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Arron stands up his body weak as he gets in fighting stance. "I'm not going to let you lay a hand on my daughter Angel" he spoke glaring at her. Rune took out his little fire ax out. "And I'm not going to let you hurt anyone Angel" Rune glared at her. "So why not give me that key you have and just let us be and go live your new life" Rune spoke
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Angel called out, moving her hands into a 'T' shape. "Time out here!" She smiled slowly toward Arron. "I didn't say anything about hurting your little girl, Arron. I just said I was going to kill you. And Rune..." She tsked at the other man. "You think you can beat me with that?" She snapped her fingers, a tall and long scythe appearing in hand.

"We'll see how well you can reach me, yes? After all, I am still and always will be the Queen of the Southern Seas and you will all have to bow to me."

She dashed forward, her eyes on Arron first. After all, he was the weakest of the two now.
Arron smirked as he saw her coming at him with her weapon as he waits for her attack as Rune dashed towards Angel getting in between her and Arron. "I'm going to fight you Angel leave the old man alone" Rune chuckles as Arron glared at Rune. "Who are you calling old dammit" Arron yelled
Angel felt the blade of her scythe scrap across the blade of Rune's little hatchet. She chuckled when she heard Arron's complaint about being called old. "Dear, you have gotten a few years on you. It's probably that family man in you," she chuckled, pulling back her weapon and swinging it toward Rune. "But if I have to butcher a cow first, then I will. Then I'll prepare the shark for stew!"

"Then, when I'm done with you two, I'll go after little Kuku and the baby shark."
Rune felt the power behind Angel's attack feeling the pressure as he tried to block it. Rune took a breath as he got ready to block the next attack. Arron heard Angel's words. "Like hell I'll let you go after my daughter" Arron shouted as he vaulted over Rune's shoulder and kicked Angel's weapon out of her hands, but taking blade of her weapon into his shoulder. "Arron don't let that anger of yours make you reckless your human and can die" Rune scowled Arron as Arron laughed holding onto his wounded shoulder. "Did the bull just scowled me for charging in?"
Angel chuckled as her weapon slid away with the sound of scraping metal. Even if it was out of her hands, the fresh slice in Arron's shoulder let her know that damage was still done. "Poor, poor old shark. Now that you're human, it's all the more easier to kill you now. You shouldn't be charging in recklessly like some brain dead bull that we know," she informed him, gesturing toward Rune.

Her gaze was lit with amusement. "So... You want the key, huh, Rune? And what do you intend to do with it, might I ask? Prove that you're the most heart broken idiot on the face of this Earth?" She scoffed, rolling her eyes. "Please... You should see the saps in Paris."
Arron was breathing heavily as he fell to his knees knowing the blade cut deep as he tried to put pressure on his wound as he heard Angel as Rune about a key. "Rune whats this woman talking about?"

Rune glares at Angel hearing her ask her question. "What does it matter to you Angel it for my own reasoning why I want that Key Ruby already handed me the one she held and hand yours over"

Arron's eyes widen when he heard Ruby's name as he fought to get up. "Rune you dumb ass did you make a deal with that fire starter?" he sneered as he felt another pulse come from the ring on Angel's person making him go back onto his knees
Angel watched as Arron fell back to his knees and tsked at him before turning her attention back toward Rune. "I don't know... Maybe I should give it to someone else... Especially since I'm expected to be in such a giving mood about it," she murmured, slowly pacing to the side. "I saw someone else who looked so perfectly heartbroken enough to deserve such a gift from me. Then again, I'm sure this person would prefer death than a gift. It would be wasteful..."

She smirked over toward Rune. "What kind of deal did you make Ruby?"
Rune looks at Angel and sighed relaxing. "She only wanted to watch it all blow back on me and watch the world burn" Rune spoke as he then tighten his grip on his ax. "And who would take that key from you besides me no one else would walk into that hell"

Arron was feeling weak from blood loss as he fell unable to hold himself up any more as sirens could be heard coming *Weak Human* Arron heard the voice in his head coming from the ring. *Put me back on and I can make you strong enough to protect your daughter* spoke the ring. Arron lied there hearing it's poison words
Angel laughed, throwing back her head as her voice carried along the empty streets. "That sounds like a fun idea!" she cried out, dabbing at her eye as to not smear her make up. "Maybe I should let you find out for yourself. You experienced your loses, but this person could never seem to win or find a footing. So lost that they'll chase, drowning away sorrows and pulling away from everyone and anyone. It's a miracle how far one person would go when it comes to sorrow."

The woman shrugged before taking out her own key, looking at the thing. "Such a pity... The both of you." She smirked and turned away, still carrying the key. "I'll let you have the key if you can find your competition and kill that person for me. Then I'll give you the time of day!"
Rune watched as Angel walked off as her words echoed in his head he would have to kill some one to get the key at that moment he was surrounded by the police and they had there guns pointed at him. "Wait it wasn't me" he shouted as he helped Arron up. "This man needs help now or he going to die" Rune shouted more as he held onto the bloody Arron as the medics cam and took him to the ambulance as the cops arrested Rune seeing he was the only one with a weapon and near Arron at the time.
Angel chuckled from afar, hearing that the sirens have reached the two. This was Cairo. A major population spoke Arabic, so their fate was sealed as is. Her eyes went down to the key and she let out another laugh. Her mind went back to when she was watching Kurureenu and Arron walking together and she smirked. Revenge was going to be sweet.

"Maybe I should go back and see that priss, Ruby," she muttered, tucking the key back into place.


Kurureenu let out a gasp as she awoke, her body aching and in pain. She let out a long groan before turning her gaze to the bedside table of... Her hotel room? She squinted at a note with quick writing scrawled across it before finally picking it up to read it.

'Reenu, went to hospital to check on dad. Rune's at the police station. You should probably get him. Afterward... We need to talk. -Vinny'

The woman frowned, turning the note in her hand before slowly sitting up, the pain in her abdomen eminent from when she was kicked. Her eyes found a cup of water and some asprin on the table, left by Vivian. After a quickly downing the pain medication, Kurureenu hoisted herself up, dragging herself to change and wash herself before heading to the police station.

The foreign language impeded her ears as she walked in and she frowned, glancing around before approaching the desk. "I need an interpreter," the woman told the desk clerk. The clerk spoke back, but she didn't understand his words. She sighed dramatically. This was going to take awhile.
Rune lied down in his bed as he waited in the cell. "Now I need to find a way out of this dam cell" he sighed as he looks up at the ceiling. "Also I need to learn there dam language" he yells in anger


Merari stood on top of the hospital that Arron was staying at. "So Ruby how it go with Rune?"

Ruby sighed. "He couldn't pick up the ax so I see him as no threat to me at all so I gave him the key"

Merari sighed. "Why?"

"To watch the world burn of course he can't control a monster like that he be sure to kill everyone he cared about figure that would be a better price" she laughed.
After awhile of much confusion and Kurureenu having to whip out her phone and find a translating app, things were finally moving along. She managed to speak to the police, telling her her part of the story before she was knocked unconscious and making them get Arron's side of the story as well from the hospital. After what seemed like hours, it was probably just a couple, Kurureenu was in the lobby and waiting for the police to bring Rune out from the jail cell they had him in.


Angel appeared by the two of them, smiling elegantly. "Hello, fiends," she purred, waving toward Ruby. "I was trying to look for you and, by the Gods, I've finally found you. Heard from the cow himself that you gave him the key." She let out a laugh, her smile growing wicked. "You should have waited."
Rune heard as a cop came to his cell opening it as they let Rune out and led him to the front as he saw Ku he sighed softly. "Hey Ku are you doing alright?" he spoke as he starts to rub the back of his head nervous.


"Why should I have waited? this way I can just watch it all go down and I get to keep his beloved ax" Ruby laughed. Merari sighed softly. "And I see you had fun Angel" Merari chuckled as he pulled out a little black book and begins to write in it. "You almost kill Arron physically and mentally" he chuckles. "Well the Ring I gave you did the mental one anyway"
Angel chuckled, delighted. "This ring... I love what it does to him," she murmured, bringing the band up to her lips. "And, also, we could be rid of a little welp soon enough. The bull just has to figure out who his competition is and kill them for me."


Kurureenu watched as he stepped out. She stood up, ready to speak... Ready to pour everything out. Her words hesitated in her mind, shuddering away and back into the big box of emotions she kept away. Away from everyone and herself. Instead she frowned at Rune and shook her head.

"Who would have guessed that I would be bailing you out of jail after all these years?" she asked, completely airing over his question and not responding. "I see that you've managed to stay in the same kind of trouble as always. Wrong place at the right time."
"It really doesn't matter who gets the keys all I know I'm on a tight schedule and soon my wings will block out the sun hailing the end of this time and soon the battle between giants will take place and no one going to stop it" Merari spoke as then turns his eyes at Ruby and Angel. "Angel I need you to find a way to plant that ring close to Arron sooner or later that thing will drive him to madness and Ruby I need you to keep pushing that has been bull's buttons make him want the power of the armor"

Ruby laughed. "Oh I do enjoy my second chance at life don't you Angel?" she asked

"Oh and Angel if Arron does find a way to fight against the madness I need you kill his daughter mind you he will try to be her shield he tends to forget his human" Merari smirked as he took off into the sky leaving Angel and Ruby on the roof.

"I say lets just burn down the building Arron to weak to get away" Ruby chuckles.


Rune chuckles as he raised one hand to the back of his head rubbing the back of his neck. "Honestly I'm not that surprised, but I thought I would have been locked up due to my temper then trying to help Arron" he laughed nervously
Angel hummed slightly at Ruby's idea. "That would be a waste," she murmured before smirking. "Of a good time, that is. I'd rather watch him suffer." Her eyes flickered with amusement at the ideas and images that danced around in her mind. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one." She gave Ruby a quick small wave before disappearing to go and hide Arron's ring somewhere.


Kurureenu chuckled, turning away and gesturing for him to follow. She hoped that he didn't notice that the laugh was forced. As soon as he had walked into the same vicinity as her, the emotions that she was so desperately ready to pour out dried up to nothing. She half wondered if she would even shed a tear if someone walked up and just broke her arm. She'd probably be mad, first, though.

"Temper or not, you're out of jail now. I had the police get witness statements from myself and Arron to clear your name. Now I'm going to see Arron and Vinny in the hospital. I'm sure you have your own thing to do, though," the woman told him, leaving his options open. She wouldn't mind the company, she assumed, but she wasn't going to force a hospital visit on him. She was already doing it to herself but her curiosity burned at what Vivian wanted to talk to her about.
Ruby chuckles as watches Angel leave as she vanishes into flames to go find Rune


Rune sighed. "Thank you Ku for getting me out of there" he spoke softly as he heard Ku invention to the hospital to see Arron and Vivian. "Sure I'll come with I have to see how that old shark is doing" Rune looked at Ku. "Hey Ku are you alright is there something on your mind?" Rune asked
Yes. There is something on my mind. A lot of things, but I want to fucking punch you first! her mind screamed when Rune asked. She twitched up a smile and shook her head as she kept walking. She had grown used to keeping everything in to the point of looking carelessly casual. "Nothing weighing down hard," she told him. "Just thinking about my harsh meeting with Angel last night. She could really pack a punch... er... kick?"

Her gaze went over to Rune, amusement in her eyes. "Was that punny enough or am I gonna get banned again?"


Vivian sat by her father, having been at the hospital for hours. The nurses had already tried and given up on getting her to go home and rest. She wasn't going to leave her father behind. Especially since she knew that that woman was still around. She wished that she never left her father behind like that, but she figured he would be okay with Rune. Clearly she had thought wrong. Her face knit in irritiation at the thought. If only she did more instead of listening to her father. She could have taken that person easily. Why did she just pick up and run? It wasn't instinct... There was concern, especially after seeing the sorry state Kurureenu was in the day before.

Then there was that. Her mind weighed heavily about Kurureenu, but she kept her thoughts to herself. She knew a bit more now after she managed to locate Kurureenu's hotel and drop her off there. She was going to get an earful about snooping in Kurureenu's things, but the curiosity of why and what happened burned at her. She hadn't heard from her role model for over a year and a half and she suddenly appears drunk in Cairo. Of course she'd be curious.
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