Kazeyama: Haunted Memories

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  1. Kenta waited outside the dorm common room, checking his watch for the others in his group to follow. He knew their destination wouldn't be as far as the other groups but his would be twice as dangerous. Their was supposedly a haunted school building at the edge of the High School campus that held a ghost of a dangerous killer. Every once in a while students would go missing nearby, and Ikawa-Sensei seemed to just cover it up. Nobody really questioned it, so when the sheet of instructions for his group was read he was taken aback. It was unusual that he would investigate what seemed to be one of the untalked about dark stains of Kazeyama.

    Well, I suppose this investigation is better late then never huh? Kenta sighed to himself.
  2. Blizzard

    She nodded her agreement. "That sounds about right. Besides Hunter is good at what he does, as much as I hate to admit it. And Belle seems to be really caring of that girl, Reaper, so I doubt she would let anything go wrong." She paused "That Jason boy I am more worried about."
  3. Ame soon left the common room once Kenta was done making annoucements. She wasn't sure what their group would be doing but she supposed she'd find out soon enough. Finding Kenta outside, she greeted him again with a small bow before pausing in one spot to stand and wait for the others.