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    Altair opened the pub's door and stepped inside towards the bathroom. Taking the emergency kit, he took out alcohol and a bandage to clean the cuts on his forearm. He took out his shirt and placed it in his mouth as the alcohol fell on his open flesh. He groaned at it burned his skin and then started covering his arm with the bandage. When he finished, he looked down at his leg and took the knife with a sigh. God he was going to kill her. Pulling it out quickly, he clenched his jaws and used the alcohol again. This job was killing him slowly. One more scar to add to his collection. His right eye was also bleeding and he wondered if that wound was going to left him blind at some point.
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    She made her way through the ally way. There was a terrible pain on her cheek where she had been hit. Normally she was more of a tech head than a fighter, but she had to do what she had to do. She was in the wrong territory and that asshole must have recognized who she was. Being the daughter of a very high standing gang member wasn't always what it was cracked up to be. With a grunt she leaned against the wall sliding down it. She was roughed up, but he would know he had been in a fight that was for sure. She got cuts on her hand probably from grabbing his knife. Right now she was bleeding out of the stomach. It wasn't likely he was trying to kill her, but maybe take her for ransom. One thing was for sure, he was handsome as hell. In fact she had never had a more intimate fight in her life. His anger filled gorgeous grey eyes seemed singed into her head.
  3. Once Altair finished bandaging himself, he stepped out of the bathroom and went directly to the bar. Leaning over the counter he took a botle of Brandy and opened it. He took a long sip directly form the bottle and went outside once more, his bandages and shirt were still dampened with his own blood along with his pants. He still had his injured eye closed, just hoping he would be able to see again tomorrow. Damn... That girl knew how to fight. She managed to give him several blows but non of them deadly. She didn't try to kill him, just like he didn't try to hurt her much. Maybe he would see her again. Taking another sip he started walking along the street quietly, lost in his own thinking, in fact, lost in the fight he had with that girl.
  4. Everything was starting to get a little blurry, but she couldn't pass out. She took off her jacket and ripped off one of the sleeves using the small pocket knife she still had, her other one having been taken during the fight. Lucky for her it would tie around her stomach so that she could try to stop the bleeding from her wound. There was no where even close to safety here. All she wanted to do was get information, but instead she'll be causing her family even more trouble. It was miles and miles until she could get to her own territory. Her heart raced against her chest and she ripped off two strips off of the bottom of her shirt turning it into a crop top. With plenty of difficulty she tied up the wounds on her hands. Now she had to get moving, so she put on her jacket after cutting off the other sleeve to keep from looking really stupid then went on her way through the alleys of the streets. At one point she approached some shady looking men who she had almost passed, but one grabbed onto her wrist."Hey honey hair why don't you hang with us for a little while?" Her heart thumped and she immediately started lashing at him, but then his buddies came in seeing she could fight and they were overpowering her. Getting her up against the wall while she screamed and trashed. She kicked one in the shin but all that did was piss him off. "You're gonna get it now honey hair. Now shut her the hell up" He commanded and one of his followers covered her mouth up meanwhile he started unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants with a sickening smile.
  5. Altair looked at the sky as he took another sip of the Brandy. It was getting dark and he could see several gray could filled with water. It was going to rain anytime soon. Maybe he should return to the pub and change his clothes. He needed a shower as well to remove the blood from his hair and body. He turned around and started to walk back, but then a faint screm made him look back again. He narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment. He should just ignore it, it wasn't his problem... "Crap..." He couldn't help it. Turning again, he followed the sounds to an alley. It sounded like a woman and some men, he just hoped they weren't rap- Once at the alley, he widened his eyes to see the victim of such scum. He could have fought with her and yes, he wanted to kill her for a split second just hours before, but now he was filled with so much anger. He could be a gangter, a killer, sell drungs and weapons like if they were candies, but raping a woman? Taking out the knife and used to stab his leg, he looked at the man in front of her and threw the knife with all his force. The blade got inside the idiot's skull, giving Altair a great satisfaction when his body crashed against the hard floor. But he wasn't done. Other two started to approach him with furious eyes, but also scared. He had killed one of them so easily. Too bad he didn't have another knife. But... He looked at the Bootle of Brandy and sighed. What a waste...
  6. This was exactly what her father had warned her about, but she honestly never thought of herself as very sexy or like any woman a man would want to attack. Now she was finding out how wrong she was. She had closed her eyes that were tearing up after realizing she couldn't bite the jack ass's hand. That was when two of the guys holding her down had left. When her eyes opened she saw her knife in the skull of the sicko who had been trying to take advantage of her. Then she thought shit, the only way her knife was here was...She turned her head to see the man from earlier kicking some ass with a brandy bottle, what a waste. Though now that there was only one guy holding her she kicked his shin closer to the knee as hard as she could throwing him off balance. With that moment she used her foot to hold down the head while she pulled out her knife. In a swift motion she cut the guy's abdomen, then his throat. Looking back at the man from earlier, her eyes like a doe's in headlights, she sprinted off just as he was finishing off one of the men taking part in the crude act. Elsy ran as fast as she possibly could through the ally ways, but she really had no clue where she was going.
  7. Altair hit the man's head several times with the glass bottle, making him dizzy and about to loose conscience. It was on the next strike that the bottle broke and he showered that idiot with Brandy. Damn it... He knew this was going to happen. "Because of you... I wasted my drink..." With those simple words, he inserted the spikes of glass into his throat, leaving him to bleed to death as he saw her running away form the alley. He looked at the other man already on the floor with both his abdomen and neck slashed. She was good as well... But the he looked at the floor and saw the trail of blood she left after her. It was going to be so easy to find her again, maybe passed out against a building or trashcan if she kept bleeding like that. He sighed longly as he took out a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it up. Releasing the smoke slowly, he repeated himself to don't care, to leave her, to just return to his house and rest.

    Damn... He was a masochist. Why was he following her now? Altair was walking after the trail slowly, smoking peacefully as he looked at where the blood would end. A part of him didn't want her to die. Of course not... He wanted a rematch for their fight. He smiled faintly at how he lied to himself. After some minutes he found her again, looking at her back for a long moment until he spoke. "Are you okay?"
  8. It felt like she was going in circles, everything was unfamiliar. With the blood loss on one hand and an enemy chasing her on the other she felt herself becoming wary. At one point she was leaning against the ally walls as her vision blurred to the point she could hardly see a thing. She pushed away from the wall to try and move faster, but it was a bad idea. The sudden movement made her head spin when she felt her wound tear open a little more. Pain washed over her as she stood there trying to stay up straight. That was when she heard a familiar voice making her turn her head. She had no idea what he said but in the moment she turned to look at him she collapsed with the blood soaking the whole way through her jean jacket sleeve that was tied around her. Her once doe eyes were hardly cracked open as she tried to stay conscious, but it was absolutely no use.
  9. Altair stares at her calmly until she turned to look at him. She was in a bad shape. Maybe he went to far on their little fight they has before. Suddenly she collapsed and Altair moved quickly towards her to hold her just in time so she wouldn't hit her head against the cement. He didn't say anything, just stared at her as she fought against the excessive need to rest from her body. He sighed deeply and lifted her up in his arms. Great... Now he was helping the enemy. Why he had to come here? He could be having a nice hot shower and comfortable inside his bed. He walked towards his apartment feeling his arm being covered with her blood. He had to stop that bleeding as soon as he got home. Thankfully he had everything he needed there.

    It didn't took him long to get into the building and up to the third floor. The receptionist looked at him but was more annoyed that there was blood on the blood again. She was used to these scenes with Altair. But he was paying a nice expensive apartment so she couldn't tell him anything. Once inside his house, he took her into his bathroom and inside the bathtub. He went for the emergency kit and washed his hands before taking out a needle and surgery thread. Using a shrap knife, he cut the attempt of bandage she created and then her shirt. He cleaned her wound with some peroxide water, removing the blood to start sewing the injury he caused her. Good she was asleep of this would have hurt. When he finished he started cleaning the cut in her hand so he could put a clean bandage around it.
  10. While being carried to his place she gripped his shirt in her deep slumber even nuzzling into him. In the tub she would groan in pain even though she was technically asleep. There was no conception of time for her, so when she woke up she wasn't sure what had happened, but she did start to panic a little seeing she was in an unfamiliar place as she was before she passed out. She was in a bathtub, quickly she patted herself down frantically looking for her knife but it was gone. That was when she looked over herself to find she had been bandaged very nicely, and her bleeding had all stopped. Slowly she got out of the tub being if it weren't for the damn sore wounds she would have been quick as a cat like usual.

    She searched around the bathroom looking for a weapon, the closet thing she could find was a plunger. She picked it up by the handle and held it up ready to hit someone with it. With careful steps she stepped forward out of the bathroom. She walked down the hallway with all of her senses alert waiting for the slightest movement. It smelled somewhat like food was cooking but she wasn't sure. She stopped right before an opening that led into what she saw was the kitchen as she cautiously peaked past the wall. Her head snapped back into hiding seeing that it was the very guy that caused her wounds. She ran out making sure not to yell and aimed to hit him in the back of the head despite the pain springing through her body.
  11. Altair was waiting for the water to boil, in the meantime placing two pieces of meat on a skillet for them to cook. She was probably going to be hungry and he couldn't just kick her out when she wakes up. She would just be back in the same alleys she doeant know. Great... Perfect day to give the water homb maintenance. He wanted to clean a bit the dry blood on her body but thank to those idiots, he didn't have water for the next hour. He was lost in his thoughts as he waited, not feeling her behind him until it was too late. He moved his arm right in time for it to stop the plunger but it still hurt. Damn she had muscle. His face was emotionless and relaxed. Putting his arm back down he narrowed his eyes slightly and ripped the plunger from her hand to then throw it on the sink. "Next time I will tie your hands and legs." He had the same clothes and blood stained bandages from.before, not having time to change. Hearing the water boiling already. He gave her his back and went for it, pouring the water in a bowl and placing a clean towel inside it. "Here... You can clean yourself with this." He turned the meat to the other side so it will not be overcooked and left the water on the table in front of her. "Take the meat away from the fire when it's ready and eat. Or just leave. The door is open." Why he even cared? Helping an enemy and getting hit with a fucking plunger. He passed her as he walked into his room again, removing his shirt to get a clean one.
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  12. Her eyes turned into the eyes of a deer in headlights and she went on the defensive expecting him to attack after getting her failed excuse of a weapon away from her. She wondered if he had even felt her hit him making her think that she would just have to hit harder next time. He handed her a bowl with hot water and a cloth. Her initial wonder was why she had to use a bowl and cloth. She just shrugged and took off her now sleeveless jean jacket after he left the room. Her shirt was still a belly shirt at this point showing where her bandaged wound was. Setting the bowl on the counter she used the cloth to wipe off the blood on her face and where ever else she found it. He had walked out so she took off her shirt to get some of the blood off that had seeped through her clothes onto her chest. When she thought she heard him coming back she quickly tugged on her shirt and put on her vest. When she saw the meat was ready she just couldn't resist the mouth watering scent of it. Her stomach growled revealing just how hungry she was. After checking to see if it was finished she went ahead and took it off the fire just like he had told her to. She found plates and used one to put the meat on. With a little more searching and knowing her way around a kitchen she found the silverware. One bite of the juicy seasoned meat and her eyes seemed to sparkle. Despite her hunger and exhaustion she still ate properly just like her perfectionist of a mother had taught her since she could walk. The meat was finished soon enough and she went to wash her dishes to find that the water wasn't working. That explained why he had given her boiled water though she did wonder wear he got the water in the first place. Shrugging it off she just decided to find a chair and sit down not sure what else to do. It didn't seem as though he had any intention of hurting her at this point. Hell, he had even told her that she could leave, but the problem was that she had absolutely no idea where she was except that it was enemy territory.
  13. Altair was over thinking the situation once more as his hands removed the stained bandages from his injured arm and leg. He went over and over about why he was helping an enemy. He could turn into one of his own clan thanks to that. Other could see him as a threat, a spy even just by having this lady in his apartment. His eyes narrowed slightly when his arm started to hurt once more. He should clean the wounds again. Taking a pocket-knife from his night stand table, he cut a bit more the hole in his black pants where she stabbed his leg. It was of no surprise why she attacked him, as his own hand made her wounds worse than his. The surprise was that he was acting so tolerant. Maybe because of what he saw. A click of his jaws was heard as he clenched them tight remembering that sight in the alley. Bastards... He should have made them suffer more, they died too quickly. Standing up, Altair walked back to the kitchen, shirtless, and looked at her sitting awkwardly at the table. He glanced at the skillet, or where it was the skillet. She washed it and any plate or fork she could have used. Hmm... He was starting to like her with this. He took the bowl of water he gave her before and the cloth, throwing the pink water in the sink and pouring some more. It was still hot and even when it was bottled water and he was sure it was pure, it cleaned the blood better being hot. He sat down on the chair at her front and cleaned the cuts in his arm. They were deep and short, some opened and bleeding again. His gray eyes glanced up at her from between his hair. He didn't meant her to wake up in the bathtub, he just placed her there temporarily as she bleed. He hated to find blood stains in his sheets. After cleaning her wounds, covering them, and removing the blood from her skin, he was going to move her to a bed. She woke up earlier than expected. She was strong, and determinated. He was glad he got there in time. "You should know how stupid it is to walk in foreign territory this late." He finished with his arm and then cleaned his leg. That was even deeper, she stabbed him, not cut his flesh. At least he could see better now. Still a bit blurry on the eye she almost sliced. That was when he stabbed her abdomen in revenge. He smiled internally, never showed it, and moved the cloth on his face.
  14. Seeing him walk in with no top on she looked away at first so he couldn't see her face that was blushing at seeing his abs. Sure she saw a lot of guys like that but they weren't normally just walking around half naked, unless they were swimming. She looked up after nonchalantly recomposing herself. She watched him get more water and start to clean off his wounds. In her mind all she could think of was how hot she found scars and battle wounds, especially knowing she caused them. For now she pushed those thoughts from her mind and focused on how she was going to get home. He didn't know that she had come here for information, but surely by now her family realized that she was gone. At his good point she just rolled her eyes at him and set her elbow on the table resting her chin in the palm of her hand. "It would have been perfectly fine if you didn't show up." How was she supposed to know that they would have a trigger that sent another gang member. She had disabled all of the guards in the building, but then he showed up in the room right as she was downloading files on a boss's computer. She didn't even get to grab the storage unit so she would go home empty handed. When she slouched she flinched since it hurt the wound on her stomach. This kept her trying to sit up straight while trying to be comfortable. When no one talked the kitchen was incredibly quiet. "Do you have yellow pages, I'll call a taxi and tell them where to drive me" At times like this she was glad that she kept money in her underwear and bra.
  15. Altair huffed at her answer and cleaned the bloody cloth in the water before cleaning his face again. "Walking in these alleys alone... If you want to die just tell me. If you want someone to fuck you, get a male prostitute." He stood up annoyed and three the water in the sink, leaving there the plate and cloth. He hated to see someone rape another. It was just low and worse than killing from his point of view. He would kill anyone who dares to hurt a woman or child with such techniques. His sister... After her rape he promised to never allow another victim to suffer that desgrace. He got in several problems for avoiding his own gang members to do it. Good thing he gained his boss's trust of he would have been killed. And even then, he had an enemy in his own house. Tirant better not know about this or he would be fucked up. Taking his phone out, he started searching for a number. "And it was your fault I appeared. That's what you get when you get your nose into other's private information." He found the taxi driver's number and dialed it before passing it to her. "No one uses the yellow pages now days and you can stay here until morning. Even inside a taxi you aren't safe. But its your life, so as you wish."
  16. "Then what would you suggest I do?" She asked as she took the phone from him. When someone picked up she greeted them and asked them about the taxi. Obviously she gave them an alias, but then the man said "Oh, and don't worry, we already know where you are." Her light brown eyes when wide with fear as she just hung up the phone and set it on the counter. "So...I'll ask again, what other options do I have?" This time she spoke with far less or rather not a hint of sarcasm. She rested her elbow on the counter and used her hand to cover her eyes with a very exhausted posture. None of this was good, it had gone to complete shit. There was a knock on the door making her jump like pray that sensed a predator near. Quickly she got up ready to find somewhere to hide. Three men came into the door having a key to the place. Two of them were clearly muscle men one white and the other of a dark complexion. The third was a shorter man, but still broad looking like if he wanted to he could take someone out. His hair was grey'd and his eyes were a dark nearly black brown. " 'Ey, Altair. I hears you got a woman that could make me a lotta money, so give her to me and you'll find yourself with a handsome paycheck for the month."
  17. He already told her what to do. It was if if she never paid attention. He told her to stay here and even then she wasn't sure about what to do. Well, he was an enemy, but if he wanted her dead or hurt, now, he would have already do it when she was asleep. She hung up, apparently scared, and exhausted too. He walked towards the table again and sat down with a sigh. "I told you... You can stay-" a knock made his eyes widen slightly, quickly standing up to take take her by her shirt a bit roughly. He threw her towards his room and said very quietly to lock it as they opened the door. He stepped in front of them and looked down at the shorted man with shining gray eyes. "Didn't you learn modals from your old mother, Klaus? I was about to open the door." He spoke at him with a hint of hate in his voice and obviously irritation. "A woman?" Hs laughed slightly and turned around to go the the kitchen, taking the knife she used for the meat and hiding it in between his belt. "You know me. I'm never with a woman, not since Dakota died. Now... If you please, I got into a fight protecting Tirant's files. I am tired and wish to sleep. Leave before I kick you and your gorillas out from my apartment." He growled the last words, threatening him, even when he knew he wasn't going to leave that easily. Klaus had always been jealous that Tirant gave Altair more authority. They were going to search every hideout of his apartment until they found her. He walked towards him and clenched his fists, ready to fight for a woman he didn't know more than that she was a simple spy. Why get in such trouble for her? This was going to be a good fight, and for his own luck, his revolver was in his room under his pillow. She hoped she wouldn't use the window or anything as they were possibly another two outside waiting at the car. "Get the fuck out of my sight... Or you will regret it."
  18. Klaus glared at his mouthy superior who he mostly refused to see as someone with more authority then himself. "I don't think you're tellin' the truth. See there was reports that you were seen carrying a blonde girl up here. Said she looked like she'd been in quite a scrap too. It was also heard that this girl...just happens to be the daughter of our enemy. Now, boss knows how you feel about rape, so he promised not to let the boys at her, but he wants her for ransom. So, just give her up and nobody get hurt" As the smaller stocky man spoke his guards stepped in front of him just a little. "Besides, you might just loose Tirant's favor if you pull something like putting up a fight over a woman that isn't even worth your time. Now, let's go get the girl" He walked behind the guards going into the living room with a relaxed demeanor. He checked all of the nooks and crannies then went into the bathroom, the tub had a fair amount of blood in it. He wondered out to look at Altair. "That's one messy bathtub. Sure you didn't have company. Cause I'm sure you didn't take a nap in there." With a chuckle he told his goons to fallow him to the bedroom seeing as that was the last place to check.

    Elsy did just as she was told when the others rudely came in with out waiting for Altair to open the door. She listened to them talking about her, but Altair didn't seem like he was ready to turn her. Then again he could just be saying all of that out loud as he gave her hiding place away. She looked behind her to see there was a window. Quickly she looked out to see a black car with a few guards around it. Dumb-asses, if they were going to try and get her out by having her go out the window they might not have put the car in plain view of the window. Frantically she searched through the room as quietly as she possibly could. This guy had to have a gun somewhere around the room. First she checked the dressers only to find nothing except clothes. She looked in the night stands. Nothing. Then she went to the bed checking the pillows. There it was, a revolver. She picked it up and as silently as possible she opened it to see that it was loaded. Now she was ready as she pointed the gun at the door. Her heart racing in her chest.
  19. Alteir looked at him calmed, but inside he just wnated to rip his heart out for his insolence. "Now I think you are the one saying bullshit. Why would the daughter of our enemy be at our territory? Alone? And I don't even help my own members, why risk myself with an enemy?" That was the question he couldnt answer himself. He watched him walking around his place with evil eyes as the guards stood in front of him blocking his way. Why was he protecting her? Maybe he would have hand her over if they wouldn't have intruded in his house like they did. There were principles and he had a bad side whenever others didn't respected him. He had his rank for a reason and Klaus didn't want to know what reason was that. "The one that will loose Tirant's recognition will be your after I tell him you came here with lies and gave a fuck about my orders." He knew he was able to beat the three of them if he managed to kill one in the first blow, but then he will be more beated than a steak before he wins. He growled annoyed when Klaus noticed the bathtub. Damn water... He could have cleaned that if there was some.

    Suddenly he passed the guards smoothly and got himself in front of Klaus with his injured arm blocking his way. "I got hurt doing my job. Didn't want to stain my bed and what the fuck I do in my house is no of your concern." He neared his face to Klaus's and rested a hand over his belt where the knife was. There was a chance that once he was gone, the guards will change of mind and leave. After all, a corpse couldn't pay their salary. "Maybe you just want to screw me up again like you did last time, Klaus. I know how much you hate me, but I'm in charge here, especially in my own apartment. My patience is limited and this will be your last warning. Leave." He growled the last word ready to stab his neck.
  20. Klaus looked Altair over taking into consideration of what he was telling him. After thinking about it he decided that maybe it was best not to provoke someone he knew could kill him. Even having his guards there was hardly a comfort now that the black haired man stood in front of him after so easily slipping through the two brutes. With a glare he warned, "Fine, but if I find out that slut bitch is around I will come after you and so will Tirant. I don't care how far your in his favor now. If he finds out that your helping the enemy then you will be caste out." With a scoff he called his goons and left the premises grumbling to himself. Not that he would ever admit it, but he was a bit of a coward which explained the two men he had brought with him. Once they were gone Elsy still waited in the room pointing the gun her doe eyes hardened as she prepared to shoot anybody who came through that door. Unless it was the man who was currently possibly trying to save her life.
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