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    五郎入道正宗 !
    Vol. 1
    A New Dawn

    The sun was nearing its end and just as if it seemed like a few minutes turned into a full day for those under the holy teachings of the Kami sureiyā. It wasn't a exciting fun filled day for the students, as always they trained with armed combat and some unarmed and everyone had their 3 meals like any other normal individual. The teachings was nearing a complete close as the Kami sureiyā speak their final words before dismissing the students for slumber. A nostalgia washed over the faces of the Kami children, it seemed like it was just yesterday that they all lost their father in a gory mess of what would be seen as merciless betrayal.. and although nearly everyone forgave Yamata the image replayed in their minds to which eventually one of them would have to let loose. Some argue of the reason and others merely brush it off on the outside but truly no one has yet to move on.
    In the morning it was announced that a yearly tournament would be held for all remaining temples. This tournament is named the ''Sensō'' Tournament due to its origins, it was said that this style of game derived from the first masamune whom named it ''Sensō'' due to the massive amount of conflict it would deliver to the body. However now it is used to test the will and skill of many warriors for a first place prize, A special magatama said to have been created by the father of the world himself! This tournament prize was a ''Shinka'' magatama, a rare item that grants the power to evolve ones steel friend! This tournament was also announced to be blocked off from the outside due to recent news of a murderer in the near city of Edo, it was rare to see such bad behavior from the regular humans due to the outbreak of Yokai, however for some reason someone decided to follow under the footsteps of them. This mysterious killer has yet to be caught or even identified by anyone for everyone that has seen this person has died. The official army of japan has been informed of this problem and has yet to send help, however news has reached the temples although they have yet to all come to agreement to help.
    Currently.. everyone has a seat around their selective Kami sureiyā, inside the temple the moons light can be seen shining through the very thin windows and shadows reflect upon the paper thin walls and sliding doors of each temple. It is about time that your Kami sureiyā dismisses you but before that they have many things to discuss with you so you sit eager to hear what they have to say.

    The Shinka Magatama !

    The Sensō Tournament Dojo !

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  2. Xian Mei had tried to imagine just what it had been like. The kicking. The screaming. The blood flying and coating every available surface... She only wished she had been the one to plunge the blade into the man. However, it wasn't her that had gotten this pleasure. It was Yamata. While she knew that she couldn't speak out against her master, she also knew just how badly she wanted to shout at him for not at least telling her so she could sneak in and watch. That was all she wanted. To watch. Everyone knew just how freakishly obsessed she was with this sort of thing. Why wasn't she allowed to partake in it? No matter. They must have had their reasons. Perhaps it was her Chinese heritage. The bad blood between their two people was ancient and ran as deep as the canyons. She could imagine that would get her a few points deducted, in terms of favor.

    She now sat, waiting for her lord to finish for the day so that she could partake in the moonlight more directly. The night was beautiful, and she had very little time to bask in beauty. Instead, she was with four others. She had no real reason to hate any of them. She hadn't seen much of them, for whatever reason. Either they had heard about her past or they simply didn't wish to speak with the woman with a lust for blood. Either way, she sat there, devoid of any expression but a quiet concern for her lord as he spoke. There was concern for the others, as well. No telling how this tournament would go, and even less telling how their temple would get away unscathed by... recent events.
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  3. Striving For Perfection
    Kumo Hiryu
    Volume 1 The Shinka Magatama !
    "Remember Kumo, you are my student and son, you will achieve nothing less than perfect! I will not love someone who's a disappointment."

    "I understand father, I will not fail you!"

    Kumo remembered his father's final words before parting away and becoming a member of the Temple of Yamata no Orochi. There he began training under his new master, the God Slayer Orochi, where he taught him and others members of the Temple. Kumo was excited to hear the yearly tournament was happening very soon, which is the reason his faction is currently in the Temple of the Moon Light. Kumo also heard the prize to be the legendary item, The Shinka Magatama!

    If Kumo is able to triumph over the others he could evolve his Tanto into a powerful Kodachi. Being able to achieve this would set his goal on becoming a God Slayer closer to reach.

    "Xian, Io, Hotaru, the others there will most likely be as dangerous as us, we'll probably not. Anyway, we need to be at our best, so be nothing but perfect against them."

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  4. "Children, silence. My brother is speaking. And once he's finished with his lecture, I have a small bit of advice To impart upon all of you, but only to you. The others will get some advice as well, but it's for them alone just like my advice to you is for you alone." Yamata no Orochi said with deceptive calmness and a piercing gaze. His eight bladed snake sword was wrapped in a pitch black cloth he was dressed in his usual outfit and the weapon was resting against his shoulder while the old man who looked like he was in his mid thirties smoked a long pipe his own snake fang tanto was tucked into his belt. What was the serpent of the north scheming? Could it be a plot to usurp his siblings' of their power? To assassinate them and claim the other legendary weapons? Who could say what thoughts were running around the god slayer's head. One could watch for enemies at the gate and completely overlook the snake hiding in the grass.
  5. Tsukuyomi had a warm smile on her face while she was on her knees, due to the shine of the full moon that lingered outside. The current mood of the moon God Slayer was lively and more outspoken than usual, almost naive in nature. She lightly took a sip of sake from a cup, delicate as if she were caring for a baby. The music and laughing from another part of the temple filled the room with echoes of the liveliness of the next room. Even though the moon's phase was making her borderline to childish, she still retained her mature and motherly nature. "How is everyone this lovely night?"

    Chohasu felt isolated was she glanced around the room full of blurred figures and talking. Even though she had a seat, she felt she was too far away from the moon woman. She wasn't alone with everyone from Tsukuyomi's faction around her, but she didn't feel entirely safe unless she could feel the moon woman by her side. She quickly stood out of panic and clung to Tsukuyomi closely. Chohasu slowly peered from behind Tsukuyomi as her curiosity told her to look. Everything was blurry to the girl, only about to make out outlines and silhouettes in the room.

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  6. Kusanagi was excited but he couldn't let the rest of the faction know that. He didn't know what was going to happen and the mystery of it was almost intoxicating. This is his competition. None of the other god slayer's followers seemed intimidating. While silently analyzing the other members Tsukuyomi asks "How is everyone this lovely night?" He simply bowed his head. He joined Tsukuyomi's temple so he will follow her advice, curious about the path where she will lead him and everyone else with the same task. Thinking about it doesn't help, there is no way to figure out what is going through a god slayers head. He will just have to wait and see where the moon and this women takes him. While gazing at the moon he awaits for her instructions.
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  7. Io Momochi

    Io sat silently With his back against the wall. His vacant eyes slowly scanning the room.
    “Why am I here?” He silently asked himself as His eyes fell back to Yamata Orochi for a moment as he pondered over the reason why Orochi would call for him.

    “A tournament?….how... uninteresting.” He said aloud as he contemplated choking Kumo With his own saliva. It wasn't that he disliked Kumo it was in fact the opposite

    “Kumo...what would you think if I said I wanted to choke you?” Io asked with his best attempt at a humorous tone of voice.

    Hearing Orochi speak Io went silent and listened..”What could he possibly have to tell us.” Io pondered as he looked at his peers.
  8. Hotaru

    ~ Hotaru Taguchi, Temple of Moonlight, Dusk ~

    If anybody asks, Hotaru is definitely alright. Her lips were in a straight line, her eyes relaxed and the rest of her face alert yet also content with it's position. The day is starting to diminish, the sun dropping and the moon rising. Upon hearing the news about the tournament, she felt that there was nothing to be weirded out over, that is until she actually arrived to the dojo in which it would take place.
    The only thing that should be worrying, if at all, would be the fact that some of the other temples might not be on of terms with hers now. Then again, she barely knew about the relationships between the houses in the first place, minus the fact that all of the current God-slayers were raised by the same man.

    If there was one thing that was worth being creeped out over, it would definitely be the crowd. Hotaru casually looked around, noticing how most of the people from the other temples were older than her, and probably much more experienced because of that fact. Though it's not like she had to worry, after all her fellow comrade just said that none of them were too powerful, although he was expecting the concept of perfection out of everybody (if there even is such a thing).
    Turning her head towards him, the green-haired girl gave him a small smile, politely nodding her head in acknowledgement of what he had said. That should be enough to satisfy him...hopefully, she thought, returning her attention back to the God Slayer who was currently talking to the small group. It felt nice, being talked to like a person, compared to the time before the girl came to the temple. Closing her eyes for a second, she listened as Io jested Kuma.

    Either way, this was going to be a long night, she could just tell.

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  9. In the Izanami compound. Currently cleaning the main hallway.

    A loud sigh echoed throughout the hallways of the Izanami compound as a younger Tanto was lazily mopping up the floors. "This is so boring. I can't believe i gotta clean on such a nice day." Kei looked out among the scenery, he saw the sun shine though Sakura trees and decided he couldn't spend the day cleaning. He stretched his arms and fell back against the fine wooden floors. he hit the floor with a thud and stretched out like a cat in the sun yawning loudly. Kei stuck his arm out and watched as the dust particles floated around his fingers. As he watched, he remembered all of the little faces he used to see everyday laughing and smiling.

    Kei clenched his fist tight as if to squash any unpleasant memories trying to enter his mind. He dropped his hand and tucked both arms underneath his head and looked up at the ceiling. "I'm ready to test my skills, if only i got some sort of opportunity." He groaned and turned onto his side closing his eyes.
  10. "...Yep... Can't possibly clean on such a day. Nope, that'd be damned-near blasphemous... So instead, I shall both honor my Mistress as well as take advantage of such a nice day and... sleep."

    Unfortunately for the adolescent not much older than Takaze himself, his attempt to slack off and get some shut eye was short-lived. Soon after closing his eyes, he would find something tapping him lightly on the forehead accompanied by the previously stated monologue of Kei's actions and thought process. Honestly, it was amazing how adept the ex-noble was at stealth. It was simply very unfortuitous that this skill only presented itself when he wanted to bug or annoy someone. Not to mention that Takaze was being completely hypocritical considering he was the world-known master of slacking off and sleeping. Hell, some of the places he'd manage to doze off at were feats worthy of praise in and of itself.

    "Oh, poor Misses. How I pity her for having such a lazy follower."

    He hadn't been here long, yet still he already felt quite comfortable picking on the more notable members of the temple. Well, some of them. Izanami herself was among the first of his targets, largely for being the most notable person on the entire premises as well as, yes, for being a pretty lady, however she—Well, she got angry. Takaze didn't so much like her when she got angry. He, of course, didn't completely cease his teasings and flirtatious remarks, however he learned in the short time he has been here to moderate such comments so as to not get so much of a reaction out of her that he has to fear life. Another person of mention was the man the boy was currently pestering; much more of a kindred spirit than really anyone else in the temple, though that still didn't stop the ex-noble from pestering him too. He kind of reminded him of the poor kids he used to screw around with all those years back. There were a few others, mainly the more attractive women of the temple, that Takaze aggravated however he didn't currently see any of them yet.

    "Sheesh, if you're gonna laze around, at least take a few lessons from me so that you don't get caught so easily. When the Misses gets annoyed... Well, it's not very fun in all honesty."

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  11. KOJI IO

    Do you know what's going on??” He questioned the small ball of fluff in his arms,

    “No? Me either…” He added with a shrug after the small rabbit Rosh he walked around the Temple of the Moon's Pull. Failing to escape the feeling that he had forgot something he looked up at the moon and softly asked. "What was I suppose to do today?"

    “Wait…. wasn't…..oooo!!!” His voice shifting immediately as he remembered where he was suppose to be. The soft sounds of hurried feet upon stone beneath him filled the lads ears as he propelled his way through a soft curse escaping his mouth. “How did I forget this….” He questioned as he turned the corner, making his way to where the others would be. Hopefully Lady Tsukuyomi wouldn't be too upset with him, he thought to himself as he slowed to a stop before the hall.

    “Here goes..” He said with a hushed voice before opening the door and crept into the hall, the creaking of the door as it closed behind him filled him with dread.

    With His head low as he attempted to avoid drawing more attention to himself as he slide along the wall and sat down with a soft sigh.

    He sat the furthest away from Lady Tsukuyomi, hopeful that she hadn't noticed his botched attempt at a sneaky entrance.

    “How is everyone this lovely night?" He heard Lady Tsukuyomi ask and he desperately wanted to apologise to her for his tardiness, yet part of him told him it would be better if he just waited till she said something to him. So he simply bowed his head and remained silent...
  12. Striving For Perfection
    Kumo Hiryu
    Volume 1 The Shinka Magatama !
    "You know, it's hard to tell if you're joking sometimes."

    Kumo gave a smile and laughed quietly knowing it was a attempt at a joke by Io. He liked everyone in his faction, but Io was different from others, he felt a connection between the two. Kumo couldn't explain it but he felt like Io was truly his friend.

    "If you did, then shame on you."

    Kumo teased back at him by moving some shadows and pinning his arm down, rendering it useless to Io. He turned his head and nodded back at Hotaru giving her acknowledgment. When he heard his master he stopped messing around with Io and gave his arm back to his control.

    "My apologies master Orochi, please give us your words of wisdom to help demolish our enemies."

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  13. Izanami

    Izanami walked along the halls of her compound, fan in hand and always alert for anything out of the ordinary. Her footsteps were light on the wooden floor, almost inaudible and giving her the chance to sneak up on some of her students when she sees fit. The sun shown on her vary pale skin, setting off in contrast with her pitch black kimono. Turning down a hall, she found two of her students, lazing about on the ground. One of them, Takaze Kurotsuchi, was already notorious for slacking off on his duties so she wasn't surprised at that. But the other one, Kei Assaragi, was always doing his work to the letter and to suddenly slack off was unlike him. Walking over to the boys silently, the female immortal walked up behind Takaze and cleared her throat. "Takaze... Kei... why are you two slacking off today?" She asked, her voice soft and barely above a whisper, the bottom half of her face covered by her black fan and her dark eyes boring holes into the back of Takaze's head.

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  14. With the setting of the sun came the twilight, filling the sky with an assorted hue of colors that was always a pleasure to behold, especially with some sake. Seated on the porch, Tsujigiri gave a content sigh as a gentle breeze passed by, cooling the faint sheen of sweat accumulated throughout the days training and the chores he had recently completed. Placing his now empty sake dish aside, he lowered the mempo mask that usually covered his face once more. The swirling thoughts that were his recollection of the day's events grew warmer and fuzzy now that alcohol had been added in to the mix. Murders, tournaments, youkai, problems: all didn't really matter at the moment and he sought to savor that feeling.

    Faint sounds of voices reached him, originating from inside the temple; perhaps some sort of commotion was occurring? It wouldn't surprise him, as he considered just whom also resided here with him. One in particular was fond of getting a rise out of others, and if this commotion was worth its salt in entertainment value, that one would be involved. Rising from his seat, the masked ronin entered the temple, hoping to get some amusement from this.
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    Temple of Eternal Flane
    Iha Usami's Full Profile

    "Ah~ What a good night," the fox lady sipped the warm tea held in her cold white hands. The flavor of both sweet and bitter occupied her mouth before running down to warm her whole body. She remembered it very clearly when the announcement of tournament reached her ears, making her slightly raised her sharp brow in question. A tournament? With special magatama as its prize? Hmm.... Iha was not fond of fighting, most use it to defend herself. She wanted to become stronger, yes indeed, but it didn't mean she wanted use her strength to show off. Also, it would hurt people and she didn't want to see both of her fellow students got hurt, especially Shinki whom she cared a lot. A light shake came from her head as she started to sip her tea again, "What a waste of a time..."

    After enjoying her night tea, Iha stood up, dusted her long red kimono, then walked back into the temple to attend some kind of meeting with her teacher, the one who had taught her lot of things about becoming a samurai. Never once she ever thought that she wanted to be a samurai, but then fate brought her to another surprise of her life. Life is sure full of surprises, isn't it?

    As Iha walked into the room assigned for the meeting, she took the front row where she could see Amaterasu, the God Slayer, much clearer than from the back row. She was glad that Amaterasu was such an attractive man, even though his personality could be a pain in the ass sometimes, she still could handle it... with gritted teeth and a long sigh. While waiting for him, she looked around to find another two that was supposed to be here as well, yet they were nowhere in sight, "Where are those two?"
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  16. Kei looked up from his afternoon cat nap to see a fellow Tanto, Takaze. Kei lifted his arm and proceeded to sway it back and forth in a gentle "shooing" motion. "Stupid Takaze, you forget the most important thing about that." Kei sat up and faced his companion, "what the mistress doesn't know won't hurt her."

    As Kei was about to lay back down a slight chill ran down his spine. He turned and faced Takaze once more just in time to hear the mistress finish her question. Kei stood up quickly and bowed. "Good morning Mistress." As Kei lowered his head he felt her gaze through Takaze. It was an intense feeling as if she was gazing at his very soul. As he raised his head he looked her eyes they were remarkable, like fine jems in the sunlight.

    Kei walked tword her moving Takaze behind him. He stood at attention, as he did his normal laid back, prankster attitude faded and was replaced with one of a proper Samurai student. "My apologies My Mistress as the senior student I take full responsibility for our incompetence." Kei bowed once more. "I will accept any punishment you deem necessary."

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  17. [BCOLOR=#800000]Muramasa Shinki-Temple of Eternal Flame- Interaction/Mentioned: @Edward, and @Azula[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Muramasa sat just outside the temple against a large pillar. It was just after he awoke. His tanto sat by his side as he looked around. He scratched the back of his head. "Huh, It seems I've fallen asleep." he took a long sigh. There was a slow heartbeat and he could hear the thudding as the blood rushed through his veins. 'guess I'm not dead yet.' Slightly moving his left arm he pushed himself up to sit up straight. His eye twitching a bit he brought his arm up and with a flick of his wrist he rubbed his eyes, getting the sleep out of his eyes. Pushing himself up with his arms then his legs, he got up and went inside.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Walking through the doors of the temple, he followed the corridors til he reached a specific door. Sliding the door open he lazily took a few steps in and looked around. He saw Iha and Amaterasu waiting. Quite casually he walked to the left side of the room and slumped himself against the wall, tanto in hand. "Yo" he said lazily.[/BCOLOR]​
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  18. The room was dark and rather empty for it was break and thus everyone was outside resting their muscles. The flames outside reflected a bright light through the crisp paper doorways barely illuminating the rooms and hallway leading to each room. The lack of light didn't bother Amaterasu, yes he was the god of flames and perhaps he was born on summer but ironically he thought of the dark as more of a quieter environment in conjunction to the bright sunshine during the day which he liked. It wasn't till he got older that he began to develop hard feeling for the night time and the quiet smoothness that carried along with it, at a younger age he could be described as a annoying hot head who got into trouble with his father many times but with maturity comes change and his experiences over the years helped him change into the man he is today. Amongst the darkness of the room he looked up and pondered about this, about everything he became to be and questioned his past transgressions. It was only when the split second before Iha opened the sliding door to the room that he second guessed himself about the tragic day of his father's death and how he could've possibly saved him. As Iha entered his daydreams snapped and caused him to reawaken, his head shook a bit and his eyes blinked twice before realizing that she entered. It would've been rude to not apologize, however he merely moved on and forgot about it hoping that Iha didn't notice something was off about him.

    He moved a tray full of candles, incense, and some sake in the floor in front of him hoping to clear the room of any stress that might have came from the announcement calling the tournament tomorrow morning. All at once the candle and the incense lit up without any match or pre-movement, this was the temple's skill after all. The incense smoke flowed out of the holes of the small bowl eventually filling the room with a slight but soothing strawberry smell and the candle which provided a nice after tone of raspberry. These smelly materials were self crafted with alchemy, outside of the temple was a garden that was filled with fruit and flowers that was later made into candles and incense to provide a boost of morale for everyone in the temple. It was a nice hobby to get into especially when you have a anger problem like Amaterasu. The light of the candle illuminated part of his clothing was revealed to be a simple white yukata with red trim and a dragon perfectly designed on the back to symbolize his temple, his black hair currently tied back in a ponytail and his front bangs hung downward covering his right eye. Iha confronted him about the other two members and although he didn't know where they were he answered anyways with smirk, ''Probably nothing to get worried about.'' He said calmly without worry, his voice smooth but deeply charming.

    It wasn't till a few minutes later of relaxing that Shinki walked in and stood for a few seconds to analyze the area of the dark room then went straight to the wall. ''A iron skin like usual'' he referred to the way Shinki acted, a phrase yet used in normal conversation, however it meant how strong he attempted to present himself in public. ''Have you seen Satomi-san recently?'' He asked them both in hopes one of them would know where he was.

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  19. "Yep... What she doesn't know won't hurt her. But, there's something I think you should know..."

    Takaze already felt the Immortal's gaze burning a hole through the back of his head. And so, he felt he should warn his brother-in-arms, though not really. It was more so of just pointing out the obvious. Leaning down, the blue blood decided to whisper some very valuable information to the sleeping samurai.

    "...I think she knows...."

    And indeed she did, making her presence known to the two shortly after. While the one in front of him shot up to an attention, Takaze calmly braced his hands onto his knees from where he was crouched and pushed himself up into a standing position. There were many who mistook the boy's lack of respect as something due to arrogance or some kind of ego, but that wasn't it. He just wouldn't be a kiss ass. He hated that back when people behaved in that matter to him. It was so—phony. He wasn't going to behave any differently than he normally acted because of difference in status. Regardless, the Mistress didn't seem particularly aggravated, but sometimes it was hard to tell.

    "I'm slacking for the same reason I always do; it's a desperate cry for attention from my lovely Mistress!"

    Or so he claimed, a bit melodramatically for further affect, might I add. At least there was a complement in there. Smirking a bit, Takaze then slapped Kei on the back, hard enough that his straightened posture was disrupted for a bit.

    "He, on the other hand, was just being lazy and napping on the job."

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  20. Bare feet padded across the wooden floors of the temple, the material and craftsmanship of the boards appearing to be impeccable and befitting to a god slayer such as his benefactor. No matter the weight placed upon them, nor the amount of foot travel that traverses them, he had yet to catch even the slightest creak from them; no doubt designed to enable Izanami's habit of sneaking up on others, or perhaps she had developed the habit due to the conditions? Tsujigiri couldn't help but feel that he had probably drank a bit too much if he was spending this much time contemplating the floors.

    The voices grew more audible and, sure enough, he found Izanami standing behind the other two male worshipers of the temple, Takaze Kurotsuchi and Kei Assaragi. Both were young and prone to slacking and mischief in their own ways. Judging by what he could gleam from it all, Assaragi had been caught lying down on the job and Takaze was no doubt rubbing in it when Izanami came across both not doing their jobs. A deep rumble came from his breast as he chuckled, which was probably off-putting considering his menpo mask depicted a scowling, elderly face.

    "Yare yare daze..." He said, announcing his presence, "What good are you two if you can't even clean?" The chuckle following those otherwise chastising words made it clear that it was lighthearted jest. Besides, those two would have to deal with Izanami's wrath, so no need to rub salt in the wounds.
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