Keep up.

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  1. Charles was in his classroom. The teachers talking about something, was it Lolita? Lord of the flies? Or was it Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

    He started to think, think about something other than this. Something like how it was raining outside, or that the smell of the room smelt like air freshener and maybe that the boy in front of him had a new hair cut.

    Maybe he could think about why we would read something like lolita, or that the teacher reminded him of the character Humbert.

    "Charles...Charles?" The teacher's voice was ringing and loud. "You have a test tomorrow, keep up."
    He looked up and started to think again, but he spotted someone in the corner of his eye.

    "What?" He scoffed.
  2. *kazuma sat silently in her seat. Digits gripping a number 2 pencil, shed doodle on her desk. Was it against the rules, yes. Did she care, not really. Still shed constantly glance up from her doodle of a falling tree in hopes of not getting caught by the teacher. Why did the teacher keep talking? Obviously no one was really paying attention to him. She soon sighed and shook her head. Turning her full attention back yo her doodle shed remain unware of her surroundings for a moment or so before a sharp glasp reached her ear* "Charles!" *at this she looked up.raising an eyebrow shed turn to the teacher only to find his gazetowards the "Charles" in question. Jts curious eyebrow hugh, Kazuma would tilt her head. Hmmm for a moment. Perhaps it had been her lack of attention, but she didn't remember seeing him before." hmmmp" she frowned as she noted his glance on her. Turning away shed return to her doodles..
  3. "What are you going to do? Send me to 'private detention' again?" He shot back at the teacher.