Kekkaishi Anyone?

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  1. Okay, so I doubt that this will get any response due to unpopularity of the series, though I really want to give it a shot and maybe get something rolling?

    Madarao is excited for this:

    Okay so there's two ways we could worm out a plot:

    1) Canon
    2) Original

    Eitherway I would like to start at the beginning, or if Original, maybe if Yoshimori/Tokine had never been born. If Canon we could start at the beginning of the manga/anime (or after the flashback at least.) I am currently reading the manga for the first time, but I've seen the anime twice. (Just a note there is a lot more covered in the manga than the anime.)

    The only thing I'd like to remain the same are the villains, and the sidekicks (Madarao and Hakubi) if we're doing original. The families could be the same, or we could switch up the surnames.

    I hope this generates something! I'd love to roleplay this series!
  2. OMG, I remember watching a few episodes of this! It had such potential!
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  3. Would you be willing to roleplay it? Even if you've only seen a few episodes, it'd be an AU. ;)
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