Kazeyama: Haunted Memories

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  1. John

    "I grew up training to survive with Dagger. Yea, you probably would be screwed." He saw the ice in his peripheral vision. He quickly spun his staff and broke apart the ice.


    "She might try something along the lines of what you did? Honestly, he'd probably do what Hunter did and start teaching."

    (Was it your character that Professor Castle trained a bit in one of our HP rps?)
  2. Amelia had arrived a bit earlier than the others. She walked towards Kenta and waved meekly before sitting down on a bench near enough so that she could hear what he was going to say, but far enough so that others wouldn't really notice her. She was about ready to take a nap, but she knew that she had a long day ahead of her, and had thusly already put herself in a position to not want to do much of anything. Her blue eyes conveyed a silent moodiness as she stared at a piece of rock as if it had some sort of significance to her that it did not. In other words, she was bored out of her mind, yet unwilling to do much to relieve her boredom as she sat, not speaking to Kenta or anybody else for that matter.
  3. Ame soon left the common room once Kenta was done making annoucements. She wasn't sure what their group would be doing but she supposed she'd find out soon enough. Finding Kenta outside, she greeted him again with a small bow before pausing in one spot to stand and wait for the others.