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  1. How many of you keep one? And actually keep writing in it every day?

    I've started to write in one myself, not very many people in my life that I am comfortable talking with, and sometimes I feel the need to write. I'm in my mid-twenties, haven't kept a journal since I was very young.

    Any of you have one yourself?
  2. I think I have roughly 15 journals that have at most 10 pages written in them. Then, if it's a really lucky one, a bunch of scribbles and doodles. Most of them have one page and then something like 'call mom' written somewhere.

    I am bad at journals.
  3. I once wrote something like a journal or diary, expressing my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I did this when I didn't have anyone that I could share those things with... once I did, then I did not feel the need to continue writing like that.
  4. I am so bad with these things. I'll do it for a few days then leave the journal lost in the dust. I think the longest I lasted was when I was pretty young, I want to say around 10? I kept one for about two months and it wasn't really a journal but more of a step by step of how my day went.
  5. I keep a dream diary that I don't update enough. I don't feel a need to write anything else down- anything that bothers me otherwise goes directly into my fiction.
  6. I used to write in a public blog EVERY DAY. I'd write about how fucked up my real life was, talk about what I was doing on my online life. It was really cathartic and at the time something I needed to get me through some stuff.

    After I moved out of my bad situation, I started noticing that the blogging was no longer helping me get through stuff, it was starting to hold me BACK because I got stuck in a rut of WALLOWING IN PAIN/ANGER/BTTERNESS/ETC. So I stopped. @___@ I even ended up deleting the entire blog a couple years later. Years and years worth of stuff, because it's contents were just painful. Getting rid of it kinda felt like cutting loose something evil.

    These days all I have is my random blog post in Iwaku about my journey with depression, cause it's constructive!

    Sometimes I think about journaling again, but eeeh. I would prolly fall in to bad habits. >:[
  7. I have a bunch of journals with a lot of terrible dates back-to-back-- it's like jumping through time!

    That said, I've been doing better at journaling recently (at the recommendation of my therapist)! I've been recording just general thoughts, and writing in them my dreams. I'm hoping to do better with my (very, very poor) memory, and to perhaps inspire some lucid dreaming. I want to play around in my mindscape!
  8. I've tried to keep a journal a few times before, but my memory is so bad that I very rapidly forget about it. It doesn't help that I usually have so little to say that it's hardly ever worth the effort.

    I might give it another go in the future, but right now I just don't see the point.
  9. I have never been able to keep up a continuous journal though I wish I could. I have started a journal for my daughter. I wrote in it everyday for the first few weeks of her life. Now I write in it when she reaches a milestone, or does something cute and memorable. I'll also use it to keep record of cute things she says when she is older.
  10. Don't forget embarrassing things to blackmail her with or to put on her senior page in her yearbook!
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