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Little green people who's sole focus in life seems to be based around launching rockets, crashing rockets and experimenting with, in and around said rockets. These little green people are the Kerbals from planet Kerban. In this world you are the lead of the Kerbal Space Program, designing both rockets and planes. Working against the very forces of all physics, you can slowly expand your project a few thousand meters up into the atmosphere, experiencing both the thrill and challenge of experimenting with aeronautics and rocketry, fine tuning propulsion systems and aerodynamics, slowly perfecting your craft in the art of hurtling little green men in pods into sub-orbit, full orbit, the Mun (yes, the Mun) and various other planets.

A fun game which requires little skill at first to understand the basics, but presents a unique challenge to perfect those skills and successfully launch Kerbans, satellites, space stations and more around the local cluster of planets in a fully explorable solar system. Going on interplanetary missions to scout the surface of alien heavenly bodies, perform experiments in quite a number of ways in orbit, sub-orbit and on the surface of alien worlds.

You can find out more about the Kerbal Space program here on their official website and here on the official Reddit page.

If you like experimenting and the thrill of propelling yourself into space (and crashing numerous times) then this game is certainly worth looking into! Still receiving occasional updates which have made wonderful changes to the game, adding in sandbox, science and career modes to further expand on the challenges and possibilities.
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Been playing since WAY back when it was just Kerbin and Mun floating on a crappy repetitive skybox. Squad sure made the game into something far bigger.

Nothing's quite as exhilarating as worrying as losing a Kerbal in a space plane in extremely low Munar orbit. Rushing to get a suitable rescue vehicle built. Then FLOORING IT ACROSS THE GULFS OF SPACE to rescue them before their orbit decays and they bounce off of a mountain peak.
This game has come so far. I am still utter crap at it though.
You talked about KSP but not Danny!? ;A;


So I feel fairly proud of myself, having launched eight probes into stable orbit around Kerbal, landing on the moon and exploring the lunar surface and managing to fling to probes about 40K Meters from the Suns surface while travelling over 32K m/s. . . . holyshit that was one hell of a ride.


But I have to say, you have to apply some serious thought into launch conditions, orbital patterns and a fair amount of mathematics. Just a few degrees off during launch and you end up spending nearly 30% more fuel just to achieve stable orbit. Ugh. Trial and error have been monstrous. Though I've finally created a modest and affordable four stage rocket which achieves escape velocity and orbit with a fantastic 9/10. Whereas the 1/10... well, lets just say I found in this model it's a really bad idea to tip past five degrees before I hit roughly 30K Meters above the planet. Why? A rather expensive fire works show, roughly 43K Kerbals ($).

At the moment however, Jeb Kerban is currently trapped in a steady, but slowly declining orbit after botching a re-entry. I was coming in for an attempt at a slower decent and was ready to fire retrograde and drop my speed from about 2.8K m/s down to an acceptable 1.2K m/s. Well, somewhere in between 70 - 50K Meters above sea level I'd miscalculated my energy usage and had a very shallow dive ready into the atmosphere, it's projected apoapsis hardly 1K Meters, that being the case if I hadn't botched the re-entry, I would have slowly descended nice and neat. ...well, as I said, the power drained out and I was left with a ship half cocked to the side, any designs and parts to dissipate heat and friction were exposed, as was the main fuselage. Now this is when it got weird. My speed was building like crazy, actually pushing the 3K m/s in atmosphere, at those speeds the atmosphere would normally start disintegrating the ship. However due to my odd angle, as the speed built my orbit became oblong and my lowest point bottomed out at a rough 10K Meters above the surface, which is ridiculously low for a vehicle remaining in orbit.

It was right around that 10K mark, my ship split into numerous parts, the main fuselage which housed my two scientists became detached from its engine and majority of the fuel, the auto guidance AI on-board must have fried at one point and the main housing went spinning back off into the atmosphere, magically putting itself into a stable but slowly shrinking orbit. Eventually, Jeb will die if I don't do something. However, the docking port is still very much intact and some solar panels survived, allowing a minor amount of control over the housing with some sustained power.

So yeah. I'm off to go rescue Jeb. . . . this is going to probably end badly.
Very very badly.
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