Keepers Card: The Search for Members

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  1. will you join Deka and the Keepers Card guild?
  2. do I join?
  3. I have an interest.
  4. Pick me! Pick me!
  5. Deka sat atop the hill in a small town in Oklahoma that was shrouded in fog that glamoured the city from the eyes of the mortals. It wasn't a very nice home, he could admit that, but he liked it. I twas home to the Keepers Card guild, one of the strongest in all of the land and Deka was looking for members. He needed help on his rising journey to destroy the demon race. All Deka needed was a large group of members to join his "family", and then he'd be ready to go and face the worst of the demon guilds, Hells Wrath. If he could destroy that guild, then most of the demon race would be all but dead, but for now. For now, Deka just wanted members to join and to prove themselves, "this is where it all begins, right here, right now, this spot marks the spot of the strongest guild in all of the lands, the Keepers Card shall never quit and will live in freedom and harmony with all who join!" he raised his hand high to the sky, "let this first flare of magic power be the calling that alerts you to this guild, FIRE ROCKET" immediately a rocket of pure flame arced into the sky and lit up the night alerting anyone in a widespread area of his location. "if you wish to join the guild, then come with me, our first mission: take down the Demon Wing Assassins Guild!" he sat back down and waited for anyone who would like to come along to his location, he would leave at dawn in three days. anyone who would like to join will only be asked to show how they use their power and if their willing to show their stuff.
  6. actually, peoples! post your character info here, sorry, I'm new to this. the actual Roleplay is called, Keepers Card: Search for Seekers. go to that one to do your posts, here is the character info one.