Kazeyama: Redux

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.


Campus Layout:
Kazeyama High School, a large illustrious school just outside of Kyoto is truly a center for learning and growth for the students. The campus itself is combined with that of the middle school and university under the same banner. The large campus is vaguely circular, and the campuses set up like spokes of a wheel, the middle school resting against the rugged hilly area at the north, the large lake with Library Island to the east, the high school campus closed off by the Kazeyama river from the lake with lots of tributaries and the windy open plains on the south and the most industrial section to the west belongs to the university campus. The various areas are connected through a large monorail system and the only way to enter the city-campuses is by monorail from Kyoto proper.

The school has been around for as long as anyone can remember but the goings on inside have always been something of a mystery to the outsiders, nobody attached to the school is allowed access, and even when parents of students visit they are restricted to specific schedules, and nobody has ever deviated from that nor tried to find out what has gone on inside, at least not that anyone has heard about.

Student Life:
The truth is that the school actually has children of "certain talents" as its demographic and the teachers and staff guard that secret to no end. Students are typically hand picked to enter just after they end their elementary school education and are brought into the Kazeyama Campus, with permission from the parents of course, most of which find the honor of having a student enter Kazeyama. It is far from unheard of for students to enter in high school or even to only step in during their university years. The students are assigned dorms on the first day of each school year and have to live on campus in said dorms for the year. (Most students don't mind especially because of the businesses run by faculty and students as well, the Kazeyama City-Campus truly is a city on its own with lots of attractions on its own right)

Students, once registered go to classes as normal, join in the bevy of clubs available and live on campus. Students in middle school are restricted from leaving the campus, high school students must have their grades up and university students are allowed to come and go as they please.

School uniforms are standard and mandatory (except for the first day) and consist of a blazer, a button up shirt, ties for the boys, slacks or skirts depending on personal preference. The school colors are black with grey and gold accents.
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Rating: R: Violence and suggestive sexual themes

Atmosphere/Mood: Mixed hat, a little drama, action, comedy, just like a typical High School~

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Race/Nationality (Foreign exchange students are EXTREMELY rare)


Appearance: (Picture optional)

Power/Ability: (Feel free to get creative)


Allies/Friends: (Do they know anybody coming into Kazeyama?)

History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?)

Manami Shinbou
Upbeat spunky energy magnet - Played by Diana

Rika Takahashi
Spunky fangirl, plant mage - Played by Zypher

Yuuya Shimizu
Reserved and softspoken picture mage - Char

Shinichi Date
Confident friendly spiritualist - Played by Seiji

Shizuko Yamada
Shy fox spirit - Played by TK

Raku Morie
Beautiful, nerdy temptress - Played by Fluffy

Bakeneko "bad boy" with environmental control - Played by Frost - Inactive

Nicholai Armornov
Quiet Russian, with instant weapon knowledge - Played by Alarice - Inactive

Jinx - Waiting on history section
Name: Takahashi Rika

Age: 16

Race/Nationality Japanese

Personality: Rika is an extreme fangirl, knowing music acts from all over Japan, from the Peanuts to the most current Morning Musume and she is aggressive in her pursuits, going so far as to plaster her dorm with pictures of visual kei bands. The passion for music she holds translates to her personality she is loud, dramatic and hyper. She's also got a quiet side, she can just as easily be seen running around gathering a concert group, or sitting in the corner reading a book. She is a die-hard romantic and will interrupt scenes of love with frequent "awww"-ing or quickly plugging speakers into her ipod and playing the most romantic song she can find at an extremely high volume. Rika can also be a big drama queen, playing up the smallest dilemma and blowing it out of proportion.

Appearance: Rika is very short, standing barely above 4'7" tall, and is rather flat (much to her dismay), she makes up for her height in attitude, she had long brown hair (which has been colored numerous times) and large brown eyes. Rika wears wild and outlandish outfits typically based off of the costumes the idol bands she watches wear on stage, when in her uniform she adds cute accessories and is never seen without at least one button with a singer's picture on it.

Power/Ability: Rika is a plant mage, she can aid plants grow, shrink their size, manipulate limbs of trees, make roots appear to trip/bind enemies. It also allows her the uncanny ability to talk to plants. So far her ability is relatively weak, which is why Kazeyama's staff has been largely unaware of her abilities.

Clubs/Affiliations: Gardening Club, Music Club

Allies/Friends: It is her first year at Kazeyama

History: Born in Nara, Rika was born on a cloudless night, the full moon shining brightly on the hospital that she was born in. Rika was a relatively average girl throughout most of her childhood, got average grades and had crushes on the J-rockers as any other girl her age would, but when she turned 12 she began to hear things when walking out in the parks, the voices of the plants would come in loud and clear, her parents were worried and sent her to psychiatric evaluations believing she was insane but after a few years Kazeyama had found out her talents and sent her a full scholarship. Her parents, though skeptical have agreed, but they expect her to call every week to check in.
Name: Kibou

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Bakeneko (Monster Cat)/Japanese

Personality: 'Lazy' describes the boy best, though he's friendly enough about it. He seems to use school as an excuse to socialize. While seemingly very bright, he doesn't seem to want to do any work. He gets in trouble often for having an un-'uniform' uniform. Quick to a joke or sarcastic comment, he has a few fans among the school's female students, though few are that keen on exposing that much information to him - he's a tease. He skips classes sometimes, climbs onto the roof, and smokes catnip. While many suspect his grades to be failing, he gets a constant 'B' average, which would be higher if he applied himself!

Appearance: His human form is fairly nondescript, taking the appearance of an average-looking human youth in order to blend in. He prefers to take a middle-ground of full-feline form, though. Both of these forms are abnormally thin - almost skeletal. He often grins widely, and walks with a slight slouch, hands in his pockets. He seems to take great care of his fur, as well as his twin tails - his pride and joy. He has calico fur in both his middle and feline forms.

Power/Ability: While he has some natural talents at sneaking about, that is more on a part of his extracurricular activities. His true power is 'Environment Control'. A very strange power, Kibou can affect his surroundings with a little willpower. This includes lighting effects - making the lights in a room brighten or dim. Objects can be moved, as if they had been in another place all along (though he cannot make things float - things can normally just appear in his hand, or be pulled from his sleeve). Shadows can be manipulated (though this is mostly for entertainment value). Things in people's hands or worn cannot be altered in this way. This power can be cleverly used, though Kibou seems to enjoy using it to annoy. Changing the color or taste of something is a little harder to do, but he can succeed with effort.

Clubs/Affiliations: He's a member of the Cinema Club. As well, his talents come in handy as a Stagehand for the acting crew.

Allies/Friends: He has a few friends who look up to him as their 'Aniki'. They are fairly unimportant to the storyline as of yet, and will remain unnamed!

History: Born in Osaka to a family of completely normal cats, Kibou was soon adopted and raised by a human chef, and lived the life of a very pampered, very fat cat. He was no more than a normal housecat, back then. When his owner died out of a horrible misfortune in her own kitchen, Kibou was forced to live on his own... he lived for years on the streets of Osaka, becoming thinner and thinner as time went on, barely surviving for many years.

As an old, ragged feline, he got into a fight with one of the younger cats in the neighborhood. His death was fairly assured, had his tail not been injured in the fight. Splitting into two tails, the feline gained sentience, his youth restored to him as he trumped the young feline. Finding it within himself to spare the feline, he let it go. Suddenly sparking an interest in knowledge, he immediately hopped over a nearby library.

Acquiring a membership in the form of a teenaged youth, he voraciously devoured the knowledge he could find, effectively home-schooling himself. Kazeyama somehow got ahold of the youth, and he was enrolled within the school quite hastily. He owes the school a lot, but he's not going to stop being himself.
I'm going to play Manami! I'll edit this post with her updated bio, soon. XD

Name: Shinobu, Manami (to endure; love beauty)

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: American Japanese

General Personality: LIKE OMG HIIIIII! Manami is a bubbly socialite. She loves being around crowds of people, being in the middle of some sort of excitement whether it's super fun or even a huge drama. A little chatterbox, she's also spends a lot of time gossiping, chatting on the phone with her seemingly limitless contact list of friends, or butting in to someone else's business. Manami is guilty of having twenty crushes at once, and even getting a little out of hand at boy-stalking when there's a guy she particularly likes. Overall, she's a good friend and always willing to back someone up when they need it.​
Inner Personality: There's very little about Manami that she isn't willing to share with everyone, even when it's not asked. In fact, she has a bad habit of sharing TOO MUCH. Manami wants very much to be liked and fit in to whatever new place she's in, so she offers as much of herself as she can give, in hopes that everyone will see something they can related to and give their friendship back. This seems to be working for her, despite her occasional obnoxiousness, as she's so very genuine about wanting someone's friendship.​

Appearance: Manami is a buxom strawberry blond with fair skin, taking after her American mother. She has wide curvy hips with a smaller waist. Her fashion sense is superb - always on to the latest trends and styles. Babydoll shirts, cute little mini skirts, platform shoes, sparkling hair clips; these are all staples of her closet. When forced to wear a school or worm uniform, she'll still jazz up her style with trendy accessories.

Power/Ability: Manami is a magnet for trouble. No, literally. She is a magnet. Manami has this weird ability to draw in power and energy and just... hold it. She really has no idea. It's completely useless to herself, she can't do anything with it. But anyone who takes a hold or use of Manami could use her like a magical battery. They could drain someone else of their magical energies or replenish their own.

Clubs/Affiliations: Cinema Club, Drama Club, and Fashion Club!

Allies/Friends: Manami has no friends in this part of Japan. :( It's sad!

History: Manami was born to Akihiro Shinobu (a world traveling linguist born in Japan) and Linda Lewis (one of the rich and fabulous New York socialites), while on a cruise ship during one of her parents vacations. Mr. Shinobu, being such a brilliant mind with languages spends much time traveling the world studying, teaching, and doing translation work in different countries. He met Linda Lewis while in Washington at a random big-wig party. They try to say it was love at first sight, but it was several meetings on down the line before the pair started dating and eventually married.

Loving their around-the-world lifestyle, even after Manami was born they didn't slow down their travels. Europe, Africa, Asia, the family rarely spend long than a year or two in a single location, making it hard to Manami to settle, and even harder to leave once she made friends. She spent most of her younger years with tutors for her schooling up until she was old enough to start High School. She spent her first two years of High School in Los Angeles, California while her father was a Linguist teacher at a college.

Akihiro was recently offered a superb job in his home country of Japan, where he has moved his family and enrolled Manami in Kazeyama High. He had intended to send her to a local public school, but they received a special invitation directly from the school with all her tuition paid in full scholarship! This latest move was a little unsettling, after she was finally so well adjusted to life in America. This new school seems kind of scary, and even worse... she's discovered her Japanese is awful. He father is soooo embarrassed (He' a linguist, his own daughter should be good at languages! Even worse, it's half her heritage!)... and she's just hoping she can make a good impression and make her papa proud!
Name: Nicholai Amornov

Age: 16

Race/Nationality Russian/Japanese

Personality: Nicholai is a decent guy if a little quiet. He has a tendency to keep to himself as if trying to stay off the radar but he can be friendly and carry on a conversation if someone else initiates it. He has an amazing amount of patience, demonstrated when he stayed up all day and all night just to capture a picture of a tiger in a zoo once (although that required staying past curfew and avoiding zoo employees) when he needed one for an assignment. For the most part, he follows the rules except in cases where he believes it will do little or no harm (the aforementioned curfew and staying at the zoo when it was closed). He avoids conflict whenever possible and even when he can't, he has a tendency to hold back.

Appearance: Just by looking at him, you would never guess Nicholai has any ounce of Japanese blood in him. He stands about five feet eleven inches, bright blue eyes and pale white hair. His bangs are long and often cover his eyes and he weighs about a hundred and forty five pounds. He has a medium build but he keeps in shape by running (he loves to sprint!). He has two matching scars on the back of his hand but he shrugs and says it was an accident if anyone asks about them.

Power/Ability: Weapon Master - The ability to be able to fight efficiently with a weapon the moment he touches it, despite never having trained or being taught to use it. He has discovered this also includes everyday objects that were never intended to be used as weapons like toothpicks and paperclips. This is an ability that is always on and once he touches something and gains the knowledge, it never fades. In the case of using bare hands (as in your body) as a weapon, he found out picking up a book about it also works.

Clubs/Affiliations: Archery Club; Air Rifle Club; Track (Sprint); Photography Club

Allies/Friends: Nope! He doesn't know a soul!

History: Nicholai's home life is a little ... eh, complicated. He can trace his family history (father's side) to Russian nobility and while for most that means bragging rights and titles, that is not the case with Nicholai. In his family, one son (or daughter) of each generation is given a simple mission: defend the balance of good and evil and eventually choose a side to fight for with the help of a pair of special guns. Demons and evil spirits run rampant, as do good spirits and blessed creatures and each battle he fights brings him closer to one side or to another.

The guns are family heirlooms, said to have been made from swords whose steel was melted down and made into the weapons they are today. One gun is blessed and any bullets placed in them are gifted with a "holy" effect that will only work to banish or injure evil. The other gun is cursed and any bullets placed in them are granted an "unholy" effect that will only work to banish or injure good. Creatures who are neutral, like humans, unless they are extremely good or evil, can be wounded and/or killed by either gun whose bullets will work the same as ordinary bullets.

Nicholai, an only child, was born and raised in Moscow but as his father has become completely evil, his mother has decided Kazeyama is the best place for him to be. "You are not ready to face him." As of now, one gun (the blessed gun) is in his mother's possession. Only she knows where the cursed gun is. This is his first year at Kazeyama but thankfully his mother made sure he was fluent in Japanese from the moment he could speak.
Name: Fujio Fujiyama

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese, FUJI-JIN(A self proclaimed Family nationality, People of the Fuji)

Personality: Unlike the robust and exuberant older twin siblings, Fujitaro and Fujiko, and pretty much the rest of the Fujiyama Clan, Fujio is quiet and very reserved, keeping mostly to himself and ends up coming off as icy cold his older sister's feared "Heaven's Touch." He spends most of his time reading a mixture of pop science magazines and old martial arts manuscripts, with a touch of Shounen Detective mangas when no one is looking. He has powerful set of scruples, which seems to be the only thing he takes after from his family bloodline, opting to even lose a fight if the end result is more beneficial in his goals. Because of this, Fujio is always trying to find the fastest and most efficient way to solve any problem in his path, though most of the time it's sacrificing efficiency for time. He seems to want to make a name for himself, away from his family's name and reputation, yet he can't help, but feel attached to his blood despite how they can irritate him the majority of the time. Has a huge soft spot for Historical Samurai dramas and Detective Shows. He can be seen tinkering with his family's infamous gadgets at lunchtime, if not dragged into doing things with his older siblings

Appearance: Lacking the brawn of his burly brother and height of his Amazonian sister, Fujio seemed almost like a pushover, at least compared to them. Fujio was slim, yes, but hidden underneath slightly loose uniform his mother got for him in hopes that he would grow into them is a highly toned body tempered through his family's very unique training exercises. He isn't very tall either, just a couple of centimeters or two shorter than the average Kazeyama male student. He has a slightly tailored uniform that his family modified, imprinting the Kazeyama emblem on the left breast while imprinting the Fujiyama emblem, a miniture Mount. Fuji of course, on the right. Fujio has an earthy honey color to his hair, taking that from his mother's side of the family while maintaining his father fiery molten orange eye color. Has a set of goggles resting on his forehead that he uses when he is tinkering around with his gadgets, which he carries along with him in a rather noticeable carrying case.

Power/Ability: Like his older siblings, Fujio has a good bit of skill in martial arts, which, also like his siblings, is eccentrically enhanced by ingenious little gadgets that the Fujiyama is known for. Unlike his siblings, Fujiyama seems to actually have abit of unnatural power as he posses what seems to be a form of technomacy, being able how to figure out how almost any machinery works just by staring at it long enough. He can pinpoint weak spots and uses his creativity to add the trademark Fujiyama quirks to it. His current favorite weapon when sparring with his siblings is Bo staff that has a special mechanism stored in its core that absorbs impacts from and to the Bo. The tip of the staff contains a trigger mechanism that activates the tips strikes something, unleashing the stored up impacts into pure wave force creating a shockwave of impact that is emitted through the tip. The deal is though that the more impacts the Bo absorbs the heavier to gets.

Clubs/Affiliations: Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Kenpo, Mixed Martial Arts(All against his will. Dragged into the clubs by his siblings), wanders into the Cinema Club when they show Samurai or Mystery flicks, but not an official club member.

Allies/Friends: His siblings, of course, feeling like they have to defend him at all the time because he is the youngest. His family is also a bit of Legacy Family at Kazeyama so a lot the older teachers know of him, as most of them are Alumni and went to KZ with Fujio's father, Fujiwara.

History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?)

Oi, I'll finish this right up later. I know it's only alittle more to go, but I am pretty goddamned tired to even finish. I'll post it up when I wake up tomorrow.
Name: Yuuya Shimizu

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese

Personality: Yuuya is a quiet, peaceful presence on Kazeyama campus. He is studious and diligent about his schoolwork, and polite to a fault. Those who have spoken with him tell of a soft, light, sing-song voice that seems to fade into whispers. Everyone seems to know him and think well of him, though few call him a friend - it would seem that his closest friend is himself. He is often spotted taking his lunch from a neatly packed bento, at the same time every day, sitting alone at the edge of the river and gazing at its ebb and flow. If he's not busy having his lunch or doing homework, he is probably kneeling in front of a portable easel at the same spot by the river, sketching landscapes in pencil or watercolors.

Appearance: Thin and of average stature, he is the picture of calm grace. He dresses simply but impeccably, with a single button of his dress shirt usually undone and his tie knotted aslant just so - maybe on purpose, or maybe due to lack of attention. He has straggly but well-groomed hair, which he idly adjusts with a few fingers from time to time.

Power/Ability: Though he is recognized by Kazeyama staff as a skilled painter in the classical sense, his supernatural talent is, as of yet, quite undeveloped. A viewer might discover it only if she or he is observant enough to realize: the landscape painting before you doesn't simply remind you of the smell of pine trees; the still life doesn't simply recall the aroma of sliced oranges - that smell really is there. Yuuya's paintings and sketches have always had an incredible, uncanny connection to reality. When his brush moves over the paper, Yuuya connects strands of reality itself with the canvas, and makes a strong link to the real-world object he is drawing. Yuuya has overheard his tutors whispering about the possibility of eventually using his artwork as devices for long-distance surveillance, visual communication, or even portals to other regions or realities.

Clubs/Affiliations: Art Club

Allies/Friends: Yuuya has been at Kazeyama since middle school age and gets on well with most, but he has not established any close relations. He does know his way around the campus quite well, though, due to having lived there for several years, so he can be a useful guide to the many interesting natural and geological features around campus.

History: Yuuya grew up in a wealthy suburb of Osaka, not far from Kyoto and the Kazeyama campus. His parents are wealthy entrepreneurs who jointly run Mizu-Shi-Denki, a chain of electronics stores in Japan and South Korea.

Kazeyama recruiters appeared at the Shimizu family's door when a debacle at Yuuya's elementary school made regional headlines. As reported by the local media, Yuuya's unnaturally true-to-life portraits of his classmates for an art assignment brought parents to tears by their emotional resonance - and the parents found themselves drawn more to the portraits than to their own children, in some cases forgetting to feed them or take them to school, causing some concern among school counselors. Yuuya's parents were happy to have their unusual child transferred to the protective environment of Kazeyama campus, and paid upfront for his full tuition through university. Since then, Yuuya rarely draws portraits - he sticks to still lives and landscapes.

With a trust fund established by his parents providing for all of his living expenses, Yuuya knows little about the hardship of work. His family's wealth has afforded him the opportunity to develop his talents and education, albeit with much naïveté about the struggles of adult life to come.
Raku Morie



Although she is cursed/blessed with amazing beauty, she classifies herself as a nerd. She loves math, most video games and sudoku. Raku is extremely friendly and helpful, she also feels a lot of compassion for students that struggle in school. It takes a lot to make her angry; she has a firm hold on her temper. Raku also loves parties of every kind!


Raku has a way with using seduction to get her way. At times, her stunning appearance gets her a lot of attention without her realizing it! There's a certain tone of voice she uses, a look in her eye, the smile she makes...that has people fulfilling her demands. Her victims, mainly males, become victims to her charms and feel like they'd do anything for her just to touch her or talk to her. There are rumors that this 'persuasion' ability of hers is what got her such impressive grades through high school and now in college. It got her a negative reputation amongst those that are jealous, though a positive one amongst those that look up to her.

She's just an assistant to one of the math teachers because she someday wants to be a math teacher herself.
Although it doesn't count as a club, she holds tutoring lessons for math during the after hours of school, twice a week.

She's familiar with some of the upperclassmen since she graduated just a few years before them. She also has come to know some of the math students she helps teach. Other than that, everyone but the teachers are strangers.

Raku often felt out of place in 'normal' schools because no one believed her when she said her charisma is what caused problems. It was a society where magic didn't exist and she couldn't make any friends, except for the mean girls who were also beautiful. Raku didn't want to be part of this cliche, so she attended Kazeyama, where her problems were understood and she could make her grades without distractions. As she got older, she learned to control her ability (for the most part). She graduated with flying colours and entered the college to study being a math instructor; she's an assistant to a math teacher in Kazeyama High School now.

She doesn't communicate with her parents very often. In fact, they booted her out of their home once she graduated and found her a place to live alone so she couldn't be distracted from what was important. They were your typical strict parents that just wanted their children to be successful and get out of the way for good. Anytime Raku asks for something, they provide it so she'll stay away. It was always hurtful at first, but she eventually got used to it and stopped asking for their help.
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Name: Date Shinichi

Age: 16

Race/Nationality: Japanese

Personality: If you could define Shinichi's personality in one word, it would be confident. While he has a tendancy of pushing that into more arrogance, Shinichi rarely boasts skills he knows he doesn't have. Instead, he places high confidence in the things he's well aware of being successful of. He's surprisingly friendly, and rarely looks his nose down on others, though sometimes he has a tendancy of being a bit too straight-forward with his words to the point of being blunt and sometimes hurtful. Outwardly, Shinichi remains cheerful and confident, and always has a smile ready.

Power/Ability: Shinichi has the ability to hear and summon spirits, specifically his ancestors. Shinichi is able to speak to a slew of spirits and gain access to their knowledge and abilities, and since a young boy, has cultivated the mental and martial abilities they grant him. Sometimes Shinichi feels he was born out of the time line he should have been born into, because of the vast antiquated skills he has cultivated.

In addition to hearing the spirits of his ancestors, Shinichi is also able to see and hear the spirits of the deceased. While they are nowhere near as loud or noticeable, once they see him, they can't seem to shut up-- they always just know he can hear...

Clubs/Affiliations: Kendo Club, Karate Club, Judo Club, Go Club

Allies/Friends: Most everyone knows who Shinichi is, and are at least kind towards him.

Since a young boy, Shinichi has been special, gifted. While he had loving parents, the ones he was primarily protected and guided by were his ancestors. They watched him, protected him, and taught him much of what he now knows. He used to tell his parents about them, but quickly learned it was better if he didn't talk about them.

His ancestors told him the exact same thing.

While he shares the surname Date, made famous by the Sengoku Jidai warlord Date Masamune, what others don't realize is that he actually draws direct lineage to the warlord. While his family knows, it's something they rarely speak of-- they take pride in it, but there's no reason to flaunt it. Shinichi feels this has something to do with why he has the ability he has, not to mention, Masamune himself told him that when he was a young boy, he too was also visited by ancestor spirits. He says it contributed to his successes. When he listened, anyways.

Shinichi was invited to Kazeyama when he was 13, when he won a national Kendo competition immediately after winning a national Judo competition. When asked how he was able to compete at such a level in two separate sports that required such dedicated training, he shrugged and simply said, he was naturally gifted. Truthfully, the spirits guided his hands and gifted his mind with the knowledge he needed to win. That's not to say he isn't skilled naturally; it was because of years of training with his ancestor spirits, that he was even able to compete. He just had extra coaches that hovered over his head.
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Kazeyama Dorms:
The dorms are completely co-ed, but each room comes with one roommate. They are furnished with private bathrooms, seperate desks and two twin beds. The rest of the decorating is up to student choice.
Classrooms Campus look:

The campus grounds and classrooms look like this:

Since Jinx isn't posting I can add another character to the mix~!