Keeping Secrets

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  1. " Just go! Hide and never come back! "

    " Hey, you got all of that? " Eeve sighed and nodded as she starts taking down notes of what the group had ordered. Even though she has been working here for the past two weeks she still hasn't gotten the hang of it. A Legendary Guardian actually working, serving other people? The castle which was being attack from time to time this was much safer than staying there.

    As she finished the last one some more customers walked in and she sighed again. For the workers here it was rare for them to have a break. Even though it was a small restaurant everyone in town came here to eat. Not only was the food was great but the designs were classic.

    Someone whistled as it caught her attention and walked towards them. Like the usual she gave them one of her signature smile with a bright aurora. It made her look like this was the best job of the world.

    " Hi, welcome. What can i get for you? "
  2. Raven sat frowning at the menu, nothing looked or sounded appetizing to him at all. His black hair fell over his eyes as the door opened and another group of people came in. why was it so hard to find a quiet place to go to lunch for. Raven moved his hair out of his eyes and noticed a not so interested waitress finishing taking a table's order. Raven whistled at her and waved her over. As she approached his table with her bright, happy to be here smile. Raven chuckled. Slowly placing the menu down and sliding it across the table to the other side. He looked up at her and smiled back. "Okay I know neither of us want to be here so lets cut the crap shall we? Yes, I agree, Okay. I want a hamburger, with cheese, ketchup,mayo,mustard and onions, no pickles and I swear to god if you give me pickles anyways I with throw the burger at your face. I also want an order of fries, unsalted, I hate salt." Glancing up at her again and reading her name tag. "Eeve, right that down, no salt. that is all." Raven looked at his table and noticed that he didn't have anything to drink. "Oh and I'd like a cold glass of coke. Now!" Raven looked back up at her and smirked. "You can leave now hun. and be quick about my order i have places to be tonight."
    COKE '

    Eeve quickly wrote down. " You can leave now hun. And be quick about my order i have places to be tonight. " she heard him say. Of course she was used to customers like this but still, she had the urge to hit him at least. " You're order will be coming as soon as possible sir. " she got the menu quickly and left with the same smile she had at the beginning. ' Damn that little... ' she thought cursing to herself. She placed the order down the table for the other worker to get, she tapped the small ring.

    " You could quit if you want to. " one of the workers with the name Izza said. Izza was one of her closest friend here on this place. " What are you saying. " Eeve said with a sight leaning on the table watching all the customers either talking, or eating their hearts content while waiting for the food that the customers had ordered.
  4. ((So! I guess I'll just join in!))
    "I told you to leave already!"
    "I refuse! I refuse to leave you alone..."
    "It's not safe to be here! Don't you understand?!"

    "But... Julia! Please don't make me leave!"
    "They're going to kill you if you don't leave, leave now!"

    Aoki jerked awake and inspected her surroundings. She was in a restaurant and she sighed. Right. She'd come here earlier. In a momentary state of madness, she'd just dropped herself off here. She didn't remember why or how but it didn't really matter. She'd damn fallen asleep for crying out loud! She had been dreaming about something of her past. It was the first love she'd ever had. A girl called Julia. Their country hadn't been safe, and she had been forced to leave Julia behind. From time to time she'd dream about their last meeting. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, making her almost jump. She picked it up and clicked the answer button. "H-hello..?" She faintly heard the whisper of another voice on the other side of the phone line.

    "... I'm sorry..."

    it said, and the call ended. She stared at her phone in shock. The voice had seemed familiar. With a frustrated sigh she put the phone back in her pocket and instead inspected the menu. She didn't really want to eat but it was better to get something now than having to make something herself later. She'd eat something and then go home to get some sleep. 'I wonder who on earth called me, though...' Her mind started to drift off and she focused her crystallic blue eyes on the menu, or at least she tried to. It proved rather difficult to focus.
  5. Sky walked into the restaurant. He went into the line and looked at the menu and decided to get the...."I would like to have the cheese burger and a side of fries. Also, a medium Pepsi please," Sky said in a sweet tone. "Ok your number is 28. You can go sit down," the employee said. Sky sat down in the corner of the restaurant. The brown haired teen looked out the window to see lots of people walking around.
  6. Tears was happy and was just walking by the restaurant with a smile. she looked a the place and sruged. as she ran to the door her light brownd wavy hair swayed side to side. she walked into the place she walked up to the employee and saked for "hi i would liike a vaggy burger and 7-up please" she said with a giggle and a smile. she soon got her number 30 and sat naer the corner of the restaurant
  7. In the end, Aoki settled on ordering something to drink and just sat and drank while she put her phone on the table, her eyes observing it like a bomb about to explode.
    Everything just felt wrong about the whole situation. She sighed and put the device back into her pocket, her head slumping a little again. Maybe she'd never make it home. That's be quite the story. Wrapping her hands around the cup, she tried to focus her thoughts. Quite a few people had entered the restaurant since she woke up, and the place seemed to get a bit more of life. Looking around she just sighed again and ran a hand through her hair. As usual she was thinking of Julia. Was she still alive back there, and doing well? Was she taking care of herself and her siblings? Why hadn't she come along?
  8. "Dad stop!" Sky screamed. His dad kept hitting him with his belt. "What did I do?" Sky cried. Sky curled into a ball and his father went next to his ear. "You were born," his dad murmured harshly. His dad went back to beating him with his belt.

    Sky woke up. He breathed heavily and looked around as if his memory was happening again. A tear rolled down his face. "I am never going home again," Sky murmured to himself. Once, his dad told him he looked like his mother. The next day, his mother died of cancer because of his dad. Sky`s dad was an alcoholic and Sky would never do drugs in his life. Sky ran away when he was 7 and never returned. Now, sky had patched up clothes and was poor. He bought this meal with money he stole from his father long ago.
  9. Kei walked confidently towards the door of the restaurant, hands in his pockets, a one strap bag resting on his right shoulder falling diagonally to his left hip. standing just short of 6"1 with short murky blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a cheerful smile showing a smidgen of his upper teeth. His attire was that of a young college student, 18 years of age with a plain yellow t-shirt, and denim three quarter lengths finished off with the top of white sports socks visible above his trainers.
    He walked at a steady pace and reached out both arms to push the door, his hands met the glass and the door swung open (is what would have happened if the door didn't have a pull sign clearly stated in bold text). With the lack of any strength put into his arms they crumpled, his torso and face proceeded to meet the glass in the same fashion as his hands and he ricocheted backwards, falling to the floor landing on his backside and then onto his back.

    *he lifts himself up of the ground and brushes himself down, he glances through the windows to see if anyone noticed but doesn't hold a gaze long enough for any results*

    These inanimate object are the worst, always out to get me. My train of thought is interrupted by the unmistakable feeling of a liquid thicker than that of your average snot moving down my nasal passage.

    *raises his right hand to his nose and enters the restaurant this time using the correct method of opening a door. swiftly walks to the waitress leaning against the table and speaks in what is now a Hypo-nasal tone, staring right into the young lady's eyes in a desperate manner*

    "Excuse me, could i please have some tissue?"
  10. Sky heard a loud crash by the door. He made himself more awake and stared at the strange boy. Sky turned to the door and grinned at the boy. What was that dude? Sky thought. The brown shaggy haired boy stood and walked towards the other boy. "Are you ok?" Sky asked in a giggle. He stuck out his hand to help the teen up. He smiled with humor. "I am Sky, who are you?" He asked.
  11. *Kei stands with 2 fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, head leant back in order to delay the nose bleed.*
    Not sure if the waitress heard me or not, I really hope she brings a tissue, getting stains out from my clothes is such a pain.

    "Are you ok? I am Sky, who are you?"

    *He his eyes sideways to see a friendly looking boy gesturing a greeting with his hand, and with his free hand he returns the favour.*
    "H-Hey, Kei the pleasure Is all mine."
    About as random as it was friendly, I couldn't help but question his timing as I stood there awkwardly.
  12. Sky shakes the hand with his muscular arm. "Here," the brown haired teen said. He pulled out a napkin out of a near by dispenser and gave it to Kei. How does somebody get a bloody nose from falling while opening a door? Sky thought. He grinned thinking it was funny that Kei did that.
  13. Despite his young looking face sky seemed to have a vice grip, one of those handshakes that was more of a discomfort than a greeting,
    *Kei keeps a straight face, and takes the tissue*
    "Oh thanks."
    *holds the tissue up to his nose and returns his head back to normal*
    "I didn't think to look for any, I just went and asked !*
    What a goof, as if the door wasn't enough, so incompetent he cant even look for tissues ? THE TOILET OR SOMETHING ? get a grip.
    *Laughs slightly and scratches the back of his head*
    "This kind of thing happens to me a lot."
  14. Sky laughed at the boy. Looking closely, he thought Sky had seen Kei at his gym. "Do you go to the gym? I think I have seen you before," Sky asked. Sky could have sworn he had seen Kei at the gym. He flipped his hair so Sky`s bangs wouldn't be in the way. He worked out at the near by YMCA in the body builder section. Sky goes there every other day to keep in shape.
  15. The gym, a place of hardship and strife, definitely not Kei's cup of tea.
    *He giggles at the idea.*
    "No no, couldn't have been me, not a fan of gym's myself I'm afraid."
    *Moving the tissue and folding it, before holding it back to his nose.*
    The waitress must of not heard him, maybe that is a good thing, as she would have walked 2 steps, and handed the same tissues.
    The taste of blood at the back of my throat, a drink is in order.
    "I'm going to get a drink, have you got one?"
    *Looks towards sky.*
    Don't really know this guy, but at the very least he helped me.
  16. Sky silently laughs and grabs his drink. It is a Pepsi and he hasn't taken a sip just yet. "Yep, you want a swig?" Sky asked. He looks around the restaurant and notices something. "Nobody has really got their orders for a while. I have been here for at least 30 minutes...." Sky said "I am probably about to leave."
  17. Very friendly of him, for a stranger...
    *Holds one hand up, and smiles.*
    "Oh, no thank you I will order one for myself."
    The café is busy, so that would explain if the orders were quite slow....
    *looks around for any employees.*
  18. Sky placed the cup back down on the table and turned back to Kei. "Well then, you want to sit back at my table?" the teen asked. He pulled a chair out a bit and sit down in another chair. Seeing the cup right in front of him, Sky put it to the side.
  19. *He follows, taking a seat at the booth.*
    "Sure why not."
    A very friendly guy, i wonder if he is getting any food, I could eat a horse.
  20. Sky sat and put his hands together. "So, do you go to River View High School?" He asked. Sky goes there and is on the wrestling team.