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Keshigomu Gēmu
(Eraser Game)


Thank you for participating in KG. Your mobile device has now been synced with the KG Network and will frequently update us with your current location. Do not worry, fellow players will not have access to this information and will not be able to receive it through any means. We will now brief you on the details of the game, sorry for the wait... This message is being sent to you live, and it's my first day on the job as an operator so don't be too hard on me.

Keshigomu Gēmu is both an experiment and a game, it was funded by some wealthy gents whom enjoy seeing the human species progress rather than rolling in the dough and having multiple estates around the world. The creators are a joint-effort of progressive game designers and scientists who put their heads together to make this possible. Geneticists, Biologists, and Hardcore Programmers later... Here we are.

Where are we? Today's KG takes place in one of the most diverse places on Earth, New York City.. How will such a game transpire with such a packed and lively city you ask? You let us worry about that, and furthermore, we have constructed a lovely station below the NYC Sewers to distribute our newest participants' Presents!

Click the "Map" option on your Mobile Device's Screen and we'll lead you right to the start of your adventure! Stay safe, be quick, and see you soon! - Your Operator.

- You can only talk to Operators lbetween 6:00 a.m - 6 p.m via Text or Phone Call.
- You may only attack enemies between 7 p.m - 12 a.m, this 5 hour period enables PvP.
- PvP enacted outside of those hours will result in a Death Level Infraction.
- Weapons other than those obtained from your "Present" are strictly prohibited.
- Attacking another player with a prohibited weapon will result in Intermediate Infraction.
- Informing outsiders about details about KG is prohibited.
- Sending outsiders invites to KG is prohibited, that's an Operator's job.

- Yes, you may be injured or die by the hand of another player or by the scope of an Operator.
- No, you will not be able to live a normal life after joining KG.
- No, we will not secure the safety of your family or loved ones.
- You will walk through trials of fire, ice, and other dangerous elements before your journey is through.

If you make it out of this alive, you'll be rewarded financially. Not to mention the praise you'll receive from the scientific community as a whole for the betterment of mankind, and the world as a whole.

The "Present" you receive once you start the game will permanently be your own, even after the game is completed, what you do with it is completely up to you.

Things To Know:


Every player receives a Keshi along with their present, it is a futuristic looking gun that looks like it'd be more suitable for laser tag than actual combat. Though, the Keshi's purpose is not for combat at all but rather to erase. The Keshi is used as as a protective device for players to reinforce their anonymity, being able to erase almost any evidence they leave behind. Leave the corpse of an enemy behind? Do the final disrespect by literally deleting their body.

-Present Types-

There are 4 recorded types of presents.

There's the 'Item' present which gives the player an item unique to them, this item may be capable of doing things such as shooting a fireball or turning concrete into water. Sometimes these presents can be a pair of items, or a set, this usually doesn't work for 'uniquely separate' items but rather for ones that belong together. Sword & Shield, Suit of Armor, etc.

There's the 'Evolve' present which will cause some sort of metamorphosis within the player changing something about their body, allowing them to sprout wings out of their back or suck the blood out of their enemies for nourishment.

There's the "Knowledge" present which will gift the player with information that was once thought to be fantasy. For example, a player might be granted the names and incantations of spells from Arthurian Legends, or the instructions on a Ritual to summon a large menacing creature.

And Finally there's the "Mystery" present which grant the player a present at random. The players who are chosen for this type of present are picked out of a list of names within a hat, those unfortunate 'or fortunate' souls are usually picked off first. However, there are rare occasions when these lottery contestants will get substantial outcomes, like two presents!


These are your main objectives in KG. Think, long term goals that you'll gradually build towards throughout your time playing.

[*] Killscore: This is a recorded number of kills you are known to have succeeded in enacting upon enemies and fellow players. After every 10 kills you'll gain a Title case sensitive to your most notable kill.

[*] Truth Meter: This is a small meter that'll show you how far along in total progress you've gotten throughout the game. No one's ever maxed it out yet.

[*] Accolades: Below your Killscore is an extendable list of notable achievements you've earned while playing. Some are listed, while others are hidden until earned.

[*] Enemy Headlist: Enemies are not necessarily players, but they are part of KG. Where they came from and who they are is undisclosed, but the fact remains that they will identify in the game's interface for rewards on meeting their bounty.

[*] Player Headlist: Players who excessively use their ability to PvP land their name on this list. Full of actual players, these are known PvPers whom have made a name for themselves in a negative way. Bounty on these players usually have higher rewards than Enemies, however the risk is greatly higher.


Operators are the people that keep the game up and running. They're in charge of assisting you when you're eligible for it, keeping you informed on everything going on, and babysitting you at all hours of the day. Most players are assigned a single, personal operator to monitor them, though there are special individuals who need several.

* Players *

Taking part in KG is a lot more simple than you'd think. While you won't be living a normal life, that's not so say you won't be able to continue it on as normal. You'll be able to attend your day job, or high school classes without an operator telling you not to. You will however be required to live a double life if you do, scheduling at least an hour of your day minimum to the game.

There are participants in almost every major city, while the most populated countries with players are the U.K, U.S.A, and Japan. If you are enlisted as a player and live in a remote location, your Operator will advise you to relocate to a populated metropolitan area due to the risk of inactivity. The Operator will take care of the living arrangements, daily income, and other details if you are not capable of them on your own.

* Character Sheet *

"Format as you please."

Appearance: Anime\Artwork
What's special about you?

Present Name:
What does it look Iike?
Abilities: What does it do, or make you do?
Weaknesses: Everything has one.

Example CS


Calen V. Brumweld
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: <Personality Description>
Calen is a cold, ruthless individual who's been a information broken for several years. His knowledge of how the Underworld works, what pays off, and what risks are worth taking in the game.

Equipment: Beretta M9, Butterfly Knife, 3 Flash Grenades, 5 Wolves.

Present Name: The Pack
Type: Evolve
Description: While it doesn't make Calen look any different than your average individual, his present had bound him with a pack of Wolves whom see him as their leader.
Abilities: Calen has complete dominion over his wolves and each are individually loyal and willing to assist him in whatever he asks. Furthermore, he may also communicate with them and has partially shared telepathy with them. Calen's senses and body were also strengthened with this present.

Weaknesses: Once all of Calen's wolves have been executed, he's just a slightly stronger man with a plethora of resources.
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Jack Atwood

He is not actually covered in red rope.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Under most circumstances, he is analytical and articulate. Unfortunately his situation has made him extremely paranoid. He's not likely to take a risk that can cost his life... other than joining the game of course. He's slow to trust, and slower to forgive. He avoids everyone he can, even during non-pvp hours. Has a simple rule with other people; help him, and he'll help you. Talking with others, he can seem cold and sarcastic, being quick to say what is on his mind.
Traits: He tries to avoid combat when he can, preferring stealth. He always tries to pick the best gear for the mission, and if he has to bring a living person down, he can follow them all day if he needs to, and can go without sleep for days at a time. He doesn't try to make a facade of a normal life, choosing to spend his free time scouting out threats. This lifestyle is not physically or mentally healthy...
Equipment: Usually only his Present, but if he can loot something off of someone, he will.

Present Name: The Daedalus.
Type: Item
Description: A robotic gauntlet equipped with nano-machines that allow it to change shape.
Abilities: The amount he can use at a time is extremely limited, but here is the full arsenal.
Ranged Combat Funtions: The gauntlet changes shape into an arm cannon, like from Metroid, or Megaman.
Shotgun: Fires a cone burst of hard light. More dangerous at close range.
Machine Gun: Fires rapid bursts of hard light. Effective at mid range.
Charge Round: Fires a single shot that explodes on impact. The longer it charges, the larger the explosion.

Melee Combat Functions: It takes the shape as described.
Sawblade: A circular sawblade extends from the end of the gauntlet.
Wristblade: A blade extends from the arm, similar to the predator wrist blade.

Tactical Funtions: Takes a cannon-like shape with a wide barrel.
Flashbang: Launches an energy ball that releases a bright flash and a loud noise. A flashbang.
Smokescreen: Launches a smoke grenade.
Chemical Cloud: Launches a poison smoke grenade.

Support Functions: Does not change shape. Capable through neural connection.
Pain relief: Shuts down his feeling of pain.
Adrenaline: Gives him a rush of energy.
Heartbeat monitor: Allows him to sense heartbeats.
Numbing: Shuts down his emotions such as fear and rage, allows him to focus.

Miscellaneous Functions: Turns into the specified shape.
Health Shot: Turns into a syringe, filled with a substance that causes rapid healing. He can use this on himself or others.
Hacker: Allows him to hack into various technology of course, it doesn't allow him to cheat at the game.

Passive Functions: Basic abilities that don't take up an ability slot.
Camera: Camera at the end of the device. It connects to his nervous system and improves his aim.
Phone Charger: Self explanatory.
Explosive device: It will blow him up if he gets a Death Level Infraction.
Keshi Function: It's convenient.
Self Repair: Self explanatory, can repair critical damage in roughly thirty minutes.

Weaknesses: He can only pick three at a time. Additionally, if he overuses it, for example, fires too many machine gun shots... he will receive an electric shock... at long range, this isn't too bad, but with an enemy closing in fast... this can be a death sentence.

This was difficult to format. And I'm not sure how well I did.


Here's my character sheet: just say if you think anything needs adjusting!

Name: Maria “Spider” Blakeson
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Appearance: A fairly noticeable trait she posses is her pretty impressive 6’3” height. Her most notable feature, however, is the pretty intense dark rings under her grey-green eyes: combine this with her drooping eyelids, and you have an extremely tired looking individual. The look is ‘completed’ by a rather messy ponytail that largely fails to keep her below-the-shoulder, pale blonde hair under control. The signs of aging are also beginning to take their effect in her well creased brow and drawn expression, and her adverseness to make up or cosmetics only make it more obvious. While not exactly unattractive, she has very little going for her. Though, she doesn’t really worry about that sort of thing.
In terms of dress, she’s fond of padded semi-long coats, cargo pants with plenty of pockets, and comfy boots. In fact, “comfy” is a pretty good way to sum up her entire wardrobe.
Personality: In one word: exhausted. Due to a fairly extensive insomnia problem, Maria is very rarely well rested, and it’s even rarer she’s in good spirits. While she ultimately has her heart in the right place, this trait does cause her to speak somewhat bluntly at times, and she has a bad habit of resting her eyes in the oddest spots. While not exactly heartless, she rates her own needs above most others, making her pretty selfish; her niece Anna is the only exception to this.
- Light Snoozer: Despite her tendency to nap and sleep around, she can awaken in a second if her life is in danger.
- Adrenaline Compensation: The rush of combat will awaken her from her normal sluggish movements, though not entirely.
- ‘All for you’: Her niece is pretty much her only surviving family, and the reason she entered the game. The thought of her alone is often enough to push Maria into doing her best.
- Blunt Tongue: She’s not going to be winning friends with wit anytime soon.
- Miss the specific: She’s pretty prone to missing the small/specific details, even if they’re fairly important. This can also mean she’s slightly easier to fool.
Equipment: Along with her Present and Keshi, she always carries a long case with sturdy straps to store her Present in (and to hide it from the eyes of the public). The case’s straps can either be worn like a backpack, or a strapped across her chest so the case rests under one of her arms.
She’s also never very far from her faded green semi-long coat since (according to her) it’s thick padding and fur lined hood and shoulders make for a good improvised pillow or quilt.

Present name: “Laid Low by Gossamer.” (or Gossamer for short)
Type: Item
Description: On the surface it appears to be a worn bō staff, however when activated it can take the form of any pole arm or long shafted weaponry.
While its normal state is quite plain, any transformed state uses polished white-oak, and any blades involved are made of fine steel.
- Shifting States (pole arms): Sticking the butt of the staff against the ground and focusing on a type of long shafted weapon will transform Gossamer into that weapon in the blink of an eye. It can ONLY transform into a type of pole arm, and cannot extend or retract its size beyond the standard of the chosen weapon.
- Assisted Competency: Gossamer focuses the potential of its wielder to make them even more deadly while using it. This power is entirely dependent on the user: while it can make an untrained fighter have a chance, one must still train and practice if they wish to achieve its true power.
- Leaping Arachne: While wielding the staff, one’s ability to jump and leap is extended greatly, allowing a person to jump 20 feet in any direction, even multiple times in a row if the wielder is concentrating.
- Strengths/abilities are only present when the weapon is actually being wielded: if the weapon is not in your hands, the effects don’t take place.
- While any blade it creates will be uncommonly sharp, Gossamer’s blades are not supernatural, and can’t cleave through anything a normal blade couldn’t cut.
- Any damage a singular form takes will need time to repair. While Gossamer will do this by itself, that form won’t be useable for a solid few days.
- One cannot change their direction after jumping: this makes it slightly risky to jump full frontal against enemies, and one will be vulnerable while in the air. This is in addition to the fact the situation could change while you are jumping, meaning you have to land before anything else.


Sooo, any lurkers out there currently working on their sheets or something?
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