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  1. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Overview[/rainbow]
    • One day, Character A meets a beautiful woman. He is entranced by her beauty. Day by day, he visted her workplace, a Café. One month later, he declares he's in love. However, what happened when he discovered a horrifying truth; his beloved is a man! Character B, a infamous pastry chef, is a notorious crossdresser. He opened a Café, Miene Liebe, with his best friend. One day, he met a charismatic man. Unfortunately, he is an oblivious fool. A month later, an incident occurs, exposing his true gender. What will happen? Will Character A accept Character B?
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  2. Warning (open)
    Zain will be referred by a female pronoun when he's in costume.

    "I don't want to go out there..."

    "Why not?"

    "This costume is embarrassing. Why did I have to be picked for the exclusive Maid Neko franchise?"

    "You're our best waitress! I took a poll!"

    "How am I suppose to bake when I'm out here?"

    "Leave the baking to me, Zi. You said you wanted to take a break."

    "This is not what I meant about a break Leo..."

    "Enough chit chat, it's time to work!"

    A young waitress exited the back room. Her icy blue eyes scanned her surroundings. A sigh escaped her lips. She slipped into character, conveying her signature innocent demeanor. She sauntered across the café, holding a pair of menus. She stopped in front of an unattended table. A light blush dusted her cheeks. She bowed to the customers respectively. "Welcome to Miene Liebe. I hope I haven't kept you waiting. My name is Aneira and I'll be your waitress for the afternoon," she informed.

    A tall young man peeked his head from the back door. A small smile painted his lips. His best friend looked absolutely adorable in his new costume. A chuckle rumbled through his chest. He wouldn't admit it out loud. His friend hated being called cute, even when he crossdressed. Leolin inspected his surroundings. His gaze shifted to his wristwatch. "That man should be coming here about now," Leolin commented softly. His eyes glinted with mischief. There was a reason why he selected his friend to participate in the Maid Neko franchise. He wondered how that man will react? A devious grin plastered on his face. He stepped back, closing the door behind him.
    "Kay, you've got to drop by today!"

    "And why is that, I wonder? Is there something special going on?"

    "Well, nothing specific, but I got the waitress that you have the hots for to get in this really cute costume!"

    "Geez, don't go ahead and do strange things like that on your own..."

    "Well, I do admit that she didn't agree with it, but still!"

    "Okay... I got it, I'll come by. But I need to get ready first, you called me so early.."

    "That's because I can't catch you at night when you're out being host and loving on the ladies!"

    "Alright, I'll get ready and drop by. Bye."

    When the phone was put down, Kain let out a heavy sigh. Leolin, that guy... doing everything on his own without permission. But he wasn't really angry. He knew that the male just wanted to make him happy. Or play matchmaker. Either way, he didn't have any bad intentions, usually. He was a remotely good guy.

    Kain was not one for wearing suits outside of Host Club duty, and went with casual pants, boots, a grey shirt and an open, black hoodie with short sleeves and the hood pulled down.

    When he went out of his house, though, he shielded his face with the hood so that customers and whatnot wouldn't recognize him. He was a person who distanced work from pleasure. He didn't exactly enjoy talking to his customers in his free time.

    All selfish and shallow, those women had nothing that he desired.

    A few months ago, he had started coming to this café. Only when a few months had passed, a month ago, or so, he noticed her. She was the cutest waitress of them all, and despite her reactions to being called cute, she acted quite adorable.

    She was almost always smiling politely, trying to do her job her best, and quickly, Kain had become entranced with her. She was different from the women that he usually associated with. Frail, cute, gentle... there was a lost of good qualities about her that he wanted to explore. He wanted to see what kind of person she was inside, behind the waitress uniform.

    He stepped into the shop, the bell of the door sounding in his ears. The scent of tea and cakes filled the shop, a gentle and nice scent. A few waitresses at the door bid him welcome, showing him a table and letting him sit down, instructing him to wait for his waitress to show up.

    There he sat, and he hadn't expected what he saw when he spotted her. He pulled down his hood, too stunned to say anything. She was in the cutest maid outfit to be expected... but she really did look adorable. He continued to look at her as she served tables, but quickly looked away. For the first time in years, he was nervous. He hadn't confessed to someone in a long, long time. He had always distanced himself so that a confession would not be needed, but now he had planned to do so. He wanted to be with Aneira, or, at least let her know that he loved her. As long as she knew, he'd be happy.

    He sat at the table with a racing heart, hoping that it would be her to come to his table.

    Leolin, that idiot... putting me in this sort of situation, I feel like my heart is going to burst... I really have been in love from the start, haven't I? This is so stupid... god...
  4. Alias: Aneira, #003366

    "I'm going to kill him," she thought.

    One hour passed since the beginning of her shift. She tended to a total of four tables. Miene Liebe was always busy during Lunch rush. Unfortunately, the café was low on staff at the moment. As a result, she was forced to wait on various tables. However, Aneira learned to adapt. In her eyes, it meant more tips. Her costume attracted several customers, mainly from the male population. After one customer flirted shamelessly with her, Aneira silently composed a death wish for her best friend.

    "He's going to pay for this," she added.

    A bell chimed, alerting another customer. Aneira lifted her head and peered at the door. Her eyes widened slightly. "Crap," she thought. She averted her attention, placing a glass of iced tea on a table for her current customer. Her back faced that man. The last thing she wanted was to deal with that oblivious imbecile. A sigh escaped her lips. It didn't surprise her. He was a regular at Miene Liebe, a friend to the owner.

    "Is something wrong Aneira?" her customer inquired.

    A small smile painted her lips. "Nothing is wrong Mister Howe. There is no need to worry about me," Aneira assured softly. A light blush dusted her cheeks. After she received his order, Aneira walked off. However, one of the waitresses stopped her.

    "Aneira! I'll take over your post. Tend to table thirteen!" she insisted.

    She blinked in response. "A-alright?" Before she could react, she was shoved towards the direction of table thirteen. Aneira stumbled a bit, but caught herself. She regained her composure and sauntered across the café, heading towards her destination. She suppressed the urge to grimace. It was his table. Aneira slipped into character. She mustered up a small, polite smile. She handed Kain a menu.

    "It's nice to see you again, Mister Hazelburg. The usual, I presume?" she declared gently.

    She retrieved a small notepad from her pocket and grasped her signature purple gel pen. She waited patiently for him to speak. In the back of her mind, Zain wanted to sock Leolin in the face. This was his fault! A part of him wondered how long it will be before Kain realized his true gender. He assumed he would receive the same reaction; disgust.
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    Kain felt like a damned idiot. Like he knew something was going to happen, something important, revealing and scary, and yet he wanted to go through with this. He had thought that the courage would give him strength, but it left him as soon as Aneira came to his table. He had this feeling that the female harbored some kind of dislike for him. Sure, Aneira probably knew that Leolin had done this for him... not like he had asked, anyway.

    For a moment, he just stared at her, though not impolitely. He was looking at her face, nowhere else. He didn't see a reason to inspect the rest, as he thought her charm to be enough for him to fall for her. he did feel a little bitter when he thought about the female hating him completely.

    "Uh... y-yeah, just the usual tea, but I'd like today's cake instead, if that's not too much trouble?" Kain said, mustering up a nervous smile. He remembered the things that Leolin used to tell him. That it wasn't his fault. That it was part of Aneira's personality to dislike people and think they were annoying.

    But when the maid said "annoying" it meant something different than when other people said it. Because she didn't tell them to go away, or leave her alone. She just called them annoying. Meaning that she actually wanted to stay with them. In the back of Kain's mind, he had this awareness that the waitress was glaring evilly at him behind his back for some reason. He wondered briefly if he had done something wrong to her, but he couldn't really remember anything.

    "So... uhm, excuse me if this is impolite, and all, but there is something I'd like to discuss with you. I'll be waiting until your shift is over, so I want you to just work out your shift... well, this is only my own selfishness, and I don't want you to feel compelled." Kain seemed like he was completely calm on the outside, a smile on his face. But in reality, he felt on the verge of breaking apart. He would accept a rejection, but if she didn't at least hear him out... he'd probably shatter.

    But it wouldn't be something for her to worry about. It was his own problem, and if he pushed it onto her, he'd be a horrible, horrible person. Well, not that he didn't already feel that way about himself. He could feel something in his throat, and it was uncomfortable. Just like that other time. And here, in this moment, he realized that he didn't know her, and she didn't know him. They had no connection, and yet... he felt like he was bound to her. If it wasn't her, he didn't want to fall in love. He had already decided on that, but it hadn't been a conscious decision. His mind had went ahead and done it for him, without his permission.

    And now he was a hopelessly in love romantic, unsure of how to tackle this new problem. He had never been in love before, and his first love had to be this amazing person that was totally out of his league. Despite his very confident outside, he was actually a shivering mess on the inside. He didn't have any confidence in his role as a host, thinking deep down that the reason he was popular would be that he was to take over the business.

    At this moment, he had the similar feeling to that, of worthlessness and pain. Of what he wanted to become but hadn't been able to. Of the times that he had thought he had achieved something, and his wings had been shot off so that he fell to the ground, plummeting directly into the abyss again.
  6. Aneira > Zain, #000066
    A soft chuckle rumbled through her chest. She presented him a warm smile. "One cup of green tea and a slice of Pavlova," she replied. She jotted down the order on her small notepad. Aneira plucked the menu from his offered hand. Despite his behavior, she still found his presence annoying. He was completely oblivious! Albeit, she conveyed an innocent, sweet girl, Aneira retained a few of her real qualities. If he found out about her true nature, he will react the same; with disgust.

    "You sick queer. Get the fuck away from me!"

    "You are nothing but a playboy. A sick freak!"

    "Rot in hell, you insolent pest!"

    Aneira clutched the menu tightly. She struggled to maintain her composure. She was use to that type of behavior. She heard every insult in the book. However, it still stung. She hated narrow-minded, ignorant imbeciles. Those type of men cared about appearances, not the heart. A part of her wondered if Kain will be the same. Will he hate her if he figures out the truth? She breathed in deeply and exhaled through her nostrils. It didn't matter. He was just another customer, nothing special. Aneira didn't form attachments with her customers, not anymore.

    An eyebrow raised in response. "My lunchbreak is in fifteen minutes. If you wish to speak with me, I need to change first. Will that be alright with you?" she replied politely. Normally, she didn't off this type of treatment to her customers, but she wanted to hear his discussion. The faster they spoke, the faster he left. Aneira bowed to Kain respectively. "Your order will be here shortly Mister Hazelberg," she declared. Aneira turned and walked off. Ten minutes later, she returned with his order.

    "Forgive me for the wait. A lot of people are demanding today's special," she apologized. She placed his order on his table. She bowed to him once more. "Enjoy your dessert, Mister Hazelburg. Once you're finished, you can meet me in the back room," she declared. Aneira presented him one more smile before she left. Unbeknownst to her, she didn't anticipate he would finish his meal quickly. By the time she made it to the changing room, Aneira peeled off the costume.

    A sigh escaped his lips. "I'm still going to kill him," he muttered. Underneath the costume was a male body, clad in black spandex shorts. His bare torso revealed his extensive tattoos. He slipped off the wig and removed the cat ears. He hated the new costume. Why did he have to be apart of the Maid Neko franchise? What was his friend thinking? In the midst of his inner dialogue, Zain forgot to lock the door. None of the waitresses knew about his secret. He didn't want those girls to spread gossip. As a result, Zain forced Leolin to keep his true gender a secret.

    Kain had thought about the rejection, and the relief poured into his body rather quickly when he heard that she had agreed to talk to him. He had literally thought that she was going to flat out reject him. The feeling still lingered with him, but he was feeling less like a piece of glass about to splinter under pressure.

    Maybe she just wanted to get rid of him so that he wouldn't get near her again. And maybe... after his confession, that wasn't what was going to happen. He used a few moments for just staring down into the cup of tea, as if looking into his own soul. So what if that was the truth or not. In the end, all he could do was give it a shot. He didn't have any other options, he'd sort of... caught himself in this situation. It was his own fault that he was going to do this, he'd put himself into this, and no one else could help him. If he was going to go through with this, it would be his decision. He felt now as if he could fall in love no matter what kind of person she turned out to be. What he had fallen for was not her eyes or her body, or even her outfits. It was the sweetness that buried down a real, more colored personality with feelings showing on the outside. He wanted to know what kind of person was hidden beneath the costumes and the very polite maid personality.

    When he was done with his daydreaming, he realized that he was done with his tea and cake, and it was also about time for the break that Aneira had mentioned. He was on his way immediately, slipping into the back room. He had a feeling that a mop of pink hair disappeared from his view, but he decided, maybe unwisely, to ignore it. He knocked the door and pulled down in the handle, noticing it to be open. In his mind, that equaled that she was probably done changing, so he pushed the door open.

    "Miss Aneira? It's me, Kain-" His body froze as he saw the other person in the back room. It was the same face, the same body, but the different gender. In his mind... this wasn't the wrong gender. Why? He had always thought of himself as being straight, never falling for others than girls, but he had also considered himself open when it came to his sexuality.

    To think that he would fall for a guy, and this quickly... his heart was pounding like a drum as he stared at the other male with a shocked face. So... of course the name had been an alias, and somewhere in the back of his mind, Kain had known that there was something off about Aneira. He had thought it to be something else than this. He smiled slightly, finding the situation to be a bit amusing, of course amusing because he had been a moron.

    "Well... this is quite a... surprise." He managed, back into his usual calm and careless self, but his mind was running with max speed, trying to process the things that he was feeling. Was there disgust or malice somewhere in there? No... there was nothing like that. Anger? Nah... that one was also pretty much gone. What about sadness? Not per se, but he was certainly mad at himself. There was nothing to blame Aneira, or, well, whatever his real name was, for what was going on. He shouldn't have come in like that, and he looked down.

    "I apologize. I thought that you were finished because the door was not locked..." Yet, despite this situation, Kain could feel the words about to escape him, and for the first time in his life, he decided that he was going to be honest with himself, for the very first time since he was born, he was going to take down his parades, and reveal what was in his heart. Because despite this discovery, his heart still seemed to beat for this person in front of him.

    Kain took a moment to go through all of the things that he'd seen in Aneira when he had first met the person that he thought to be a girl. Even if Aneira seemed bothered by him, the maid seemed to always get his table and always treated him with respect and something else... maybe neither of them had realized back then. And now... he still wanted that to happen. He wanted to be treated like that. He wanted to talk to him in the café, discussing this and that and here and there, with no destination for either of their thoughts. He wondered if he was the only one feeling like this.

    "But... I'm not planning on backing down. I still want to say what I came here for." He stepped closer, though not too close, his almost black eyes focusing directly on the man across from him.

    "I'm in love with you. I-I've been in love with you since I first came here. And... I must admit, two seconds ago, I thought that the feeling was gone, but, but- i-it's not. I still want to say this to you." He closed his eyes, averting his gaze slightly.

    "I still want you to return these feelings."
  8. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    Zain muttered to himself. His expression conveyed irritation. He leaned forward, picking up a black graphic tee. He was about to slip it on, but stopped when he heard,

    "Miss Aneira? It's me, Kain-"

    He stiffened completely. Zain peered at Kain's face. His eyes widened slightly. He remained in his position, frozen. He was only in his black spandex shorts, nothing else. Due to his annoyance, he didn't change quickly. His mind was occupied on chewing Leolin out for his ungrateful planning. He didn't expect to forget his most important rule; lock the door. His face flushed scarlet. Zain stumbled back, clutching his shirt. He hated changing in front of people, even Leolin. A scowl carved into his expression. His innocent demeanor shattered. No more Aneira. He didn't have to play her role anymore. "Did it ever occur to you to wait for the person to answer before you enter the room?" he deadpanned. His eyes averted to the side. "I might as well charge you for sexual assault. Pervert," he grumbled. Zain ignored Kain's explanation. He didn't care. He removed his shirt from his chest and slipped it on, concealing the majority of his tattoos.

    Zain silently anticipated for the awaited response; disgust. He could imagine the type of words that will tumble out of the man's throat. He plucked a pair of worn jeans from the nearby bench. He was about to slip them on, but stopped when he heard,

    "I'm in love with you..."

    His heart stopped. Zain dropped his pair of pants. His eyes widened completely. His expression conveyed genuine surprise. What? It took him a moment to process the words. His blush darkened. "W-what the hell is wrong with you?" he stammered. He turned around, his back facing Kain. His mind was spiraling out of control. This wasn't suppose to happen! Where is the hate? The disgust? The harsh reaction? Kain is suppose to call him a freak, not confess! He is suppose to ridicule him for his hobby, not demand reciprocation! His hands trembled. He never been confessed to. This threw him completely off guard. He hated this feeling! He hated not having control! He refused to show weakness in front of a stranger!

    "Y-you're suppose to hate me, n-not love me. It's Aneira you love, not me. I-it took you all this time to figure it out. T-there's no possible way you could love someone like me. D-doesn't this disgust you? Doesn't my hobby revolt you? I'm a man, Mister Hazelburg. A man," he reminded. Zain lifted his hands and clutched his biceps. He struggled to regain his composure. He felt out of character. Why did he feel so embarrassed?
    Kain smiled slightly as he heard the words, expecting it to be something like that. Of course... Zain was used to rejection and probably hatred from everyone but a few people that actually accepted him for what he was. Kain just barging into his life and confessing even if Zain was a guy would probably throw him off his track. Well... Kain himself had been a bit thrown off about being in love, but he was not going to back down, not after confessing. What he felt deep in his chest was something that he was going to hold onto forever.

    "I know you think that those kinds of reactions are all in this world, but... I can't deny what I'm feeling. I'll tell you the truth, in the first... five seconds I might have fallen for your appearance. But I ended up always following you with my eyes, laughing when you laughed, looking at your expressions, listening to your words, trying to see the person below your uniform. And I'm not unhappy. I'm not less satisfied than I was a moment ago when I thought you were a girl. I don't care. I don't care if you're a guy, or a girl, or something in between. To the heck with that. What I've always wanted to take from you was your heart. And I'm still aiming for it, regardless of what's between your legs, so you'd better be prepared." The last part was partly a joke, and a slight smile appeared on his face as he said it. The thing that was getting to him the most was that Zain was so adorable in this moment. He was flustered and embarrassed and really bad at trying to hide it.

    Of course, he was about to call the male cute, but he thought about the punch that Leolin had told him this boy delivered when he was called something in the regions of cute, so Kain decided to keep it in his mind as he stepped closer to Zain again, his expression serious.

    "And for the record, no, it doesn't disgust me. I think that you look beautiful no matter how you look, and it's none of my business how you want to dress. I do not have the right to call you filthy or disgusting, because in the end, the only thing it would bring was pain and you wouldn't change it. Because this is how you are, and I think that you're great just like that. Don't think that every person on the earth will hate you. If no one else in this shop, maybe aside from a certain pink head, is going to love you, then I'm definitely going to be one of the first." He said stubbornly as he looked into Zain's eyes, finally catching his gaze after he had become completely flustered about the situation. There was no blaming him, obviously. He would be embarrassed no matter what, not only being caught as a guy but also confessed to for possibly the first time in his life.

    "And if you wouldn't mind, just call me Kain. You don't have to be so polite with me." He said as another smiled tugged at his lips. He was unable to stop the happiness from flowing, and he was surely not going to let go of this man ever in his life.

    "You don't have to answer my confession now, I'll give you whatever time you'd want. But will you at least tell me your real name?"
  10. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    "...I'm definitely going to be the first."

    A pair of obsidian eyes peered into his aquamarine irises. Zain didn't realize Kain walked around him. A heavy blush dusted his cheeks. His height dwarfed in comparison to Kain's tall, lean frame. His heart pounded in his chest. He felt like vomiting. His stomach twisted in knots. Is this what it felt to have butterflies? He didn't understand these feelings. He didn't understand love. Dark memories surfaced inside his mind, reminding him of his cruel past. His defense mechanism triggered. Kain was too close, too close. He lifted his arm, wound it back, and punched Kain in the stomach. "I-i-idiot!" he stammered. He stumbled back, toppling over the bench. He fell to the floor, crashing on his back. He winced in pain. His legs propped against the bench, a result from his awkward angle.

    "Zain. M-my name is Zain," he muttered, defeated. He was completely humiliated. It couldn't possibly become worse. He rested his forearm across his eyes, revealing his key tattoo. His face was on fire. It has been awhile since he blushed this hard. His heart twisted painfully. Would this man, Kain, accept a broken doll? A man with baggage? Why is he even thinking of considering Kain's offer? What's wrong with him?

    "You don't know a thing about me, Kain. For all I know, you could be a serial killer. W-what's so great about me anyway? I'm just a hindrance. I'm not sweet or innocent like my role, Aneira. I'm the exact opposite," he mumbled. Zain removed his legs from the bench and rose into a sitting position. He moved on all fours and reached for his pair of pants. "S-such sweet words. How can I be so sure you're genuine? F-for all I know, you're just a playboy. S-stupid pervert," he grumbled. In the midst of his distress, Zain resorted to his next mechanism; insulting. Zain wasn't the type to convey his emotions. He didn't know how to properly express himself. This was too sudden. Zain didn't know how to feel. Should he be happy another man didn't find his hobby disgusting?

    His shirt rode up, revealing the tattoo on his lower back, a script written in Sindarin.
    Kain didn't really respond to the punch. He barely stumbled, but apparently Zain had tripped over air or something, because he toppled behind the bench, falling down. The confusion was replaced with worry as he moved over to the bench, though not close enough for Zain to be able to physically reach him. He feared that he was going to be strangled eventually by this guy. It seemed that he wasn't liked very much. Or... maybe this was what Leolin had told him about. The defense mechanisms that the other male used to toughen up himself. At the thought, Kain smiled a little.

    "Are you alright?" He asked, but with the way that the male stubbornly sat up again and pulled on his pants, Kain deemed that question to answer itself, and didn't expect Zain to physically answer him. It was a strange, odd and confusing situation that they were in, the things ending up jumbled into emotions and yet everything seemed like it was going to be alright eventually. Something inside Kain told him that this wasn't going to end here, that they weren't going to just be what they'd always been; customer and waitress. No... they would become something eventually.

    "Zain. That's a nice name." He said honestly, his eyes observing the other male, though still not with impoliteness. He was still his usual self, though a bit more calmed down now that things were clear between them. If things cleared out, there was nothing embarrassing to discuss later, after all. This way it'd be more easy to approach him, because with a person like Zain, he'd need it directly, probably. He wouldn't just be satisfied with hints.

    "Listen, I fell for you because I wanted to know more about you. I don't care if you're innocent or "cute" or whatever you think you are. What I was interested in was the death stares that I could feel you giving me behind my back. Whatever you've got, I want to be the one to accept it, no matter how heavy it is. I know what it's like to have secrets, and you won't have to tell me right away if it's something that pains you. But one day, I wish for you to enlighten me in who you are. I'm going to tell you who I am as well, if that's what you want." Kain couldn't help a chuckle when he was called a playboy and a pervert in seemingly the same moment. But it was fine. Again... he'd read this boy through already, at least when it came to personality. He was defensive. Possibly had a bit of an issue with embarrassment, and being out of his usual self.

    "If you're going to believe me is your own choice, and I won't force the choice from you. But the origin of these sweet words are the words I've been saving since I came here four months ago. I've never confessed in my life, Zain. Ever. I don't fall in love." Kain smiled softly as he leaned forward, kissing Zain's forehead and quickly pulling back to avoid a punch.

    "Or, I didn't fall in love. Because it seems that I just have." He said, the smile never leaving his face.
  12. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    His heart fluttered. His eyes averted towards the side. Why did Kain have to be so direct? He grasped his pair of pants, stood up, and slipped them on. After he zipped them up, he fastened his belt together. The worn jeans were ripped up around the knees. Suddenly, a pair of lips pressed against his forehead. He stiffened in response. A growl escaped his lips. "Pervert!" He punched at Kain's face, but the taller man dodged. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He stepped forward, but tripped on a stray shoelace. A gasp emitted from his lips. He stumbled forward, crashing against Kain's chest. His arms instinctively shot forward, balancing himself. His hands clutched the front of Kain's shirt. It took him a moment to register his current position. His blush darkened. "I-idiot," he mumbled.

    Zain was notorious for being clumsy when he's embarrassed. It was one of his biggest flaws. Right now, he wanted to sock Kain in the face. He hated feeling like this; weak. His heart filled with a disarray of emotions - anger, frustration, pain, sorrow, relief, happiness, confusion. He didn't know how to react. Why couldn't Kain be digusted instead? It would make everything easier. He didn't have much experience in love. He wasn't the type to maintain relationships. What if he messed up? "S-stupid pervert," Zain murmured.

    He buried his face in Kain's shirt. His hands trembled. He didn't have confidence in himself. His insecurities surfaced inside his mind, reminding him cruelly of his past. He struggled to regain his composure, but his control was slipping. He couldn't retain his signature behavior; sharp-tongued, indifferent, and cold. "S-tupid, stupid, stupid," he grumbled. He breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. A wave of relaxation washed over him. Kain smelled like cinnamon. A sigh escaped his lips.

    "F-fine. S-stop saying s-such words. I'll accept. J-just shut up already. I can't take it anymore. I-I'll punch you till next Tuesday i-if you continue," he murmured.

    Zain didn't know why he accepted it. His mind screamed at him, urging him to reject. However, his heart said otherwise. A wise person once told him that it was better to live life like it was your last than waste it being alone. It wouldn't harm you to take a few risks. His heart clenched painfully. He missed his sister. She would of forced him to accept. A hint of a smile painted his lips. She would of scolded him if he denied Kain's offer.

    "I-I'll go out with you if that's what you want. T-that's what happens during a c-confession right?" he added. Zain hoped he wouldn't regret his rash decision. He couldn't take another heartbreak. There was a reason why he wanted to be alone. He distanced himself from everyone with a purpose.
    Kain chuckled gently as he stroked Zain's hair, not saying anything as the male tumbled against his chest and called him an idiot at least a hundred times. He knew now that this was Zain's defense mechanism. If he didn't say those things, he wouldn't know what else to say, probably. Kain had always thought that it was okay to be confused and not know what to say, and it was also okay for Zain to be like this. He didn't see a reason to be mad at the other male for anything that he had said or done, considering everything that had happened to them both. They both had heavy loads to carry, and they both needed to learn how to carry them together.

    Kain pondered how to respond. Sure, he'd gotten a yes... but he hoped that Zain didn't just say it to get him to shut up. He gently moved his fingersrs through Zain's hair as he leaned closer to the male, wanting to melt together with him. But of course, that couldn't happen. For now, they'd have to stay like this for a little while. But it was fine. It could be way worse for them both. Now they were finally together, and things could be talked through this way. Silently, he wondered if he should scold or thank Leolin for this situation.

    "I'll only go out with you if that's what you want, too. I just want you to know that this wasn't something I'd force you to. But if you want to... then that's decided." Kain said with a small chuckle as he leaned closer to Zain once again, his lips close against Zain's ear. He wasn't consciously aware of it, and his breath lingered at the male's ear. The warmth was unbearable. The hug that they were wrapped in was so gentle that he felt like crying out in happiness. A quietness filled the room with nothing but the calm sound of their breathing.

    This was how life was supposed to be. This was what happiness was, or, at least a small portion of it. The kind of happiness that made your heart pound hard and fast.

    "What happens during a confession is indeed that, so I hope that you will be happy with your decision..." Kain gently grasped Zain's chin, moving his face upwards so they were eye to eye. Kain's blush deepened as he froze for a moment. So beautiful... he caught himself out of it and gently leaned closer, and before he knew, they were kissing. It was nothing special, barely a peck, but they were still kissing, and that was important. When he pulled back, he successfully dodged another hit from his lover.

    "And this is what it means to go out with me. If you're not prepared... well, then you better hurry and become ready, because I'm going to love you with all of my heart." He said with a chuckle, again joking slightly. He wasn't going to do anything outrageous to the male, obviously. He was going to be more patient than that.
  14. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    A hand gingerly ran through his hair, stroking his head soothingly. Zain instinctively leaned against Kain's touch. The taller man discovered one of Zain's weaknesses; hair stroking. It relaxed him completely. His grip on Kain's shirt tightened. His eyes fluttered shut. A sigh escaped his lips. He leaned closer, resting his upper chest against Kain's torso. It always made him feel sleepy. His sister use to stroke his hair in order to calm him down. It worked every single time. A soft groan escaped his lips. "I-I already said yes, you pervert. I-I'm not going to back down," he mumbled.

    A pair of lips pressed against his ear. A shiver surged down his spine. Kain discovered another weak spot; his ears. His blush darkened in response. He suppressed the urge to moan. His ears were sensitive. The last thing he needed was to further embarass himself. He bit his lip, forcing himself to endure. His mind focused on his breathing. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. He repeated the phrase inside his mind like a mantra.

    "...I hope that you will be happy with your decision..."

    A hand graspepd his chin, forcing him too peer into Kain's obsidian irises. His aquamarine eyes were framed with long lashes, enhancing his delicate features. Before he could react, a pair of lips pressed against his own in a kiss. His eyes widened completely. He froze, unsure how to respond. His face flushed scarlet. After Kain pulled away, Zain swung his fist forward. Unfortunately, Kain dodged. That sneaky bastard! How dare he kiss him! A growl escaped his lips. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!" He slammed his foot against Kain's shin. Zain stepped back, grumbling. He folded his arms across his chest.

    "Stupid pervert," he mumbled. Zain averted his eyes towards the side. His lips tingled, a result from the gentle peck. He suppressed the urge to feel his lips. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but that was his second kiss. His first kiss was stolen from him when he was sixteen. He wasn't the type to maintain relationships. None of his past lovers accepted his hobby, not even the occassional females. Why would anyone want to kiss a freak? Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes. He inevitably unlocked his last mechanism; crying. His current situation drug up dark memories. It reminded him painfully of his recent loss. It has only been a year. Why couldn't of it been him? Why!

    "O-of course I'm not pr-prepared you p-pervert. I-I don't understand your feelings. I-I'm not worth the trouble," he admitted. He lifted his hand and rubbed his eyes with the back of his palm. He struggled to push back the tears. He didn't want to break down in front of Kain. He hated revealing his vulnerable side. He wasn't weak! "I-I'm a hindrance. I-I only cause suffering. I-I-" he stammered. Memories circulated through his mind. A hot white knife plunged inside his heart, twisting it maliciously. His body slowly began to tremble.

    "M-maybe I accepted your o-offer cause I wanted to. I-is that so bad? N-n-no one ever took interest in m-me and a-accepted my hobby. I-I don't know how I feel about my d-decision. I-I just took the risk," he declared, his voice cracking. He covered his eyes with his hands. He didn't want Kain to witness his tears.

    "S-stupid, s-stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid," he repeated.
    Kain gently wrapped his arms around Zain's lithe body, gently rubbing his lower back while leaning close against him. He was so damn happy that he thought he was going to burst. Zain wanted to be with him on his own accord. It was not his influence as much as it was Zain deciding on his own what he would do. Even if his reasons were maybe a bit strange, there was nothing to say thinking about how Zain was. He must've had a tough life, and Kain respected that he couldn't say things honestly. He was happy that Zain had accepted, and he was just going to let that feeling take over what he thought.

    The reactions that came from Zain to both ruffling his hair and kissing his ear made something click inside Kain. He mentally noted that this was a thing that Zain liked. His ears were sensitive. The thought made Kain chuckle softly as he hugged his lover tighter, his heart pounding in happiness. He could feel the urge to want to start touching Zain, but he remained put for the time being, surprised when Zain suddenly burst into tears. What kind of tears, he did not know, if it was frustration, sadness or shame, but he wanted to comfort Zain now, comfort him out of his frustrating feelings. But he felt that Zain would feel weak.

    He sighed slightly as he wrapped his arms around Zain again, slowly rubbing his upper back to comfort him.

    Sadness filled him as he looked at Zain, gently wiping away his tears. He took a moment to look at the other male with a gentle expression. It was loving even if it was sad, and he sighed slightly. He didn't think all of those things that Zain said about himself, but he didn't know how to express himself right. He hadn't been faced with a crying lover before, and even if it didn't scare him, he was slightly speechless. They hadn't known each other so well, didn't yet, and this guy was spilling his heart for Kain. The thought made his heart ache, and the urge to comfort him welled in Kain's chest. He felt like the biggest idiot for having not realized how Zain really felt.

    "Zain... I... I don't think that you're a hindrance to me. I think you're wonderful. Maybe you might think that I'm lying, or that I'm an idiot, or you might want to hit me... but I feel responsible for you, and it's nice. It's nice to have someone that I want to take care of, so I want to do that. I want to help you and make you feel better, together with making you mine. So please... don't you think lowly of yourself ever again... I promise you that I'll do anything to make you feel better about yourself. I love you." He said, his voice growing more and more loving, tears in his eyes. Seeing the other cry, he couldn't help himself but cry when he saw the other's tears. He knew that the other was feeling bad about himself, but he was going to make Zain feel better.

    "And even if you're not prepared, I'm going to love you with all of my heart, and I'm going to show you all that I've got, all that I want to give you." Kain said, leaning forward to kiss Zain again, this time catching his arms and putting a knee between his legs so that he couldn't start fighting the kiss. He wanted Zain to know just how much love he was going to get, and soon enough, instead of holding Zain's arms, he took his hands. When he pulled back, he was panting slightly, the kiss having gotten him a little too excited. He was blushing as they stood there in the locker rooms, dangerously close to each other.

    "I love you. Don't doubt that, really. I love you more than anyone else, and I'll walk through whatever troubles you might think will keep me away. Nothing can keep me away anymore." He whispered with a smile on his face as he finally hugged Zain again, though still a bit awkward now that he had gotten himself aroused. This was the worst place and situation to get aroused in. Zain had been crying!

    The awkwardness filled his body and he blushed heavily. He tried to control himself as he slowly pulled away from Zain, dodging in case he would get a hit.
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  16. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    A pair of strong arms wrapped around his slender frame. He stiffened instinctively. A hug? A shiver surged down his spine. His back was another weak spot, especially in the lower region. It wasn't fair. Kain was discovering most of his weak spots. He wasn't even trying! He couldn't control his tears anymore. A sob escaped his lips. He buried his face in Kain's chest, clutching the front of his shirt. His shoulders trembled. He didn't understand why he broke down. Was it out of anger? Frustration? Pain? He couldn't control his emotions. It was easier to shut off his emotions. Why did Kain make him feel? Why did he agree to go out with him? Why!

    "...I promise you that I'll do anything to make you feel better about yourself. I love you."

    He lifted his head. He was about to retort, but stopped himself. His eyes widened slightly. Why were there tears in Kain's eyes? What's the point of his sadness? His aquamarine irises filled with confusion. "Kain-" he was cut off by a kiss. He froze instantly. His eyes narrowed into slits. He struggled against the kiss, but Kain held his wrists. A knee moved between his legs, keeping him in place. "Mnn..." His blush darkened. His eyes quivered. A few minutes later, he stopped. Zain submitted to Kain. Before he could return the kiss, Kain pulled away. He panted a bit, his lips slightly swollen from the intense kiss. Something hard poked against his thigh. It took him a moment to register the source. A scowl carved into his expression. However, his blush ruined his intimidating demeanor.

    "Y-you stupid pervert," he grumbled.

    He sniffled. "W-what do you expect me to say? I-I don't know how to feel. I-I never been in love before. W-what am I suppose to do?" He wouldn't be foolish enough to declare his love for Kain. Right now, he wasn't sure if he possessed feelings. Could he fall in love? His sweet words were touching, but is Kain really genuine? Is this his true nature? Zain tried to move away from Kain, but ended up grinding against him. He couldn't control the moan that escaped his lips. His heart stopped. Did he just moan?

    Zain stumbled back, slapping a hand over his mouth. He looked absolutely mortified. He never thought it would become worse. When will this embarrassment end? A small pout adorned his face. "W-what are you going to do a-about that?" he mumbled. His eyes averted towards the side. A part of him didn't feel like returning to work. He couldn't possibly concentrate on slipping into his persona when his emotions were haywire. He made a mental note to sock Leolin in the face. He never agreed to wear that ungrateful costume.
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    Kain's face more or less burnt when he heard the moan that escaped Zain, knowing in that moment that they were having the exact same thoughts. At first, he couldn't really speak up. The whole situation seemed so absurd that he could barely even concentrate his mind. His feelings were in a disarray of different shades and he wondered what the hell was going on at the moment. He was confused and dazed and yet the happiest person on the planet. In the moments when he wasn't speaking, he slipped over to the door and flipped the lock, successfully cutting them away from the rest of the world. Zain had gone in there, and no one (except probably Leolin) had seen Kain go in. No one would know.

    "What I'm going to do? A lot of things, you know. I want to do a pallette of different things to you, and I want to do that now. But... I mean... I wouldn't force you, but... it's kinda obvious that we're both..." Kain nervously averted his gaze to their lower bodies as an indication. When he was done being awkward he pulled himself together and gently pushed Zain up against one of the lockers, gently so that it wouldn't make too much noise. He moved forward, his lips attacking Zain's neck, his tongue darting out to taste the lovely skin.

    When he pulled back, his face was red again. He hadn't left a mark, scared that it would bring Zain trouble at work if he did so. If he was going to mark, he might mark more private areas than his neck... just to make sure that Zain knew there was no escape. He smiled slightly at the thought of that. He ran his hands through his hair as he placed one arm beside Zain's head, staring into the boy's eyes. The whole situation seemed so strange, but not so sudden as he feared. It was like it had just come to them like that, making them slightly awkward but also quite lusting for each other, and that was what Kain wanted to focus on. He loved this man more than anything in the world, and he wanted to show it. Since it would be a difficult task to show it once he got outside, he wanted to treasure this little moment of privacy where they could see further into each other's souls than ever before. His only wish was this, selfish as it sounded. But it was his wish, and he would not back down on it.

    "Pervert or not, this pervert loves you." Kain said with a light chuckle.

    Kain ran his hands gently over Zain's cheeks, still smiling slightly, though a little nervously.
    "Fact is, I want you to be mine. I want you right now, and I don't know what to do. I'm a bit frightened that you will push me away as soon as I try to touch you, but I love you so much... and we won't have much time once we go out of here." He said, his voice genuine. He was for once in his life actually nervous and happy at the same time, he was showing his feelings for the first time, the true personality under the handsome and unbreakable mask of the host he was. The pain that he went through, his family issues, all the pressure seemed to be showing in his eyes, but behind that was his love and affection for Zain.

    "If you absolutely don't want to, that's okay, but it's not to be denied that both of us has got a damn problem at the moment. So what do you say?" He said with an awkward smile, looking into Zain's eyes. The last thing in the world that he would do would be to force this male to do something that he didn't want to. Kain wanted Zain to actually tell him yes before anything happened between them. If Zain ended up not wanting to, he didn't get a nice feeling when he thought about doing it. Maybe, Zain would call him an idiot, and reluctantly agree... you never knew.
  18. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    If someone told him he was going to accept a confession today, Zain would of punched that idiot in the face. He never imagined himself in this type of situation. Why did he comply? What compelled him to accept Kain's offer? He didn't understand his decision. He was notorious for distancing himself. He should of rejected Kain! In the past, he received a few offers, but never a confession. Zain always hardened his heart and dismiss the oblivious fools. If a man discovered his true gender, it would end in ridicule, disgust, and hatred. He vowed to never form an attachment. He didn't want to experience love. It was too painful. He was a broken doll, a soul full of scars, flaws, and baggage. Why would Kain be interested in him? Is he genuine? How can he tell? Despite his perceptive nature, Zain was confused. He was being impulsive. Did he subconsciously desire a relationship? Is that what makes his heart flutter?

    "...it's kinda obvious that we're both..."

    His back pressed against a metal locker. Before he could react, a pair of lips attacked his sensitive neck. Zain stiffened completely. A moan escaped his lips. He trembled against Kain's grip. His strength was dwindling. It was his ultimate weakness. If one of his sensitive spots was abused, he melted. His face flushed heavily. "K-Kain-" he moaned. He couldn't deny his arousal. However, he wouldn't admit it out loud. His mind was spiraling out of control. He didn't know what he wanted anymore. His instincts screamed to push him away. However, his heart urged him to submit.

    "Pervert or not, this pervert loves you."

    Zain peered into his obsidian irises. Kain's eyes were filled with adoration. His heart skipped a beat. It was directed at him? Kain's hands gingerly caressed his face. A shiver surged down his spine. Kain looked vulnerable. Was he terrified of rejection? Would he destroy his existence if he denied Kain? His eyes gleamed with an intensity that captured Zain's attention. What type of suffering did he endure? What was his past like? Did he carry baggage? Was Kain broken like him? Zain bit his lip. His eyes quivered with emotion. He felt defenseless. His fortified walls that he worked so hard to construct crumbled. He couldn't maintain his mask, not anymore. Something about this man intrigued him. He didn't want to admit it, but he could find himself fall in love. Not right now, but someday. It terrified him to his very core. He was breaking all his promises he made to himself. He was becoming attached. Would fate take Kain away from him too? He didn't want to find out the answer.

    "...what do you say?"

    Zain lifted his hands and clutched the front of Kain's shirt. His blush deepened. His eyes lowered to the floor. He was too embarrassed to maintain eye contact. "S-stupid pervert. F-finish what you started. I-I'm not going to stop you," he mumbled.
    If someone had told Kain that this was the way events were going to unfold for him, he would've laughed and called them crazy. First of all, it seemed that his confession had actually been accepted. Secondly, he got closer to this boy almost immediately, and third, Zain turned out to be a man, and yet Kain still wanted him so badly! Everything was upside-down for him, and he wondered if things were ever going to straighten themselves out. He had been so careful, building up fragile, yet safe walls around his inner self, hidden it away and stuffed it into a box below his bed. And now his real feelings were out in the open, exposed for all to step on, and the first person to see them accepted them without hesitation(ish). If someone had told him this, as well, he would be utterly weirded out. No one knew of the feelings that he buried away inside the mess that he called his mind, and he definitely didn't think that anyone would accept it. In a way, they shared the same pain, and maybe that was why.

    This was love. It was the strange feeling that made one's heart flutter, and one's gaze flicker. It was the desire to get closer to another person, to indulge in the pleasures that this person could provide. It was the desire to be mentally, emotionally and physically pleased by another human, and to want to do the same to them. It was the wish and longing to perfect each other, make each other complete. As a person frantically tying the two halves together, wanting to make them fit no matter what. This was love, and Kain was experiencing it down to the last fiber in his body. If he couldn't have Zain, he would rather have no one, ever. This was what he thought, this was what he wanted.

    "Alright, but you just know that I won't hold back at all, just so you won't misunderstand." Kain said with a slight chuckle as he watched Zain's reactions. Before the male could even manage to get a word said, Kain was back on him, kissing his lip with much force and passion. He wanted this man to desire him, to feel his love through these actions. If Zain didn't understand just how much he was desired, there was no way the male would ever fall in love for real. Now was Kain's chance to show what he was made of, to show what his heart harbored and hid away from Zain at first. This was his chance to reveal his passion and his fragile and gentle feelings, all of it at once. When their eyes would meet, Kain would notice that Zain had a strange expression, and in an instant, Kain knew that his real self was showing deep in his eyes, and that was what Zain was staring at. But Kain didn't look away for one second. He stayed there, staring intensely at the other male.

    When he pulled back from the kiss, he moved over to Zain's neck again, his fingers slipping down to fiddle with Zain's pants, opening the button and zipping them down. His fingers traveled down into the gap between the jeans and Zain's boxers, his fingers lightly teasing, touching, exploring. It wasn't really forceful, but he wanted to test Zain's reactions. Though he could feel a reaction, he wanted to see a reaction as well. Something like Zain starting to gasp or other cute things. Of course, he would not willingly say the word "cute". He didn't exactly have a death wish just yet.
  20. Zain Blackwood - Café, #000066

    "Shu-" he was cut off by a pair of lips. Kain pressed him against the locker, snogging him senseless. A gasp emitted from his lips. His heart thudded against his chest. He could feel the intense desire, adoration, and love poured into that single kiss. It left him breathless. His mind was spinning. He couldn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it. If he accepted reality, it would mean that this was real. It would mean that this wasn't an extravvagant dream. He was being kissed by a man and he liked it! A soft moan escaped his throat, but it was muffled by the kiss. Zain couldn't control it any longer. He wanted Kain. His grip on Kain's shirt tightened. He returned the kiss, albeit hesitantly. He didn't have much experience with kissing. This was barely his third time. His face burned with embarrassment. What happened if he was a bad kisser? Would Kain be turned off by that?

    Suddenly, Kain broke the kiss and relocated to his neck. A shiver surged down Zain's spine. His strength slowly evaporated from his body. A string of moans elicited from his throat. His blush darkened. His eyes quivered with emotion. "K-Kain-ah!" His eyes widened completely. His head tilted to the side. His bangs draped over his eyes. A louder moan escaped his lips. His hands trembled against Kain's shirt. He instinctively bucked against Kain's touch, begging for more. His body conveyed his true desire. His face was completely beat red. Despite his desire, he was extremely embarrassed. This was his first time experiencing this type of pleasure, at least willingly. Dark memories threatened to surface his mind, but he shoved them back. He refused to go down memory lane, not now.

    "N-Not t-there," he protested weakly. His words were futilte, however. His body said otherwise. His knees were on the verge of buckling. His body was sensitive. It didn't take a lot to drive him wild. "A-ah," he moaned. He couldn't control the moans that slipped past his lips.
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