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  1. Hmm.. Weird title for an introductory post, eh? I'll get to that later.

    Hey there everyone! I'm Malkuthe Highwind, 16 years old, roleplayer... obviously, or I wouldn't be here. Anyway, I run my own forum for my private roleplays, but I'm also constantly on the lookout for websites where I can share my talent and see that of others.

    The title of the post stands for Protector of Worlds in a tongue I made for my series "The Planes of Shah'Haien" which encompasses, at the moment, all of my works and roleplays.

    I'm an avid roleplayer. I used to roleplay in Role Player Guild, but most of my roleplays died because the RPs I made attracted the attention of people busy in their respective careers. Anyway I hope to make a good impression here.

    I don't often join roleplays because I am extremely picky. Although I do host quite a number of roleplays. I'll be putting one up shortly.

    I guess that's it for my introduction. It's a long one, I know. Well, anyway, Cheers! Hope to enjoy it here.
  2. hello hello hello welcome to this site :)
    the names edward but you can call me ragnarok or raggy or plasma grunt ed >:)
  3. Hello hello and welcome to Iwaku! :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku :D
    Hope u enjoy it here ;)
  5. Hello, and welcome to Iwaku.

    Sounds like you've got some interesting stories to create. I look forward to seeing what you've got.
    If you want to meet a lot of us here at once, come check out the Cbox. A lot of members frequent there, and we love to see new people. :3

    I hope you enjoy yourself here in this wonderful community.