Kazeyama: Library Dreams

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
Aoi-Sensei stood just at the gigantic double oak and steel door of Library Island's main enterance, naginata in hand. Ever since she found out about Hanako, her previous life and alter, she had trouble not holding onto the thing. At the far end of the bridge she could clearly make out the train station. Ikawa-Sensei's orders echoed in her head. "Make sure you see the students inside and into the elevator, from then on it's their job to find that scroll. I know it's of great importance to your condition so you will be the one to wait for the 'prize' so to speak." He said in his office, the great man laughed heartily. And the memory faded.

"Placing my trust in the high school children is a wise choice, after all, there are no kids like Kazeyama students." Aoi-Sensei chuckled to herself, her hand resting gently against her jaw in an almost seductive fashion. Just one of the many traits Hanako had left in her.
Leading the group, Darius walked with confident steps, and puffed lightly on the cigarette that hung from his lips, hands in his pockets, and eyes locked on the Lady before them. She was holding a really big stick with a really shape blade on it... that wasn't normal, but D would be damned if he started talking about normal with the shit he'd seen in his life.

"Placing my trust in the high school children is a wise choice, after all, there are no kids like Kazeyama students."

"It's actually a stupid idea since we're 'Children' and all..." Darius said as he heard the woman talking aloud. "But an assignment is an assignment so I won't complain." He said exhaling deeply, and wafted smoke into the air in a heavy cloud. "Them's the group..." he said pointing over his shoulder with his thumb "and the door needs to open... I want to hurry up, and get something to eat... I'm starving."
Ai was not far behind Darius, her steps small, concentrated, obviously trying not to fall. Her eyes locked on Darius, and she was trying to give him a good amount of distance, but not too much. She remembered how she heard him gritting his teeth when she was warning him. Thinking maybe that was a big sign that she should back off in some ways.

Now they had to find something..... in a library...... thingy....

The weight on her wrist reminded her that somewhere, her twin was in a group, doing an assignment, too. She looked down for a moment at the orb bracelet, and at that moment tripped and found herself pitched forward, her head hit Darius' back before colliding with the floor. She whimpered, pushing her upper body off of the ground, then rubbed at a small cut on her cheek before getting back up again.


Then she saw the lady and bit her lip, hoping the woman didn't see that...... Ai hoped that she hadn't embarrassed the group. She silently waited, not noticing that the cut on her cheek was still slightly bleeding, and a few drops were on the front of her white dress. It all stood out, also, due to the fact of her pale skin and her blond hair. Honestly, wounds like this happened so often when she fell, she had grown used to it.

She waited, her hands clasping each other, and eyes focused, more on Darius, than on the lady. Waiting for the door to open.
Allie followed along behind Darius as they headed towards the main entrance of Library Island, not really paying attention to where she was walking due to the fact that anything she saw in the distance was much more interesting than what she should really be focusing on.

She had decided to put her phone in silent mode. She wasn't exactly sure what they were going to be facing during their challenge, but whatever it was probably didn't need a foreign object making loud screeching noises in its face. Before she knew it, they had arrived at the entrance, and she blinked as Darius stopped in front of her. Stepping to the side, Allie saw a woman with a very interesting-looking weapon.

"Them's the group..."

As Darius pointed back at them, Allie wasn't exactly sure what to do besides smile and wave. It had seemed to work so far.
Aoi-Sensei smiled warmly at the group and with a flick of her naginata Darius' cigarette was sliced neatly in half. She stepped over to Darius, getting a bit closer then a normal Japanese would, and smiled, having to almost crane her neck back to look up at him clearly.

"I am sorry but there are no cigarettes allowed in the library as well as in front of me, my unborn child would not like that. Please follow these rules or the library will defend itself in kind." She smiled and stepped away, looking to the two girls that had arrived as well.

"It is truly a pleasure to meet both of you," she shot a glance back to Darius, "and you. I am Aoi Hana, your Japanese history teacher. I will be instructing you in the future and today is your first assignment for my class. I do not know if Rabata-San has told you but you are looking for a scroll for me about my family history and it is of great importance that it is found. The scroll will be found in section west-5 of floor 200. The elevator will take you down to floor 20 and you will have to find the stairs or other forms of descent. Just inside you will find a backpack for each person in your group complete with climbing gear. I wish all of you good luck, and here..." She handed Darius a small bluetooth earpiece with a walkie talkie, "If you get into a scrape, or can't figure something out I'll be able to contact you from the top floor cafe." Aoi fluttered her eyes a bit and kicked the large door, and watched it swing open to a a warm, chocolatey colored cafe shop with soft beige lighting and a small set of stairs leading down to bookshelves that reached up a good thirty to fourty feet and at the far end of the carpeted walkway was the elevator, large enough to accommodate an elephant, or maybe something a bit darker in nature...
With little time to prepare, Rei was only able to get half of his uniform off. Clad now in jeans and the upper part of the Kazeyama uniform, he felt more than a little embarassed about his predicament. Either this class moves really fast, or Mongolia's curriculum is sloooooooooooow, mused the poor teen as he stepped off of the train with the rest of his group. Looking past his group's leader, Rei noticed the attractive woman with a weapon in her hands.

3-S's HISTORY TEACHER?! He couldn't believe his ears! Weren't history teachers supposed to be old, dusty, boring, and monotone?! Holy crap!!!

Rei glanced at the girl he was stammering infront of earlier at the school, then back at their teacher. This was a defining moment in Rei's deciding that he may be in a form of heaven.

"N-nice to meet you Hana....san?"


With a sigh, Darius reached down, and lifted Ai onto her feet, and dusted the dirt off her shoulders before he turned to the woman with the Naginata.

"You've got a tike on the way, and your worried about some smoke? I guess that sharp stick you're holdin' ain't no thing then... fair enough." He said dismissively, and cocked his head to the side as he folded his arms across his chest. He had a feeling he'd get a retort about his language too, but that was certainly going to be an uphill battle. Looking at the small earpiece, Darius sighed, and slipped it on, and turned around to look at the three behind him. "You heard the lady... let's get going." Looking once more at Aoi-Sensei he only nodded his head, and then began walking towards the door while cracking his knuckles. He was eager to get to something, and if it was a fight then that was even better.

Stopping inside the dooway, he noticed that the other three hadn't began moving their feet, and so he looked over his shoulder, and called out "Let's move it kids. Or are you going to take an F on this assignment? I don't mind leaving you three here if you don't have the stones to do this." His tone was firm, and antagonizing... Darius knew that a lot of students tended to get irked by his words, and if it got them to get moving, then that was a smal victory in itself. He had a feeling in his gut that he was going to be doing a lot of babysiting inside the library.
Jessalyn walked up to the group she'd been assigned to, clutching Moo in her arms closely and keeping her eyes low. She had been following further back away from everyone else, and the strong cigarette smoke. She couldn't stand the smell so she was grateful when the woman holding the stick thing had put it out. She wondered briefly why they were looking for the teacher's family history scroll when the teacher could have found it herself. She kept this thought quiet though and followed the group into the library.
Aoi-Sensei simply sighed before she turned and headed off to the coffee shop in the entrance. She didn't see the point in acknowledging the pugnacious attitude of Darius. She sighed to herself, sitting at a table and placing her naginata on the floor where it couldn't be tripped over. It's true, you shouldn't be so worried about little things, after all this pregnancy was completely out of the blue. Just get someone to escort that group and everything will be fine...oh! The perfect candidate...

Aoi quickly picked up her phone and dialed, "Yes? No, you're not doing that now...yes come to the Library Island and lead this group...because your mission was the least important. You'll just have to do that at another time...yes, thank you. I appreciate it." Aoi hung up with a smile on her face. "He'll be perfect." She cooed to herself.


Kenta sighed and looked to his group. "Yes well it looks like we'll be going to the Library Island. Let's get back onto the train and get going."

~At Library Island~

Kenta walked up to the doors, the rest of his group behind him. "Rabata-San! Here we are. Looks like I'll be taking over this group to help you guys out. You can co-lead with me though if it's any inconvenience."
Amelia had simply nodded as she followed Kenta and the other member(s) of the group to the train.

~Library Island~

Amelia shyly followed behind Kenta and the other members of the group. Kenta joined up with Darius and announced the new arrangement with the large man. Amelia looked at Darius with glazed over eyes, a sign that she wasn't really looking at him but day-dreaming and just staring off into space in his direction. I hope there just isn't too much drama, ugh, Amelia recalled the chaos earlier at lunch time.

"Rabata-San! Here we are. Looks like I'll be taking over this group to help you guys out. You can co-lead with me though if it's any inconvenience."

"Fine with me. If shit hits the fan, then at least I ain't the only one going to be swining with some aim now." Darius answered actually sounding reassured in that fact. As he looked around he noticed Amelia standing in a daze, staring at him, so he knelt down, still nearly being taller than her, and looked at her. "You alright girl? We need you right of mind now." He said with concern. Darius had a feeling that Amelia was the kind of little girl who did this sort of thing often, and he didn't want to have someone getting hurt on his hands. Either way, Darius decided that he'd keep an eye on Amelia... he couldn't shake the notion that she was going to be ad a disadvantage if they ran into some trouble.

"I take lead then... I guess." Darius said as he brought a hand to his forhead, and saluted Aoi before walking intot he Library leaving the rest of the group to follow. He soon found the backpacks, and sighed as he picked one up. "This ain't gonna fit...."
A prismatic world expanded around her as she was entranced by her own mind in a timeless instance. However, yet another distraction was around to shatter her glorious illusion. Darius's voice made its remains return to her now alert mind as she suddenly payed attention.

"You alright girl? We need you right of mind now."

Amelia simply nodded yes, now aware that he was probably making sure she wouldn't have a flight of fancy at an inconvenient moment. Soon, the large young man saluted to Aoi-sensei and led the group inside to where the backpacks. Noticing that Darius was complaining about how a backpack was not going to fit, she began thinking to herself once more. Well, at least you can carry the thing without trouble, Amelia thought as she tried to lift one with much difficulty. I was never the athletic type, Amelia thought as she managed to get the thing on, slightly bending forward. I can picture myself with a hunch back now, Amelia almost drifted from reality another time, only to pull herself back to the present.
Slinging his backpack over a shoulder as best he could, Darius turned around to see Amelia struggling with her backpack "You sure you wanna carry that? You look like your back is going to snap... do you want me to carry it, cause I don't mind." Darius said with slight concern for Amelia's posture. THe little girl looked like she's snap in half at the moment, and god forbid a few hours from now. His hand then went to his forehead a moment, as his knees quivered a moment looking as if they'd buckle, and give way. Darius leaned heavily against the wall, and then slid to the floor with a heavy exhale.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out what looked like an energy bar, and began unwrapping it. The bar of nutrients smelled like cinnamon, and though strong, had a pleasant fragrance when it hit the library's air. Taking a large bite, Darius closed his eyes, and chewed with what seemed to be exhaustion.
Jessalyn tried, unsuccessfully, to lift a backpack of her own. When she grew tired of trying to pick the thing up she decided to lift it telekinetically. She focused her energy on the bag and it floated into the air easily.

She noticed two others having trouble with their bags and walked over to help them, the pack floating by her side. She didn't look them in the eyes as she spoke. Instead she fidgeted with her stuffed cow's ears. "I... could... carry them if they trouble you.... all of them." She said, lifting their bags some with her mind and making them a lot lighter.
Kenta smiled at Amelia as she tried to hoist the backpack but was stopped short by the newer student on his list. "Oh thank you Jessarin-San, that's a handy talent." He stopped short as Darius slid down the wall and he charged over.

"Rabata-San! Are you okay? Talk to me? What's going on?" He squatted down next the mammoth student. "You can't quit out now! I'm sure you're tougher then that!" He was genuinely worried. Without another thought he quickly pulled out an onmyou slip and wrote down his name. With a small pop a small version of himself appeared floating just above his head.

"Go tell Asahina-Sensei that Rabata-San is down, she's in the infirmary I'm sure." Kenta told little Kenta to which the response was "Wight! I will go wight away!" Without another word he sped off, leaving a small blue glowing trail behind him.
Amelia shyly blushed at Darius, and she wasn't really sure why. I've never had an older brother or any other student take pity on me, but then again, that's what it is, pity, Amelia thought to herself, beginning to find her own emotions slightly confusing. Do I just want a brother or do I . . . no, I'm just fine without friends! snapped at herself, not wanting to say the young man was starting to grow on her. After her a round of conflicted thoughts, her emotions shifted into a state of worry as she looked at Darius slid down the wall. Amelia knew that writing would be too slow, but speaking would only make the others worried. She nervously spent the next few seconds fumbling her notepad around until she could write something to the girl that had lightened Amelia's load.

"Please and thank you," Amelia held her notepad in Jessalyn's direction.
Esperanza walked silently behind the rest of the group, she wished she had someone to talk to but was shy and when she tried to at lunch she had been fun of because of her Spanish accent. She wasn't upset she was used to it she was just annoyed, she looked at the leader of the greoup and wondered where they were going.
"I'm just hungry...." Darius responded bluntly as he saw what looked like a Kenta elf fly off in the air, just as his stomach began rumble... or roar rather... Taking another bite from the energy bad, it quited some, and Darius sighed again, as he closed his eyes. He knew he shouldn't have skipped breakfast, and that lunch had been nothing more than a light snack to him... considering he'd probably devoured five, or six pounds of food. "That spear lady, said there was a cafe here right? That means there's gotta be food..." Darius said outloud to Kenta, while narrowing his eyes to something behind him... where he thought the food might be.

Finishing the energy bar, Darius retrieved five more, and systematically began devouring them as well. With each bite, he felt some energy building up, but he knew that he was going to have to eat something, and a lot of it.
Kenta looked around the bar area, searching for the food that Darius was looking for. Nodded he smiled meekly at the larger boy. "Yeah, you just wait here and I'll go grab some food. What sounds good? Know what, I'll just grab some of everything, no problem." Kenta stood up, smiling to the girls before dashing back up to the coffee bar. He grabbed everything he could get his hands on and ordered at least one of everything else food-related on the menu before charging back down and laying the food next to Darius.

"Should've given everyone a longer lunch break I guess!" Kenta laughed and scratched the back of his head nervously. His gaze turned to Amelia, "You had enough to eat didn't you? I can get you something to eat as well if you'd like, and you as well Jessarin-San? Esupuranza-San?" He looked around the group, making sure everyone was okay.
Esperanza looked at Kenta and laughed slightly "its pronounced Esperanza, and i fine thanks" She walked over and sat near him, bored she deiced to strike up a conversation. "and you are?" she asked with a shy smile.