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  1. High school is most everyone's greatest challenge. There were many things that caused rough times. Bullies around every corner. The populars downing the nerds... so on and so forth, but the greatest moment in high school history is the prom. How will experiences differ leading up to prom? Who will have a date? Who will be dateless? What scandals could be behind closed doors?


    This is a roleplay! Obviously. Zen and I will be the GMs of this roleplay, and we will also play teachers! :D Isn't that exciting? So basically... this is a high school. Prom is about... a month away? We are playing out the experiences before prom. The roller coaster called love. The stresses of finding a perfect dress. Of course, other drama is allowed. Fights.. drugs... parties... Be high schoolers! BUT there will be rules.

    1) No God-modding.
    2) Zen and I will hijack characters if a members goes absent.
    3) The prefix says modern. Keep it that way. This means no fantasy shenanigans.
    4) Please try to write properly. I don't want to have a decoder to try and figure out your posts.

    This roleplay does not require a character sheet.. duh.. but if you would like a picture to accompany your opening post then go ahead and add one ^.^

    Derek Anderson (open)

    History. History was Mr. Derek Anderson's desire. Why? Well, there was no set reason; it just interested him the most. If he had to state a reason, it would be the fact that history was more like a story. History even had the word story in it! So it worked out perfectly. Did he want to be in high school? No, not really, but this was a job. It paid well enough and kept him well fed, in clothes, and housed. What more could he ask for? A life. Derek was 26 years old and always at school or grading papers. If had time to breath it was only long enough to maybe catch a TV show or two, but that would change soon since prom was around the corner and exams were soon after that.

    The teacher sat cross-legged on the desk, throwing out facts about who really knows what? Derek knows student's rarely pat attention, but he still drones on. Probably not for much longer. In the middle of speaking he checks his watch, jumps from the desk and clears his throat.

    "How about I stop my senseless rambling for the last ten minutes?" He looks over the many student faces. "I know there are prom magazines hidden somewhere and talks about some sport." Derek smiles, waves his hand slightly then sits behind his desk, knocking out papers that need grading.
  2. [​IMG] Ryan Bowen

    It was just one of those special mornings. Ryan wasn't in the principals office, or skipping school to fight sun risen drunks, or smoking. The usual things a dilinquent his age would be into. Instead he was seated in class for once, at the back of course. He had his head on the desk and his hood on while he fiddled with a black pocket knife and a lighter under the desk. The fat kid in front of him was much more than enough of a sheild from the prying eyes of the teacher up front. 'What class was this again?' He thought to himself. It had to be either History or Science. Those were morning subjects right? He wasnt just avoiding the teacher at the moment, but prying girls also. The ones he took no interest in anyway. Ryan only used school as a place to rest up before his next fight or crazy stunt. He was very smart but made sure he'd only provide his classes with the bare minimum so he wouldn't be held back. IT was getting close to the day of reckoning for Ryan. Prom. Ryan had never been to one and that wasn't going to change anytime soon. He would lay low till then. He even heard the teacher up front mumble something about it. That gave him more of a reason to stay quiet.
  3. [​IMG]

    Jacinta, known to her students as Ms. Jones, was currently helping one of her students with their drawings; today's field of study was the human face. This particular student was working on a portrait of herself and was having trouble getting the eyes just right.

    "Now you see 'ere, you see how your eyes are biggah than da rest o' your face? You gotta shrink dem, and it'll look much bettah. Here, lemme see your pencil."

    Grabbing an eraser as well, Jacinta erased the eye and started penciling in guidelines to better aide her student in finding the porpotions of the feature. Unlike the rest of her students who sometimes fumbled with their work or were unsure, the teacher's movements were swift and definitive. She knew exactly where each line was suppose to go.

    "Dere, now dat should help you."

    The beads in her hair clattered gently as she turned to look at her student. A frown quickly appeared on the woman's lips. The girl instead of paying attention to Jacinta was looking at a friend's phone. Apparently they were more interested in whatever was on the phone than in perfecting their drawings.

    "Hey now, you suppose ta be workin' on your drawings. Phones are not allowed if you can't remember." Still rather cross, she grabbed the student's phone, and pointed towards their easels. "Get ta work now, or you be findin' yourselves in detention."

    Walking back towards her desk, Jacinta glanced at what it was the girls were oogling at. An exasperated sigh escaped her lips as she stared down at the small picture of a purple sequin dress. It was that time of year, she shouldn't have been surprised.

  4. [​IMG] Brandon Carter leaned back in his seak and looked at the clock as it ticked ever so slowly. He wasn't in the mood to be in class, but then again he wasn't in the mood to be in class any other day either. Prom was comming up and everybody was getting hyped to find dates, help with the prom committie and all the extra stuff but to him prom was stupid and it was one day that everyone exagerated for nothing. All he was focused on was hanging out with his friends, fighting sports and girls. Prom was deffinitally not in the picture. Tapping his fingers on the desk he looked at his work that he had finished. School was easy and he passed all his classes so he didn't even feel like going sometimes.
  5. [​IMG]She was always the girl who 'couldn't care less'. Her hands were always covered in charcoal from the obscene images she sketched absent-mindedly. She never really cared about others, what they thought, who they were. They were always the background characters.

    But recently, Rylee had been noticing Ryan Bowen. They sat next to each other in history class, always had. She never really noticed him, just like the others, but today, something struck her about him. Was it the lighter he flicked under his desk, or the moody, dark look on his face reflecting her own. Whatever it was, it made an impression. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and nudged his arm. She raised her eyebrows as if to say "Want one?"
  6. "Eh..." Ryan lazily lifted his head from the desk as he stuck his hands and everything else back into his pockets.. His hood hung low over his eyes, which he opened slowly aswell. A somewhat soft voice had seemingly been directed towards him. It couldn't have been a guy, the voice was much to feminine and most of the guys wouldn't approach him anyways. Ryan immediately turned to the direction the question had come from. ' A girl had sat there right? '. He lifted his hood to get a better look at her. He did notice her from time to time, she wasn't loud like the other girls, much more... reserved. But that's all he could gather about her. She gave a slight nudge and from what Ryan could tell she was offering him a cigarette. For some reason it came as a surprise that she smoked. Not that he had never seen a girl smoke, it was just a little strange. "Yeah.. Thanks" he said not bothering to whisper since they were already far in the back. He roughly slipped three from the pack ad gave a slight sigh. Usually he'd just snatch the whole pack and thinknothing of it. Maybe three was enough for today. Ryan stuffed the three cigs back into his pocket and resumed his blank gaze at the girl. Maybe he'd ask her to smoke acouple with him later. 'No I. Spend enough time in this shit hole already.. Don't need another reason' he thought.
  7. It was a strange feeling, to feel so triumphant of his acceptance. She usually wouldn't have cared, wouldn't have offered. She smiled down at her desk, her raven tresses falling in front of her face so he wouldn't see the emotion she'd routinely kept hidden.

    There was something about his laid-back coolness that left Rylee gasping for more. This made her feel queasy, having such strong feelings for another human being was just so.. weird. Even towards her mother, Lee was always quite dry and to-the-point. She'd always thought it had something to do with her fathers death back when she was seven years old. He'd been just like her- a bit arrogant, quiet, nose always hidden in his sketchpad. When the letter came in the mail, bearing news that he'd died in a car-crash on his way out of state, Lee cut off all communications with her family, friends and acquaintances.

    Why get close to another person if they're just going to die on you?
  8. [ SIZE=2][/SIZE] Ryan continued to watch, well stare at the girl nearby. He blinked as her hair fell over her face. Admittedly she looked kind of cute, somewhat defenseless. He couldn't tell if he found her attractive or not. The feeling wasn't too familiar but their was definetly something there. For the first time he was abit stumped on what to say next. He took a few seconds to think it over before speaking. "Yo.. Le-" He was cut short by the fat kid in front of him who decided to turn on a swivel and ask Ryan something about the history notes."Turn back around!" Ryan rose his voice but attempted to keep his tone low and hushed. The student immediately shot back around and shivered just a pinch. Ryans voice was cold when he spoke sometimes. Cold enough to cause fear. He could always easily lose his col like that. Right not he couldn't even tell how tightly his fists were already balled. He took a deep breath before pulling leaning back into the chair. "Fucking idiot.." He mumbled forgetting his entire prior train of thought.
  9. Lee's smile peaked and fell as Ryan began to adress her, but was interupted by the massive whale in front of him. She giggled as he mumbled to himself, his face contorted in anger.

    Giggling really wasn't her thing. Laughing in general was something she'd only done around her dad. Trying to distract herself from thoughts of her father, she absent-mindedly began to sketch Ryan on the worksheet she'd disregarded. She hadn't realized she was drawing a near-replica of him until his entire face was penciled in. She blushed and began to erase it, blowing the tiny bits of eraser dust away like wind to dust-bunnies. Still, the light lines lingered and graced her page like Ryan graced the classroom.
  10. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the girl smile. He almost cracked one himself before desperately forcing it back. Somehow that calmed him down. Which was kind of weird. Ryan didn't even know ho he got her to smile. Did he make a funny gesture? Was their somethings on his face? Ryan began awkwardly patting his cheeks for some kind of defect. He felt awkward, weird.

    Suddenly, she started to draw something. He tried to pry and peak at it from th corner of his eye but to no avail. Then her cheeks flushed pink as she quickly erased whtever it was. ' well that was cute..." he thought. Ryan wondered what the drawing was and why she erased something she put work into. What puzzled him more was why he was even bothering himself with thoughts of anyone else especially a girl, a stranger at that. He let out a sigh as he practically had to rip his eyes away from her before slowly tugging on the strings of his hoodie.
  11. Lee flipped the paper over, not wanting even the slightest chance for Ryan to lean over and see the marks left on the paper that resembled him. She sighed and peeked out behind her bangs at him. She caught him touching his cheeks as if he'd felt an insects' feet grazing his skin. She suppressed another giggle- that was the last thing she needed, to become an idiotic air-head without anything interesting to say.

    Glancing at the clock- anything to avoid Ryan catching her gaze- Lee noticed that the period was almost over. She bit her thumbnail, something she always seemed to do when she was worried. Lee wondered if she should approach Ryan after the bell, or if that would make it seem like she was flirting. But maybe that was what she was trying to do?
  12. Ryan did his best to avert his eyes from her. To draw his attention he took a few moments to look through his phone and search for new texts. There were three. One from a buddy who gave intell on exclusive spots. Apparently there was going to be some sort of concert comming up. ' Hey maybe i'll invite...- No' he quickly killed that thought as he looked through the next two about upcoming fights. He couldnt help but take another glance at her. She was staring at the clock. Did she have somewhere to be? She seemed nervous about something. As for Ryan he was just waiting for this class to be over.
  13. The hands on the clock seemed to be ever-present at 10:29. Lee drummed her fingers on the desk, pondering the choices that lay before her. She thought maybe she would ask for his number, watching him stare blankly at his phone.Or give him her own. But was there really any point? Lee bit her lip.

    Why was she making such a fuss? There was really no point in crushes. But Lee couldn't shake the mushy feeling that was starting to engulf her. Was she becoming a mindless boy-crazy zombie? She sure hoped not, that was definitely unlike her.
  14. Show Spoiler

    Briar Rosenheim is known for a lot of things. Her strange yet natural combination of black hair and blue eyes, her long and curved body, and the smile she alway gave when she talked to you. She was kind, and looked pretty, though she rarely ever hung out with the populars, claiming that they killed her creative juices. See, Briar didn't wear store bought clothing. She made all of her clothing, well most everything, except for certain essentials, her closet was completely made up of her designs.

    Unlike every other girl she wasn't worried about what store to go to for her prom dress. What she was worried about is which design she'd make for herself. She sighed as she pushed the decision aside for a later time even though Mr. Anderson had given them free time. She looked at the homework which was due at the end of the week, it should have been a simple task. Look in the book, find the answer, fill it out. The problem was, some of the answers weren't in the book. She sighed and stood up from her desk in the front row and walked up to the history teachers desk.

    "Uhm... Mr. Anderson.... I can't seem to find the answers to numbers 10, 12 and 15. I read the chapters over and over and I couldn't find anything." Her famous smile on her face. She really had read over the chapters quite a few times, she even looked in the extra little areas with extra tidbit's of information. Briar was a dubious student who liked to find the answers when they weren't give to you on a silver platter. She was generally an A, B student.
  15. Trying to distract herself from Ryan, Lee turned her attention to Briar Rosenheim, making a scene at the front of class. Lee admired Briars dark, silky hair, almost the same shade as her own. Briars outfit then caught her eye- it was, well, stunning. Briar must know a real sewing wizard, because it was like nothing anyone had ever worn before. It made Briar stand out like a rose in a field of weeds. She was definitely different then the other students, but she still had the air of a well-liked, popular, preppy girl that made Lee shy away.

    Lee closed her eyes and imagined the two of them standing in Lee's bedroom. Briar was picking out clothes that would flatter Lee's figure, and Lee was raising her eyebrows and claiming that she was crazy to even consider putting Lee in pink, but her smile gave away that she enjoyed Briar's company.

    Shaking her head, Lee opened her eyes. What the fuck is happening to me? She wondered. Why all of a sudden was she interested in people? Lee glanced back at Ryan again. She found herself longing for a cigarette, hoping it would clear up the storm in her head- but then she remembered it was still early, and lunch seemed as distant to her as her 80th birthday.
  16. Ryan started to fiddle with his phone again, only shedding his eyes away when he heard some petite voice make aslight fuss over homework or something of the sort. He glanced up to see a pretty girl. ' That girl.. Briar right?' She was another person Ryan didn't know much about. He wouldn't. Even have known her name if it weren't for him overhearing some buddies talk about getting with he one day. He saw her in the halls sometimes and maybe some other clases. The ons he actually went to. He knew she was smart though. That's what it seemed like anyways. ' One of those happy lively chicks right? ' Ryan shrugged before reaching for his phone yet again. He was getting a little frustrated at the amount of time it seemed this class was taking.
  17. Lee didn't believe in crushes. Much to time-consuming and shallow for her. She did, however believe in love. Lee palmed her forehead, biting her lip. But love doesn't happen in highschool. She chided herself. How could she even think she was falling for Ryan? They'd hardly spoken a few sentences to each other and suddenly she was ready to eloupe? No. She knew that love only led to pain and heart-brake. She thought of her father. 'You love him.' the tiny voice in the back of her head whispered.
    Lee snorted out loud. "Right." She whispered to herself, half sarcastically, half wondering if the voice was right for once in her life.
    The bell rang, signalling the end of the period-interuppting her thoughts. She braced herself, taking a few deep breaths and approached Ryan.
    "Er- hi, Ryan.." she whispered, holding her breath and waiting for him to reply.
  18. Ryan ganced back at the clock again. ' Three more minutes.' Then the class would be over and he could either choose to actually attend his next class or make for the emergency exit. The alarm never sounded so it was an easy escape whenever he needed to avoid his teachers or loudmouthed classmates. He slipped his phone back into his pockets aswell as the cigarette the girl next to him had kindly offered and his lighter. Maybe he'd go smoke it right now.

    The bell finally rang afte what felt like forever. "Finally..." He muttered slightly frustrated. He grabbed his bag plastered with grey skulls and made his way for the door. He haulted after hearing a somewhat soft voice utter his name. He turned around to see the girl that sat next to him. She had that nervous look on again, it was still kind of cute. He gave a small smirk before he spoke. He didn't usually speak much to his classmates but for her he would definetly make an exception. "Hey..."
  19. She was trapped in that dead-end of conversation where you want to go forward, but you're blocked by the doubts of your mind. Conversation starters raced through her head. What's up? What class are you going to? I like your backpack. Nothing seemed to fit. She brushed her dark hair behind her ear and stared into his eyes. Bad choice, bad choice.. She felt paralyzed, as if turned to stone prior to meeting Medusa's gaze.
    "Err.." She muttered before slapping her forehead. "Shit, that's a great way to start a conversation." Lee muttered, completely unaware she was speaking out loud.
  20. Ryan held back a laugh as the girl. For some reason she seemed to put him in the mood for conversation, which was rare for him. "Yeah that's a pretty crappy conversation starter" He mocked playfully. "How about this? Rylee.." He quickly brought her name to tongue. "Let's hang out sometime" For some reason it seemed like the natural thing to say. ' I don't think I've ever asked a girl to hang out before. Have I ? Oh well.' He thought to himself as he waited for her response.