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    Some stories are better left unsaid. Others are better off being left alone when it ends. Then again, some like to defy the fate of chapters and stories ending and just create their own path.

    And these people are just like that.
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  2. The woman sighed, sitting at the bar as she was surrounded by the plethora of men and women working and talking around her. Her focus stayed on the drink in front of her. The pale green-yellow liquid quivered occasionally as the bartenders roughly sat down the drinks of their customers. Occasionally some of the alcohols sloshed over and onto the counter only to be quickly wiped up by the bartenders.

    She couldn't understand a word these people said, her gaze glancing over toward the crowd every now and then. She didn't speak Arabic, nor did she plan to learn how. She was only here for one reason.

    The woman lowered her head, her hands roughly tugging through her dirty gold locks. Her wedding band glinted against the light of the bar, gaining the attention of a familiar face.

    "Ku? Kuru... Kururur.... Reenu?" someone called out, approaching the woman at the bar.

    The woman looked up, blinking at the dark-haired woman in front of her. Who was this? How many drinks did she have?

    "Reenu? What are you doing in Cairo?" the woman asked, pulling up a seat next to her. "And... how much did you drink?"

    Kurureenu squinted at the woman, still trying to place her. "Who are you...?" she slurred out.

    "Vivian!" the woman responded. "And I think your drunk. What are you drinking anyway?" Without pause, the other female dipped her finger in the glass and tasted the liquid. "Tequila... Hard stuff. Oh shit... I see dad."
  3. A older man wearing a black suit wearing a dark blue tie on around his neck his brown hair was slicked back and showing some grey walked over seeing them. "Kurureenu what in hell's name are you doing here?" he asked as he then looked over at Vivian. "I wouldn't bother princess you'd heal to fast to get drunk" the man spoke as he sighs softly looking around the bar scanning the area.


    A young man in his late 20's wearing desert robs having short messy black hair sat on a piece of a stone wall as he sighs softly. "Half of the key should be here in the Valley of the King's " he spoke to him self as he gets up and leans down picking up a hand ax in his right hand and his backpack in hie left hand. "That dam bird better not have lied to me to get a laugh out of me I should have stayed in Ireland, but no I wanted adventure" he then stopped talking as he heard some tourists whispering about him.

    "That strange man talking to himself"

    "We better be quit he holding a weapon"

    "Should we tell someone?"
  4. Vivian cast a sidelong glance, muttering under her breath. "At least I'm forgiven for bailing on you..." She turned her attention back toward Kurureenu, who was now squinting at Arron.

    "Arron..." she drawled out slowly. "You're getting old." She snorted out a bit of laughter, leaning heavily against Vivian. "Vinny... Your dad is getting old."

    The dark-haired woman couldn't help but give her father a smirk toward the comment. "Yes, he is," she responded, before pushing Kurureenu back into a sitting position. "Why are you here, Reenu? Is Liev with you? I'm sure he wouldn't want to leave you alone and drunk."

    Kurureenu shrugged, grabbing the tequila she left sitting and downing it quickly. "He's at home... I came here to... What did I come here for? Right... right, that guy... Rune," she stumbled out. "I need to find Rune." The woman stood up only to fall right back down to the floor from the tequila.

    The other female cast a long gaze on her father. "She's drunk," she pointed out before getting up and pulling the woman off the floor with no problem. "Let's go, Reenu. We need to sober you back up. It's not lady-like to get plastered before noon."
  5. Arron looks at Ku and scuffs at her statement of being old. "It's normal for humans to get old Ku and what about you what has you so down that you drink so early?" Arron asked as he walked beside Vivian as she carried Ku. "We'll take her to our hotel Vivian there she can get some rest" Arron spoke as he held open the door for Vivian. "Also when we get home dear I'm going to chew you out for ditching me" Arron smirked as he saw there limo. "Aw here are ride"


    Rune sighs as the people talking as he saw an entrance to one of the tombs. "Well better go down and look" he walks over as he starts his descent down into the tomb walking down the poorly lit cor-door as he takes one of torches off the wall. "Why the hell is it so dam dark you think they would have this place lit better" Rune complains as he sighs. "Why I'm I complaining there no one here to hear me bitch" he spoke as he came to an open room with a giant torch in the middle as he walks to it and lights it looking around the empty room seeing one tomb as he makes his way to the tomb something comes to his mind as he looks at the torch. "Wait who lit up the other torches?" a shiver ran down his spine as the giant torch in the middle went out and he was again in the dark room hearing something moving in there with him. "Shit"
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  6. Vivian half carried- half dragged the drunk woman into the limo, who only seemed to mutter now. She was incoherent and Vivian couldn't understand a word she was saying as she made sure Kurureenu was strapped in. More for the sake of keeping her in one spot than for her safety.

    "Daddy's right," she murmured, pulling Kurureenu back up straight in the seat again after she slid down the leather twice in her foolish drunken stupor. "What happened to you?"

    Kurureenu giggled, pulling Vivian closer to her. "I'm drunk, silly," she pointed out, laying her head on her shoulder. "I've never done it with a girl before.

    Vivian sighed, pulling Kurureenu away and moving over to sit next to her dad. "I'm done with her until she sobers up. You're bringing her into the hotel."
  7. Arron sighs looking at Ku and the state she was in as he knocks on the window letting the driver know to take off as the limo begins to move. "So Ku your here cause of Rune to hmm" Arron spoke having a serious tone in his voice as he crosses his legs looking at her. "So why come all this way after that dum ass bull?"


    Rune looked around in the darkness unable to see anything as he began hear noises around him like foot steps. "I can hear you out there" he shouted into the void as the torch lit back up there wear eleven hooded figures around him ten wearing black robs and one wearing a white one, but all wore a mask of the sun god god Ra. "Great why I'm I not surprised that bird worshipers are here" Rune spoke as he saw them all but the white robbed one holding spears.

    "Why have you come here?" the one in the white robs asked as the others pointed there spears at Rune
  8. Kurureenu heard Arron's words and straightened up slightly, her giggles quieting for a moment. "I was concerned for his safety," she responded, her voice still slurred from the alcohol. Then she giggled again, tipping her head sideways and looking out the window. "Dumb ass bull..." She giggled once again, slouching over and across the seat.

    Vivian stared at the strange woman with a frown. She idolized Kurureenu and Rune, but seeing one of her idols like this made her uneasy. It also made her pity the poor woman, too. After all, everyone has their reasons to drink heavily and usually they weren't good ones. "Did something happen at home, Reenu?" the woman asked curiously.

    "Nothing," the other slurred out, not moving out of her slouch.
  9. Arron watched Ku then looked at Vivian knowing she saw Ku and Rune as idols. "Stop the limo" he shouted as the limo driver stopped pulling over. "Ku get out me and you are going to walk to the hotel" Arron sneered getting a tad pissed. "Vivian I'll meet you there and hopefully with a bit more sober Ku" Arron walks out of the limo holding Ku's side open. "Come on Ku we need to talk"


    Rune looked at the masked women judging from the voice. "I'm here for the key, but you already knew that right?" Rune smirked. "Or you wouldn't be here to great me" the others are him seem to bring there spears closer to him.

    "And why should we give you the key the only thing that will open is your own death" She spoke

    "Call me a gambler" Rune chuckled softly.

    "How about I call you stupid and we just in prison you?" the women spoke

    "Ok that be stupid cause we both know I can take out these spears" Rune smirks as he watches the women raise one hand and snap her fingers as fire surrounds him. "Ok I wasn't ready for magic"

    "It's been to long Rune so were Ku?" the women asked. As Rune looked at the masked women. "What surprised I knew about Ku your still as dumb as ever" The women took off the mask half her face look burned as her long black hair was put into a ponytail. "It's me Ruby"
  10. Kurureenu felt the limo stop and slowly sat back up as Arron got out. "What did he want me to do?" she asked Vivian before he came over and opened her door. The woman stared for a few moments before sticking her lip out toward Vivian. "I'll miss you, Vinny."

    Vivian chuckled slightly, watching the other woman stumble out of the car. She was still concerned for the woman she looked at as a kind of mentor. After all, they haven't heard from her for about two years. Now she appeared in Cairo and drunk. Her curiosity was on fire, but she knew that Kurureenu had her reasons. She would respect her decision now, but her father probably wouldn't. Once the door was closed and the car started driving away from the two, she was concerned for what her father may do to Kurureenu.

    "It's chilly," Kurureenu slurred out, putting a hand on Arron to keep her balance as she took off her wedges. "Let's talk, Shark-Boy."
  11. Arron sighs looking over at Ku as he pulled a flask out of his pocket. "Here drink this I had my men invent a potion to cure being drunk seeing as now I can get drunk myself" Arron held the flask out towards Ku. "Seeing you like this is making me sick I expect this from that bull not you Ku" Arron spoke as he looks at her.


    "Ruby well there a name I haven't heard in a long time what brings you to Egypt?" Rune chuckles softly looking at her. "And what the hell happen to your face last I check fire couldn't harm you"

    Ruby glares at Rune for the face comment. "One I come from Egypt remember Fire Priestess and second have you forgotten this was thanks to Ku and that dam sword she got from that clown fish Arron" Ruby sneered as flames started to erupt from her body due to anger.

    "Claim down Ruby before you cook me and your so called followers of Ra" Rune spoke as Ruby was claiming down a tad as she sighs. "You know she her to Rune"

    Rune looked at ruby confused. "Who"

    "Arron ex lover" Ruby spoke as Rune eyes widen. "Angel here how?" Rune asked. "That dam bird came to me and Angel saying he had a task and if he agreed we get to have a second chance at life just in a different time"

    "Ku not going to like this" Rune spoke sighing. "I thought the same then I thought man if Arron found out" Ruby laughed
  12. Kurureenu took the flask, hiccuping a small retort to his words. "I try to exceed expectations, fishy," she slurred as she cautiously sniffed the concoction. "Smells like shit. I don't want to drink shit." She twirled the flask for a moment before quickly tipping it back. Just as quickly as she tipped it back she pulled it away, letting out a long series of coughs and gagging.

    "The fuck did your guys put in this piece of shit?" she sneered, shoving the flask back at Arron. "I was better off being drunk and- Ah!" Kurureenu fell forward, sprawled out on the sidewalk as she had lost her step. The woman hoisted herself back up, dusting off the front of herself nonchalantly. "Let's pretend I tripped before you gave me that insta-sober crap."


    Angel chuckled, her blue eyes watching from afar. "How sweet... Arron now has a soft spot for the little twerp," she murmured, a small smirk stretching across her cherry red lips. She pulled up a hood over her black hair and turned around to walk away. "Soon enough I'll let you know, Arron, my dear."
  13. Arron chuckles softly watching Ku cough from the drink as he then watched as she fell to the ground. "Fine and lets not as whats in the flask" Arron then looked at Ku. "So what did that bull do this time to get your wings in a tizzy Ku?" Arron asked as he begins to walk in the direction of the hotel him and his daughter were staying at as looked around the city as he sensed blood lust as he looked around not seeing anything.


    Rune stood there surrounded by flames as he looks at Ruby. "Well what did Merari charge you with Ruby?"

    Ruby smirked as she snapped her fingers and Rune's old giant ax fell next to her as she leaned on it. "Well I'm in charge of you Rune I'm suppose to help you find what your looking for" As she spoke she pulled out half a key. "Though I don't under stand why you be looking for something like that monster"

    "My reasons are my own Ruby leave it at that" Rune spoke as the fire surrounding him slowly die down. "Now tell these men to lower there spears" Ruby snapped her fingers as the people vanished. "I see fire soldiers you gonna stronger"

    Ruby smirked. "Oh you think I'm strong Angel well lets just say she can go toe to toe with Arron when he was young this old shell of a shark won't last long"
  14. Kurureenu scoffed, scuffing the heel of her foot against the sidewalk. "You think Rune has the ability to put my wings in a tizzy? Be serious with me, you really think it's because of Rune that I got white girl wasted?" she responded, rolling her eyes. "He doesn't have that power over me. I only came because I wanted to make sure that the reason he hasn't responded to any of my messages was because he's dead. If he's not dead, he's going to be dead. Deader than dead. I'm going to make sure he's never reborn again."

    She turned her attention toward Arron walking beside her. "So, old man, what brings you here to Cairo? Don't tell me that stupid cow managed to get us all here for his sake."
  15. Arron smiles softly as he watched Ku flip out over Rune as he chuckles softly as they walked. "I may be old, but I can still fight" he chuckles softly. "But no I'm here cause my men found something I didn't think I run into you of all people here" Arron sighs softly as he walks seeing the towering hotel coming into view. "Aw were almost there"


    Rune sighs as he takes the key fragment out of Ruby's hands. "Fine you can follow me Ruby, but don't get in my way got me you demon?"

    Ruby laughed. "Don't think you can boss me around Rune your not who you use to be" Rune scuffed at Rubies words as he try to lift the ax, but it wasn't moving. "See even this ax doesn't see you as it's master Rune so till then" she snapped her fingers causing it to vanish. "I'm going to hold onto it and you can use that little hatchet" Ruby chuckles. Rune glares at Ruby then looks down.

    "Lets just get the hell out of here and find the next part of the key"

    "Angel has it and the Leviathan's ring a gift from Merari so she can talk to her old flame or to kill him witch ever doesn't brother me"

    "Leave Arron alone he atone for his past"

    Ruby heated up. "Like hell that shark has his sins and they are high and he has to pay for each of them killing him won't be enough"
  16. Kurureenu scoffed, crossing her arms. "I can't stay for long. I left Hoshinko at my hotel and, well..." Her eyes trailed up the towering hotel, her mouth drawn down in a frown. "I'm not as rich as you two are."

    It was enough to have to get the passport and the ticket to get here and the hotel room for at least a week. She was hoping to find Rune quickly on her own. Even if she had to close the room and go backpacking to find him.

    Someone by the doors of the hotel caught her attention. She had long dark hair that curled beautifully around her shoulders. Alabaster skin and a tight red dress to show her curves. Her red lips curved into a devilish smirk, her icy blue eyes settling on the two coming toward the hotel.

    "Long time no see, dear," she purred toward Arron.

    Kurureenu blushed darkly, seeing as the woman recognized Arron. Her gaze went over toward Arron, then toward the woman. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were here with your wife," she exclaimed as she approached the woman and held out her hand. "Hi, we never had a chance to meet. My name is Kurureenu and wow your daughter definitely gets her good looks from her maternal side."

    The woman stared toward the clueless woman for a few moments before turning her confused gaze toward Arron. "She's gotten a little slow since last time, huh?"
  17. Arron's eyes widen seeing the women sensing the blood lust then felt it a weak pulse coming from the women as it tore at his soul. Arron fell to his knees holding his chest as he begins to cough. "That not my wife" Arron then focuses his eyes up to this new women not knowing who it was. "Ku step back from her" Arron spoke weakly.


    "If you lay a hand on Arron I'll stop you Ruby" Rune sneered

    "Fine, but that won't stop Angel and you know that" Ruby laughed as fire surrounded her and Rune as she teleported them both to the city they were at a block away. "Well Rune you better hurry or else" Ruby vanished as Rune heard screaming coming from the tower as he started to run towards it holding his ax
  18. "What?" Kurureenu responded, her eyes connecting with the woman for a brief moment before she gasped. "Angel."

    The woman smirked. "Finally you remember, you fluttering bitch," she responded, pushing off the wall and raising a leg to kick Kurureenu away and past Arron. "Now that she's writhing in pain for a moment, sweet sweet Arron... You have a daughter now? And a wife?" She shook her head and tsked at him. "Now, who said that you're allowed to be happy?"

    "Daddy? Reenu!" a voice cried out, getting the groups attention as Vivian burst through the door of the hotel. "I was in the lobby and saw this- Is Reenu okay?"
  19. Arron looked at this women when he herd the name Angel memory of the other Arron came up as he looked into the women's eyes. "Vivian I want you to take Reenu and run from here please"Arron begged as he then turned his attention to Angel. "Leave her alone I'm the one you want Angel, but I hate to say this I'm the wrong Arron" Arron laughed weakly his body feeling weak. "But I'm assuming that's why you have that cured ring what is Merari plan for this world?" Arron asked feeling his soul still being torn by the ring.

    Rune ran down the block seeing Ku on the ground and Angel by Arron as he ran to Ku's side as he kneels down and lifts her up. "Ku are you ok?"
  20. Kurureenu let out a groan as Rune lifted her, the kick having knocked the unsuspecting woman unconscious. She murmured something indecipherable before Vivian ran over, obeying her father's orders. She knelt down beside the two, checking over Kurureenu real quick.

    "She'll be okay, Rune," Vivian responded, picking up Kurureenu and flinging her over her shoulder effortlessly. "I need to get her out of here, though. She's in no shape to fight. Not like this." The woman put a hand on Rune's shoulder, her gaze pleading. "Please help my father, though."

    "What a big ol' happy family!" Angel cried out, clapping her hands together. "And it matters not which Arron is which. You're still the same on the inside in some way or another in my eyes. And I'm going to kill every last one of you."
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