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Kurureenu didn't notice the song stopping, but jumped when the voice began to speak. She struggled to hear the words and squinted toward one of the intercoms with confusion. "A what?" Kurureenu asked, looking between Rune and Gerard. "And what about radioactivity?"

Vivian appeared, sitting on the other side of Rune with a drink in hand. "So I heard hunting earlier and now radioactivity. The hell is up here? I feel like where going to end up in some stupid hunting video game," she complained, glancing at Kurureenu's drink and switching it out with hers without another word. The other just stared for a moment, dumbfounded before shrugging and sipping at what she was given.
"So what should we do go look at the letters they gave us? Or wait here till we go to bed?" Rune asked as Gerard stood up. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to see that letter" he spoke. "Goodbye everyone and goodnight to you Ku" he spoke softly as he walked off.
Kurureenu watched as Gerard made a rather hasty exit. She raised a brow and glanced over toward the other two. "I think he left rather quickly, if I do say so myself," she pointed out, pointing behind her with her thumb.

"Maybe he wanted to go shoot one off in a sock with how he gazed at you," Vivian murmured, tracing the edge of the cup she got from Kurureenu. "Or you could just be paranoid."

The other woman blushed darkly toward Vivian's answer. "I'll go with the second answer," she murmured, looking into her cup with her face a deep crimson.
Rune laughed hard at what Vivian said. "I'm sure he just really wants to know where were heading next" Rune spoke as he took a drink. "But I wounder where in hell are we going that could be radioactive?" Rune spoke as he sat next to Ku. "And where is Merari and Leo?"
"Leo went back to his tent to pack up his stuff and move it to yours," Vivian pointed out, tracing the rim of the drink with her finger. "Merari will probably be around if he feels like it. If not, I'll see him tonight back at the tent."

Kurureenu raised a brow toward Vivian knowingly. "Don't make it so obvious," she pointed out to her friend.

Vivian smirked. "But... But Reeny... I need to make it obvious so you might join us some time," she responded, watching as she turned a deep crimson. She let out a loud laugh, smacking her knee and letting the cup fall to the ground. "You're too easy, Reenu!"
Rune laughed looking at Vivian then to Ku. "Oh you should have seen her when we first meet" Rune chuckled softly. "She never stopped being so red" he chuckles softly taking in a relaxing sigh.
"That-" Kurureenu stopped in mid-squeak, clearing her throat. "That was a long time ago!" she informed, poking at Rune. "No need to point out how much like a cherry I looked back then."

Vivian chuckled slightly. "Cherries are cute as fuck," she pointed out, reaching across Rune and cupping Kurureenu's chin. "Especially this one."
Rune smiles softly looking at Ku as Vivian made that statement. "Indeed she is" he spoke softly looking into Ku's eyes
Kurureenu glanced between Rune and Vivian before quickly jerking her head away from her grasp. "Stop that," she exclaimed before noticing that her jerk caused her to spill her drink on herself. She looked down, frowning at the large wet spot on her tank top. "I was going to drink that, too," she murmured.

Vivian smirked before patting Rune on the shoulder. "Welp... I'm tired. Rune can help you get back to your tent and change," she volunteered before quickly darting off into the crowd.

"Does she... Does she think before she acts?" Kurureenu asked, mostly to herself.
"I think she only wants the best for you though I don't know why she thinks that's me" he chuckled softly blushing. "Well would you like me to walk you to your tent?" he asked smiling as they sat there as the party was still going hard.
Kurureenu was looking after Vivian still when Rune spoke. When he asked if she wanted him to walk her back to her tent she slowly nodded. "Yeah," she muttered, putting her hand on his shoulder and hoisting herself unsteadily to her feet. "You remember where it's at?"
"Yes I do believe it's some where close to the bonfire right?" Rune asked as he chuckles as little as he looks at Ku
Kurureenu looked down toward Rune for a moment before raising a hand and pointing in the direction of her tent. "It's over that way," she informed him. She patted his shoulder to urge him to stand. "I don't like being in wet clothes for long. I need something dry, Rune." She tugged at her tank, trying to keep it away from her skin. The drink was already started to feel sticky and she didn't like it one bit.
"Alright Ku let's get you to your tent so you can change and we could see where were going next" he spoke as he leads her towards her tent through the crowd of people partying
Kurureenu agreed, grabbing hold of one of his sleeves and walking with him through the crowd. "I don't like this," she muttered, closing the space between herself and Rune to avoid bumping into a group. "Too many people here."

A little bit more and her tent was at their feet. She walked in, inviting Rune along behind her. "It's kinda creepy that someone could have come in here and left the note thingy," she muttered, noticing the envelope on the bed. "Check that out and don't look at me. I need to change tops." Without much of a warning, she went to her luggage and pulled out a top, quickly stripping out of the tank she was in.
Rune turned his back to Ku temped to look back and see her, but didn't want the death that came with it so he sighs softly as he walks to the bed seeing the letter with a rose next to it. "Uhm Ku there a rose next to your letter I'll leave it here" he spoke as he opens the letter taking out the paper and reading only one word. "Chernobyl were going to that wasteland really how the hell did they get the okay to go there?" Rune asked as he looked back at Ku already forgetting she was getting changed seeing her standing there in her pants and bra blushing. "Oops"
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