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    ove happens no matter the time, no matter the place, and no matter the possible circumstances. This statement couldn't be more true when it comes to Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon. She's your average southern sweetheart with a heart of pure gold, and he's your hardened redneck with quite the traumatic past. Beth could be taken as a total goody two-shoes, meanwhile Daryl isn't afraid to get down and dirty. She's been sheltered from the world her entire life and is practically oblivious as to how bad things can get, meanwhile he had to grow up far too fast with more than a fair deal of hardship following close behind. The two come from completely different worlds, but their fates are indefinitely intertwined.

    Daryl was trying to get out of the grasps of his family and was in search for some money for his labors, and Beth was simply focusing on getting through high school with a diploma in hand. Finding an opportunity to work for Hershel, Beth's father, on his farm, Daryl ended up working for the Greene family. There have been rumors spreading about on the radio about a certain sickness flowing through the air, but nobody knows for sure what all the fuss is about. For now, the Greene family and their helpful workers are simply taking life day by day, focusing on their own matters at hand. Their farm isn't too far from town, but it's far enough to have privacy, so it's almost as though they're in their own little world.

    The weather is getting warmer in the month of June, and Beth is off from school thanks to summer vacation. Now able to spend her time more freely, practically anything can happen. She helps her family and the others out on the farm more, allowing her to get closer and closer to the mysterious Daryl Dixon.

    What lies in wait for the two of them, and what's all this buzz on the radio about?

    Only time will tell. ♥


    Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth could see the subtle trace morning light peeking through the curtains over her window, and the gentle beams refused to let her sleep in. She rolled over lazily on her bed, taking a look at at the clock perched up on her wall to check the time. Seven o'clock? She echoed what it read in her thoughts, letting out a soft groan of displeasure. She didn't want to wake up yet, but she knew that either her brother or sister would be knocking on her door at any moment. Everyone on the farm woke up practically at the crack of dawn, she she knew that she was no exception. As if on cue, Maggie, her elder sister, came knocking on her door.

    "Wake up, lazy bones! Breakfast will be done in about an hour," she stated, and Beth sat up in bed with a sigh. "Alright, I'm up," she began as she let out a soft yawn. She threw her slender arms above her head for a sweet stretch, allowing her muscles to loosen up a little. Upon giving her blonde hair a ruffle, she stood up and began making her way over towards the bathroom. She liked starting her days off with a nice shower, for it also helped her wake up. Her brother, Shawn, was currently in the bathroom, though. "Shawn, hurry up! I want to take a shower!" She called out to him, receiving a chuckle in response.

    "Alright, gimme a sec," he spoke out after a small moment. After another moment more, Beth could hear the toilet flushing. Soon after the sound of him washing his hands played through, the door to the bathroom opened. "All yours," he began with a smile, "but don't take too long. I hear mom's making pancakes for breakfast." Returning his beam with one of her own, Beth nodded. "Alright, I'll be quick." She made her way inside the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind her. She allowed the water to run as she took off her clothes, for it took a little while for it to warm up. Soon enough, her ivory skin was enveloped in the hot water.

    Beth gave her silken hair a nice wash and condition, and she scrubbed her smooth skin nice and clean. She did it as quickly as she could, too, for she knew that her mother's pancakes were going to be wonderful. I wonder if we're gonna have any bacon, too, she thought as she stepped out of the steamy bath. I know that she's definitely going to make some hash browns with 'em. It's gonna be delicious, she smiled to herself as she wrapped a towel over her petite figure. She grabbed another small towel to wrap her hair up in, and, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, she waltzed down the hall like that and went back into her room.

    She had already prepared a set of clothes to wear for the day before she went to bed the night before, so all Beth had to do was trade the towel she was currently sporting for the attire already laid out. Once she did that, she put her hair up in a ponytail and made her way downstairs to meet with everyone else. Her mother, Annette, was flipping pancakes left and right, and her father, Hershel, was currently reading the newspaper. He greeted her with a bright smile. "Good morning, sweetheart," he spoke, bringing her in for a quick kiss on the cheek. "Good morning, dad," she replied with an equally bright beam.

    "Would you please set the table, darlin'?" Her mother spoke, and Beth nodded sweetly in response. She began gathering plates and utensils, laying them out as needed. "Oh, grab an extra one, will you? Daryl might actually decide to join us for breakfast this time," her mother stated, to which Beth raised a brow to. Daryl? He's the guy that dad hired for some help, right? Beth thought to herself, peeking out the window. It had a nice view of the yard, and she could even see the fields in the distance. She couldn't spot Daryl just yet, though. I wonder if he will join us.. I've never really talked to him before. Beth shrugged and grabbed an extra plate.

    Hershel closed his newspaper and took his seat at the table, and Beth followed in suit. "Enjoying your vacation so far?" He asked, his white mustache curving upwards as he showed her another grin. With a nod, Beth confirmed the question. "Yeah. I can't wait to spend some time with the animals again," she stated, for she did truly enjoy helping out on the farm. With a chuckle, Hershel sipped away at his cup of coffee, allowing a peaceful silence to take over the room. Soon enough, Maggie and Shawn opened the back door and entered the house. Apparently they were doing some chores outside beforehand.

    "Well, don't you smell nice," Maggie teased Beth playfully as she wrapped her arm around her shoulder, bringing her in for a quick embrace. "I didn't take that long in the shower this time, so don't start," Beth looked up at her, flashing her a grin. With a roll of her eyes, Maggie returned the grin and took her seat at the table. Shawn simply let out a chuckle as he took his own, as well.

    "Almost ready, guys," Annette began as she flipped the last of the pancakes, placing them on a plate one by one.

    Beth could smell the scent of bacon and hash browns in the air, as well.

    Ah, I knew it~
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  2. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 "The hell you mean, you ain't gettin' out?!" Daryl leaned against peeling walls, pinching the bridge of his nose in visible frustration. "I told you, I can't take it here no more. Thought you were gettin' acquitted and we could be on our merry way."

    "No, baby brother. Guess these pansy-ass democrats wanna keep me locked up in 'ere even longer."

    "Shit." Daryl groaned, leaning his head back on the worn wooden planks behind him. "I gotta keep workin' this damn farm then, huh? I'm sick of waitin'. I wanna haul ass and get the hell outta Georgia while we still can."

    "I get it, I get it. But you ain't gonna leave me behind neither, or I'm gonna chase you 'round the country 'till I find you and kick your teeth in."

    "Yeah, yeah. Piss off, Merle." The man folded his arms across his chest and glanced suspiciously to a young couple that passed, and didn't say a word until they were well out of earshot. "Just hurry it up, alright? This whole disease thing they keep talkin' about on the radio could slow us up. Don't want anything gettin' in our way."

    "It won't." The phone clicked to signal the end of their conversation, and Daryl released a sigh long pent-up inside his chest. He held the end of the payphone delicately before slamming it on the base where it belonged, taking his aggression on the piece of technology that brought him such fateful news. The longer Merle stayed holed up in the King County Jail the more delayed their journey would become, and Daryl had no interest in waiting longer than they needed to kiss the state of Georgia goodbye. It was a dump of a state filled with every kind of unhappy memory imaginable for Daryl Dixon and the sooner he bid it farewell, the better. No destination lay in sight for the man and his older brother, a racist, bigoted pig who was proud enough to beat a man half to death in a bar six days back. Daryl never claimed to enjoy Merle or his company, but they were blood and blood ran thicker than water. Perhaps if he had some damn sense in his head we wouldn't be in this mess. But what's done was done, and Daryl would do what it took to survive while his brother was locked away.

    From the pocket of his jeans, the frustrated Dixon retrieved a set of keys to a pinstriped '76 Chevy, a piece of junk taken from what remained of their father's belongings. The inside smelled like nothing but cigarette smoke and beer, mostly on his brother's behalf though Daryl couldn't claim innocence from the occasional binge. The car was another thing he'd like to escape from but given it was their only method of travel within their monetary range, he grit his teeth and made no complaint. Bringing the car with them was like bringing a piece of Georgia along too, bringing a piece of hell on the highway to heaven. He had no desire to keep it in his possession longer than he had to, but for now there was no choice. He climbed into the driver's seat and pushed the keys in the ignition, revving the engine to a loud roar before thrusting the thing in reverse. It was a fifteen minute drive from the Motel 6 to the Greene family farm, and the sooner he arrived the better he would feel. He pulled from the parking lot of his temporary residence and pulled onto Barber Avenue, merging on the freeway when the onramp came forth. He lit a cigarette and leaned back against the seat before pressing the radio on to hear what he had heard countless times before.

    "...doctors from the Red Cross and the United Nations alike have flooded to Liberia in search of proper treatments and cures for this devastating disease taking the country by storm. Violent outbursts in local villages and cities have occured--"

    "Fuck this," Daryl muttered, leaning forward to change the station. He much preferred the heavy guitar and rugged voice of AC/DC over talk of some infectious disease thousands of miles away. He brought the tobacco stick to his lips and drew deep, turning on the car's blinker as the exit came upon him. Various curved roads and little valleys brought Daryl Dixon to the gates of the Greene farm ten minutes after leaving the interstate, and when he snuffed out the bad habit into the ashtray and left the discomforts of the old Chevy, the smell of bacon and pancakes filled his nostrils.

    Shit, that smells good.

    "Knock knock," he stated curiously, looking in through the closed screen door to catch a glimpse of whoever was cooking heaven in the kitchen. "Hello? S'me, Daryl. Came early lookin' for some extra work." Merle and I'll need the extra bucks.

    "Daryl? Is that you?" The comely, gentle face of Annette Greene greeted Daryl at the front door, a great smile on her joyful features. "Oh goodness, it is! Come in, come in! I even set a place for you n'everything. Watch your boots though, I don't want any dirt trackin' in on these nice wood floors."

    "Sure, sure." It was hard not to smile at a greeting like that. She was a proper lady, Annette Greene, with her modest dresses and her strings of pearls. Daryl did as she asked without hesitation and kicked off his boots on the front porch before stepping in. "Did you really? Set a place for me, I mean."

    "Of course I did! I have for the past week, you know. Always waitin' for you to come around for breakfast. Come on now, through here aways. We're about to say grace."

    Grace. Daryl would've scoffed aloud had he not the better sense to think twice while in someone else's home, much less the home of his employer. There was no room for God in Daryl's life and the idea of a higher power had been cast out of his consciousness a long time ago, along with the notions of an all-loving Father Above who watched out for every single one of his little children. Daryl would rather chew sand than say grace by choice, but he would respect the rules of Hershel Greene and the naivete of his happy family. He awkwardly moved through the living room and sat where the missus had gestured him to, looking about the table of strangers with indifference. At least there's free food.

    "Let's take hands, shall we?" Hershel Greene, a very religious man with authoritative ties to the local baptist church reached out to his family, and each member took the hand of the person next to them. Ugh, come on. I'm starvin'. Daryl hesitated before he reached out as well, out of respect for the generosity of the people around him, locking hands with Maggie Greene and his sister whose name remained a mystery to him, some blonde angel still in high school as far as he knew. And when all had bowed their heads, Heshel began to pray.

    "Heavenly Father, we thank you for this wonderful meal and we ask that you bless it to our bodies. We praise you for the beauty of the day around us and the promise of sunshine. We ask for a prosperous morning and a fruitful afternoon on the lands you have given us, and we thank you for the freedom to praise you. Also, we thank you for the coming of our new friend Daryl and his much-needed assistance on the farm. In Your name we pray, amen."

    "Amen," echoed those around the table. All except Daryl.

    "You look shocked," stated the boy among the group, still in his twenties by Daryl's judgment. The family had begun to eat and make chatter within themselves, but the hired help sat awkwardly where he was at the table beside a teenager and the dominant Maggie Greene. "Shocked?" Daryl replied. "Yeah, a bit."

    "Why's that?"

    "Ain't nobody ever prayed for me before."

    Instantly, there was silence. Those who had begun to eat around the table had paused in their movements, some with food in their mouths and some with bites on their forks, preparing to be eaten. All eyes fell on Daryl and he looked around uncomfortably. "Is that a problem?"

    "Oh, no." Annette reached across the table and placed a hand on his arm. "I just knew you came from a hard home."

    "You don't know nothin'."

    "I know hurt when I see it. I'm sorry you've never known such kindness as a prayer before, but you'd best get used to it while you're around us. You're like a part of the family now, so you can't go without prayers any longer." The woman picked up the large bowl of hashbrowns and handed them to her young daughter. "Go on, Bethy. Pass these to Daryl, wouldja? One bite a'these and you won't want anyone else's spiced potatoes again Daryl Dixon, you mark my words on that."

    "She's right," Hershel added. "God granted her many talents in the kitchen, that much is certain."

    "Thanks," Daryl said softly as he took the bowl from the teen at his side, and while the family went about their chattering once more he felt an odd swell in his heart that hadn't been present for some time.
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  3. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth could hear the rumble of a truck nearing her home. "Looks like Daryl's gonna join us, after all." Hershel's thick, white mustache curved upwards warmly as he allowed another grin to cross his lips. "Oh, is he really?" Annette began in a chipper tone. She had just started setting all of the food onto the table whenever Daryl peeped through the screen door. "Knock knock," Daryl began, and Beth could faintly hear him from the table. So he really did decide to show up. How nice, she thought to herself as a gentle smile crossed her lips. Even if it was just for early work, she was glad he showed. Now we don't have an extra place set up for nothing, she suppressed a small giggle as her mother placed a couple pancakes unto her plate along with her fair share of bacon and hash browns. After doing the same for everyone else seated, she made her way over to the front door. "Daryl? Is that you?" She questioned, smiling brilliantly once her suspicions were confirmed.

    "Oh goodness, it is! Come in, come in! I even set a place for you n'everything. Watch your boots though, I don't want any dirt trackin' in on these nice wood floors." She stated, which got a gentle eye roll from Beth. She knew how much her mother hated it when dirt tracked into the house, corrupting the nice clean floors she most likely recently mopped. Obediently, Daryl did as she said and kicked off his working boots before stepping inside. "Did you really? Set a place for me, I mean." He began, seemingly in slight disbelief of it all. Annette, without hesitation, answered him with one of her signature, motherly beams. "Of course I did! I have for the past week, you know. Always waitin' for you to come around for breakfast. Come on now, through here aways. We're about to say grace." Beth listened to the two exchange words, and she turned her pale blue gaze their way as they both entered the room. She offered him a friendly smile in greeting.

    "Let's take hands, shall we?" Beth's father spoke out, holding out both his hands for those seated next to him to take. Beth gladly did the same without hesitation. She honestly loved saying grace with everyone hand in hand. It was one of her favorite parts of eating together - thanking the lovely Lord for all the food they were blessed with. In all honesty, though, she did thank her mother internally for being such a wonderful cook, too. Beth held out her hand for Daryl to take, and, at first, he seemed to almost scoff at the thought of saying grace. However, respectfully, he took her and her sister's hand. Beth took a subconscious note on how firm his grip was, as well as the rough texture of his skin. He had hands like her father; the hands of a hard worker. The thought of this made her smile, and, along with everyone else, she politely bowed her head. After her father did the honors of stating thanks on everyone's behalf, Beth stated, "Amen," along with almost everyone.

    Shawn commented on how Daryl seemed shocked, which Beth hadn't quite noticed until she turned to gaze over at him. In a way, he did seem a little baffled by the situation. As if asking on behalf of Beth's own curiosity, Shawn questioned Daryl as to why he was so. Beth's pale pink lips parted slightly in surprise whenever Daryl responded with a steady, "Ain't nobody ever prayed for me before." Beth didn't mean to appear so taken aback, but, like everyone else at the table, she was very surprised at this. Sure, she knew not everyone thanked God for the food in front of them, but hearing about it still shocked her a bit - especially around these parts of Georgia. After a moment of discomfort, Daryl spoke out again after his gaze flickered about the room. "Is that a problem?" He asked, and that was when Beth immediately began munching on her food. She knew it was impolite to stare, and she didn't want to come off as rude in the slightest.

    After this, Annette assured Daryl that it wasn't so, and that she just knew he came from a hard home. Did he really? Beth wondered, and, surprising her yet again, Daryl responded with quite the defensive, "You don't know nothin'." She was slightly baffled at how he could speak to her mother in such a tone, and she almost wanted to say something against him for it, but her mother spoke again before she could do so. "I know hurt when I see it. I'm sorry you've never known such kindness as a prayer before, but you'd best get used to it while you're around us. You're like a part of the family now, so you can't go without prayers any longer." She spoke, reassuring him kindly. Beth's mother possessed such a large, warm heart; that everyone in her family knew. Soon after stating that, Beth's mother handed her some of the hash browns, telling her to pass them off to Daryl. Without objection, Beth did such, handing the bowl over to Daryl kindly.

    "Thanks," he spoke to her in gratitude, and she shook her head over at him sweetly in response. "Don't worry about it," she reassured him with a gentle beam. After that, most of the family went about their usual chitchat, and Beth quietly munched away at her food. Every now and then, she shot a sideways glance towards Daryl, finding herself growing slightly curious. He had this air about him, Beth noticed, and she couldn't help but wonder what it was all about. He sure is quiet, she noticed as she bit into a piece of her bacon. After swallowing, she turned her head slightly to look up at Daryl. "So, what kind of work do you do on the farm with my dad?" She questioned, deciding to attempt at starting a conversation with him. "Is it the basic cleaning up and mowing down, or do you help him with other stuff, too?" She smiled up at him brightly, flashing her pearly white teeth his way. Her eyes of light azure shimmered with the most innocent of curiosities.

    "I think the pigpen's the worst," Shawn chimed in with a gentle chuckle. Maggie rolled her eyes and laughed, playfully nudging him on the shoulder. "Oh, no! It's the horses and cattle, definitely." She disagreed, and the both of them shared gentle laughter. "Oh, don't you go complainin'. You know you love the animals to death," Annette put in her own word, which got a hearty chuckle out of Hershel. "As we all do, my dear. As we all do." He stated as he began eating away at his pancakes humbly. Beth let out a couple soft giggles of her own, those of which came out just under her breath. "Of course we love 'em. We just don't like cleanin' up after 'em." She stated, for she had helped out on the farm a lot during her past summers and other vacations. Cleaning up after the animals was never fun, but she had just as large of a heart as her mother. Many living creatures caught her fancy, and she couldn't help but think everything had some beauty to it.

    "What about you, Daryl? Do you like the animals on the farm? The horses have gotta be my favorite." Beth grinned over at him kindly.

    As everyone chatted about, the faint sound of the radio buzzing in the background could be heard. Hearing something that piqued his interest, Hershel turned it up a bit. "If you see anyone acting strangely, please call XXX-XXX-XXX. There is no known cure for this outbreak, so please proceed to town with caution. Symptoms of those infected include violent outbursts, immense rage, and cannabali--" The announcer continued, but Annette's voice could soon be heard over whatever he was saying. "Honey, turn that thing off. Ain't nobody wanna hear 'bout some sickness during breakfast." She spoke sternly, and one could tell that the news of a disease without a cure floating about the air unnerved her a bit. Obediently and without protest, Hershel turned the radio off. He shrugged slightly as he continued to munch away at his food. "This isn't going away anytime, dear. Don't you think it's better to be well informed rather than ignorant?"

    "I ain't tryin' to say it's better to be ignorant. I'm just tryin' to say that it can wait until after breakfast."
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  4. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 One of the first things Daryl Dixon took immediate note of was the chatty and boisterous nature of the simple, hardworking Greene family. One moment Maggie was inquiring to his opinion on their land, the next Beth was asking about his favorite chore among the countless others he was made to do, and no later was Mrs. Greene complimenting his strength and teasing her son for not working as hard as the hired help. He could hardly speak a word or offer any sort of insight on any of the comments thrown in his direction before another inquiry was made, or one of the group distracted themselves in conversation with another member of the family. Jesus, I can't hardly keep up. But it mattered little. He was not there for the pleasantries of small talk or the hollow attempts at getting to know each person around the great willow table. He was there to put a little extra cash in his pocket to fuel his and Merle's flight from Georgia to some other unholy place, and putting up with the upswings of the Greene hoard was only another stepping stone toward the final promise of peace.

    "What about you, Daryl?" came Beth's interruption to his distant thoughts, and he listened to the remainder of her question in desperate attempt to know what the topic of discussion currently was without providing the rudeness of asking. "Do you like the animals on the farm? The horses have gotta be my favorite." He looked towards her ice-hued eyes and pondered the answer in his head, scratching the back of his neck and taking a long sip from a tall glass of orange juice. "Mmm," he thought. "Don't know. I never looked at animals when I was a kid unless we were puttin' 'em on the table. Horses are good though. Bit of old-fashioned transportation and all that." Daryl was mainly hired to work the fields and plow to prepare for sewing seeds, as Hershel was too old for that sort of work and Shawn's skills were needed elsewhere. Maggie did what she could from time to time, but aside from her it was solely his job since he had started a week prior. He was good at it, too--strong enough to keep up the endurance required, quick enough to get the job done before the time came when seeds must be planted and obedient enough to withhold complaint when another need around the farm called for his attention. It was a small wonder why Hershel had thanked his God for Daryl's arrival.

    Before he could delve further into a response to the teen at his side, a woman's voice grow louder through the room as the elderly man's fingers turned the knob on the radio to a greater volume.

    "If you see anyone acting strangely, please call XXX-XXX-XXX. There is no known cure for this outbreak, so please proceed to town with caution. Symptoms of those infected include violent outbursts, immense rage, and cannabali--"

    "Honey, turn that thing off. Ain't nobody wanna hear 'bout some sickness during breakfast."

    "Wait," Daryl interjected after the couple had completed their bantering. "I thought this thing was still in Africa."

    "It is," Hershel replied with a voice of concern, "but it's spreading like wildfire. Only a matter of time before it comes across the sea."

    "Could be days," added Shawn.

    "Enough. I don't wanna be talkin' about this over a nice breakfast." Annette Greene's expression had turned from irritated to scornful. "I'm sure the doctors of the world will do right by us as they always have, there's no reason to fret."

    "The radio announcers seem to think there is," was all Daryl added from under his breath before taking another bite of the fluffy pancakes awaiting him on his plate, and he said no more.

    By the time the family had finished with their morning meal, the conversation had somehow slipped back into a sense of normalcy that Daryl could only describe as naive. The more he heard about this strange illness through broadcasts and radio shows and other various methods of media, the more he felt a familiar sense of dread take hold on his distant dreams. We should be leavin' Georgia right now, Daryl thought with an unmistakable sense of anger. Merle should be pullin' over on the interstate to take a piss while I take the last breath of my third cig of the day, all thoughts of some farm and a sickness behind us. If what Shawn said was correct about the disease reaching the States in days, the Dixons' plans could irrefutably be brought to a sudden halt. Even working under the heat of the sun on some godforsaken spit of land would be considered heaven compared to the other alternatives. Feeling sick to the pits of his stomach, Daryl stood from the table and brought his dirty plate to the missus where she stood by the sink, offering her a small statement of gratitude before returning to the center of the living room. Hershel gestured for him to come forward, and Daryl did so without a second thought.

    "You know where my pumpkin fields are going to be?" the pastor asked his hired help, pointing east out the side window. "I want you to start tilling out there. Maggie'll plant the seeds when July rolls around, and I want the whole thing done before then. Think you can manage that?"

    "Yeah," Daryl replied in earnest, squinting his eyes to get a clearer view of the project at hand. "Yeah, I can do that."

    "Good. I have no doubt you will." Hershel clapped the man on the shoulder, not too hard. "Finish it before the end of the month and I'll double your wages."

    "Double?" Daryl scoffed, though there was plenty of joy to be found within his suspicious gaze. "You're crazy, but I ain't sayin' no. It's a deal, pops." The two shook hands on the agreement and broke off to their separate paths, one to the stables and the other towards a field directly under the sun's gaze. Daryl snatched the tools he required from the ramshackle shed around the corner of the barn and found himself whistling a familiar tune on his march towards extra pay, morning light drawing all negative thought from his mind like poison from an infectious wound.

    Today could be a fine day after all.
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  5. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth began to wonder why Daryl didn't answer the first set of questions she asked, though she got the feeling that he was having a hard time keeping up with the rest of her family. He didn't seem like a guy against being social, but he indefinitely seemed like he wasn't used to it on this level. As her family shared their thoughts on how they viewed some of the things they did, and as Beth got out her second set of questions, Daryl finally decided to get out a response. "Mmm," he began in contemplation. "Don't know. I never looked at animals when I was a kid unless we were puttin' 'em on the table. Horses are good though. Bit of old-fashioned transportation and all that." He stated, that of which made Beth raise her brows. Has this man never played a day in his life or somethin'? She wondered, though she was glad he chose horses. She honestly loved horseback riding, as well. It was one of the few southern farm girl pleasures that was probably her utmost favorite.

    "That's great! Horseback riding is one of my favorite things to do on the farm after chores," she decided to share. "Though, you've never played with the other animals? You really should try it when you have the chance. It's really fun, and most of our animals are super friendly." Beth smiled sweetly towards Daryl, eager to hear his response. Before he could get one out, however, Annette's voice sounded loud around the table due to the news playing over the radio. Beth never liked hearing about that stuff, so she was with her mother on the issue, though she agreed that it wasn't best to remain ignorant. It would wait until after her food digested, though. Who wants to hear about some incurable disease while eating pancakes and bacon? It just ruins the flavor. She thought to herself, suppressing a shiver. After a moment or two of Beth's mother and father speaking, Daryl decided to get in a word. "Wait," he began, "I thought this thing was still in Africa."

    "It is," Hershel responded, and Beth took note of the subtle apprehension in his tone, "but it's spreading like wildfire. Only a matter of time before it comes across the sea." Beth swallowed roughly, keeping her pale blue gaze locked unto her food before her. Her brother got in a word before Annette interrupted the two, telling them to simply let doctors do what doctors are supposed to do and not worry about it. Beth couldn't agree more, though she did take note of what Daryl said. The radio announcers wouldn't have bothered telling a state such as Georgia about it unless it was something big, and they even offered a number to call if people were showing symptoms. Beth didn't know whether it was simply a precaution, or if there really was some sort of breakout. I really don't want to think about this at breakfast, she thought to herself, not participating too much as the conversation returned to the usual, lighthearted chit chatter. I'll just finish my food and give thanks.

    After everyone had finished their food, Beth assisted her mother in washing the dishes. Maggie and Shawn already head outside to tend to whatever tasks they had laid out for themselves, or perhaps they were just hanging out among'st one another. Meanwhile, Beth could see Daryl making way into the living room to speak with her father. She didn't eavesdrop on what they were saying, though she was sure it was probably about business on the farm. "I'm sure he's gonna ask him to help out with the pumpkin fields," Annette began as she washed the plates, bowls, and utensils one by one. "There's no shade in those parts, and we have a mean sun in summertime. What d'ya say to making the boys some lemonade or somethin'?" She smiled towards Beth warmly, and she returned the beam with a bright one of her own. "I think that's a great idea!" She approved, and she began working on a batch as soon as cleaning up after breakfast was all done and passed.

    Quite a few minutes passed, and Beth and her mother succeeded in making three batches of their signature lemonade. They new that Maggie and Shawn drank it as quick as water, so they made three batches just in case. "Alright, go ahead and take this out to Daryl, sweetie. I'll call Maggie and Shawn inside to get their glass, and I'll have one of them take one back for y'all's father," she began, shooing her off in an eager, playful manner, "Go on, go!" She handed Beth a cup, gently pushing her out of the door. "Alright, alright! I'm goin'," she let out sweet, innocent laughter as she took the large glass of lemonade out to where the pumpkin fields were supposed to be. She could see Daryl working away, his sweat glistening ever so slightly in the merciless sunlight raining over them from above. It's a million degrees out here, she thought to herself as she shielded her light azure eyes from the sun. Her irises reflected the colors of beautiful, clear blue sky above.

    "Daryl?" She called out to him, holding the lemonade in her hand up in a gesture of greeting. "My mom and I made some lemonade for everyone. I brought you a glass. I think it'll do ya nice to drink some, especially in this heat. It'll help!" She offered him with a whole, open heart. Her smile seemed to hold a bit of sunlight itself, for it was bright and warm as always. Her blonde hair seemed to shimmer in the glistening rays, and her blue eyes didn't remove themselves from Daryl's figure. He really is a hard worker, she thought to herself, now able to see it firsthand as he helped out in the fields. She was always so busy with her homework earlier during the year whenever Hershel first hired him to work on the farm, so she never had the chance to really talk to him until now. "I see you're working really hard out here," she offered him a compliment as she approached him further. "I gotta give you props. It's a million degrees out," she let out a gentle giggle.

    "Here," she spoke kindly, holding the lemonade out to him. "For all your hard work so far."
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  6. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 Each shove of the spade into the dirt sent shocks of physical stress through the strength of Daryl's muscles. It was nothing he couldn't handle. He had known excess amounts of physical labor since he was a young child and the threats of injury due to activity had not been limited since then. Daryl did his job to the best of his ability and plunged the tool deeper within the earth's flesh, moving down the line so that the rest of the process could continue in time. When the sun was high in the sky a the ten o'clock mark, he took a small break and wiped the sweat from his forehead, leaning on the handle of the spade where it was stuck inside still-packed earth. Daryl retrieved a pack of Lucky Strikes from his shirt pocket and lit one, sucking in the poison like a sponge to water. He fixed his eyes on the skyline and the tops of various breeds of trees, to the farmhouse in the distance and the barn even further from there, towards his shitty car and the remnants of the Greene family lineage in the United States. After a moment of pondering, a blonde head also came into view, marching in his direction with a glass of something inhand.

    I hope it's booze. Daryl found himself longing for the crisp taste of a good beer. When the teen finally came into full view he dropped the spade where it was, approaching her with gentle care.

    "Daryl?" She called out to him, holding what appeared to be lemonade in her hand up in a gesture of greeting. "My mom and I made some lemonade for everyone. I brought you a glass. I think it'll do ya nice to drink some, especially in this heat. It'll help!"

    Not beer, he thought with slight disappointment, but it'll hit the spot all the same.

    "Thanks." Daryl reached out and accepted the glass after her continued insistence, taking a small sip and reveling in the sweet, refreshingly fruity taste. "S'good," he complimented. "Taste better if it was spiked, though." He gave a little chuckle, remembering some not-so-wonderful times with special lemonade over ten years past. He took another sip and sat on the edge of a large boulder, looking up at the young blonde and cursing himself for admiring her appearance.

    "Name's Beth, right?" he asked with mild interest, holding out his hand. "I'm Daryl. Don't think we've met."
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  7. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth didn't quite catch the sight of Daryl smoking, though she did notice him dropping something and stepping on it before he approached her. Does he smoke? Beth thought curiously, but she decided to not ask. He was much older than her, and whatever habits he developed were his business and his business alone. With a gentle, lighthearted shrug, Beth handed the sweet lemonade to Daryl, offering him a smile in response to his thanks. "You're welcome," Beth responded sweetly, her pale blue eyes watching him intently as he took a sip of her and her mother's refreshing concoction. His expression didn't seem displeased; in fact, he seemed to be the opposite. As soon as he complimented the beverage with a simple, "S'good," Beth allowed a sweet, gratified smile to cross her pale pink lips. "Taste better if it was spiked, though." Daryl decided to accompany his compliment with that statement, which made Beth's smile fade ever so slightly, though it returned as he chuckled.

    "Sorry, my dad doesn't quite approve of us havin' alcohol much," Beth shrugged innocently, letting out a subtle sigh under her breath. "My mama says he used to struggle with it a bit, so he avoids havin' it around." She watched as Daryl took another silent sip, sitting himself down on a nearby boulder. After a short moment, Daryl broke the silence. "Name's Beth, right?" He questioned, sticking out his hand for her to shake. "I'm Daryl. Don't think we've met." He stated, and Beth simply beamed at him kindly as she took his hand into her own. Once again, she took note of the rough and rugged texture of his skin. In an odd way, she found herself liking it. It was reassuring in a sense, and it only showed what a hard worker Daryl was. Beth always admired that quality in others, so the fact that he had the callouses to show for it only made her respect him more. She gave his hand a gentle shake before returning her own smaller, smoother palm back to her side.

    "Yeah, I'm Beth," she confirmed his suspicions as she made her way over to the boulder where he rested. It was big enough for two, so she decided to seat herself next to him. "I knew you were helpin' out my dad on the farm, but we've never really spoken before. It's a pleasure to meet'cha," she gently hooked some of her stray blonde hair behind one of her ears, tucking it up and away from her face. She rested her feet on the edge of the boulder, hugging her knees with her slender arms as she looked straight ahead. "Thank you for that, by the way," she began, turning her bright azure gaze back over to meet his own. "Helpin' out my dad, I mean. This farm is kinda big, and with me at school, my mom handlin' the house, and only my brother and sister around, it can be a hassle to run sometimes. Your efforts really are appreciated 'round here," she assured him kindly, offering him a gentle and warm smile along with her words.

    "Why'd you apply for work here, anyways?" Beth questioned curiously, her stare lighting up with subtle interest. "Did you just want some extra pocket money or somethin'? Do you live nearby? Or, do you want to be a farmer like my dad someday?" She questioned, her grin widening a bit as she awaited his answer in pleasant anticipation. Because Daryl was so quiet and reserved, it only made Beth want to get to know him more.
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  8. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 Daryl wasn't about to sacrifice a second longer of abstaining from the lemonade just for the sake of an answer. He drank deep, humming to himself after each big gulp before bringing the fresh taste away from his lips, gasping for air and chuckling despite himself. I could be a glutton for this stuff, he thought in earnest, examining the glass as if searching for traces of magical element or ability. It was some damn good lemonade, that much was certain. For an instant it almost reminded him of how his mother made the concoction so many years ago, before her death. The thought was shaken from his mind as soon as it had taken root.

    The older man moved over just slightly to allow Beth a more comfortable place to sit, but the two were still in such a close proximity that he could smell the fruity scents of her bath soap and study her gentle features all the more intimately. Her hair was pale gold with eyes like a cloudy sky, a figure petite and curved with hands that had seen no labor. She was a precious thing to Hershel and it wasn't hard for Daryl Dixon to see why. Leave Beth in the sun to long and she would burn, work her too hard and she would pass out, break her heart and she would sob for ages. A fragile girl, useless in the mind of Daryl's upbringing and childhood, but it was a miraculous thing that he could keep past and present separate. He found his eyes lingering too long and forced them away, knowing there'd be hell to pay for eyeing the farmer's daughter too closely.

    "Why'd you apply for work here, anyways?" Beth questioned curiously, her stare lighting up with subtle interest. "Did you just want some extra pocket money or somethin'? Do you live nearby? Or, do you want to be a farmer like my dad someday?"

    "Me?" he laughed, "a farmer? Jesus, no. Not as smart as you look." Daryl chuckled and finished off the rest of the deliciously tangy liquid, sighing in contentment under the shade of a nearby willow tree. He looked down at the melting ice weeping in the sun's heat and knew he owed Beth more of an explanation than the pitiful exchange he had given her, and with a sigh he looked over to her again, taking care not to let his eyes wander where they didn't belong. She's a pretty little thing, he thought, but I ain't no perve.

    "Just need the extra cash, that's all." Daryl looked back out to the partially tilled field and sighed. "Saw the open position, I came and filled it. I'm good at this kinda stuff. Farmin', physical labor an' all that. Thought I could lend a hand and see what I could make of it. Worked out pretty well so far." He gave a light grin. "An' if you consider a Motel 6 livin' nearby, then yeah, you could say that. Not from around this part a'Georgia. Further south, originally."

    Closer to hell.
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  9. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth couldn't help but smile as she watched Daryl gulp away the lemonade. I'm glad he likes it, she thought contently, letting out a small, lighthearted giggle at the sight. He must've been workin' real hard out here if he's that thirsty, she couldn't help but think as she gazed over at him. After a while, she realized that it probably seemed like she was staring at him, and she didn't want to make Daryl uncomfortable. However, she also noticed his gaze lingering on her, too. She couldn't quite get a grip on just what he was thinking about as he looked at her, for everything about Daryl was hard to crack. He was hardened, that was for sure, and Beth got this feeling that he didn't intend on letting anyone in. I wonder if he's lonely, she thought to herself, though she'd never say such a thing out loud. He got defensive whenever her mother offered him wholehearted comfort, so Beth just knew that he'd be put off by any mention of hurt or loneliness.

    After a while, though, she noticed that Daryl forced his gaze away from her. Taking this as a sign that she shouldn't be staring, either, she also turned her pale blue gaze straight ahead. It took him a small while to address her questions, for he originally scoffed off the fact that she suggested he might want to be a farmer. If she didn't know any better, she would have taken a small bit offense to his sarcastic remark, but she was beginning to get a grasp on bits and pieces of Daryl's personality. So, knowing that he meant no harm, she allowed a soft laugh to escape her lips soon after Daryl's own chuckle. He took a moment to finish off the lemonade she brought, and Beth began to wonder whether he was going to answer her at all. I don't think he likes questions too much, she realized, but he soon answered her despite that. His eyes met hers again, and she smiled at this in anticipation, looking forward to whatever answers he would provide her.

    "Just need the extra cash, that's all." He stated, and Beth nodded in response. She listened intently as he went on, offering him her full and undivided attention. "Saw the open position, I came and filled it. I'm good at this kinda stuff. Farmin', physical labor an' all that. Thought I could lend a hand and see what I could make of it. Worked out pretty well so far." He stated, flashing Beth a small grin. That only made hers grow wider, for seeing Daryl smile was quite the sight to see. She supposed that it was because he was so reserved, but seeing him grin was quite refreshing. She couldn't help but feel a tad warm at the sight, and that wasn't due to the blazing sun above them. She gently rested her cheek on her knees, gazing over at Daryl as he continued to speak. "An' if you consider a Motel 6 livin' nearby, then yeah, you could say that. Not from around this part a'Georgia. Further south, originally." He stated, which made Beth rise her head once more.

    "You've been stayin' in a motel this whole time?" She asked, raising her brows slightly in surprise. "Wow, that can't be nice. We have some extra space here on the farm, ya know," she began, showing Daryl another one of her signature, warm beams. "Our past help would always stay in the farmhouse, that way they were never late to work an' all that. It made things a lot easier, especially if they weren't from around here an' just roamin' about. Cheaper, more stable housing, and work was right outside," she stated, letting off an innocent shrug. "I'm sure my dad would offer you a place here if you wanted for one. But, if you like good ol' Motel 6, that's alright, too," she flashed him another sweet smile, her golden hair seeming to shimmer in the sunlight. The nearby willow provided a decent amount of shade, but the sun always seemed to be present with Beth. Perhaps she couldn't help it; some say she's just a walking ray of sunshine to begin with.

    Beth then turned her gaze over towards the empty glass of lemonade Daryl had in his possession, the melting ice cubes shifting as they slowly withered away. "If you'd like, I could go an' grab you another glass," she offered kindly, seeing as he seemed to enjoy the beverage greatly before. "My mom and I made three whole pitchers, so there's more than enough to go 'round," she stated, tilting her head ever so slightly as her lips seemed to be curved upwards permanently. Smiles came so naturally to Beth, for she always tried to see the good in things.

    No matter how dreadful the situation, she always seemed to find something to smile about.

    Besides.. She was enjoying being around Daryl, anyways.

    It wasn't that hard to smile to begin with.

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  10. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 "I'd like some more, yeah." He looked down to the empty glass, slowly filling with water from what was once freezing ice. The thought of leaving the pit of a motel in favor of bunking with the Greene family was tempting and would have been a possibility if Daryl wasn't under his brother's control, but he supposed that what Merle didn't know wouldn't kill him. There was no knowing how much longer he would be locked up until the legal situation was taken care of, and much to Daryl's dismay it was better financially to stay within Hershel's walls.

    And it could mean more breakfasts like the one I had today, too. There wasn't any greater temptation in the world than that.

    "I guess I could stay here," he stated finally after many moments of silence that Daryl was commonly known for. "Been waitin' for my brother, but he's just...gone. Not here yet, but we were gonna leave the state together. I could stay here until he's ready to go if that's alright with your old man."

    God, she's cute. Daryl couldn't help a wistful chuckle towards her before pushing himself up from the boulder, giving his shoulders and back a long stretch that warranted a few ungodly cracks in his bones. While he was no stranger to physical labor and hard work, it never took too kindly to his spine and shoulder blades nowadays which shouldn't surprise him as much as it did. When he was young, Daryl used to think he could live forever, but the closer he aged to forty the less and less he prized such fond memories, and the more his back would seem stressed under the pressures he dragged it through. Daryl ran his fingers through his dark hair and faced Beth once again.

    "I can follow you over there," he said, "to speak with the old man about stayin'. I could use some of your mom's food every day."

    I could go for seein' you every day too, Daryl thought, but that was not something he dared give voice to. She was far too young and far too beyond his reach, perfect in every sense of the word whereas he fell comfortable with daily reminders of the shit he was. Beth deserved better and Daryl deserved nothing. He could hear Merle's voice in the back of his head reminding him of those facts, taunting him with vulgarity laced in painful truths.

    That's just the way of the world, baby brother. Nothin' else to it.
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  11. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth nodded happily and eagerly in response to Daryl stating that he'd like some more lemonade. "Alrightie, then," She spoke as she stood up on top of the boulder, soon returning to the ground below with an endearing little hop. She gently brushed off any dirt that may have latched to her clothes, a gentle puff of dust coming off of her faded blue jeans as she patted away. "I guess I could stay here," Daryl began as she did so, "Been waitin' for my brother, but he's just...gone. Not here yet, but we were gonna leave the state together. I could stay here until he's ready to go if that's alright with your old man." Beth listened as Daryl explained a bit of his situation. For a brief moment, Beth actually found herself saddened upon hearing that Daryl was planning on leaving. I was just gettin' to know you, too, she thought to herself with a silent sigh through her nose. Such a shame you're gonna leave when your brother comes back, she shrugged at the thought.

    "I can follow you over there," Daryl offered upon getting off the boulder in suit, "to speak with the old man about stayin'. I could use some of your mom's food every day." He stated, and Beth smiled and nodded kindly in response. "Sure, that'd be nice," she stated as she began walking towards the house. She was sure Daryl would be following close behind, hopefully soon walking beside her. "My mom is an amazing cook, ain't she?" Beth began, for she was very grateful for all the things her mother did for everyone. "I love cookin' dinner with her sometimes. She says I get better an' better everyday," she stated upon letting out a sweet laugh under her breath. "I don't think I'll ever be as good as she is, though. She's the mom, after all," Beth shrugged, sighing contently as she gazed up at the blue sky outstretched above them. After a small moment of silence, Beth turned to look back at Daryl, a hint of curiosity lighting up her gaze.

    "Say, if you don't mind me askin', what's your brother like?" Beth asked, tilting her head slightly in anticipation. "Do you know when he'll be comin' back?" She continued to question, soon turning her gaze back ahead of them. "Where ever he is, I hope he's alright and comes back soon. Though, I do kinda wish you could hang around here if he's gonna be out'n'about for a while longer," Beth admitted, allowing her eyes of light blue to meet Daryl's own again. "As much as I love my family, it's nice to have someone else around, ya know?" She flashed a beam of pure sunshine, allowing the smile to reach all the way up to her glistening irises. "I'm sure my dad will let you stay in the farmhouse. I don't think anyone else is usin' it right now, so we have plenty of room. I hope everything works out for ya," Beth stated, hooking her hands behind her back as she walked with a slight pep in her step.

    As they neared the house, Beth gently took the empty glass from Daryl, the melting ice cubes shifting upon the trade.

    "I'll be sure to fill it to the brim," she promised with a sweet nod.
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  12. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 The pair of unlikely companions crossed great fields of grass and seed, conversing casually with each added step. Beth spoke more than Daryl did, talking about her mother's cooking and how they took the time to cook together on occasion all while Daryl nodded along, not offering any comment besides a few little nods of acknowledgment. He had no expertise on topics of family bonding and no desire to ask her to stop, so the hired help was content to remain silent throughout most of her little rant while he walked at her side. He found himself pondering the image of Beth and her mother toiling together in the kitchens to utilize various farm goods for the betterment of a meal, the madam barking orders to a rushed teen with flour in her hair.

    It's a damn luxury to even have thoughts like that. 'Specially for someone like me.

    "If you don't mind me askin', what's your brother like?" the girl asked innocently, never knowing the crippling weight of her simple question. "Do you know when he'll be comin' back?"

    In truth, Daryl had no desire to answer her. He wanted to stop the teen in her tracks and grip her shoulder tight, forcefully, angrily, commanding her never to inquire about his godforsaken brother again. He didn't want to associate the two of them together, not in a single thought or sentence, a girl so perfect and a man so otherwise. But Daryl Dixon was not his father. He let tense silence pass between them before offering her a nonchalant, "Dunno. He's just my brother."

    "Where ever he is, I hope he's alright and comes back soon. Though, I do kinda wish you could hang around here if he's gonna be out'n'about for a while longer." Daryl paused in suddenly shocked steps, meeting her eyes as she turned. "As much as I love my family, it's nice to have someone else around, ya know?"

    "Sure," he replied, truthfully not knowing at all.

    "I'm sure my dad will let you stay in the farmhouse. I don't think anyone else is usin' it right now, so we have plenty of room. I hope everything works out for ya." Beth skipped up towards the great Victorian home and shot back something about filling his glass to the brim, but the words were lost on troubled ears. Daryl sat on the wooden steps leading up to the Greene's front porch and rubbed his face, and whether he was scrubbing away sweat and dirt or memories he didn't want to recall remained a grim mystery.

    "You look pretty beat, Mr. Dixon." Daryl lifted his head after a few minutes had passed to see Hershel standing above him, descending the stairs so he could sit at the side of his employee. "Gettin' hotter out there, you know. Won't be long before things get overheated."

    "S'fine," Daryl replied, picking at the lining on his shoe. "Had worse."

    "I imagine it gets even hotter in the southern part of the state," Hershel agreed. The man folded his hands and looked sidelong at the hired help, letting a sigh pass between his lips. "The way you talked to my wife this mornin', when she asked about your family."

    Daryl froze. "I ain't gonna apologize. None a'you should be pokin' around my business, I don't do that to you."

    "You're right, you don't. But you will apologize if you want to live under my roof, like Bethy said."

    "To hell with it, then!" Daryl shot up from his spot and stepped off onto the grass, but not before rounding on Hershel in the depths of his rage. "Listen, old man. I ain't never told nobody nothin' about my life because it ain't nobody's business. Not your wife's, not your daughter's, an' it sure as hell ain't yours. If I wanted a job where I had to spill the beans about every damn detail of my life's story I would'a gone someplace else, but I didn'. Either take what ya got or find somebody different, I ain't talkin' for shit."

    He looked up to see Beth standing in the doorway, a glass filled to the brim with refreshing liquid in hand, and he jabbed an accusing finger in her direction. "Keep your damn lemonade."

    Daryl stalked off towards the fields again without another word.
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  13. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth didn't mind how little Daryl shared with her about his brother. While she was curious, she knew that it'd be a bad thing to pry. She got the feeling that Daryl really didn't like letting people into his life, and, even now, she felt like he was subtly keeping her at bay. She couldn't help but be curious as to how Daryl developed such a persona, but then she simply thought back to what her mother mentioned. I wonder if he really has had a hard life thus far, she thought to herself as she held the glass of lemonade securely in her palms. They had returned to the house, and Daryl went into another room to meet with her father. As Beth had promised, she began filling back up the cup of lemonade, all the way up to the brim. To keep it nice and cool, she added in a few more cubes of ice, knowing that Daryl would appreciate the refreshing chill as it ran down his throat. He was workin' hard out there in the blazin' sun, after all, she thought, smiling sweetly to herself.

    Her sweet smile immediately faded as she heard the two men raising their voices slightly in the other room. She couldn't quite make out the exact words they were saying, but she could tell by their tones that they weren't quite happy with one another. She began walking over, a full glass of lemonade in hand. "Hey, what's going on--" she began to say, but she stopped in her tracks as soon as Daryl turned to look at her. His expression was infuriated, and he pointed a accusing, frustrated finger at her. "Keep your damn lemonade." He spoke, and Beth's eyes widened in surprise. Before she could say a single word to him, he stalked back outside and over towards the fields. Beth then turned to look back at her father, who had his hand placed against his forehead. He let out a soft sigh, and Beth angrily placed the glass of lemonade she prepared onto the table. "What did you say to him, dad? He's furious! He was just fine a second ago!" She spoke out in frustration.

    "I just wanted him to apologize to your mother, Bethy," he stated, his ice blue eyes piercing into her own. "The way he spoke to her this mornin' wasn't right, and you know it." He continued, and Beth pursed her lips together. While she, too, wanted to say something to Daryl this morning whenever he talked back to her mother that way, a little bit changed after she spoke with him. If he did have a hard life like her mother suspected, then of course he wouldn't want to openly talk about it with people he hardly knows. While we may treat him like family, it may be hard for him to do the same, she thought to herself, shaking her head in displeasure. She was just about to say another objection towards her father whenever her mother walked in, placing a gentle hand on Beth's shoulder. Beth turned her pale blue gaze over to her, her words immediately coming to a halt. "It's alright, hun. Don't you worry about it," she reassured her kindly with her signature, motherly beam.

    "Now, Hershel. I really hope you ain't tryin' to chase that young man away, now," she began, placing a hand on her hip. Everyone in the house knew that she only did that when she meant business. "He might'a been a tad rude, but I don't blame 'im. You shouldn't, neither. I've already forgiven 'im," she stated, then turning her stare back to Beth. "Now, sweetie. I know you might be a little frustrated with your father. I saw you n' Daryl talkin' outside earlier, and you seem to get along quite nice. But, you know that old fart is just lookin' out for us, right?" She began, letting out a soft cackle as she teased her husband. "I may be an old fart, but I'm still here," he stated with a small wave of his hand. Even though Beth was still a little irritated, she couldn't help but smile at the situation. "I know, I know," she assured them, and Annette brought her daughter in for a warm side hug. She gently stroked her golden hair, turning her head down to look into Beth's eyes.

    "I'll talk to your father about Daryl stayin' in the farmhouse, alright? You just go wash up for lunch, okay?" She stated, and Beth nodded obediently. With that, she took her leave and walked into the bathroom, starting to wash her hands. Annette then turned to look at Hershel, who still didn't seem too happy with Daryl's reactions. "You let that boy stay here, alright? Don't you worry about him apologizin' to me or nothin'. If he's had a hard time and doesn't want to talk about it, we should be able to respect that. He doesn't come pryin' into our personal issues, so we should do the same for him." She stated, and Hershel let out a sigh. He still seemed reluctant, but he wasn't going to disobey his wife. She had her hand placed on her hip, and he knew she meant business, so there was no winning with her now. "I know he's a great worker an' all, but why are you sidin' with him so much?" Hershel couldn't help but ask, his white brows raising in curiosity.

    With a kind smile, Annette answered without hesitation.

    "'Cause, while he's a lil' rough around the edges, that man has a big heart. I just know it."
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  14. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 Daryl continued to work the fields with tireless energy, using the anger built up over decades to fuel each shove of the tip of the spade into previously undisturbed earth. He said not a word to the Greene family, even those who came to offer him a meal or refreshment. Their words sailed over his head and were soon forgotten, and by the time the sun had tipped back behind the tops of forest trees he considered himself completed with the day's grueling work. Daryl tossed the tools back where they belonged and hopped back into the '76 Chevy that reminded him of slaughters long past, of an identity he could never claim was his own. No goodbyes for Hershel or his family, not even for the daughter that had made him smile. It was best to put them all behind.

    Halfway down Highway 100, Daryl heard the high ringing of his cell and turned down the stereo to flip the device open, holding it to his ear with a look of irritation.

    "An inmate from the West Georgia Correctional Facility is attempting to contact you. To accept this call, press--"

    "Dammit, Merle." He jammed his finger on the correct number and waited while the call rang through, shouting so loud it was sure to be heard by anyone nearby on the other line. "What the fuck do you want, I thought you were only supposed to get a call a day."

    "I'm in for good behavior!" came Merle's taunting laugh. "Anyway, I thought I'd talk to you before shit hit the fan. You watchin' the news?"

    "No," Daryl replied, furrowing his brows. "On the road. Just got off work."

    "Don't go to Atlanta."

    "Why?" He adjusted the phone to his other ear, leaning his elbow along the sill of the driver's side window. "This thing's in Africa, man. Don't just--"

    "Not anymore. Airports are shuttin' down and everything, they talkin' 'bout all this nasty stuff on the news, people eatin' each other in the streets."

    "Nah," he replied in disbelief. "You're shittin' me."

    "Wish I was, baby brother. Wish I was."

    Daryl groaned in frustration. "You sure you're hearin' right? That's impossible, that kinda shit doesn't happen here."

    "Does now. Listen, I might be gettin' outta here at the end of the week and I don't have much time to talk, my minutes're almost up. Could you pick me up here around four on Friday?"

    "Fine. Then we haul ass outta Georgia, right?"

    "Yeah. Talk to ya later, baby brother."

    "Uh-huh." He hung up the phone and tossed it to the passenger seat, focusing on the road as he merged off toward the Motel 6 he temporarily called home. It was impossible for Merle to be serious; he was known for pulling stupid pranks like this throughout his childhood, teasing him and plaguing him with various cruel scenarios that all turned out to be falsified. Cannibalism? That wasn't something you heard about on a wide-range scale, least of all in an infectious disease. It's bullshit, he thought with grunt of displeasure. He's just a fuckin' asshole, that's all. Daryl pulled into the parking lot of the motel and reentered the dump that was better than the home he came from, taking a quick shower before crashing on the bed for a short night's sleep. I guess Merle can be a piece a'shit even when he's locked up. I'd find this cannibal crap more believable than Merle's 'good behavior'.

    His head buried in a flattened pillow, the lost soldier drifted to sleep on the wings of a blonde teen and a sunny smile.

    Daryl was awakened the following morning with the shocks of high-pitched chimes.

    Yawning and rubbing exhausted eyes, Daryl leaned over to silence the piercing ring of his cell by providing an answer. He flipped the blasted thing open and held it up to his ear, offering a groggy, "What?"

    "Daryl Dixon?" A girl's voice. He sat up in bed and looked over at the clock at the bedside table, reading the fifth hour and groaning. "Daryl, are you there?"

    "Who the hell is this?"

    "Maggie," she replied softly. "It's Maggie Greene."

    "No, it's five in the fuckin' mornin'. Why are you callin' me?"

    "It's Beth, she ain't well." There was a tremble in her voice, one Daryl instantly recognized as fear. He crossed his legs and listened. "You been seein' all that stuff on the news like we have?"

    "I heard things. Hadn't seen nothin' yet."

    "The airports are all shut down, all the big cities are in quarantine. I just saw a broadcast from New York on the TV of these...these things, Daryl. Eatin' people. Dead people."

    "Things eatin' dead people?"

    "No. The things are dead people, and they're eatin' the livin'."

    He gave a great mocking scoff, reaching over the television remote and turning on the power. "You're as damn superstitious as my fucking brother. I swear, all you people are just..." His voice faded, giving rise to the tones through old television speakers.

    "...we're reporting live from Time Square where there have been reports of nearly six-hundred cases of the infected feeding on the living. There are hundreds of them, thousands, I've never seen anything like this--"

    "Get down!" shouted a soldier, a brave man dressed in camouflage and bullet proof vests as if that would save him. The reporter ran with the cameraman in tow, screaming and dashing for their lives until the man broadcasting to America fell and the camera lens was drowned in gore.

    "Holy shit."

    "Yeah," Maggie said, "an' it's only gettin' worse. Boston's that way too, and it's comin' south faster than anyone can imagine."

    "What's this gotta do with Beth?"

    "She thinks you're strong," Maggie replied. "She wants you here to protect us. I can't say she's entirely wrong, either."

    "I ain't her damn chaperone."

    "No, but you are now." The woman sighed. "Come out to the farm, wouldja? We've got more land here, more secluded, it'll keep you safe too. Food, water, a better bed. An' we care about you."

    Daryl sighed and rubbed his eyes free of whatever sleepiness remained, turning off the television as it broadcasted live from the heart of Chicago where things still remained mostly calm. "Fine. Gimme fifteen."

    "Thanks." The soft click on the other line signified to Daryl that Maggie had finished with her conversation, and he had no choice but to follow the promise he had given. Sliding from the warm comforts of motel sheets, Daryl quickly gathered his things and dressed himself in jeans and a flannel shirt, exiting the building less than five minutes from the end of the conversation. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the same young couple he'd seen the morning before shoving their things carelessly into a car, starting it in a panic and peeling out onto the road as if their lives depended on the speed at which they fled.

    What the hell is goin' on?
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  15. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth was sitting in the center of her bed in her room, her knees hugged close to her torso, and her head in between them. Please, don't let this infection spread down to Georgia, she thought to herself, bringing her hands together as she spoke a silent prayer. Please, please don't let this reach us. Beth shut her eyes tightly for a moment, her eye brows furrowing ever so slightly. After a small while, Maggie made her way into her sister's room. "Hey, Bethy. Are you alright?" She began, coming to sit by Beth on her mattress. Affectionately, she wrapped her arm around her sister in comfort and solace. When Beth didn't respond to Maggie's question, she decided to go on with speaking. "I just got off the phone with Daryl," she began, and Beth's head perked up a bit. She turned her ice blue gaze over to meet Maggie's own. "You did?" Beth questioned, and Maggie nodded in response. "He said he'll be right over," she assured her, and a small smile came over Beth's face.

    That's good, she thought to herself as she rested her face on her knees once more. Maggie then began stroking Beth's long blonde hair, that of which wasn't put up quite yet. It draped over her petite shoulders elegantly, and Maggie gently brought it all over to one side. "It'll be alright," she spoke to her sister reassuringly. "None of us are gonna let anythin' happen to you. You know that, right?" She spoke softly and soothingly, as if coaxing a little, innocent lamb. Beth sometimes didn't like how her family treated her, for they always suffocated her with protection and affection. While she appreciated all of these efforts, Beth couldn't help but feel a little looked down upon sometimes. In a way, she almost felt hopeless, and that wasn't a nice feeling. It made her feel weak and useless. Perhaps I am.. She thought to herself, feeling a little discouraged as she let out a sigh. Maggie pursed her lips together at this, and, after another small moment, she stopped playing with Beth's hair.

    "I'm goin' downstairs to help mom and dad. You come n' join us when you're ready, alright?" She spoke, and Beth offered her a small nod in response.

    "Alright, I'll be there in a little while."

    After that, Maggie made her way out of Beth's room, leaving her to her lonesome. Beth allowed herself to remain with her head rested against her knees for a little while longer, though she soon made her way over to the edge of her bed. She draped her slender legs over the side, deciding to get ready for the long day ahead. She was already dressed in one of her other trusty pairs of old blue jeans, a tank top with various warm hues horizontal patterns placed upon it, and a small light brown cardigan to match. To top it all off, Beth grabbed a pair of some of her brown boots that came up an inch or two past her ankles, deeming them durable enough to handle all the things she was likely to do today. Knowing how her father was and how he was going to protect his family with everything he had, she knew she was bound to do a lot of work around the farm. She was sure that they'd be securing everything the best they could, just as a safety precaution.

    I really hope that it won't be necessary, but those reports were so scary.. To think that there are people out there - dead people - eating other people.. That's just.. She thought to herself, shaking the negativity away as she began putting her hair up in a ponytail. Stop it, Beth. Frettin' won't do you any good. Just.. Keep cool. She tried giving herself a small, internal pep talk as she began making her way downstairs. Even though it was still incredibly early in the morning, the sun barely peeking up over the horizon, Annette was already preparing breakfast. "Good mornin', sweetie. How're ya feelin'?" She called out to her kindly, and Beth forced a smile her way. "I'm alright, I guess," Beth shrugged, though her mother saw right through her. She showed her one of those smiles that let Beth know that she knew she was lying, but she wasn't going to pry any further for her sake. "Come n' help me with this, will ya?" She questioned, and Beth obediently obliged.

    While the two of them began preparing breakfast for everyone, Maggie, Shawn, and Hershel were all out in the yard preparing for the day to come. All of them were making sure that their fences were sturdy, that all of the animals were fed and sound, and that they had enough supplies to go off of for a while. "We'll probably need to go to town later to pick a few more things up. Might as well get it out of the way as soon as possible before whatever is in New York arrives," Shawn stated as he wiped away at his forehead, taking a small breath. "Should I go?" he offered, and Hershel shook his head. "No, I need you here to help me with gettin' everythin' set up," he stated, letting out a small sigh as he contemplated. "How about we send Beth? I know that she's probably dyin' to help out a bit," Maggie stated, and both Hershel and Shawn looked at her as though she was crazy. Everyone wanted Beth to stay home, but they also knew that locking her up wasn't the best.

    "We can wait until Daryl gets here. He can go with her," Maggie suggested, and both Hershel and Shawn calmed down at the thought of that. "So long as she's not alone, I guess it's alright. We'll send those two after breakfast, then," Hershel stated as he began making his way back to the house with the other two.

    It smelt of fresh eggs, sausage, toast, and sweet grits.

    "Breakfast will be done in a few, so get settled on down. Bethy, will you set the plates, please?" Annette began, and Beth obeyed without objection. She began placing all of the plates and silverware down, adding in a place for Daryl. I'm sure he'll be here in a little while, she thought to herself.

    Her mother smiled, pleased at how she didn't have to remind Beth to do so this time.

    He's like part of the family already, ain't he?
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  16. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 It was to Daryl's great advantage that Maggie called him when she did. Moments after he merged off of the busied highway towards the Greene family farm, traffic came to a grinding and excruciating halt. Eastbound off of the main roads was clear moving deeper into the area and out past the reaches of downtown, but the roads leading toward the highway were backed up almost entirely for a good three miles. On more than one occasion Daryl stuck his middle finger in the air out at some crazy jackass driver who wasn't paying attention to where his vehicle was headed, but the widespread panic was beginning to concern him too.

    It's almost as if the world's goin' to shit, he thought, making the turn at the junction towards Maggie and Beth's spacious farm. Like the damn apocalypse or somethin'.

    "Daryl?" came the call from across the yard mere seconds after he'd exited the beaten Chevy. "Oh, thank God. You're late."

    "Traffic's a bitch," he grunted. "Brought all my stuff with me like ya asked, but I still ain't gonna answer no damn questions about--"

    "I know, I know." Maggie held up a hand to quiet him. "It's fine. We were all eatin' breakfast, just c'mon inside."

    "This early?" He looked toward the horizon. "Not even six yet."

    "None of us slept, really." Without asking permission, Maggie opened the passenger door and grabbed the remainder of Daryl's belongings, a bag full of clothes and a strong, ebony crossbow clearly intended for hunting.

    "Careful with that," Daryl snapped. "S'important."

    "How am I gonna go about breakin' a crossbow?" Maggie rolled her eyes and hopped up the steps to the front porch, opening the door and holding it for the slower man. "Mom," she called. "Beth. Daryl's here."

    "Thank the Lord." Annette rose from her seat at the table and rushed over to where Daryl Dixon stood shocked in the doorway, throwing her arms around him, to which he instantly recoiled. "God, we thought somethin' bad had happened! Are you okay? D'you need some coffee? A beer?" She pulled away and cupped his cheeks with her hands.

    "What?--no, no." He pushed her hands aside, perhaps a bit too forcefully, and stepped away from her untimely embrace. "Y'all look dead, though. Didn't you get any sleep?"

    "Not really," Shawn replied from the table. "Bethy least of all."

    Daryl made eye contact with the sad, distraught teen in question and felt his resolve soften in the slightest. "...not good, you know. Kid like you needs all the sleep she can get."

    "S'hard to do with all that trouble on the news." Annette brushed a silver strand of hair behind her ear. "You n'Bethy are gonna go into town later today and get some supplies. If it comes to curfews and shutdowns, we've got enough to last us for a few months what with all the animals and leftovers, but we need some more essentials. Bethy was always a quick shopper. She'll go, you'll go with 'er to keep 'er safe an'--"

    Daryl groaned and shot a particularly nasty glare toward Maggie. "I told you, I ain't her damn chaperone!"

    "And I said that you are now." Maggie folded her arms across her chest and stepped towards Daryl with an aura of authority, a dangerous and demanding stare in her deep green eyes. "Don't talk to me like that again or you can see yourself out."
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  17. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth's head shot in Maggie's direction whenever she heard her state that Daryl arrived. Her pale blue eyes turned his way, and she breathed a sigh of relief whenever she saw that he was alright. Even though there was no news of whatever broke out in New York arriving in Georgia, she still wanted to make sure all of her friends and family were alright. She and Daryl may hardly know one another, but she still considered him a friend of hers now. Even though she didn't quite think he saw their chat yesterday as a moment of bonding, Beth did. She valued his presence, as did the rest of her family. She flashed him a warm smile as he entered the room, watching as her mother brought him in for one of her signature motherly embraces. It almost amused Beth how Daryl seemed to want to coil away, though she didn't allow any laughs to escape her pale pink lips. She just watched the scene unfold, allowing her mother's warmth to soothe her slightly.

    Everyone is alright, she thought to herself thankfully as she took her seat at the table. I'm glad, she smiled a small, delicate smile as she gently hooked some of her stray blonde hairs behind one of her ears. "Y'all look dead, though. Didn't you get any sleep?" Beth could hear Daryl question everyone, and Shawn did the liberty of responding. None of them got much rest at all, and it was true that Beth was probably the one who slept the least. She pursed her lips and looked down at the table as Shawn decided to point that out, her gaze hesitantly meeting Daryl's own. "...not good, you know. Kid like you needs all the sleep she can get." He stated, and Beth got the feeling that his statement right there was much more gentle than the ones before. That alone made a brief smile cross her lips, and she innocently shrugged over at him. "The news was really freaky," she admitted with a sigh. "Anyone would be shaken up after seeing that, right?"

    "S'hard to do with all that trouble on the news." Her mother agreed as she brushed one of her graying hairs behind her ear. "You n'Bethy are gonna go into town later today and get some supplies. If it comes to curfews and shutdowns, we've got enough to last us for a few months what with all the animals and leftovers, but we need some more essentials. Bethy was always a quick shopper. She'll go, you'll go with 'er to keep 'er safe an'--" Annette began, and Beth raised her brows in surprise as she listened. Nobody had told her that she was going shopping yet, though she was all for it. She wanted to help out somehow, though she was taken aback whenever Daryl cut her mother off with a groan. "I told you, I ain't her damn chaperone!" He stated, seeming to mainly be speaking to Maggie. Beth's pale blue gaze flickered between the two as she tried to decipher what exactly they were arguing about now. What's this about a chaperone?

    "And I said that you are now." Maggie stated as she folded her arms across her chest. If Beth's mother's hand on her hip was the tell tale sign that she meant business, then Maggie folding her arms over her chest was hers. "Don't talk to me like that again or you can see yourself out." She spoke again, and Beth was starting to feel like pulling her hair out. "Please, would y'all just quit it already?!" She exclaimed, her voice coming out a little bit louder than she intended. For a moment, the entire place went quiet, and everyone's eyes were on Beth. She pursed her lips together and let out a sigh, hanging her head slightly in shame. "I'm sorry," she apologized under her breath, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. Her mother came over to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder like she always did. She gave Beth a gentle squeeze, showing her a warm and reassuring beam. "It's alright," she spoke to her kindly, her expression showing no judgment.

    "We jus' want to look out for you, sweetie. Bear with us," Annette began, and she then turned her gaze back to Daryl. "I ain't asking you to be her chaperone forever, now. I just want you to keep 'er safe n'til this talk of some mad disease blows over, alright? It's just a shopping trip. No need to blow all of yer horns 'cause of it," she began, also paying Maggie a stare. She rolled her eyes, taking a small step away from Daryl obediently. Not many in the house messed with Annette, because there was this small silent agreement that mother was always right. In the Greene family, mother sincerely does know best most of the time. Very rarely was Annette unable to quell a situation with her motherly graces. "Now, let's all calm down and eat. Beth and I made a yummy breakfast for you all, so let's enjoy it." She stated, taking her seat along with everyone else at the table. Once everyone was seated, Annette initiated grace as she held out her hands for those next her to take.

    "Who wants to say grace?"

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  18. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 Beth's saddened stare rendered him utterly useless. It effected him too much, to hear she had stayed up throughout most of the night in despair over the death and destruction she had seen on the news. His heart was tugged without explanation and he sat at the table to link hands with the Greene family, silently listening to the prayer that Shawn recited, offering no inner dialogue about whether or not he thought the words were merited. The image imprinted on his mind was of a weeping teen yearning for more years in her already short life.

    He remembered that feeling too well.

    When the prayer was said and done, Daryl took a few bites of his food before saying, "I ain't goin' into town."

    "I thought I told you that--"

    He held up a hand to silence Maggie. "I ain't goin' until Beth's had some sleep. She's not useful to nobody without some rest. You wanted me to keep 'er safe?" Daryl looked up to Annette with a questioning gaze. "This is how it's done. Gotta take care of 'erself before anyone else can take care of 'er."

    "He's right," Hershel agreed, and the pride in his voice made it clear that he had forgiven Daryl for his previous outburst from the day before. "Bethy, you need to keep up your strength, okay? Don't want you comin' down with whatever's out there. Or any of you."

    "Ain't gotta worry about me," Daryl stated, gulping down fresh apple juice before setting the glass on the table once more. "Just worry 'bout your girl."

    She's a special one, he added where no one would hear.

    "I always do, Daryl Dixon. I always do." The old man reached across the table and squeezed his daughter's hand, offering her a genuine smile that could only be shared between a parent and child. It was a look Daryl had never seen before and one he never wished to see again.
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  19. Beth Greene; The Innocent , #ffcc99
    Beth closed her eyes and bowed her head as her brother said grace, and she quietly began eating along with everyone else. The air was far more tense than before, and Beth found herself strongly disliking it. Her mother attempted to make the casual chit chat like always, but it just didn't feel as natural as it did just a day before. Everything that they had saw on the news was still lingering in the back of their minds, and nobody could deny the worry it stirred. Some tried to play it off, but Beth just couldn't. Her expression was solemn at best as she quietly munched away at her eggs, and she could feel the fatigue from the restless night before settling in. It took all she had to not nod off right then and there at the table. It seemed as though the only thing keeping her awake was the fact that there was food in front of her, and she knew that it'd be awfully rude to fall asleep at the table during breakfast. As if Daryl knew, he spoke out after taking a few bites of his meal.

    "I ain't goin' into town." He began. Maggie tried to get in a word of objection, but Daryl silenced her with a raised hand. "I ain't goin' until Beth's had some sleep. She's not useful to nobody without some rest. You wanted me to keep 'er safe?" He questioned, his gaze settling on her mother's for a moment before he continued. "This is how it's done. Gotta take care of 'erself before anyone else can take care of 'er." He stated, and even though he put it in a more brash and rude way rather than anything else, Beth found herself smiling at his words. She flashed him a grateful beam, her smile spreading all the way up to her twinkling blue irises. While the fact that she was incredibly tired still showed on her face, it was a lot softer than before as she eased up a little. Daryl's words comforted her in an odd sense, and she was glad that he was willing to keep her safe. His sort of protection didn't feel suffocating like her family's did. Perhaps it was because he originally didn't want to.

    However, now, he was willing. It took some coaxing, but Beth was glad he seemed to care a little bit.

    It may just be her blind optimism saying that, but it made her happy, nonetheless.

    As her father agreed with Daryl's proposal with sureness and pride, Beth couldn't help but continue smiling. That made it clear enough that he was no longer mad at Daryl for what happened the day before, so she felt glad that they might be able to get along again. "Bethy, you need to keep up your strength, okay? Don't want you comin' down with whatever's out there. Or any of you." He stated, and Beth nodded kindly in response to him. She turned her eyes back over to Daryl, however, whenever he spoke out in return. "Ain't gotta worry about me," he began as he gulped down some of his apple juice. The way he did it reminded Beth of how he enjoyed the lemonade the day before, and she came to the silent conclusion that he appeared to like certain fruity juices. "Just worry 'bout your girl." He stated, and this made Beth's expression warm up even more. She couldn't help but smile at that, even though she wished Daryl would accept her family's kind gestures.

    As Hershel reassured Daryl, he took Beth's hand into his own, giving it a gentle squeeze. The look on his face was the one he always gave her, just to remind her that he sincerely cared about her. His twinkling pale blue eyes, and the curve of his thick white mustache as he offered her a pleasant smile. She returned the beam with a sweet one of her own, the entire scenario seeming to say those three magical words without actually verbally expressing them. Soon enough, Hershel let go of his beloved daughter's hand, and everyone continued eating their breakfast. Now knowing she was going to have to get some sleep before going out into town, Beth attempted to finish her meal quickly so she could get it up and out of the way. Shawn was always the first to finish, for he ate fairly quickly, but Beth cleaned her plate right up soon after. "Thanks for the food, mom," she spoke to Annette kindly, giving her a small hug before making her way over towards the sink.

    "Thank you, darlin'," she spoke in return as Beth began rinsing her dishes. "You helped me out too, ya know," she nodded approvingly, and Beth let out a small laugh under her breath. Once she finished cleaning up after herself, a lot of the fatigue she was trying to resist kicked in, and she didn't even feel like climbing the stairs to make it back to her room. She sat down on the couch in the living room, debating on turning on the TV to some early morning cartoons or something just to make her bored and fall asleep quicker. However, as soon as she spread her body out over the fluffy piece of furniture, and as soon as her blonde haired head rested over one of the small pillows, she felt her entire world go fuzzy. Her eyes fluttered for a moment before they closed, and soon everything went black. Annette saw this after she finished cleaning up after herself, and she couldn't help but gently shake her head and smile. "My baby girl," she spoke under her breath affectionately.

    She went into another room, opening up a closet and taking out an extra blanket. After she retrieved it, she walked back into the living room and placed it over Beth, tucking her in slightly as she rested peacefully. "She really was exhausted, wasn't she?" She spoke aloud, turning back to meet Hershel's gaze. You could faintly see where she stood from the dining table. With a nod, Hershel agreed as he finished up the rest of his food. Once he did so, he placed his dishes in the sink along with everyone else, and then he began making his way outside. "Maggie, Shawn. Let's get back to work," he began, and then he turned his gaze back to Daryl. "You can help us out, too, until Bethy wakes up." He stated, offering him a small grin before making his way out the door. Maggie and Shawn followed behind in suit, though Maggie stopped for a small moment to brush some blonde strands of hair that fell over Beth's angelic face. With a soft smile, she then made her way out.

    "You comin'?" She questioned before she shut the door behind her, keeping it open until Daryl responded.

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  20. Daryl Dixon; The Archer, #234a21 "Yeah, yeah." Daryl stepped out from the room he'd been given for temporary lodgings and followed Maggie out toward the farmlands he was paid to work, but not before sending a final glance toward the sleeping Beth and slipping quietly from the house.

    Heated physical labor took up a majority of the morning and the afternoon, setting Daryl's skin glistening with sweat and the pains of work. When Hershel gave the notice for his hired help to jump in the shower and prepare for the store run with Beth, it came as a great relief to willing ears and he walked almost immediately toward the farmhouse after hearing word that he could. Passing the sleeping teen through the living room, he quickly showered himself and scrubbed off the grimes of work in the bathroom that Maggie suggested to him and redressed in a fresh set of clothes, ones he felt more comfortable wearing--darkwash jeans and an AC/DC shirt from a concert some years back. He flipped off the lights and used the towel to rub his hair dry, letting the cloth hang around his neck, reentering the living room to pluck an apple from a bowl of fruit.

    "Beth," he barked out, taking a large bite from the flesh of the red fruit. "C'mon. S'time to go."

    The girl didn't move.

    Daryl allowed a few seconds to take a second bite, looking over to the blonde where she lay sleeping peacefully with thoughts in some other world. Her expression was tranquil and lax, no doubt conjuring visions of a parallel life with better times and better places, absent of the looming threat of disease and decay. He almost envied her in the ability to bring herself so far from demise.

    He almost regretted taking it from her.

    "Beth," he said again, a bit louder so that she might be shocked back into reality. "C'mon, I said it's time to go."

    Still no response. The girl drew in a long, lazy breath and sighed contently, eyes remaining shut. Daryl would have typically lost his patience and jabbed her in the arm in attempt to wake her, calling her name in the form of a shout so that she undoubtedly would wake to his call, but the peace on her angelic features brought him to a curious pause. For reasons he couldn't explain, Daryl crouched to her level at the side of the couch, placing a gentle hand on her arm and shaking ever so gently.

    "Beth," Daryl stated, in what could almost be considered a soft coo. "Wake up, Beth."
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