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  1. Kei drools faintly on his pillow, snoring softly. “kuuuhhhggghhh...” his mother strolls in, pink hair flowing behind her and tilts her head at him. She sights faintly and pokes his cheek. “Kei, Kei-ster!” she says with each poke, her normally flat expression turns into annoyance. “KEI, GET UP YOU LUMP!” she shouts, causing the raven haired boy to jump out and scream. “whaaaa?!” his mother rolls her eyes. “you lazy bum, you're going to be late for your class..” at her words Kei springs up like a jack in the box, cursing as he shoos his mother out so he can get dressed.

    When he's dressed in his uniform he rushes down the stairs and swipes a piece of toast from the table. “bye mom, see you later!” he shouts before stuffing the toast into his mouth as he races out the door and slams it behind him. Lucy folds her arms as she watches him vanish down the path, she sighs softly and picks up the photo of her late husband -who Kei get's his looks from- and smiles sadly. “I don't know, he's a real ditz sometimes.. oh Zory, if only you were here.. you'd know how to handle him and what to do.”

    Kei's feet barely touch the ground as he runs, his sneakers make a satisfying squeak and thump. He mentally curses his half brothers Kraus and Gaspard, and thinks rude comments about his adopted brother Alexis. 'they are so dead when I get a hold of them, the stinking traitors! Not one of them bothered to wake me up!' his thoughts take on a self pitying quality and wonder even more into his 'horrible life.'

    however unknown to Kei his life will soon be turned upside down by a single girl.. she will be his Modern Juliet..
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  2. Melody powered her nose in the mirror. Her eyes were blotched red and her nose red from crying. She had avoided going to speak to her best friend Jewel because of the news she got earlier. Who ever knew having rich parents came with advantages. She remembered the look that her mother gave her. A look of despair, pity even. Because she'd gone through the same thing. Arranged Marriage. The words were spoken in her head as she fixed her eye make up. Her blonde hair was in a high ponytail with golden locks cascading down her back. She bit her bottom quivering lip. She remembered when her father called her to his study right after she was dressed in her school uniform. She was a beautiful girl with long golden hair and bright blue eyes with freckles on her nose. She had the perfect curves which made her look even better in her over the knee black skirt.

    A boy a little older than her had been standing there. She smiled at him not knowing what was to come. If only she knew. He was tall and sturdy and handsome. Rich even. No wonder her father was so disappointed at how shee reacted when he tolde her it was her husband to be. At first she refused. Then she acted out. She cried. Through a fit. Punched her fathers chest. In all of her rich girl days she'd never been a brat. Nor spoiled. She was calm, accepting, and peaceful. But when she found out she was being forced into a marriage she lost it.

    She went to school in tears and now, she stood there looking better. With that she sighed and wen off to class. Her day was starting off very badly. She eneterd the classroom and sat at her usual spot in the back of the room next to Jewel who held a question in her stare but Melody ignore it. She refused to tell anyone.

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  3. Kei sighs a moody sigh as he strolls into the class room, he's classed as 'emo' in the social circles and understands that his popularity is hindered because of that. He sits down at his desk and pulls out his pencil and notebook before absent mindedly chewing the end of his pencil as he often did when in a sullen mood. Kei doesn't really have any friends-only his brothers who he can't count because they're related- and can can't talk to his mom about it because that would be pathetic in his eyes.

    He notices the popular girl with tell tale signs of crying around her eyes, he can't help but think that she looks even more beautiful now. He smacks himself in the head with the pen and discourages himself. 'dummy! Don't even bother thinking that kind of stuff, you're under her radar and she's out of your league!' he's thought that for years and never bothered to approach her, but the sight of her now makes him want to speak to her.

    He takes a deep breath and runs his hands through his fingers, how must he look to her? Pale, thin, long black hair and a girlish face.. paint stains all over his close and band aids on his fingers, he must look like an odd ball at the vary least. He takes another deep breath and fishes through his bag and pulls out some apple bubble gum. 'you're not going to go over there and embarrassed yourself and her in front of her friend, are you? It'll be all over face book and youtube!' Kei ignores the voice and stands up slowly and walks over to the two girls, he hopes she can't hear his heart beat.. girl's can sense things like that! He offers some gum. “ look kinda..down so I thought I'd bring you The Gift of gum..” he pauses and adds. “i-it's apple flavoured..”
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  4. The girl looked up and her eyes brightened at the sight of him. He was..breath taking. He had thick black hair and his eyes told obviously great stories and sad ones. She didn't know what to say at first. He was poor of course but she'd never noticed him at the school before probably because of that. But even now he looked so much better than her rich fiancé. She hated the word. It took Jewel's hostile voice to make her notice she was gaping like a clown fish. She flushed taking her eyes from his.

    "What are you even doing here? Obviously she doesn't want to be bothered by a Middle Class student and- Ow!"

    Melody had kicked her under the desks. She loved her best friend, she admitted with her copper red hair , green eyes, and freckled face. She was the second most beautiful girl in the Junior class besides Melody herself. But, Melody truly hated how rude she could be towards people with less money than them. Jewel believed people with less money than herself didn't deserve to talk to her and Melody was still trying to work that out with her.

    Melody rose her eyes and faked a smile at least for the males well being. He was being so kind to her and it didn't even seem like he was after her looks and money like other guys. Though her life was over didn't mean she didn't have to suck the life out of others with unkindness. "I never knew there was such thing as apple flavored gum.." she muttered with a blush taking it. "Thank you, it's very kind of you to worry about me."
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  5. Kei feels his cheeks flush as her eyes brighten at the sight of him, plus he wasn't expecting her to gaze at him like that. He panics inwardly and wonders if there's something on his face, has Kraus drew on his face with crayon again? No, he reassures himself that his mom would never have let him step out the house if that was the case. Well hopefully. Surprisingly he relaxes at her friend's tone, now that's what he was expecting!

    unruffled and unconcerned he smiles and says. “I'm not middle class, I'm a starving artist! That sounds waaay better!” he declares, suppressing a snigger as she yelps,

    He gazes between the two of them thoughtfully, as he thinks 'maybe it was a bad idea to talk to them after all.' he can take the hostility, but he's not sure what to make of Melody herself. She doesn't seem to totally hate him because of his lack of money, well at least she didn't show it anyway by looking at him as though he was a really small bug on the ground. He always feels like an insect around the rich, and if he ever confessed that to his mother she'd box his ears.

    Kei blushes even more when she mentions the flavour. “yeah.. my mom likes making strange bubble gum flavours, my dad really liked sweet things so I think she does it because of that..” he trails off for a few seconds and smiles as she takes it, before pausing at her words. “kind? I guess it is.. but my mom always told me that if a girl ever seems worried then it's my job as a guy to try and help her, since not many guys take girl's feelings into account..or that's what my old lady says it's..” he blushes even more. “n-not like y-you to look so sad..whenever I see you, you always look pretty happy..”
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  6. "You're father passed? Im sorry to hear that.." she asked ignoring the glaring gaze Jewel sent her. She had set her elbows on her desk and leaned towards the boy with interest her hands holding each hand onto her face. She'd never met anyone like him. Maybe it was because she payed little attention to the lower class. Not because she judged them. But, because they were always to scared to talk to her and this boy sent her into utter confusion coming up to her and offering her comfort. He didn't even know what was going on with her personal life yet, he came up to her as if he'd known her forever.

    She flushed as he mentioned him noticing her. She shouldn't of been surprised or flustered that a male had been watching her. She was the prettiest girl in school. But this one was different and she intrigued her. "You're mother must be very kind.." she smiled adverting her gaze. She wished she had a mother as wise but her own mother was a broken ghost of what she used to be before she was forced into a marriage and to bare a child. Her mother wasn't even a mother. She was more of a women who is only in Melody's life every now and then. She shook the thought away and looked back up at him. He wasn't scrawny, but he wasn't a muscle man either. He had more of a surfers body. Her gaze drifted to his lips and she looked away flushing at the thoughts that came. She'd only met him. Why would she think like that?

    She never even had her first kiss.

    She met his gaze again as he finished speaking. "What's your name? Im Melody."
  7. Kei smiles sadly. “don't be.. my father had a very bad childhood, and he suffered much in his life.. I should like to think that he's happier now and in a better place.. and though he's gone he's still alive in my memories..” Kei gazes at her and laughs in embarrassment. “but that sounds very cheesy, doesn't it? Blame my brother Kraus, he's always harping on about things like that.”

    Kei pauses when he notices her fluster a little. 'damn!' he thinks to himself. 'I bet I sounded like a weirdo, I mean what kinda guy watches a girl and admits to that? Dio doesn't count because he's just weird..' he thinks for a few moments of the blonde haired drop out, a scrawny guy with a taste for danger. Kei tilts his head. “kind? I suppose she is, though she doesn't like to show it. Plus she's not very kind if she's waking you up in the morning, I mean I'm a real heavy sleeper but she doesn't have to squirt me in the face with a water pistol.' he complains good naturedly with a light shurg on his shoulders. He notices her looking at his body and he can't help but blush slightly and curse himself for not working out like most guys. 'but skateboarding counts for something!' he mentally consoles himself.

    She must have seen a few body shapes of other guys in her time, and Kei can't help but think they were possibly muscled.

    he smiles and can't help but think that her name suits her. “I'm Kei, Kei Yutuki.. my mom was born in Japan but never knew her parents, so she choose her second name.. my dad.. well I think he had Jewish blood in him, but my name was all my mom.. but I know it's a pretty strange name.” he chuckles
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  8. An idea came to Melody. ‘No’ was already forming on her best friends lips before she blurted.
    “You can come to my house and be my study buddy. It would be fun to have a private tutor.”
    She gave a small soft smile brushing a blonde strand behind her ear before jotting down her address and number on a piece of paper and sticking it in the belt loop of his pants.
    You could tell obviously the only thing that made her so popular was her money, designer clothing, and the position she had on the pom squad. Not only that, her body. She was a curvy little blonde that stood at 5’5 with a cute butt but not so much boobs. Her best friend came in second for her Latino blood and her big jugs. Hell, the girl didn’t even notice how innocence leaked off of her. How her soft British voice lured the stray hearts of Black Wood Academy boys. She never even noticed the lustful glares now as she looked up at her new friend. “Lets eat lunch together.” She laughed

    “What about our table?’ Sabine, one of her friends asked.
    “I’m tired of our table. Melody grumbled.
    Some of the kids gave shocked whispers and glares from the random guy to Melody.
    This wasn’t normal. For them, their idol was falling apart for some poor person.
    But Melody liked him. She was curious about him and wanted to learn more. She didn’t know how yet but she felt like she knew him. She felt in familiar territory.
    A blush covered her cheeks. She was so glad her parents were gone on a trip to France for the next three months. She felt like her life was about to be turned upside down.”
    “Hello.” Were two irish accents behind him. melody Frowned at Thing 1 and Thing 2. They were in competition with melody for the most popular. They were both just as rich and pretty as her so they never understood why she always won. But didn’t care for her popularity. She didn’t even know why the twins harassed her like they do. They were all good friends in middle school. She thought that maybe they just wanted to ruin her life.
    Dorothy and Delilah stood on each side of the male.
    “Oh don’t be so dumb to follow her around, she’s a bore.” Delilah sneered.
    Dorothy ran her finger down the boys chest. “How about you come with us..we can maybe show you a good time..” She smirked.
    Melody’s face paled and she looked away tears brimming her eyes. Why did they always do this? Her best friend grabbed her arm. “Come on, he’s not worth it. He’s poor anyway.” She hissed glaring at the boy while Melody continued to avert her gaze. Sabine and Anne followed them out with huffs, their noses in the air. Dorothy and Delilah half fived each other bursting into fits of laughter.
    “You saw her face? She was actually crying!”
    Melody sat at the table picking at her food. She still felt uneasy. That guy was so much like her in so many ways… he seemed to understand her …she felt comfortable with him because he made her feel normal unlike all of her rich friends. That’s all she wanted. To be normal. Not rich, not extremely pretty, or even having to have an arranged marriage. But now reality struck once again.
    “You okay, Mells?”

    “Im fine.”
    “You look a little pale..”
    She felt dizzy too. It was her stress level
    . “I’ll be back.” She muttered and headed to the hallway towards the nurse. She sighed putting one hand to the locker as she struggled to keep her balance.
    Deep breaths.


  9. Kei's face lights up and he tilts his head, causing some of his black fringe to fall over his face. He brushes it back. “that'd be cool! I've never really being the study buddy of anyone before, brother's not withstanding but I'm kinda forced to help them!” he laughs, blushing like a tomato as she sticks the paper in the belt loop of his pants. “thanks!” he grins.

    gazing at her, Kei knew that she was popular for a hell of a lot of reasons and numerous factors. He compared these factors thoughtfully with his own and came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be to good to her reputation if she hung out with him every so soften, so it makes him grateful that she seems to like his company quite a lot.. at least she doesn't look at him like she wants to spit on him like her friends do. It's all he can do to stop his jaw from hitting the floor in amazement when she offers to eat lunch with him. “y-yeah, I'd like that!” he says with a nod, wondering if he's dreaming this.

    Kei looks equally as shocked as everyone else when Meloday says that she's tired of her table, his eyes move left and right as he notices some of the death glares he's given by some of the other kids. From one of the lesser tables his brother Alexis shouts. “WOOO YEEAAAHH, RIGHT ON KEI!” and gives a thumbs up, Gaspard blushes and mouths the words 'good job.' and Kraus.. Kraus looks at Kei with the disdain that only a parent should give before turning back to his bible. Kei really hates Kraus's attitude.

    Things were going well for him, until the two Irish chicks came over. Well.. Kei assumes they're Irish. Gloomily aware that they have him in a pincer hold which has both sides of his possible escape root flanked, Kei can do nothing but stand there. Maybe most boys would have fallen for the twin's tricks, but not Kei. His mother brought him up to understand these moments. So as one of the twin's ran her finger down his chest he decided that enough was enough! “I don't mean to be offensive, Ladies.” he began. “but isn't it some what rude to butt into another person's conversation, and I also found Melody's company perfectly fun!” he adds as he starts to edge away. He feels his stomach sink as he notices Melody looking away with tears in her eyes, as she's lead away and her friends give him death gazes once more.

    “excuse me!” Kei says as he disentangles himself away from the twins and starts to head quickly in the direction Melody has gone. Kei's three brother's watch him with amused looks on their faces. Alexis- red haired and confident nudges Gaspard. “bet you five dollars that Kei's life is going to end tragically!” Gaspard, waist length blonde hair with blue kind eyes, sighs. “you know I don't bet, Alexis.. and don't you think we should help him in this time of trouble instead of betting money if something will go wrong or not?” Kraus, the oldest brother with shoulder length blonde hair gazes up from his bible. “if Kei wishes to commit the sin of affecting the social circles, then let him.. but if want to help.. go ahead, you'll just be dragged down with him.. maybe you'll even be lynched!” Alexis and Gaspard both groan together. “Kraus.. it's just a crush in high school..” Kraus snorts. “exactly!”

    Unknown to Kei that his brothers were having such a gloomy talk, he marches on quickly.. pausing when he sees Melody and rushes over. “hey, are you alright?! You look as though you're about to faint!” he says when he get's over to her, concern all over his face.​
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  10. "Im fine." she laughed awkwardly forcing a smile. She noted the concern in his face and straightened herself. It wasn't proper to look weak, her parents always told her. She knew she probably looked pale now.

    "Werent you with Dorothy and Delilah?" she asked softly with a small smile. She didn't hate the twins. Melody was the type of person who wasn't able to hate. She was soft and.. a little misunderstanding. She didn't know the girls hated her just that she did something bad to them at one point though she hadn't. She had no clue that her looks were the reason she was so hated.

    Melody blushed. Kei had been concerned for her!! How cute! Her mind began to wonder off as she mentally swayed, love struck with tiny invisible hearts floating around her head.
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