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  1. Why is it that KD has instructions on the box, and is pretty much an instant meal with only two things you need in your fridge besides the box, but every person makes it a little differently?

    What's your KD like? Why do you think this phenomenon happens?

    Share your fancy KD modification recipes in THE FOODIES GROUP!

    I like mine extra cheesy, I dislike the noodles to be soft (I like 'em firm. UNFF) and if there's too much liquid and it's "soupy" I straight up can't eat it. Not even with all the ketchup in the world.
  2. What the fuck is KD?
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  3. 2 cheezi fo me.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Fun fact: Canadians eat 90% of all the mac & cheese in the world. KD might as well be our fucking national dish.
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  6. Oh, the brand who's food is so shitty they cant legally call it cheese
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  7. The box does say "Macaroni and Cheese".

    My family usually just adds some grated cheese to melt in, as well as frozen peas and chunks of hotdog. Only my brother @Herzinth and my father ever put in ketchup, the freaks.

    We used to eat it a lot as kids, but now only when nothing else is available as a back-up plan.
  8. I also put in mustard, thank you very much.
    1. When possible I use two KD cheese packets (there's normally spares. Cause my sister will use the noodles for recipes and leave the cheese power untouched).
    2. I grate extra cheese on top of it and when the noodles are done being boiled I mixed the grated cheese in and microwave it for about a minute to let it melt.
    3. When available cut up some hot dogs (usually four) and mix them in the bowl
    4. Add lots of ketchup.
    5. Proceed to eat the entire box of KD by myself.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I wonder if I'm the only one who mistook this thread for being about K/D instead of KD. Gosh I'm such a gaming nerd >_<.
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  11. :D
  12. @Hellis @Dervish
    Oh look! A 'new thread' button where you can create a chat about the health aspects of foods like KD without derailing my "KD alterations" thread!
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  13. B-b-but....

  14. Something is clearly wrong with you.

    Secondly? KD is like, the rat piss of the Macaroni game:


    Step yo game up kids.

    How I make it?
    Boil pasta, drain.
    Melt butter in the pot, put the pasta back in.
    Dump in the cheese powder.
    Add just enough light cream to make 90% of the cheese spread around.
    No cheese sauce, just a cheese smear on everything. With cheese clumps.

    That is how I roll.
  15. Me too! Me too!

    That food has Kraft in the name, but it is not avaible in germany! Bad food.
    BUT I do like cheese...a lot.
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  16. Now I really want to go home and shoot people over the internet. 3 hours and counting.

    I once had to survive off of KD for a week and a half. It was pretty good at first.
  17. Once a man is called a Heretic, nothing more need be said.

    I just follow the instructions and only eat the regular kind. I don't usually like cheesy things but KD is the shiznit.
  18. My family used to get Annie's too, but it was totes bland. An alright substitute, and certainly healthier, but no equal to KD's artificial magicks.
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  19. When I was little, I would add extra slices of Kraft cheese to it to make it cheesier. O_O

    And I LOVED when it was soupy and I had cheesy soup. >:3

    Now, we don't get it very often cause I have cut back on our processed foods. >< BUT sometimes I add left over taco meat to it and have tacomac. >:3
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