Keepers Card: the search for powers

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  1. Deka sat atop the hill that was located in a small town in Oklahoma shrouded in a foggy mist that made the town glamoured and blinded mortals from seeing it. He was taking a break from his long walk. Deka had been walking for days, as he did everyday, though he always came back to this spot. The spot where his guild was located, the Keepers Card, created by Deka's great grandfather. Deka knew that since he was the guild master and since he needed people to join his guild, but he could barely get anywhere. He knew that anyone that wanted to join the guild could just join, it was a free guild and everyone that joined was family to him. he just hoped that one day, he would get a member.
  2. Jade was running for her life, literally. The monster was lumbering after her and she had no idea why!! Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling, as if she had turned into nothing, and then she was about six feet in the air...before she hit the ground hard. Breathless, she laid there for a moment before she realized, she wasn't in the city anymore. No, she was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hills. She slowly stood up to look around better. A top on of the hills, she noticed a figure sitting there. She needed to know what was going on. "Hey you!" she yelled.
  3. Deka turned around to see a monster jump off a six feet ledge, "what the hell?!" his raised his hand and immediately a column of white hot blue fire, "BLUE FIRE!" the column hit the monster and it hit the ground with a thud, "I loathe creatures like that, always looking for food, thinking everything is their food, freaking bastards." He floated to his feet and looked over at the girl who had called his name, "And who in hell's fires are you? one of the demon race? or are you powered? or are you a mortal with the ability to see beyond the glamour?" he took out his pipe and lit it with a swipe of two fingers and began blowing streams of smoke.
  4. Following rumours wasn't usually a good idea, but desperation had led Wendy to do just that. She had heard tell of a guild in the country, and had been making her way towards the supposed location of the place. The mousy haired girl hoped that the place actually existed, as she really wasn't doing too well. She knew that she was gifted in some fashion, but daren't test out these talents, instead preferring to seek help before any damage was done to either herself or those around her. Wendy tied a dirty old anorak around her waist, suffering in the heat of this state. She was used to a much harsher climate, and her pale skin was testament to that. No doubt, she'd be fried within the week. Wendy checked her map. "Somewhere around here..." The girl mused, scratching her head as she searched for anyone who might be in the know. How exactly she'd find them, she had little idea, but perhaps she'd strike lucky.
  5. Jason followed the girl that seemed to be following a map. That was kind of dumb in these parts. You lose direction easily. It's usually not his first choice to help someone, but this was different. She could die soon, who know how long it's been since she's eaten, and she's way to pretty to go like this. Jason yelled out to her. "Hey you! I don't think that map will help you." he sped up towards her and skidded to a stop, about 5 feet from where she stood. "It's pretty easy to get lost out here. Even with that map you have."
  6. She almost jumped out of her skin when someone spoke, or shouted, to be more precise. Wendy spun on her heel, very nearly overbalancing in her haste to see who had spoken. Although his words had already hinted at it, it took looking the man up and down to confirm that he meant her no harm. You could never be too careful. She slowly released the breath that she hadn't quite realised she was holding, her body visibly loosening as the tension swept away from her. "Um, thankyou. I suppose I already knew that." Wendy shrugged, somewhat embarrassed by this, though she was damn pleased that someone had found her. "I'm Wendy, by the way." She'd been raised to always be polite, no matter how odd the situation, and so she was. It just made sense.
  7. Jason smiled at the gesture and got a little closer. "Jason," he said calmly. "Where exactly are you trying to go?" he asked her in curiosity, no person, much less a female, comes out this way, unless they're on they're way to war. And even then they're usually in loud military jets.
  8. "Well, I heard there was some sort of guild here." She showed her naivety by just coming out with it, no questions asked. She was barely aware of danger in the world, although thankfully she had just about enough sense to carry a small knife concealed at her hip. "Have you heard of anything like that?" This man seemed biddable enough, and so she hoped he would be happy to help her - at least a little. This was a woman who had barely experienced the evils of the world, though no doubt in the coming years she would see more than enough to last her a lifetime.
  9. Jason nodded with a smile. "You're a're me and everyone else in the guild right?" he asked. He was excited to see more like him. He got bored of people at the guild easily. He was happy to finally have a new member. Especially one this attractive...but that was beside the fact. "You want me to take you there?" he asked her.
  10. "Apparently so." Wendy shrugged, not entirely sure what these differences in her extended to. Of course, she had a vague idea of what her base powers were, but as she had received no training the girl had no idea where these extended to. Perhaps she would find out in time. "If you don't mind. I've kind of been wandering out here for hours." She offered a shy smile, not entirely sure how she was supposed to be acting at the moment. Wendy was pretty sure she'd been circling the same few miles for some time now, and had Jason not turned up to help out, it was likely that she would have continued indefinitely.
  11. Jason smiled. "Well....what are you capable of...before I take you. I need to protect the guild, and I need to makesure you're not a spy. So what are all your abilities?" He asked. Jason stepped back and awaited her first move, tilting his head and crossing his arms.
  12. Due to her distinct lack of training, the two abilities that were seemingly random and unrelated had very little power. However, Wendy could at least demonstrate one of them. The dry scrub grass that was just barely holding onto life shot up an inch at her will, though it took a helluvalot of concentration just to get that far. "Well, I can sort of control plants...just a little. And, uh, I can add weight to metal." It was all about chemical compounds, but that was far too complicated for the layman to understand, and so Wendy had not even thought of it, let alone looked into it.
  13. Jason nodded and smile then took her hand. "Come with me," he said softly to the girl. He took her hand. "Hold on tight okay?" he said with a grin. His body ignited on fire and he stuck out a hand to Wendy and the fire ceased. "Well what are you waiting for?"
  14. Perhaps it was foolish to trust in this man, but Wendy did without much hesitation. Of course, her immediate reaction to the sudden burst of fire that engulfed Jason was to take a big step back, her eyes wide with shock and ever so slight fear. However, the girl was more resilient than she might first have seemed, and so with a deep breath, managed to take the proffered hand, hoping like hell that this was the right decision to have made.