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    Kenta Suzuki had received his class assignment in the mail just a week ago but he never had prepared himself for what was in store when he had arrived at the school, or was it a campus, or even a city? It didn't matter thought because he had arrived on time for school and that was a blessing in and of itself. He walked through the courtyard of the sizeable High School building, just over the top he could see the apartment/dormitory tower complex rising above the roof, it's windows glinting silvery in the early morning light.

    The classroom that he was assigned to, 3-S, was relatively easy to find, just up the stairs next to the courtyard, around the corner and down four doors on the second floor, the windows looking out towards the center of the campus the Kazeyama River. It was nice, almost quiet even, which was strange from what he had heard in whispers from his classmates at his old school. In any case it seemed nice enough. The windows alongside the hallway made it possible to look through the hallway and out the windows on the opposite side out to the courtyard.


    Kenta quickly found his seat, it was in the second row, one seat away from being next to the window. Curse his luck. Ah well, maybe he'd get lucky when they'd change the seating charts around. As he sat down he noticed a few other students sitting around the back of the room talking amongst themselves and a couple more wandering the hallway outside, and the teacher, a one Aoi-Sensei, busily taking notes for the first class, Japanese History. With a sigh Kenta waited patiently for the bell to ring and to see who else would slink in and be in is class.
  2. Desmon walked into the class room noticing a few people. He looked at his note that said," Class in 3-5." He looked up and saw it. He sighed not knowing anyone and walked in and sat down in a seat in a corner. He stood quiet.

  3. Looking down at the slip of paper in her hand, Yukisa made her way through the hallways to the new classroom for the year. As far as Yukisa was concerned, today was nothing special and was no different from any other year here at Kazeyama. By now, the novelty of being away from her parents had faded and the only real thing that she was excited about was the ability to actually go off of the campus. A minor problem with that, though, is that she wasn't sure where she would even go with her free time. Kazeyama had become her home now, and it had everything.

    Strolling into the classroom, Yukisa noticed the paper taped to the blackboard with the seating arrangement. Front row, all the way away from the window. Scowling, Yukisa deposited her bag next to the desk and rummaged through it for her planner and her pens. These pens were a beloved gift from her father, a beautiful set for her birthday with a rainbow of color choices and she proudly laid them out on her desk next to her planner before she settled into her seat.

    Looking around, Yukisa noted all the people who were already present. The only person that she recognized was the boy she'd met while he was signing up for the Kendo club. He'd given her a weird look when she'd placed her hand on his shoulder, but she'd reported his good health to the nurse in a whisper and moved on before he could ask any questions so hopefully, he still had no idea what she'd been doing.

    Deciding that the only thing for it, unless she wanted to be completely awkward again this year, was to smile and wave. And hope he didn't think she had a weird crush on him. Yukisa froze mid-wave when this thought hit her. That would make things so much more awkward. Frozen, she realized that she now had no idea what to do, though she fortunately didn't yet get to the smiling part. Instead she had her hand raised a little into the air and her unsure frown written on her face.
  4. He saw a girl walk into the room and watched her thinking about some random thing. Then she raised her hand so he waited to see what would happen. He continued to watch then he noticed the windows and he looked outside through all of the people and saw a bird flying by. "We will need to get your priorities straight boyyy," The darkness hissed. I tried to focus on the bird more than my other side.
  5. Headphones on, the soft sound of "Order Made" by Radwimps filling his ears, Kaelyn slowly made his way through the courtyard with his backpack slung over one shoulder and his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans. He did his best to keep from making eye contact with anyone but it was so much more difficult when he no longer had his bangs down to his nose. Silently, he cursed himself for giving in to his mother's wishes so quickly. He'd changed his looks during his end-of-year trip to France but he was definitely still a helpless pushover.

    There was no need to wander around lost, looking for his new classroom, because he'd spent every year since his twelfth birthday on this campus. Four years was more than enough to become familiar with this place, no matter how big it was. Like a mindless zombie, he shuffled up the stairs and down the hallway, keeping his eyes on the floor in front of him. When he reached classroom 3-S he stopped and let out a little sigh.

    Things would be different this time. His mother had insisted he make friends this year so it wasn't like he could just fade into the wallpaper like usual. His heart sank into his gut but he lifted a hand to slide open the door to the classroom anyway. He glanced up and surveyed the room, taking in a few familiar faces. Then his cheeks turned pink and he quickly looked back down at the floor.

    Baby steps.

    He had all year, right? No need to force himself to be someone else so quickly. Quickly, he found his seat on the unoccupied side of the room at the back and sank down into it, lowering his head onto the cool, hard surface of the desk and burying his face in his arms.
  6. Miyako breezed through the halls coolly. She had no worries about finding the classroom. After all, this was her sanctum. She was at peace in these halls. Free of her duties at home, she could focus on her abilities more strongly here. It was the ideal place for her.

    Coming to the door, Miyako paused and forced a timid smile on her face. She was just a little anxious about this. Not too anxious though. It was only a classroom, a necessary thing at a school intent on teaching a normal curriculum as well as nurturing the students' abilities. Swallowing hard, she walked inside and searched for her seat. It was near the back, which was never a good thing for her. However, she didn't argue, because she did not argue about such trivial matters, and quickly took her seat. She didn't even bother looking at the other students.

    It was going to be another normal year for Miyako.
  7. Kirogashi stalked the silent, empty corridor of the school. In his ears were two sound-sealing earphones, and they were playing the "Hello" sung by Lionel Richie into his ears. His shoulders were slumped and his hands were in his pockets, the blue eyes of his searching the area for any sign of the classroom 3-5. That was his class assignment, and he took it nonchalantly. It didn't matter to him what class he went to - It's not like he actually bothers to socialize with whoever is inside, anyway.

    He proceeded to turn and enter the class, once he reached it. He glanced around, looking at the various people that were already seated. What he was looking for, however, was an empty seat by the window.

    First Kirogashi appeared to be in a swift stride towards the seat.

    Then there was a blur.

    And Kirogashi was already there, headphones out and his iPhone in a pile on the table. He leaned back in his chair and crossed hsi fingers, waiting for the class to start.
  8. Kenta watched as a couple more classmates filed in, one of them seemed familiar, a girl he met at the kendo club sign up! She offered a wave which he returned quickly, a bright smile crossing his face. It was nice to see someone so friendly so early in the year. He scooted his chair back and stood, going to walk over and say hi when he was cut off by the bell. With a slight frown he sat down again, and turned his gaze away from the girl whose name was escaping him at the moment, and up to the chalkboard where Aoi-Sensei had wrote a few dates and names for the next class, but for now he guessed it was time for homeroom, and hopefully class representative selection. He stood with the rest of the class and bowed towards the teacher. "Good morning Sensei." The class called out in unison before sitting back down.

    "Okay class! Or however many of you found the classroom on time..." Aoi-Sensei spoke, "We need a class representative for the year and we will decide at the end of the day when we clean the classroom and before I send you all out to check your dorm listing!" She nodded, procuring a piece of paper from the desk and passing it to one of the students at the front of the class room, "If you're interested please just put your name down on the sheet and pass it to the next person, if you don't want to be class rep don't put down your name." She nodded and Kenta watched as the sheet made it's way down to the girl he had met from kendo club sign-ups. Was she going to put down her name? Well, if she wanted to there was nothing he could do to stop her.

    "Okay, now that that is over with feel free to mingle with the rest of your classmates once the sheet has passed through your hands and wait until our history class starts." Aoi-Sensei nodded, turning back to the chalkboard and continuing her notes.

  9. With the sheet in her hand, Yukisa looked at it for a long moment and tried to decide whether or not she wanted to even attempt to sign up for trying to be class representative. Holding her favorite blue pen in her hand, her fingers hovered indecisively over the sheet of paper before she decided that she could just sign up - no one knew her and no one would vote for her anyway. Yukisa lowered her hand to the paper and wrote her name with small, neat characters that looked almost at though they'd been typed with the vibrant blue ink.

    Taking a deep breath, she passed the paper on and looked around the room again for the boy who had returned her wave. There was a sort of hope there, hope that maybe he wanted to be her friend. Curiously, Yukisa's eyes followed the paper, wondering if the boy would sign up. He really did look the social type, someone that the others would know and respect. Yukisa betted that he planned on signing up. There was no animosity of competitiveness in her as she watched the paper being passed around. Rather, she was curious about whether anyone would surprise her.

    Everyone knew that the class rep was a very time-consuming task and took a lot of work, so only the studious or dedicated would sign themselves up for it. Yukisa watched the paper moving from desk to desk and was so far not surprised at all by who chose to jot their name down and who did not. She smiled a little to herself.
  10. A few more classmates had arrived but it wasn't until the bell rang that Kaelyn even noticed. Tucking his iPod away in his pocket, he let the headphones hang around his neck and when the teacher entered the classroom, he rose to his feet. His greeting wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the others, choosing to mumble out his 'good morning' and avoid drawing attention to himself. As he sat back down and listened to the teacher's announcement, he took note of an eccentric blonde boy sitting a few seats ahead of him. Kaelyn couldn't help but feel like they were exact opposites, nor could he imagine them ever being friends.

    "Make friends, she says," he grumbled under his breath, slipping his headphones back over his ears. "As if it were the easiest thing in the world..." He hated to sound like one of those 'emo' kids but really, his parents just didn't 'get' him. Brooding silently while he watched the sign-up sheet circulate, he wondered for the millionth time why he almost always bended to the will of his parents. 'Almost' being the key word in that sentence because there were some things his father asked of him that he refused to even consider.

    Like using his abilities to gain the upper hand in life.

    Face remaining slack, the only hint of annoyance he outwardly showed was his cheeks turning pink as blood rushed to his head. Like his father loved to point out, Kaelyn had the ability to manipulate the people around him. With the right tune, he could get anything he wanted. Life could be so easy for him and cheating his way to the top was all fine and dandy for his father who was a very important businessman. That man just couldn't help himself; it was his nature. However, Kaelyn wasn't at all like that. He believed in the idea of fair play, though he wasn't so naive as to think it was always enforced. And that was fine with him. He wasn't about to stick his nose in other peoples' business and it wasn't like he was one to thrust himself into competition anyway. With this in mind, when the sign-up paper reached him, he simply passed it on without so much as a glance. Like hell he'd ever want to be the representative of anything, let alone his peers!

    Sensei had suggested they mingle with their classmates after dealing with the sign-up sheet. Kaelyn appreciated the suggestion, but kindly declined it by taking out his sketchbook and beginning to draw.
  11. Miyako immediately disregarded even considering the position for class representative. She had no use for such a title. It was against her very training to even consider wanting to rise above her classmates with the title. When the sheet came to her, there was no hesitation as she passed it on. She didn't want the resposibility on top of her training. The class rep would be required to do things when she would need to meditate or focus on energies and auras.

    She fought the urge to see who was signing up and reading their auras. She didn't want to be swayed by them until she was listening to why they wanted the position. If their heart matched their head, then she would allow herself to be swayed. It was important to always think this way... as per her training. If kami willed it to be so, then she would see it when the time came.

    Nodding, she closed her eyes and chose to meditate rather than mingle. No one would understand the miko anyway.
  12. Marcus rushed for the classroom silently curing his mother. For retired members of the military they were late quite often. his parents both worked as Consultants for the Japanese Self Defense Forces now. On top of his mother's insistence to bring him to the school since it was his first day, he had to find the classroom. Sprinting through the hallway he dodged students and teachers with the practiced ease of his martial arts. He found the classroom finally and quickly slipped into the room. He very quickly apologized to the teacher. Who was already looking him up and down taking in the fact that he obviously was not Japanese by blood. Tall and dark skinned he always felt out of place when in school. The teacher finally told him to take his seat. He did so swiftly moving with the practiced grace he always did. Sitting down he pulled out his school books and as was his custom ignored everyone he could and still absorb the environment around him. He could feel already the looks from some of the students obviously due to his late appearance and his physical one. As usual he ignored them.

    He really did not want to be here but after what had happened, how he had lost control and nearly killed those boys there was no going back. Two of them were still in the hospital with severe electrical burns and damage to their nervous systems. He shoved away thoughts of that night and focused in on the books in front of him.
  13. Kotaro greeted the teacher along with the rest of the class and then resumed his seat, which was situated roughly in the middle of the classroom. Looking around, he took in the sight of all of his fellow classmates. Most seemed pretty normal, but he knew that wasn't likely to be true at this school. If all of them had "unique" backgrounds like he did, atending this school would be anything but normal. Still, most of them seemed perfectly nice and approachable, except for the two he noticed were listening to headphones and didn't seem to be paying much attention at all to what was going on.

    Kotaro wondered just how he was supposed to go about making friends as his parents had encouraged him to do. Previously, he hadn't had much time for friends from school, his obligations to the shrine and his family occupying most of his extra time. Now that he was living on campus at Kazeyama he suspected that woiuld change. He had already signed up for several clubs, and was hoping that would help him get his foot in the door when it came to making new friends. With any luck, some of his fellow classmates would have similar interests to his and they would hit it off immediately. If not, he supposed that would be all right. Kotaro had spent most of his life without a large group of friends, so it wouldn't be a huge adjustment to continue doing so here and now. It would suit him just fine if he had more time to devote to his studies, since he wasn't sure exactly what the workload would be like at this school.

    When the sign-up sheet for class representative came to him, Kotaro passed it to the person in the seat behind him without giving it a second though. He wasn't exactly the most outgoing person, so he didn't imagine he would make a good class representative. He still wasn't sure how he would fit in, but he hoped he at least would find his place somewhere. The clubs should help with that a little, he supposed. Even if he didn't end up being hugely popular, he would be satisfied to just make something of a name for himself.

    Straightening his uniform as he waited for class to start, Kotaro sat up as straight as he could in his desk. He wanted to make the best impression he could on the first day, to both the teacher and the other students. He reached into his bag to retrieve pencils and paper for taking notes, and as he looked down he noticed the lacquered wood box that was also in his bag. It contained a small amount of earth that was the key to exercising his powers over the spirits of Sendai-oka. Kotaro would have to make sure he took care of it during his time at Kazeyama. He made a mental note to put it somewhere safe in his dorm once it was assigned to him, and with only a minute or two left before class would start, he sat eagerly awaiting to hear the bell signaling the beginning of their first period and the beginning of his experience at Kazeyama.
  14. "Boyyy why dont you let me loose and I can gain you some friendss . . . .or enemies," The darkness laughed mockingly. He ignored it once more trying to listen to see if anyone was speaking in the classroom that were actually students. He felt the darkness wanting to get out but he fought it back. Every once and a while squinting his eyes to focus on staying in control. He didnt know how to talk to another kid that was here . . .what if they found out his other side?
  15. Kenta watched as the sheet made it's way around the classroom making note that the girl who signed up for kendo with him also sign the list for would-be class rep. He shrugged, she had probably been to Kazeyama longer and would most likely get voted for from the other students. It was, after all his first year and he didn't know anybody yet. He didn't feel any competition towards the girl though, just a friendly goal that happened to align.

    When he got the sheet from another classmate he quickly signed his name, the characters not as neatly printed as Yukisa (at least he knew her name now!) had written hers but at least his name was on there. He passed it on and turned his gaze down to the long bag that rested next to his normal bookbag. Inside rested his "wooden" sword, inside of which, if one twisted the handle just so, hid the real blade of his katana. It was much longer than average katanas, and if the handle were longer it'd probably be a nagamaki. He shook the analysis of his weapon and looked back up at the clock, just another minute and the bell would ring for the next class, however that bell wouldn't ring this time, because Kazeyama had other plans for class 3-S.

    A piercing scream could be heard in the hallway as the door slammed shut and from the corner of the room the world shifted and suddenly the room was engulfed in what looked like blue tiles covering every surface and blocking all escapes. The creature that appeared in the middle of the room screeched as all of the shadows vanished from the blue glowing tiles, causing all of the students to be bathed in an unearthly glow. One of the creature's arms threw itself out and stretched across the room, slapping Aoi-Sensei across the head causing the teacher to faint and crumple to the floor.

    Another inhuman shriek escaped what Kenta assumed were the creature's lips and all of the desks and other items in the room save for any weapons the students may have hidden faded out of this plane of existence. One of the girls from the side of the classroom screamed and the creature scuttled towards her eerily fast it's arm shooting out from under it, the nails scratching the girl's face as she ran away.

    "KIREI! DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The creature uttered, though the voice seemed to resonate from all around them, from the very glowing walls themselves, the ones that banished all shadows and darkness. It was almost poetic in a sense, but what the students hadn't noticed, and wouldn't notice until later is that the air itself was being trapped inside the room with them and each scream and gasping breath was taking away from their short supply. Everything according to plan... The creature thought as it scuttled rapidly up the wall and screeched again at the students, just out of reach for everyone except for maybe Marcus.
  16. Desmon stood up from his chair looking around frantically. "Boy did i not say let me out?" the darkness muttered sarcastically. He began to try to find a person he could become a companion with at this moment because everyone needed one. Even though he thought no one would take him. He would still try.

  17. Looking around the room, Yukisa tried to size up the situation as best she could. She had no real means of fighting and physically, she wasn't that strong, so that was pretty much out of the questions. Looking up to Aoi-sensei, Yukisa decided that she could at least see what the creature had done to their dear teacher.

    Dropping to the ground, Yukisa was lucky that her seat was near the front and that, for now, the creature was closer to the middle of the room. Crawling along the floor like some awkward worm and mouse hybrid, Yukisa made it to the instructor without the creature noticing her - at least she hoped so! Tugging the crumpled body of the teacher beneath the large wooden desk, Yukisa flattened her palm against the forehead of the instructor where an angry purple bruise was forming. The shock and the blow had merely knocked Aoi-sensei unconscious.

    "Fat lot of help you are" Yukisa muttered, peeking her head out over the top of the desk to see what was going on now. Most of the students were running about screaming but Yukisa's quick glance could pick out all the athletic members that she knew of in the room.

    "Suzuki! Kotaro! Do you have your swords with you?" Yukisa knew that she would draw attention to herself by chirping across the room, but perhaps her prompting would get them to grab the swords if they had them and her yelling would be distraction enough to give them time.

    In the meantime, while she was waiting nervously to see if the creature would come to try and attack her, Yukisa began opening drawers in the desk and rummaging through Aoi-sensei's bag for her naginata. Unless Aoi-sensei had changed, she would have it with her since she hadn't had a chance to go practice yet.

    Beneath Aoi-sensei's desk, her head still peering over the top so that she could keep watch, Yukisa's slender fingers slid across smooth wood and she knew she's found the practice naginata.
  18. Marcus struggled to stay calm. the creature the environment the screams of everyone bit at him. He wanted to scream but he keep his breathing even. Find the silence within live in it. the words of one of his first teacher.

    He watched the creature as it attacked the girl. He shifted towards it but its speed gave him pause. he had no idea how this enemy fought. but he also needed to make sure it stayed separated from the others who might not be able to defend themselves. The demon, which seemed a fitting description, climbed the wall near him staring at the class. it was just outside of true striking range. but he had ti make a move and he had to do it fast. the aura of death around this creature was almost suffocating and he could tell the air was already starting to thin. He looked around there seemed to be more in the room who looked like they could act, the girl calling for swords seemed to be one but they were all too far away

    He released his power. It always stood there on the edge of his mind, that crackle of electricity that was the power surrounding him. He could feel it running through the wires in the cellphones in everyone's pockets even the minute firings of a nervous system. His mind unwillingly shot bck to that night. Lightning falling from the sky, the screams... he shook off the though and concentrated. He would have the element of surprise only once.

    He lunged at the creature electricity arcing along is body in muscles and synapses firing faster than normal he moved faster than an untrained eye could easily follow his fist flowed with electricity. if he could make contact he could create a current, a loop that would allow him to fry the creature. Sustaining that loop would drain him quickly though and he had to hope the creature was not strong enough to survive it.

    The world around him seemed to slow as he moved his range extended because of his speed he connected with the creature. Sucess! he thought. He just had to hope it worked.
  19. "Noww . . . make sure that thing dies," the darkness hissed. Desmond shook his head in disagreement not wanting to show his other side. What if the others thought he was the cause at how his powers looked? So he just watched as the thing began to bring smoke.
  20. Really, it wasn't until his pencil and sketchbook disappeared before his very eyes before Kaelyn noticed something was happening. He stood up just in time before his chair vanished and glanced around the room with slight confusion. What he made sense of out of the scene was that half of the class were panicking, the teacher was unconscious, and a handful of students were attempting to do battle with probably the most interesting creature he'd ever laid eyes on.

    However, Kaelyn's first reaction was to survey the walls, touching the hard tiles and inspecting them closely. "Cool," he muttered as he ran a finger along the cold surface. Then he turned his attention to the creature and inspected it from a safe distance, cocking his head to the side as he looked it over and how it reacted to the others. Could he use his power on it? He wasn't even sure if it had any hearing; he certainly wasn't going to hear right after those horrible screams escaping its mouth. Besides, one student, a dark-skinned boy, was already taking care of the creature and Kaelyn felt no need to get in the way.

    This left him with the panicking students. They would probably end up causing more trouble than use. Sighing with a bit of annoyance, he skirted the fighting area and drew close to the scared group, passing by another student who seemed content to stay out of the fight. Without so much as a word, Kaelyn parted his lips and began to whistle.

    The air stretching from his lips to the panicky group rippled like water and as the sound fell over their ears, they began to settle into a mindless stupor. Strange, Kaelyn thought as he studied the air current. It looked different than usual. Perhaps there was less air than usual? Since his powers required constant use of air, he changed his tune, humming softly. One by one, the useless students slumped to the floor, dead asleep. He cut off his power then, closing his mouth and turning to watch the fight.