Kazeyama University: First Love

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  1. Information:

    Campus Layout:
    Kazeyama University, a large illustrious school just outside of Kyoto is truly a center for learning and growth for the students. The campus itself is combined with that of the middle school and high school under the same banner. The large campus is vaguely circular, and the campuses set up like spokes of a wheel, the middle school resting against the rugged hilly area at the north, the large lake with Library Island to the east, the high school campus closed off by the Kazeyama river from the lake with lots of tributaries and the windy open plains on the south and the most industrial section to the west belongs to the university campus. The various areas are connected through a large monorail system and the only way to enter the city-campuses is by monorail from Kyoto proper.

    The school has been around for as long as anyone can remember but the goings on inside have always been something of a mystery to the outsiders, nobody attached to the school is allowed access, and even when parents of students visit they are restricted to specific schedules, and nobody has ever deviated from that nor tried to find out what has gone on inside, at least not that anyone has heard about.

    Student Life:
    The truth is that the school actually has children of "certain talents" as its demographic and the teachers and staff guard that secret to no end. Students are typically hand picked to enter just after they end their elementary school education and are brought into the Kazeyama Campus, with permission from the parents of course, most of which find the honor of having a student enter Kazeyama. It is far from unheard of for students to enter in high school or even to only step in during their university years. The students are assigned dorms on the first day of each school year and have to live on campus in said dorms for the year. (Most students don't mind especially because of the businesses run by faculty and students as well, the Kazeyama City-Campus truly is a city on its own with lots of attractions on its own right)

    Students, once registered go to classes as normal, join in the bevy of clubs available and live on campus. Students in middle school are restricted from leaving the campus, high school students must have their grades up and university students are allowed to come and go as they please.

    School uniforms are standard and consist of a blazer, a button up shirt, ties for the boys, slacks or skirts depending on personal preference. The school colors are black with grey and gold accents. University students are by no means required to wear their uniforms and in fact, most do not.

    Kazeyama Dorms:
    The dorms are completely co-ed, but each room comes with one roommate. They are furnished with private bathrooms, seperate desks and two twin beds. The rest of the decorating is up to student choice. Dormatories for university students are also furnished with a small kitchenette and a separate living room-area.

    Classrooms Campus look:

    The campus grounds and classrooms look like this:



    Game Masters: Zypher

    Accepting New Characters: Yes!

    Posting Expectations: Once a week is preferable! I'm still rusty myself so I'm not expecting this to run away and be a rapidfire game!

    Rating: PG-13/R: Violence and suggestive sexual themes (Depending on the direction)

    Atmosphere/Mood: Mixed hat, a little drama, action, comedy, just like a typical university!

    Character Sheet:





    Appearance: (Picture optional)

    Power/Ability: (Feel free to get creative)


    Allies/Friends: (Do they know anybody coming into Kazeyama?)

    History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?)
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    Work in progress!

    Name: Oda Yuuta (小田裕太)

    Age: 23

    Race/Nationality Japanese/Human

    Personality: Some have called him stoic and aloof, but really he's just a bit emotionally distant. He doesn't like showing his weakness in front of others. Once most get past his cold exterior they will find that he is a rather kind hearted individual with a weakness for dogs and other cute, smaller animals.



    Power/Ability: (Feel free to get creative)


    Allies/Friends: None as of yet.

    History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?)
  3. Tribby wants to play and will eventually put a character here! Just gotta wait a bit since he's supposed to be taking an RP break. *cough*
  4. Name: Alexis Matsuki

    Age: 17

    Race/Nationality: Japanese-American

    Personality: Can come across as rude, though once one gets to know her shes that playful kind of rude that everyone seems to love.

    Appearance: alexismatsuki.jpg

    Power/Ability: Shapeshifter~

    Clubs/Affiliations: Archery

    Allies/Friends: None.

    History: First year there. Junior. Parents forced her to go, thinking she should express her "creativeness" Though her bitterness shines through more.
  5. Name: Emiko Mizo

    Age: 18

    Race/Nationality: Japanese

    Personality: Shy to people she doesn't know, has trust issues, nice, sometimes a little rude

    Appearance: tumblr_mcgn02sNzF1rjelcco1_500.png

    Power/Ability: (Feel free to get creative) Can sense the future but not all the times and just into the very near future.

    Clubs/Affiliations: None yet.

    Allies/Friends: (Do they know anybody coming into Kazeyama?) She doesn't know anybody yet.

    History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?) Emiko's parents sent her to Kazeyama university because they thought it would be good for her since she has had a hard time growing up they thought it would boost her confidence and help her find friends. This is her first year at Kazeyama, she's a senior.
  6. Name: Kaede Ikenaka

    Age: 19

    Race/Nationality: Japanese/Canadian

    Personality: Understated and somewhat lazy, but kind. Also very loyal and values her friends above all else. She's openly gay.


    Power/Ability: Pheromone Manipulation

    Clubs/Affiliations: Garden Club (which she started) and Film Club (where she often goes to take naps)

    Allies/Friends: (I'd like for Kaede to know people. Anyone interested?)

    History: Kaede's immediate family lives in Canada where she was born. She has two brothers (Riku and Yori) whom she still talks to but she doesn't communicate with her over-achiever parents much (she's still secretly a little bitter about having to leave Canada to go to the prestigious Kazeyama University). This is her second year at the University as well as her second year living in Japan. In the summer she lives with her aunt and uncle about 20 miles South of Kyoto. Her aunt and uncle are kind people but a little goofy and unconventional.