
    Thus began the laughter again, Ling was not bothered by them laughing. At least, if his smile was any judge of that. His eyes caught movement near the entrance where he saw the polar bear leopard looking in at Ruri. With a chuckle, he faced her before saying,
    "You need money to feed him over there. I can understand that, Shelia eats a lot too-"
    Cue a smack in the face by said lemur.
    "Okay, okay. I eat a lot."
  7. A chuckle escaped her lips. Her eyes danced with mirth. "That sounds wonderful. My name is Ruri," she introduced. She picked up her cup and sipped her tea. She observed him silently. He possessed quite the personality. It would be lively working here, that's for sure. If this place made home deliveries, she could use Nebi to transport the orders. However, it was a simple tea shop. She didn't know about that. "I would like to talk to your manager then, Mister Ling," she added politely. She rose from her seat and set her cup on the table. If she had to talk to the manager, she preferred to stand. Her gaze averted to Nebi.

    "I hope he won't be too much trouble. His appearance can be a little intimidating at first. I apologize if he wards off potential customers," Ruri commented. Her eyes shifted to Shelia. Her crystal blue irises filled with curiosity. "The last flying lemur I seen belonged to the Avatar. They are quite rare around this area. You must of had quite the adventure," she mused softly. She held out her hand to pet Shelia.
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  8. "That sounds wonderful. My name is Ruri."
    Her voice played in Ling's ear in a jovial tone while her eyes danced happily. With a laugh of his own, he rubbed the back of his neck.
    "Well Ruri, he isn't here at the moment. He left me in charge while he went to get tea for tomorrow. He should be back soon enough though."
    Shelia banged her tiny hand on his head to get his attention. Which meant he tilted his head up a little, since it seemed his eyes were always closed. The female lemur pointed to her mouth to tell him she was hungry. Reaching into his sleeve, the ebony haired male pulled out a small strawberry which was snatched from his hands by Shelia. Who made a sound to say thanks before eating it with both her paws.
    "Nah. I'm sure he'll keep the violent ones away. The regulars won't let that polar bear leopard stop them."
    Ling replies as he brushed he gestured to the group of people still within the tea shop. Then she began to ask about Shelia, who perked up when she heard lemur.
    "They are, but I had to go a long ways to get here, just a little farther than you. On my way I passed by an air temple and she just flew into me. Shelia was pretty beat up, but I managed to patch her up. Apparently she stole food from another animal and it caught her while she was escaping. Ever since I gave her food when she woke up, she hasn't left me since."
    He explained while Shelia jumped onto Ruri's arm and poked her forehead in boredom. Though she left a red dot from the strawberry she had just eaten. Then the female lemur looked between the two humans with anticipation. Like she was waiting for something then she rolled her eyes and jumped off Ruri's arm and flew out of the door.
    "And there she goes... Hopefully she'll leave the cabbage man alone-"
    ".... Shelia..."
  9. Ruri nodded in response. She picked up her cup and sipped it, remaining in her spot. "That's alright. I can wait," she replied gently. A fleeting laugh escaped her lips. "Nebi is quite protective. I don't want him to cause too much trouble. The last thing I need is someone to get the authorities involved," she replied. She tilted her head back and inspected her companion. She isn't completely sure having a pet that large is legal. She may need a permit. As a former aristocrat, she is familiar in politics and customs. However, this is the lower district. She will be safe, for now. Her attention averted to Shelia. A small giggle elicited from her throat. She raised her right hand and scratched the back of Shelia's ear. She set down her cup and wiped away the sticky residue.

    "It's great to have a companion when you're alone in your travels," Ruri commented. She watched Shelia exit the shop. A loud cry pierced through the air. She blinked. She pressed her hand against her lips to stifle a laugh. She hoped the manager returned soon. It would be nice working here. She could provide medicinal tea recipes. It had the potential of attracting more customers. "Quite the character," she mused.
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  10. "Yeah, you might need to get a permit for him. Luckily Shelia's small or else I would have had to do it."
    Ling admits while rubbing his chin in thought. Though a small tug on his sleeve drew his attention to a small child who was looking up at him. With a smile, he kneeled down to be on the kid's level to make him more comfortable.
    "Ling, can I have some candy?"
    The little girl asked cutely with her lower lip puffed out in a pout. Chuckling, Ling moved a few strands of her hair behind her ear and as he brought his hand back in front of her, there was a piece of candy between his fingers.
    "But Chi, you already had one behind your ear."
    He says before the girl took the candy and plopped it into her mouth without the wrapper. A smile creeping onto her face in happiness while a giggle escaped her.
    "It looks like your mom wants you. Stay out of trouble okay."
    Ling state as his hand ruffled her hair. While he stood up, she did as she was told, skipping happily back to her mother. A few people on the other side of the tea shop waved to get his attention before asking for a refill politely.
    "I'll be right on it. Well I have to continue working. If you need anything, call."
    With that, the ebony haired male had quickly disappeared back in the kitchen to brew more tea. His smile never faltering for an instant, making him look always happy. Though the whole shop got quiet when a loud growl emitted from within the kitchen before they bursted out laughing and Ling stuck his head out with a faint pink dusting his cheeks.
    "Pardon me, that was my stomach."
  11. "Ling, can I have some candy?"

    Ruri averted her gaze to a little girl. Her expression softened. She was adorable. She watched Ling interact with the girl. He was a natural. A chuckle escaped her lips. After the little girl disappeared, Ruri picked up her cup and finished the last of her tea. Suddenly, a loud growl pierced through the air. She blinked in response. She tilted her head to the side, peering in Ling's direction. Her eyes widened slightly. That was his stomach? She wondered how much he ate on a daily basis. A sigh escaped her lips. A deep growl alerted her. She cocked her head to her right, inspecting the entrance. A gasp emitted from her throat. She quickly set down her cup and rushed to the entrance.

    "Nebi, no!" She stood in front of her massive polar bear leopard. She pressed her hand against his nose and stroked his face gently. "You will scare away customers if you do that," she chastised softly. She turned around and faced the two individuals her companion growled at. She bowed respectively. "Forgive my companion. I hope he hasn't caused too much trouble," she apologized politely. She observed the two men in front of her; a boy around her age and an older fellow. The boy sported a severe burn scar on the left side of his face. "He normally doesn't growl in front of strangers, unless they are untrustworthy," she murmured.
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  12. "That is okay. My nephew here can be quite intimidating, but he is a good boy."
    Iroh chuckles while patting Zuko on the shoulder who was having a stare off with Nebi. Then out came Ling, who was flying toward Iroh with a happy face, but the old man had took a step to the side and thus the ebony haired male knocked Zuko over into a bear hug.
    "I missed you two so much. My stomach just growled."
    He says while rubbing his face on a very irritated looking Zuko. Who put his hand on Ling's face and pried him off. Iroh only chuckled at their antics as he stood next to Ruri.
    "Uncle, why did you hire this bottomless pit?"
    Zuko asked while continuously pushing Ling away from him as he tried to hug him again to apologize.
    "He reminds me of you."
    "He's nothing like me!"
    "So mean Lee~"
    "Get off me!"

    While Ling and Zuko were having a battle of whether Zuko would be hugged or not, Iroh turned to Ruri with a kind smile.
    "You are quite a long ways from home. Do you have a steady job for you and Nebi?"
    He asked wisely before Shelia came back and landed on his shoulder, where he scratched behind her ears. Which she purred happily in response.
    "She wants to interview for a job~"
    Ling chimed in while sitting on Zuko's back, the younger male looking unamused as he glared up at the cheery guy sitting on him like a chair.
    ((I can't remember if they had alias or not when they were in Ba Sing Se.))
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  13. Nebi stared at Zuko. He raised from the ground, trotting next to his master. His tail swished from side to side. A faint growl rumbled through his chest. He didn't trust the boy with the scar. Something about him felt familiar. However, the staring contest broke after a boy barreled into Zuko's side. Ruri petted her companion gently. She blinked in response. She never expected Ling to be so overzealous. She chuckled gently in response. She wouldn't mind working here. Her attention averted to the older man. She shook her head. "I recently settled in Ba-Sing-Se a few weeks ago. I'm running out of money so I need to job," she explained. She extended her hand forward and petted Shelia. Her mind recalled the Avatar's flying lemur. She wondered how many lemurs existed now. Animals originating from the Air Temples are scarce. The main breed is Flying Bison.

    "I have the feeling your nephew doesn't like Ling too much," she jested. She raised her hand and pressed it against her lips, stifling a giggle. The sight was amusing. "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. Pardon me, my name is Ruri and this is my companion, Nebi," she introduced. She removed her hand from Shelia's ear and pressed it against her companion's head. He leaned against her touch. Her head barely raised above his back. He was a massive creature. The largest in his litter. Fortunately, her new apartment could fit him. It was a tight squeeze, but she'll manage. "What are your names, if you don't mind me asking?" Ruri inquired.

    ((They did. I believe Zuko's alias was Lee & Iroh's was Mushi. However, I advise using them during the dialogue only. Other than that, feel free to add their real names in the paragraphs.))
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  14. ((My bad, I have horrible memory for names.))

    "Well I wouldn't mind giving you a job until you find a better one. We could always use another waitress."
    Iroh responds while he stroked his beard in thought as he watched his nephew and Ling bicker with amusement dancing in his eyes. Shelia threw a rock at her '"owner's" face before an onslaught of noise were directed toward him. After it hit his head, Ling fell off of Zuko and onto his back. Not making any move to get up, he just rubbed the reddening spot on his forehead. The ex prince however, stood back up and dusted himself off.
    "Hopefully you won't be like this guy."
    Upon being referred to Ling stopped nursing his forehead and pushed himself back up with ease. His smile replaced with a pout, much like the little girl's.
    "Lee does like me, like an annoying older brother."
    "You keep believing that."

    As the brotherly quarrel began again between the two secret firebenders, Iroh simply chuckled at their antics. Shelia huffed before flying onto Nebi, sitting the on larger animals back to get a better view of Ling pouting and Zuko's facepalming.
    "You already met Ling, but the boy he is bickering with is Lee. Starting tomorrow, I'll be your boss and tea mentor Mushi.-"
    The old man paused to see if both of the boys were listening before leaning a little closer to Ruri, his hand hiding his mouth.
    "Maybe your female presence will get them to stop bickering long enough to serve tea.. Especially Lee. He's terrible at multitasking."
    "Uncle!/Mushi!, he is being childish/mean."

    The two boys yelled in unison while pointing at each other.​
  15. A warm smile painted her lips. She curled her left hand into a fist and rested her right palm on top, fingers facing upwards. She bowed to him respectively. "Thank you Master Mushi," she replied. She stood up straight and averted her attention to the bickering duo. Her eyes reflected amusement. She blinked when Shelia chucked a rock at her owner's face. It hit him directly on his forehead. She mustered up a small smile. "I don't think I'm capable of being that enthusiastic," she assured gently. Her soft spoken voice twinged with mirth.

    Nebi snorted. His ears twitched. He ignored the female lemur sitting on his back. He laid back down, resting his head on his front paws. He closed his eyes. He grew tired of the sight.

    "Maybe your female presence will get them to stop bickering..."

    A fleeting laugh escaped her lips. "They behave like children," she mused. She walked forward and stood in front of Ling. "Your lemur has quite the arm," she commented. She uncorked her water skin and bended a small stream of water. It enveloped her right hand. She pressed it against Ling's forehead. Her hand illuminated a brilliant icy blue. A few seconds later, his cut is healed. The water melted away, falling to the ground. Her healing instinct kicked in. Ruri healed even the smallest of wounds. "I am curious, Master Mushi. What types of tea do you sell here?" she inquired. Ruri stepped back and turned, facing Iroh.

    "If these boys continue bickering, I think I might become the healer, not a waitress," she added.
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  16. The bickering duo paused there arguement to watch Ruri bow respectfully to Iroh, who continued to stroke his beard in thought.
    "You are a nice person. That is enough to attract people to you."
    Iroh says thoughtfully before Ling nods enthusiastically. Agreeing with the statement the old man made. Zuko on the other hand only looked upset by Ruri's childish comment.
    Then she was in front of Ling.
    "Yeah, she does. And she isn't afraid to use it."
    The ebony haired male says with a chuckle while rubbing the back of his neck. Though he grew quiet as he watched, with seemingly closed eyes, as she uncorked her water skin and healed his forehead. Long after she had finished and turned away, Ling remained quiet. Which Zuko noticed.
    "Well we sell over thirty types of tea with one being the Tea of the Day which is chosen depending on the weather. You'll be learning all about that tomorrow."
    Iroh answers with an approving smile, happy that she was interested about the tea. Unlike his nephew, who only showed a mild interest. A small head poked outside to look at the dazed Ling.
    "Ling-Ling, can you refill mama's cup?"
    The child asked causing the male to come back to reality. With a smile, he started walking back inside.
    "I'll get right on it Tempi."
    Shelia's head lifted up and watched him leave before lowering back on Nebi's with a huff. The small lemur curling up on the polar bear leopard. Zuko was smiling at the nickname the kid had given his.... Friend. Considering how the obnoxious the older male was, he did always seem to help him out. Mostly by brewing the tea for Zuko. Since he lacked the gift his uncle had. Even after Iroh constantly peering over his shoulder.
  17. Ruri mustered up a small smile. "I'll look forward to it. Do you need help waiting on tables right now?" she answered. After Iroh entered the shop, Ruri followed. She retrieved a couple of silver coins and offered her payment for her previous cup. "I'm free right now so I don't mind starting early," she added.

    Nebi opened his eyes. A faint growl emitted from his throat. He swiped his large paw at Zuko's leg, ushering him inside. His ears twitched. He tilted his head to the side. An ominous figure dressed in dark green robes walked around the corner. His ears bent back. He rested his head on his paws. He closed his eyes. However, his hearing remained sharp.

    Ruri received an apron and wore it. She walked towards unattended tables, asking customers for their order. After she received their order, she poured them a cup of tea. A few minutes later, a wounded scavenger walked inside, ordering a cup of tea to ease his troubles. She provided him today's special and offered to heal his injuries. Her act of kindness surprised a few of the customers, but she dismissed them politely. As a healer, she tended to any injury, no matter what person. It was within her nature. Some call her foolish, but her heart is pure.
  18. "She is doing so well~"
    Ling chimes from inside the kitchen as the three males watched Ruri work with the customers. Iroh seemed impressed with her knowledge about brewing already and how kind she was. Making her customers feel welcome and if they were injured, she would heal them. That was an admirable quality. Zuko looked semi-interested, the last person that he knew of as a waterbender who could heal was Katara.
    "She is nice girl. And she knows how to make such delectable tea. She is quite a catch."
    Iroh responds with a smile on his face, a goofy grin on his face that summed up his personality nicely.
    "She is good at serving tea."
    Zuko said lamely getting a look from both his uncle and Ling before throwing his hands up in the air and walking out.
    "What else do you want me to say?"
    He said while pouting, not that he would admit it, and then he huffed. After that he went to go brood while serving tea. Making obvious fake smiles that were comedically funny. At least the customers whom he served thought so.​
  19. Ruri lifted her head and noticed Zuko. She suppressed a chuckle. "You're going to scare the customers if you smile like that," she commented. She twisted around a table and walked next to him. She poured a customer a cup of tea. "You don't seem the type to smile. If you want to muster a fake smile, it needs to look natural," she mused. Ruri stepped back and moved to another table. She conversed with a few customers, maintaining a lively atmosphere. She didn't notice the lingering stares of her colleagues. Due to her kind nature, Ruri is oblivious to the attention she is receiving. She would be depicted as naive, but she is brighter than she appears. After she trained with Master Pakku, Ruri sharpened her senses.

    "Are you new here? I haven't seen you here before," a young man inquired. He leaned towards her, a flirtatious smirk painted on his face.

    Ruri plastered on a polite smile. She poured him a cup of tea. "Yes, I am," she replied curtly.

    The young man laughed. He was around her age, a little older. "It's nice to see a pretty face in this shack of a shop. Do you need a tour of Ba-Sing-Se? I would be happy to oblige," he added.

    She maintained her composure. Ruri shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I'll have to decline that offer. I know my way around," she countered.

    A chuckle rumbled through his chest. "I bet you do," he replied lewdly.

    Her eyes narrowed. "I don't appreciate that tone, sir. This is a family environment. I will have to politely ask you to leave if you continue to disgrace yourself," she retorted sharply.

    "A girl with spunk! I like that. What do you say about a date? I could pick you up right after you're done here," he coaxed. He rose from his seat and wrapped a loose arm around her shoulders. "Live a little, pet. Be fe-" he was cut off by a stream of water. He toppled backwards and fell to the floor.

    Ruri bended a water whip back in her water skin. She folded her arms across her chest. "I will not repeat myself. You forced me to make a scene and I will finish it," she remarked.

    The young man pushed himself off the ground. "And if I refuse?" he challenged.

    Ruri curled her thumb and index finger and whistled. Her massive companion, Nebi, stepped inside the shop. He roared behind the pervert. The young man coward instantly. He scrambled out of the shop. A sigh escaped her lips. Ruri stepped forward and petted Nebi. She averted her gaze to the remaining customers and staff. "Forgive me for making a scene. I didn't mean to disturb you all," she apologized formally.
  20. "Fine! I won't smile then."
    Zuko responds childishly before throwing his hands in the air as if he was just done. He couldn't even. Just no. Walking back to the kitchen, Ling passed him with a tray of tea in his hands. Which he placed at a table before his ears picked up on the male talking to Ruri. Looking over his shoulder he watched the pervert act so shamelessly that it caused his grip on the tray to tighten. Who did that guy think he was? Ruri deserved more respect than that.
    Plus there was children.
    As he began to turn to step in, he felt his smile widen upon seeing the girl smack the pervert with a whip of water. When the young man rose to challenge her, Nebi roared from behind him. In that moment, Ling was fairly sure that the pervert had wet himself, but the guy ran so fast out of there that he couldn't see. At this moment, the ex-soldier walked over to Ruri's side and wrapped an arm around her shoulder after she apologized for the scene.
    "If you didn't make one, I would have."
    The ebony haired male says before pointing his face at Nebi to show that he was looking in the large companion's direction despite his eyes being seemingly closed.
    "The kids seem to be curious about Nebi, aw. Wait! No, Chi. Don't-"
    Luckily Iroh had stopped the wandering child after silently walking over to the crowd of children who stared in awe at the polar bear leopard.
    "Now, now. You wouldn't want a large crowd cornering you now. "
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