Kellington (A Zombie Apocalypse)

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The overview of the city was a horrid disaster that, only taken a moment of thought, could only have been done by something of utmost destruction. Some kind of…evil had taken place here. That there was no doubt.

The helicopter that flew over the city had drifted into a slow glide. A hand inside the helicopter flicked a switch; the searchlights of the machine had come alive on the outside. The lights glided through the city, peering at the once great buildings of Kellington City. Their sheddings lied about on the streets, as so did the abandoned vehicles. An exchange of speech happened inside the helicopter among the two pilots that sat in it. The same hand had grasped the steering controls, moving the aircraft deeper inside the city. Between two large buildings, the feet of the helicopter touched the concrete of the streets. Silently emerging, the two pilots dropped themselves onto the pavement.

The dampened atmosphere silently hugged itself around the pilots, making them turn their heads to inspect each and every direction before doing any movements. A pistol was tucked inside each one of the jackets, enabled to be reached in just the click of time. A hand hovered over each pistol as the four legs had begun to walk. No one, no soul at all was in sight. Every step they planted was careful; cautious…if what they hypothesized turned out to be true, they could be in serious trouble. Either way, whether it was true or not, their hearts pounded in anxious and intoxicating fear. There was something…
non-human about this place. Moving silently, the pilots turned a corner that led into the downtown area of Kellington. Shattered glass, from the windows of the shops that lined their way down the pavement, littered the streets. Firearms had clearly been used, as shells from various kinds of bullets buried themselves within the glass. The people that had once been here clearly had some kind of war to keep themselves alive.
One of the pilots moved himself slowly to the left, pointing a flashlight through a window of a bakery shop. Seeing a slight blur of movement on the inside, his curiosity grew to a higher standard, making his body move towards the building. He forwarded himself in tiny steps, the light of the flashlight gliding along the inside of the shop. The other pilot realized soon enough that something must have grabbed the other's attention, making her join by his side. She said nothing, as her eyes searched the interior beyond the glass windows. Moving closer to the door, the leading pilot took out his pistol and silently threw open the shop door. The
ring-ring of the shop's bell sounded above them. Not taking notice, the two pilots moved themselves deeper into the shop; their flashlights being the only light. Behind them, a box of old donuts fell to the floor from a shelf. A slight humming sound was heard soon after. Both pilots pointed their pistols in that direction; making one of them drop their flashlight.

A flashlight now lay on the floor, two pilots held their pistols in the same direction, a finger hovering over each trigger, and one flashlight that remained in one hand, silently spying on that one part of the shelf. A quivering of hums began to awaken the building. A shiver came from each one of the pilots, making them run out of the shop and into the street on the outside. The one with the flashlight glided the light through the shop windows once again, checking for any sign of life. Something was in there. Something….

From beyond the buildings, another hum was introduced. This time, the identity of the hummer was in view. Its human-shaped body walked forward, whistling weird sounds. There was no emotion that was shown on its face or in its eyes. Behind it, dragged on the street was a rusted piece of metal. Then, with no warning, the being suddenly stopped, touched its chin to the sky, and screamed. The scream was a traumatizing, horrid scream that made the two pilots drop their pistols and cover their ears. It was high-pitched enough to send one's eardrums into a ringing massacre.

As the pilots hunched over in agony, a handful of these beings came racing from behind buildings, dumpsters, and ally ways. The one that carried the metal began to approach in an alarming rate as well. Silently, the beings began to jump, pounce, gnaw, and hit at the pilots. Screaming in utmost pain and overwhelming fear, the pilots tried to get away, move; hide. Their pistols, being no where in sight, had to be left alone. Trying, they raced back to their airship, but were soon massed after by those beings. Several had made it inside and on top of the helicopter itself. All of them had a grin of evil on their face, as they all, at once, pounced and slaughtered the humans, a traumatized scream eloping the atmosphere before both the humans had suffered their last and final moments…as zombie food.~~~~

Basically, what's going to happen is that your character is someone in the city that has been living there. They were fortunate to survive up till now.
What I have in mind is that there is no need for more than seven players.
One player will have all the equipment and firearms. (my character)
Another player will be logical and smart, and figure out puzzles and what not.
And so forth.
It'll be your basic zombie team.

Is like a Silent Hill, in a way.
It can not be picked up on radars and is closed to the outside world.
The two pilots were the last to be able to see the city who were not living there.

There are going to be several different kinds of zombies.
Some wont be introduced until way later in the game.

I am still trying to figure everything out for this.
If you are interested, feel free to give suggestions and the like.

(Also, please excuse the crappy introduction. >_>)​
I'll be the Archer mixed with the Nerd, adding in the Kind Soul.

How many people are left in the city? Alive?

And how did everyone survive? What food did they have?

And was an anime convention going on in the city when it was separated from the normal world?
I'm looking for five to seven people left alive in the city.
How they survived and what food they have will be up to you in your bio sheets. (which I'll get as soon as I get more people.)
And an anime con? I err.... ??? No?
Ok then... Maybe visiting friends. Honestly, I was going for him being an out of towner.
Of course, if you want him to be an out of towner, I have no problem of him being a part of a con or something. XD
The question just confused me for a bit. But yeah, go ahead. ^^;
i'll be the survivalits. The guy who knows how to to keep alive in any circumstance.
Not sure what I could fill in as at the moment but I'm interested :) Maybe an exmilitary nurse at a hospital or something.