Kepler: Starbound Predecessors

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Someone please help me make a plot for a setting in which humans finally manage to visit Kepler-452b, a planet larger, older, and similar to Earth (actual discovery), only to find the planet inhabited by humanoids similar to humans- including genetically. Actually the similarities were so great it warranted a scientific investigation, leading to the discovery that "Keplarans" and "Terrans" originated from the same ancient race, each society re-founding the other as they perfect space travel, discover the sister planet, and colonize only to have homeworld fuck up big time and leave the colonists to start over on their new home, cycling over and over. This time, however, both societies exist simultaneously, and now each subrace of humans are working to wage war on the other, to show who is the superior human.

I can build the world, I just suck at making plotlines. Anyone care to help with either task?
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