Kenka Kenka!!: Delinquent Tales from Tokyo

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  1. Garou High is often seen as your semi-average high school that strives to produce high test scores and quality education. Aside from this, the students themselves and only a few teachers see another side to it all: The gangs, the street fights, the territory control. The modified school uniforms and hair-do's sported by some of the students...

    It holds a legacy as the place where the fiercest of fighting folks have risen. From the legends of Takashi Hongo, the second year student who wrestled a shark, the all-girls Waterfowls gang, known for their jumping power, and mystifying ability to run on water. Many stories have been written down in the notebooks of infamy, of gargantuan strength, lightning movements, feats of sheer durability, and for some, honed combat skill.

    Genji Futaba, a graduated student once said that a student who knew how to use their fists properly, in whatever way they found best, whether it be through street fighting or a martial art, with all the training and all the dedication, could find themselves achieving what so few other delinquents could ever accomplish. And this was from the man who once led one of the mightiest Bancho Unions around, uniting all under his firm, yet fair command. A seasoned martial artist and educated scholar, he ushered in a great period of prosperity for all, granting safety to non-yankii.

    Until he graduated, that is.

    Now, Garou not only needs to grow strong again. But it must stand tall, and together against the schools which rival it...


    Daylight shined somewhat onto the alleyway. Sitting atop a wall which led to a set of stairs down into a barber shop was a figure clad in a dark blue gakuran uniform, though modified to have a much longer coat. In his hands was the halfway cut cap which covered the front of his wild and slightly bushy hair, as he stared off to his right, his lean, yet fit athletic body was relaxed now, and hiding its true height of 5,9 for the sixteen year old.

    Stephen Herminski. Now there's a name you don't often hear on the streets of Tokyo. But then you have to hear this much: He's here on the account his uncle and current caretaker had gotten a major job here. And he had to grow accustomed to this until he graduated high school. Learning the language was a chore at first, but now, he seemed to be able to get around fairly well. And where his words could not move the weight of mountains, his fists would shatter them into dust. This was a system followed by many in this area, what with all the gang violence and such, as far as all-out beat-downs were concerned.

    But for now, he munched away on the contents of the white paper bag that held his lunch, which consisted of a sandwich and several assorted snacks he wanted to try out...


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    Garou High was like most other schools, just with violence. It had its nerds, its jocks, and its fair share of delinquents. It was almost a normal high school. And like all high schools, it had that one girl whom most of the guys wanted to go out with but couldn't. But this one didn't just reject them. It was no rumor that if a guy asked her out, they would leave with at least two bruises and either a black eye or a bloody nose.

    This girl, Hiryu Kurosawa, was a selective fighter. She would beat up those who would ask her out, but only so that they didn't come running back after they had rejected her. Plus it was a fun. The only other times she fought was defending herself against a gang, which she easily did. Whole groups would be found lying on the ground in pain from her wrath. She had learned it was beat up others or be beat up her first week of school, and her weekly martial arts classes certainly helped.

    She was currently walking through town, her bag slung over her shoulder and a skateboard under her feet. She looked around as she rode along, always keeping on high alert. She had a small reputation, but gangs would gang up on her anyway when she was alone. They always beat down a threat before it could rise up. Lucky for her, no one came out of the shadows. She passed by someone in an alleyway, but ignored them.
  3. Tatsuke Michiko: ShortHair.jpg Tatsuke Tohru: Mello-anime-guys-3596777-500-333.jpg

    The sun beat down on Tohru's helmet as he rode through the city on his hot red moped, the destination set nowhere in particular. His uniform's front was left open to blow casually in the wind. The uniform meant less to him than the school itself did. Garou had held a reputation for being a troublesome school and he had not wanted to go but his parents loved it so that's where he and Michiko ended up. He quickly learned the ropes for her sake, to keep her from getting into fights so that she could focus on her studies, but then he had forgotten it was Michiko. She too had learned the ropes and had been fighting frequently, in between study time.

    Michiko had managed a little reputation for herself as a deadly little moyashi. She was short and that's what got her so much attention but they learned quickly enough that she could go a few rounds with the best of them. Tohru started sticking around school more often to keep his little sister out of fights and thus they were branded a duo. You mess with one Tatsuke, you get the other. Michiko started carrying around a Aiki-jo which didn't help the situation much either. The fighting only got worse with challenges during lunch and after school, so he had to distance himself from her. They seemed much less interested in fighting only one Tatsuke.

    Tohru's style was a somewhat reckless street style, as was Michiko's, but it got the job done. They hadn't grown up with violence but Garou tended to bring out that animal survival instinct. It was either eat or be eaten. Tohru rode up to the front of the school to wait for Michiko. She always stayed until lunch- she hated the food- then went out with her brother to ride around the city. She always thought his moped was a little lame, but never dared to say it. He loved the thing. Tohru handed over his helmet and she reluctantly put it on before getting on. They rode off at half speed, Michiko looking back as they passed a girl on a skateboard.
  4. The wrappers fell to the ground. Following them was the form of Stephen, or as he preferred to be called, Daft. The young man himself had a couple of nicknames from his days back stateside. He turned his head slightly at the earlier skater who had passed by him, catching the girl as she rolled off, while he himself slipped his left hand into his pants pocket, before crouching down to pick up the wrappers.

    At least, he would have collected his litter if not for the uniform shoes which had connected with his head, sending him to the ground, a foot or two away even.


    It was a disgusting, and most offending sound. And it came from a fellow who was wearing a large coat over a soccer/football uniform, dirtied with dirt and grass stains alike. He was definitely fit, and with him he carried a soccer ball, one which he was well prepared to launch much like a cannon if Daft decided to get up, or cry for help. It was rather clear now that this delinquent had no desire to have any witnesses for some malicious act...

    "Yo, boys!" Called out the soccer snake, as what appeared to be a pair of similar goons equipped with uniforms under coats came in. "Another point for the Rejected Players!"

    The first of the two was dressed in a baseball uniform, right down to a helmet. His outfit was just as dirty.

    "Awh Sweet!" Snorted the baseball brat. "Snagged us these so-called 'candidates' for the sissy ass gymnastics division. They were just about to climb a fuckin' tree and kiss or some shit!"

    The second of the two additional yanki appeared to be a female volleyball player. In terms of looks, she would appear to be a rather beautiful young lady, with meat on her bones. But if one paid close attention, that extra meat would in fact have been a bit of muscle she'd been working on after training to her limits in order to impress the coach for tryouts, for volleyball and her back ups, basketball and swimming.

    "This is the ass who denied my love!" Went the vandal volleyball player. "I confessed to him today and he ran for it!"

    "Let's show 'em who the REAL players are then!" Exclaimed the baseball player, brandishing a wooden bat with several dozen forged signatures.

    Of course, they neglected to notice that there was a figure rising from off the ground to face the soccer player, a bit blood pouring down his forehead. The pain, as minor as it had been, was still pain in the end, and it stung like hell. Daft of course, had to give them a game.

    A game of death, that is.


    He adjusted his hat, and took the soccer player from behind by wrapping his arms around the waist of his attacker, and using a suplex to toss him away. Daft was still a bit shaky from the strike to his skull, but he was well prepared to carefully take on the other two, no longer possessing the element of surprise. He took both his large fists, and cracked his knuckles, eliciting a great sound which seemingly silenced all others, as he advanced on the two with a simple fighting stance, like that of kickboxing, then charging in and attacking both, a few other would-be athletes coming in to assist, Daft realizing quickly that the odds were now well against him.
  5. A loud whooping sound came from the roof above and a skateboard landed on a guy's head, knocking him out. The skateboard was followed by a figure landing on it and picking up the object, quickly swinging it and knocking out two others. The figure was a girl, her eyes excited and a grin on her face from the adrenaline of this kind of battle. She let out a small warcry and quickly began attacking every attacker that got into the range of her skateboard's swing. A sadistic laughter soon came from her and she dashed towards several people, spinning and getting out two more people. She looked back to Daft, a large grin on her face. "Nice gang you've gathered!"

    It was then that she went into a frenzy, hitting and knocking out person after person. She rarely went into this kind of frenzy, being that she really only wanted to protect people from the unnecessary bullying. But she had gone into a frenzy now, and so she would knock out as many people as were in range but not truly killing them. She had a moral to not kill without reason. She reached the volleyball player and hit her right on the head, knocking out the person that had initiated the fight.
  6. Daft blinked once when he watched the wooden board begin to chain hits on various members of the opposing gang. Immediately he made a mental note to actively avoid this girl if he could, unsure of her current stability. However, she was managing to put these posers in their place, and with the loss of blood making him woozy, if the pain of the wound itself was now oh so minor, he would have been well jumped by now, and ended up giving himself a bad name as that 'stupid american kid' or something.

    He charged forwards with a front kick, sending a fellow into a gathering of the fools, before taking on several of them to try and keep a good distance to Hiryu, hoping that by closing the distance, he could prevent the two of them from being overwhelmed immediately, Daft throwing out more blocks than strikes now, before attempting to change that by rapid-firing bursts of hand strikes and kicks, as well as a few knees.

    "Oi Oi!" Grumbled Daft, turning his head slightly to the girl who had come to his aid. "We've gotta find a way to handle everyone here before they tire us out!"
  7. They had gone about a block away by now. Tohru's moped gave off a low grumble as he turned another corner. Despite all the sounds around her, Michiko could have sworn she heard the tell-tale sounds of a fight. "I think there's a fight going on somewhere," she shouted over the wind. When he didn't say anything she went on, "I saw a bunch of people all going in the same direction about a block ago. What if someone's getting jumped?" Tohru shook his head and slowed into a turn. He glanced back at his little sister, somewhat annoyed, but went back until he too could hear the sounds of a scuffle. Michiko whipped out her Aiki-jo as Tohru stopped a few feet away. He was not about to risk a single scratch on his moped. Michiko took off the helmet and gave it to him then went running into the mess.

    Tohru parked then went in after her. Obviously, she was just here for the fight. She swung her weapon with a certain strength one was almost guaranteed to see in a kendo match but without the accuracy. She was no sports girl. Tohru went in throwing dire punches behind her swings. He always went for the gut or side to get them off guard then a smash to the face usually finished them off. Some of them went down easily, others needed a little extra which came by wrath of Michiko. There were so many of them and Tohru felt his arms growing tired and his fists burned with each new impact. This was looking bad.

    "Geez! I wonder who did what to tick these guys off!" Michiko shouted as she caught somebody in the back of the legs then smacked him on top of the head. "This is one of the biggest fights I've ever seen!"

    "Don't complain now, you made me turn around," Tohru shouted back, slamming the back of his fist into another one's face. "Baka!"

    They didn't even know who it was they were attempting to help out. Did they deserve it? Was it really only one person? Gang attacks were inevitable around here so whoever they were were either foreign or stupid.
  8. Kōkei Satsuei was a rather lazy individual in fact if it weren't for his over bearing and brash elder adoptive sister, who acted as his pseudo-mother due to his real parents death during his childhood, he wouldn't even bother rolling his ass out of bed to go to school. He was 18, dark skinned and his hair a mess of shaggy white hair which draped down to cover his left eye. His eyes were a dull silver color however they tend to brighten up depending on his mood. He was 6'1 and possessed an athletic build comprised of decent and well toned muscles. He didn't particularly enjoy conflict, which is why he often scuffled his way out of the house before his sister chewed him out, but was not foreign to it either thanks to the town he lived in which was chock full of people itching to bash your face in. To compensate for his disinterest in fighting and his need to survive in such a hostile city he had mastered a fairly unique style of martial arts and kenjutsu. This had earned him quite the reputation, for being incredibly lazy, lethargic and uninterested in fights yet nigh undefeated in any brawl he'd ever participated in. He was a third year, senior at Gaoru High and despite its violent nature he had managed to get through the 3 years in one peace by heading to school and sleeping the day away, staying true to his lazy nature by avoiding fights if at all possible which was a fairly difficult task. He had particularly taken an interest in engineering and mechanics, his hobbies consisted of tinkering and crafting all sorts of gadgets in his spare time having made some unique inventions of his own.

    As the day began Kōkei would remain in bed long after his alarm blared on to rouse him from his slumber. His sister, Kanari Satsuei loomed over him angrily. Her arms folded under breasts and her eyes closed, her eyebrow twitching as a result of her building frustration. "Wake lazy bum!" This was quickly followed by her kicking him comically out of bed with her foot. Kanari was a loving sister despite her abuse and went through great lengths to make sure Kōkei had a decent life. But interestingly enough her violent nature and incredible strength came from her graduation from Gaoru high and her heading of the all female gang the known as the Shock Pistols. But back to the main character, having been abruptly woken up, Kōkei went about his daily routine with a stretch and a yawn. After about 20 min of preparation, most of which was spent halfway completing a task, falling asleep and being beaten awake by his sister, affectionately called Ka-chan (otherwise he'd be met by one of her signature piledrivers) he had finally gotten showered, dressed, and ready for school. His attire consisted of a black sleeveless vest which was high collared, stopping just below the chin which was worn open to reveal his collarbone and upper chest. On the back of his vest resided a large white kanji which spelled out his title: Shine Magnum. Under his vest he wore a black muscle shirt for comforts sake and on his right arm resided a black tattoo of a large circle surrounded by triangles resembling a black sun. His lower body was covered by a pair of black baggy warm up pants which ended in a pair of black sandals.Making his way through the kitchen to grab a quick bite of breakfast and then out the door, he stopped short as if in deep thought. Turning around towards the house he would speak in a rather languid manner, "Oi, Ka-chan I think I forgot my b- Oomph!" Before he could finish his sentence was struck in the face by his bag followed by a long and thin duffle carrying case used to house his weapon; both of which would knock him to the floor. Raising his hand weakly he would wave a thank you to his sister before making his way to school.

    His bag slung over his shoulder and his weapon case secured to his back he made his way past an alleyway in which the sounds of a rather large brawl were occurring. Peeking his head around the corner he spotted all the participants. Of them a large man shelling out a series of lightning quick attacks, a woman flinging her skateboard about, and two twins taking on their fair share of opponents. Cocking an eyebrow and sighing deeply he attempted to make his way past the crowd as more belligerents made their way onto the scene. He secluded a hand to his pocket while his other rubbed the back of his head, running his fingers through his hair. “ Geez a fight so early in th- Oof!” He was once again cut off, this time by a group of the same gang of people the other folks were fighting back. Stumbling back a bit in surprise he motioned to apologize but the expression on their faces proved that it was too late for that. “Uh...good morning guys?” Things were about to go south real soon..
  9. Tohru was getting more and more tired by the minute. He didn't have an athlete's body or strength and dishing out such intense blows was wearing on him. Two of the gang members jumped him as he took to long to recover from punching out another one of their members and knocked him to the ground. He threw up his hands to shield his face as other members crowded around and started kicked and stomping on him. Michiko slapped her aiki-jo into a gang members face then spun around to see the small crowd gathered in one place. She looked around for her big brother. "Niisan! Niisan!!" She turned back to the small crowd and gripped her aiki-jo. "Niisan!" She swung for the back of knees, heads and necks, collapsing the crowd half way before someone grabbed her from behind. "Niisan get up!!"

    Tohru shoved back the foot that rammed in for his face then fought his way back to standing. "Let go of my sister!" He let loose a fury of punches, taking out guys left and right without blinking. The guys holding Michiko panicked and pushed her forward at him then ran. She ran after them, flooring others in her wake, and made sure to knock them both out in the most painful way possible. A sort of clearing had been made between the efforts of the girl wailing on them with her skateboard they had only recently been able to see and the guy with her. Tohru wiped the blood from his lips and looked at his sister. She looked past him at the tall, dark skinned boy who had unwittingly joined the fight.