Kazeyama: Shiawase Twilight 7


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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.


Campus Layout:
Kazeyama High School, a large illustrious school just outside of Kyoto is truly a center for learning and growth for the students. The campus itself is combined with that of the middle school and university under the same banner. The large campus is vaguely circular, and the campuses set up like spokes of a wheel, the middle school resting against the rugged hilly area at the north, the large lake with Library Island to the east, the high school campus closed off by the Kazeyama river from the lake with lots of tributaries and the windy open plains on the south and the most industrial section to the west belongs to the university campus. The various areas are connected through a large monorail system and the only way to enter the city-campuses is by monorail from Kyoto proper.

The school has been around for as long as anyone can remember but the goings on inside have always been something of a mystery to the outsiders, nobody attached to the school is allowed access, and even when parents of students visit they are restricted to specific schedules, and nobody has ever deviated from that nor tried to find out what has gone on inside, at least not that anyone has heard about.

Student Life:
The truth is that the school actually has children of "certain talents" as its demographic and the teachers and staff guard that secret to no end. Students are typically hand picked to enter just after they end their elementary school education and are brought into the Kazeyama Campus, with permission from the parents of course, most of which find the honor of having a student enter Kazeyama. It is far from unheard of for students to enter in high school or even to only step in during their university years. The students are assigned dorms on the first day of each school year and have to live on campus in said dorms for the year. (Most students don't mind especially because of the businesses run by faculty and students as well, the Kazeyama City-Campus truly is a city on its own with lots of attractions on its own right)

Students, once registered go to classes as normal, join in the bevy of clubs available and live on campus. Students in middle school are restricted from leaving the campus, high school students must have their grades up and university students are allowed to come and go as they please.

School uniforms are standard and mandatory (except for the first day) and consist of a blazer, a button up shirt, ties for the boys, slacks or skirts depending on personal preference. The school colors are black with grey and gold accents.

Kazeyama Dorms:
The dorms are completely co-ed, but each room comes with one roommate. They are furnished with private bathrooms, seperate desks and two twin beds. The rest of the decorating is up to student choice.

Classrooms Campus look:

The campus grounds and classrooms look like this:

Re: Kaeyama: Shiawase Twilight 7

Game Masters: Zypher

Accepting New Characters: NO

Posting Expectations: Once a week at the minimum would be nice. I understand that sometimes your muse leaves you high and dry just let who you're playing with know so we can accommodate for you. (I will however be a post-hound and be pushing for posts!)

Rating: PG-13/R: Violence and suggestive sexual themes (Depending on the direction)

Atmosphere/Mood: Mixed hat, a little drama, action, comedy, just like a typical High School~

[glow=red]Character Sheet:[/glow]


Age: (Please, normal high school ages here)

Race/Nationality (Foreign exchange students will be limited)


Appearance: (Picture optional)

Power/Ability: (Feel free to get creative)


Allies/Friends: (Do they know anybody coming into Kazeyama?)

History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?)
Re: Kaeyama: Shiawase Twilight 7

The first day! Classes will be starting soon, and will everyone be on time? What is in store for the class 3-S?

Kazeyama is originally intended to be a slice of life with action mixed in. I will be introducing the first conflict within the second page after all of the characters have at least been introduced. The first arc is dealing with an enemy and the second arc is a field trip to Tokyo (where more problems will arise)


Kenta Suzuki
Leader-oriented Onmyou Sorcerer - Played by Zypher

Kaelyn Nakano
Japanese-French Siren Archer - Played by Dawn

Hisui Kotaro
Old fashioned Spirit Priest - Played by Ram

Hayau Yukisa
Shrinking violet Psychomedic - Played by Kitti

Ame Murasaki
Aloof powerful psychic - Played by Shiny

Yuki Arikado
Mischievous Ice Demon - Played by Orion

Naoki Mori
Chipper Ninja - Played by Tribby

Mafuyu Moritani
Sensitive Ainu amefurikozō - Played by Ozzie


Kirogashi Hoshiro
Superhuman Physique Grey Moralist - Played by XC

Tsukiyama Miyako
Spiritual priestess - Played by Jovi

Kazuo Rokkenjima
Gruff physiomath - Played by Jinx

Marcus Knight
African-American lightning controller - Played by Marine

Iolanda Nakamura
Foreign Linguistic genius - Played by Acqua

Segura Desmon
Darkness Controller - Played by Nograd
Re: Kaeyama: Shiawase Twilight 7

Name: Kenta Suzuki (健太鈴木)

Age: 16

Race/Nationality Japanese (Born in Otsu)

Personality: Kenta is a natural leader, or so he'd like to think. He tries to take command of situations and is actually hoping he'll be picked to be class representative this year. He is very friendly and outgoing and takes care to make sure people don't fight too much. Kenta, for all of his leadership qualities likes to be quiet and study the others around him, making him rather observant. Kenta is a homosexual but due to his habit of focusing on helping others he hasn't had any time to focus on his own romantic endeavors.


Power/Ability: Onmyou Sorcery: With his onmyou sorcery he can enchant his katana to cause a bit of magical damage as well as his normal blade. He can also create duplicates by writing his name on a onmyou charm. They will be tangible and be able to interact but have none of Kenta's skill nor powers (i.e. they can't make more duplicates and lack his katana and fighting skills.) Kenta is still very new to this ability so more often than not he screws it up or fails to actually produce results.

Katana: Kenta has his katana on him at all times but it is hidden to appear as a normal bokken but he can pull it out of its sheath at any time and fight or fight just as effectively.

Clubs/Affiliations: Kendo Club

Allies/Friends: No, Kenta is a recent transfer into the school.

History: Kenta grew up in Otsu just a half hour away from Kyoto itself, and not terribly removed from Kazeyama itself. He lived primarily with his mother, Yuko and his younger sister Aika while his father, Kenji worked in Tokyo for a corporation, only returning home for birthdays and festivals. When he was younger he learned about Onmyou magic from his mother who in turn, learned it from her mother and so on and so forth. Recently his family's powers were discovered and him and his sister were both offered scholarships to Kazeyama and both began their schooling in Kazeyama that year, away from their normal schools in Otsu.

Live Action:
Name: Kaelyn Nakano

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese-French

Personality: Shy in nature, Kaelyn was always the boy who blended into the background. His appearance was extremely different the previous year; a boy with shaggy hair that hid his eyes and a rather poor complexion. But after visiting his mother in France, he not only adopted a new appearance at her request, but also learned to speak up a little when necessary. He's still far away from being outgoing though. He's still a bit of a pushover.

He prefers to keep quiet and lose himself in his music and rarely goes anywhere without his iPod. He loves spending his days off from the Kyudo Club in the library. Aside from archery, his hobbies include collecting old vinyl records, reading, and art.

Not even Kaelyn himself is sure about his emotions, considering he's always kept them cooped up inside. He's normally a very calm, laid back type of boy, and hasn't really ever had a reason to explore his feelings. In fact, his parents' seperation was the cause of him withdrawing into a shell at the young age of five.

He doesn't realize it yet but suppressing emotions is never a good thing.


Power/Ability: His power lies in his voice. From whistling to singing to full out screaming, Kaelyn's voice has a tendancy to control people. If he whistles, he can hypnotize. If he hums softly, he can lull a person to sleep. If he screams, he might just turn your brain into a bubbling mass of goo.

Aside from his power, he is an amazing kyudoka; a real Robin of Locksley. He hardly ever carries his bow and quiver around outside of the club though.

Clubs/Affiliations: Kyudo Club (Japanese Archery)

Allies/Friends: Due to his shy nature, Kaelyn has never really made any friends. Due to his change in appearance, it's doubtful that anyone outside of his club would even remember him as he was the previous year. However, there are a few kyudoka in his club that admire his archery skills.

History: Kaelyn's parents were having relationship issues long before he came along. In fact, having a baby was a sad attempt at trying to rekindle some of the love that had once been there. Their marriage lasted another five years before it completely fell apart. Up until that point, Kaelyn had been a happy child, never asking for anything, always smiling and talking. But after his parents' messy divorce and his mother moving back to France, he quickly taught himself that emotion was the first step to disappointment. He learned never to grow attached to anyone, because in the end they would just leave. How sad; a five-year-old child having to learn such harsh lessons.

While most children in his situation would grow up bitter, acting out, he grew up shying away from the world, taking on hobbies that calmed the mind and spirit. He'd made a promise to himself to never become like either of his parents: unsatisfied, easily riled, and just plain selfish. He had no desire to draw attention to himself, happy to blend into the background and never be noticed.

However, after visiting his mother in France for the first time in ten years, she persuaded Kaelyn to change his appearance. "At least look human?" she'd joked, pushing back his hair to see his eyes. "You might actually make some friends if you looked more inviting."

As for his power, Kaelyn first discovered his strange condition when he was eleven. He'd been doing his homework, listening to music via headphones, whistling along with the tune. When he paused his studies to stretch, he happened to glance toward the door and noticed one of the maids simply standing there with an expression that made him think that nobody was home in that pretty head of hers. Confused, he stopped whistling and immediately the woman blinked and looked around. When she saw the tray of tea she'd been carrying, she started toward Kaelyn with a smile. Curious, the boy began whistling again and the maid stopped dead in her tracks once more.
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Name: Hayau, Yukisa (隼羽, 雪咲 )

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese

Personality: Yukisa is generally very private and does not like to talk about herself. She's seen as being very cold, which she calls the curse of her name, but she does seem to be a little sparse with her words. She does not like to say unnecessary things and also does not like to presume that she knows better than anyone else, which is why she so rarely says things.

Appearance: Yukisa

Live Action, For Fun: Yui Ichikawa

Power/Ability: When Yukisa touches someone, she can tell what's wrong with them, from a simple cold to being able to diagnose cancer in its early stages.

Clubs/Affiliations: Yukisa spends her free time volunteering in the infirmary and is also an honorary member of most of the athletic clubs.

Allies/Friends: The nurse at Kazeyama; she's also met Kenta when he was registering for kendo.

The daughter of two loving parents, her father is a businessman and her mother is a preschool teacher. Yukisa used to be very social and talkative as a little girl but when her talents began to come into their own, people found that being around her was eerie.

Near the end of elementary school, Yukisa had very few friends but was still beloved by her parents. It was one morning, hugging her father on her way to school, that she sensed something was the matter. After desperate urging, Yukisa convinced her father to go to see a doctor. Yukisa was largely responsible for her father's survival, since it was discovered that her father had very early signs of cancer.

This did, however, unnerve her parents and alienate her from the rest of her family, who thought her to be a witch of some sort and they refused to touch her again, thinking that she was probing around inside them with her dark magics. The only member of her family who still willingly talks to and touches Yukisa is her father, who is still grateful to his daughter for saving his life and believes instead that she is blessed.

When it was time for Yukisa to begin junior high, her parents received a letter inviting her to attend Kazeyama, which she accepted instead of being in the house with her mother, who seemed to tiptoe around her and avoid speaking with her whenever possible.
By all means, everyone is welcome to join, just write up your bio! :D
Name: Segura, Desmon

age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese

Powers/abilities: Darkness (Heres a pic of what i can use it for The darkness.jpg Just without the guns)

Clubs/affiliations: (We'll see what he joins when the rp starts)

Allies/Friends: Usually a loner but looking for people to know

History: First year joining. He came because of his parents choice over powering his. (He just wants to be left alone sometimes)

Personality: Quiet, sad, angers easy, good guy once you know him, etc.

Looks:Character.jpg (Just without the earphones and skull on pic haha)
Name: Iolanda, Nakamura (中村, ヨランダ/Iolanda)

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese/Italian (explained in history)

Personality: Iolanda is the type of person who tends to keep her opinions to herself. She likes to listen to what other people have to say, and tries her best to understand where others are coming from and what makes them happy, sad, etc. Because of this she tends to pay more attention to other people than herself when it comes to troubles and conflict.

In regards to school she has a good degree of work ethic. She is also quite book-smart, which helps her get good grades. However, she is a pretty bad at teaching other people what she knows.


Power/Ability: She can understand and produce almost any living language in written or spoken form with extreme ease.

-Kazeyama High School Intermediate Chorus

Allies/Friends: No

History: Iolanda was born in Rome, Italy to her half Japanese, half Italian mother and her full-blooded Italian father. Life was happy in Rome until they began to disagree on how to raise their daughter. One problem led to another as Iolanda entered elementary school and they got divorced. Because her mother didn't want to stay in the country that reminded her of her ex, she decided to move in with her family back home in Japan. Times were rough, but Iolanda's mother made sure to teach her how to work hard to overcome their difficulties in life. Eventually Iolanda and her mother managed to move out of the house of Iolanda's aunt and get an apartment in Kyoto.

Her linguistic talents were something that others did not know for a long time. However, when she entered high school, the government noticed the unusually large number of foreign language classes she was taking and how unusually well she was doing in each of them. Further investigation prompted the government to draw a conclusion about Iolanda's special abilities and invite her to come to Kazeyama. Her mother, proud of her daughter for being able to get into such a school, immediately gave consent for her daughter to go. This is her first year at Kazeyama.
Name: Hisui Kotaro

Age: 17

Race/Nationality: Japanese

Personality: Mild-mannered and easy going, Kotaro is suprisingly quiet for an only child. He handles pressure surprisingly well, though, and doesn't have a problem stating his opinions. Kotaro prefers not getting into conflicts with people, but if it comes to that he will try his best to diffuse the situation rather than confronting them directly. Still, there are certain things he can't stand, such as people that are too irresponsible or try to manipulate others.

Appearance: Kotaro has the typical build of a teenage boy: straight up and down without much muscle. He's not tall, but not terribly short, either. His hair is dark brown with chunky bangs that hang down over his wide, bright jade-green eyes. His nose and mouth are both slender and slightly effiminate, although his smile is decidedly boyish.

Kotaro's style of dress is fairly conservative. He favors consistency over creativity, and his wardrobe basically consists of multiple copies of the same outfit. He has no problem with school uniforms, and usually considers them quite smart, since he doesn't really care for style or making statements.

Power/Ability: Kotaro can summon the countless spirits of the fallen from Sendai Field. These spirits manifest as small motes of ethereal green light, looking somewhat like fireflies at night. He can comman them to launch themselves like projectile bullets or to swarm around him as a protective screen. Otherwise, the spirit lights follow his general commands, but not always perfectly.

The spirits are only about as strong as regular bullets, so they can not penetrate harder materials such as rock or steel. Even though they are spiritual rather than physical in nature, they can still be destroyed if enough force is applied.

Clubs/Affiliations: Shogi, Kendo, Journalism, and Film Clubs

Allies/Friends: none at the moment

History: Born and raised in Sendai, the city founded by the legendary Date Masamune, Kotaro grew up as the only son of a family of shrine attendants. Although according to legend the shrine's purpose was to house the spirits of all the people slain in Masamune's battles, Kotaro had no idea of his greater destiny until his sixteenth birthday. On that day, he received a small wooden box bound with jade beads and was told it was his responsibility to serve as a medium to the spirits of the fallen. The box contained a small amount of earth from the original battlefield at Sendai, and as long as it was in his possession, he would be able to summon and communicate with the spirits.

As if all of that wasn't hard enough to come to terms with for a teenager, the next year his parents told him he would be going to Kazeyama high school to better learn how to control his abilities as a medium.​
​I wanted to create a character a little different than what everyone else was putting out. hope it works.

Name: Marcus Knight


Race/Nationality: African American

Personality: Very private, He does not make friend easily.

Appearance: Six foot tall, lean muscled, keeps his hair short.

Power/Ability: control over Electricity/ Lightning. fire lightning bolts from his hands, electrify his body. In the right environmental conditions he can harness the power of natural lightning and all of his powers are exponentially increased in power. This ability also give him heightened reflexes

Clubs/Affiliations: ​ Martial Arts



Born to two American service members stationed in Japan who decided to stay, Marcus has always been an outsider. being taller and stronger than most kids as well as his heritage left him with few friends. So he devoted himself to the Martial arts immersing himself in them. in middle school he began manifesting his powers but he hid them well. He rose to the top of his local Martial arts tournaments and won. This continued for many years. An outsider winning did not make a lot of people happy and so he was ganged up on by a group of them. In that fight he lost control of his powers and nearly killed all four of his assailents it was then that he was found out and offered a place at the school. His parents gladly gave permission seeing it as their son's acceptance into the society.
While I'm really trying to keep with a Japanese/East Asian feel, I'm going to let your character slide Marine, only because it seems as he's been in Japan nigh his whole life.
Just to clarify, cats and kittens, that the school system of Japan is a little...different than American schools. First: They break their schools into trimesters which means they go all year round. In addition while in American schools kids go from class to class and teachers stay it's the opposite in Japan (at least in Kazeyama this holds true) where teachers move from room to room and the students stay put (and keep their desks the same) on top of that, all of you will be in class 3-S as to keep all of the classroom scenes as one group. :D
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